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Love Is Blind Carlton and Diamond

Source: Netflix / Love Is Blind

At the end of the “Love is Blind,” reunion, it seemed like there was a possibility that Carlton Morton and Diamond Jack could at least remain friends, even after the way he treated her.

But apparently, things soured after the cameras stopped rolling.

And in an interview for the Domenick Nati Show, Diamond explained that the two are not speaking at all now.

“Not at all. Even now, how we’re not communicating and talking is really based on what he does. The things that he says and does, it doesn’t get erased. Although, he might erase it physically but once I see it and you put it out there on your Instagram account and on social media, I don’t forget it. And I’m not going to let it go because that really shows me how you truly feel.

Even though this happened a year and a half ago, let me remind you, I was able to forgive you then but then you go back and call me biphobic and homophobic slurs and just try to degrade me all over again and still talking about my appearance after the reunion, I’m just like no. I can’t be friends or even try to be in the same room with someone that shows me how they truly feel. You stab me in the back once, I’m not going to give you two, three more times to do that.”

Carlton was far from the only person who had something negative to say about Diamond. On social media, there were several people, who in the name of defending Carlton, have attacked her online. She said she’s been called a disgusting human being, been disrespected regarding her appearance and has even received death threats. She said the people doing this call themselves Team Carlton.

She said that things got so intense at one point that she contacted producers claiming she didn’t sign up for this.

“I had to block several accounts, I don’t even know if they’re really even people… I’m built from a a strong cloth so those words don’t really hurt me, honestly. It’s not going to lead me to do nothing to harm myself or others. And honestly, it bounce right off me. I don’t know if it’s the gay community or not. I can’t say that it’s the LGBTQ+ community. But then I have people who are in the community, who tell me they’re in the community and they say they support me and they feel real bad about how that happened. Some of them are even saying, ‘That’s not who we are. We are upfront. We’re honest and we’re going to tell you what’s going on from the beginning. We’re not going to blindside you or gaslight you. This is who we are.”

When asked if she would consider finding love through another show, Diamond said, “I don’t know if I would consider another dating realty tv show due to the fact of what happened to me…It traumatized me a little bit.”

Diamond said that this summer once we’re out of quarantine she’s looking to begin dating again.

You can listen to her full interview in the video below.


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