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I like a man to look nice, but I personally don’t keep up with the trends that are important to them, nor the ones people say should be important to them. I don’t find it necessary that they wear a certain type of shoe, or watch or drive a certain car when they reach a particular point in life. But then again, I don’t have money money.

I was reminded today that for the rich, certain things that would be fine to me or impress me that a man would wear or have, could be a turnoff. Like a Movado watch. Granted, I knew they weren’t Rolexes, but they certainly aren’t cheap. Nevertheless, someone on YouTube compared them to Michael Kors bags and all these accessories that are deemed nice, but not “luxury” per se. The more you know.

Basketball Wives star Jennifer Williams shared that though she tries not to be “superficial,” what a man wears is important to her. That sentiment was shared by her friend NeNe Leakes, as both women talked about the struggles of Jenn’s dating life on NeNe’s YouTube channel. They discussed how she goes about meeting men after recently revealing that her last beau is an alleged scam artist  whom she claims stole her Range Rover.

NeNe asked her when she meets a guy, if he comes over to make a first impression, whether it’s the conversation that could make her like him, “or you gon’ be lookin’ at his clothes?” NeNe herself said she always looks at a man’s shoes, and if, in the past, she didn’t like what she saw on his feet, “there’s no conversation.” Jennifer agreed that she’s very “observant,” too.

“I’m going to do a quick rundown, but it really is the conversation,” she said. “I tell myself, don’t be superficial, because I’ll be like, ‘I don’t like his shoes. I’m straight.’ But that doesn’t mean he’s not a good person.”

However, she shared a time when she did go on a date with a guy and he had a lot going for him, until she saw the timepiece he had on.

“I hate to put him on blast like this,” she said. “You called me about it and then Kelly called me about it, too. I went out on a date with this guy. He was nice and it was on the show, right? He had on a Movado watch…do you remember that you called me about that? So I’m like, you know, he was an attorney, he was nice, but I was like, ‘Damn, I think I had a Movado in high school.'”

She sought advice for how to deal with overcoming such concerns, as though they were talking about a real dilemma here…

“If you really like him, you can kind of [be] like, ‘Babe, now that watch, though. Let me take that,'” NeNe said. “Or, ‘For your birthday, guess what I got you? Ta-da! A watch! ‘Cause they ain’t really wearing them no more, babe.’ Sometimes you can change their dress code, ’cause some guys don’t dress good.”

However, Jennifer says she’s trying to go about things differently and not care so much about the fashion sense of a man.

“I am attracted to people that dress well, but again, I’m trying not to be superficial,” she said. “Even if they’re like a nerd, they might be a really good guy! I have dated some of everybody.”

This particular guy, if you think back to Season 7 of Basketball Wives, was a lawyer named Joshua that Jenn met while doing a speed-dating-like event. He was a partner at his law firm, and despite being handsome and having a lot going for him, he was a hard sell for Jennifer in comparison to a celebrity DJ who admitted he had infidelity in his past. I guess we can blame that hard sell on his taste in watches?

Truth be told, it seems Jennifer is into guys with flashy money, the kinds who know that when you get “on,” you drive around in a Rolls Royce vehicle and buy a Richard Mille watch (I had to look up that last one), hence her being attracted to an NBA player, a celeb DJ, and don’t forget, Tim from Sweetie Pie’s. But that kind of guy is clearly not the best thing for her because her past relationships have left Jenn getting alcohol thrown in her face, in court seeking restraining orders, and in the media talking about having her car stolen. Sounds like a guy in a Movado watch with a good job and even better sense may be what she’s needed all along. And if not, hell, I know plenty of people who would want him.

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