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Rappers cheating on their girlfriends and wives is nothing new. At this point, it’s basically a non-story. These days, we just want to hear how scandalous they were when they went about it. And over the years, we’ve heard our fair share of stories.

But recently, during an interview with The Breakfast Club, Kehlani shared that rapper YG cheated on her even though their relationship was open. Whew!

Before that though, she addressed the beef between herself, rapper Kamaiyah and Keyshia Cole over the song they were supposed to release together, “All Me.”

Famously, in an interview with Hollywood Unlocked, Cole said, “We didn’t see eye-to-eye on a lot of things and that’s OK. Anything’s possible as far as being cool again, but I just don’t think friendship.”

Hear Kehlani’s side of the story about Keyshia Cole and YG below.

Beef with Keyshia Cole ad rapper Kamaiyah

I still think all of this sucked for our city. When we come from such a place—if you think about it, it hasn’t been too many people over the span of time, especially women that have really made an impact for Oakland. In the future, we’re supposed to be doing backpack giveaways together. We’re supposed to be doing home town concerts. We’re supposed to be doing food bank stuff. We’re supposed to be leading this for our city. And it’s showing little girls that they have to, at some point, bump heads. I don’t like that.

It’s crazy. You would have thought this song went crazy. It did its thing but it wasn’t a huge hit. It was just cool for what it was. For me, it was the symbolism of the song. We came together on some Oakland girl sh*t. Keyshia loved the record. She stayed on the record. I kept her on the song because, ‘What? That’s Keyshia Cole.” Me and my mother don’t exactly have a mother-daughter relationship but the few times we did connect, Keyshia Cole’s music was an underlying factor.  And I told her that many a time. I’m a fan. We kept her verse on there. Her and Kamaiyah had issues because of that.

We go to shoot the video. The video took a long process just for her to shoot the video. Then we get to set, I’m just super thankful the whole time I’m on set. We shoot the video. I’m thinking everything’s cool. We got to send her the final clip of the video and we just get back, ‘I can’t believe y’all. F*ck y’all. I would never do this to y’all. I don’t understand this.’

And I’m like, ‘I don’t understand this at all.’ And the response was, ‘Okay my bad, I just don’t like how I looked in the video.’ And I said, ‘Okay that’s understandable. You just had a baby recently. We just don’t feel like ourselves. You don’t look how you prefer to look.’ And it was, ‘No, you lit me bad on purpose. You told them to turn the lights down.’

First of all, I left before she shot her scene because it took all day and I had to go be home with my daughter. I don’t know what lighting someone bad would do for the outcome of the video. What would that do. It didn’t make any sense to me.

Later, Kehlani reached out through a phone call where Keyshia told her she was secretly hating on her and plotting on her downfall. Kehlani offered to sit with the Keyshia and the director so they could use the scenes Keyshia approved. She wasn’t open to the idea. She wanted to reshoot her half of the video entirely with a new director, new outfits, and in a new location. Kehlani said that there was no time for that. That’s when Keyshia told her she’d make sure that the video didn’t come out.

“Well, if you’re not clearing your part that’s all you have to say. We’re just going to have to figure out how to fix the video. I put another half of another video in her place. I left it alone. I want to move on from the song. She looked so great. I have so many pictures that I was so geeked to post. I was going to give my mother a framed picture of me and Keyshia Cole.  She looked great. She had Kim Kimble. She looked amazing in my opinion. Most of our scenes were together so if I lit her bad then I would look bad too.”


Her breakup with YG

I seen his phone and they weren’t surface level things, they were very deep and intricate. And I just felt like, maybe I need to take a step back.

Charlamagne: So he was cheating on you?

Yeah. Chuckles.

Charlamagne: You can’t forgive a little cheating Kehlani? Just a little bit?

No. I think you get to a certain point where if you set certain boundaries for your relationship, that’s the boundaries you should hold yourself to. If we had set the rules to be, ‘If there’s communication, you can live your best life.’ Then there’s that. If there’s ‘You can live your best life but don’t communicate, then there’s that.’ If the rules and the boundaries and that gets broken, at some point I have to hold that standard to myself and honor myself and dip out.

Charlamagne: Did he apologize at least?

Oh yeah, he filled my whole yard with roses. I told you he has a big heart. I have a daughter to just focus on so I can’t take so much time to go through all the emotions. I don’t have as much down time to just sit in my room and be upset when things happen over and over again.


Later in the interview, Angela asked Kehlani if she would be interested in being in an open relationship. And that’s when Kehlani shocked a few people.

“Well I mean, to be honest, the last one was kind of open and I think that’s what the big deal was with the situation that had happened. I did give the space for communication and it to be open and it wasn’t honored which made it worse. I lowkey am saying, ‘Sh*t can do down as long as everything’s communicated and everyone’s adult. Because I know how this life is and I’m not really a big tripper of most things in general.

DJ Envy: So you weren’t mad about the cheating, you were mad about the communication?

Yeah. It was a lot of lie and a lot of covering up. That’s what I’m saying it was deep and intricate. It was a big weaving thing that turned into something else. That’s why I never spoke up on the outside the club thing because that wasn’t a rule-breaking situation. I just don’t feel like getting online and deeply explaining that that’s not a situation that matters to me. Then I got to deal with everyone coming at me about my mentality about an open relationship.


I’ve very very very big on sexual safety and sexual health. And honesty. I’ve very big on communicating it thoroughly and all parties involved giving consent and being in the know of what’s going on. If there’s three people being sexually active with each other, they need to be on the same page, on the same page health wise. So for me, it’s like honesty, every body being on the same page, everybody being 100 percent in the know. Nobody being left out and that’s it.


Angela: So it was ok for you to see other guys?

Yeah he wasn’t super down. But I also wasn’t interested. He was like I don’t like the idea of that but if it comes up…He was a guy. I just wasn’t interested. I’m so busy with my daughter, making an album and the relationship I was in. I wasn’t interested.

Angela: Would he mind you being with other women?

Honestly, yeah because he doesn’t have this masculine, awkward look at romantic relationships with women. He was like, ‘You really like girls and you could fall in love with girls. I don’t need you to fall in love with a girl.”

You can listen to the full interview in the video below.


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