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Shay Johnson, Scrappy and Erica Dixon

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It seems that years after she was embarrassed by the love triangle she found herself in with rapper Scrappy and his ex Erica Dixon, Shay “Buckeey” Johnson still holds some animosity towards him over it. However, it’s not about the lies, being misled, or that reunion proposal that left her crushed that she’s still upset about. Instead, it’s the fact that he stabbed her in the back to get Erica on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta after Shay brought the opportunity to be on the show to him only (in the hopes they’d star together as a couple). She said Scrappy did this to ensure that he wouldn’t have to pay Erica child support.

Sounds about right…

This came out in a clip of a sit-down Shay did with Love and Hip Hop producers where they played her first scene on the Atlanta installment in 2012, which featured her and her former beau.

“He was talking to me and his baby mama at that time and I ain’t even know,” she said as the scene played back, calling him and men like him “dogs.” As the scene, and his confessionals played, Shay got even more annoyed looking at her ex.

“I’ve known you for years a–wipe! What is it? Ten years? You been lying to me for 10 years! Piece of sh-t,” she said. “So over this man. Please cut.”

When the scene ended, which was basically Scrappy talking to her about Erica before lathering the reality star down in sunscreen, she gave producers the real deal in terms of what was going on behind the scenes of that season, which led to them not getting along.

“That was the first time I got all the lies and the bullsh-t because I didn’t know what was going on. He was feeding me lies and bullsh-t,” she said of the scene. “But what you don’t know is I’m the one that got Lil Scrappy on Love and Hip Hop. If it wasn’t for me he wouldn’t have been on there. You’re welcome.”

“My manager had received some information that Love and Hip Hop was coming to Atlanta and they were looking for cast. At the time I was dating Scrappy, we were doing our thing. He had just broke up with his ex and I had broke up with mine because I was in an abusive relationship, the first and the last. He helped me get out of that,” she said. “He helped me through a lot of situations. So when they asked who I was dating, I was dating him. I told him about it. I said, ‘Hey, I need you to do an interview because I have an opportunity to go on this new show called Love and Hip Hop Atlanta and I want you to do it with me.’ What I didn’t know was, he came in with his mama, his baby mama, brought his daughter, and I had no idea until the show aired.”

To make matters worse, she claims that the decision was left to Scrappy, as opposed to producers, as to whether or not he wanted to be featured front and center with Erica or Shay. Whomever he chose would be considered a main character. She said he chose Erica. She couldn’t rust him again after that.

“It was either Shay Johnson or his baby mama to be the main character, and he was like, ‘Make my baby mama the main character so I can get off child support,'” she said. “Can you believe that? I put a check on you, money in your pocket, you got bands because of me and you X out my position? That’s just how it goes. That’s life. I’ll never trust him again. I have no regrets for everything I went through with that man. It made me who I am today.”

This doesn’t sound too farfetched when you consider Scrappy and Erica have been at odds for years over monetary support for their daughter, Emani, which he is not a fan of. He has stated that he does pay child support regularly for the 14-year-old and that Erica has publicly lied to make it seem like he doesn’t. The situation has created major tension between himself, Erica and his current wife, Bambi. He has said on the show that they don’t need to effectively communicate and co-parent because “There’s nothing that I have to say to Erica. There’s nothing that she has to say to me. I pay the State, the State pay her. What else do you need?” He’s even gone as far as to call her a “basic baby mama.”

“I respect her for being [Emani’s] mom. Now, getting money from child support but still telling everybody she not getting money, that was my whole thing,” he told Bossip last year. “I ain’t went to jail for no child support, ’cause I take care of my kid. I’ve been taking care of my seed since before she was born. I was giving Erica $2,000 a month before she was born. Quit lyin’.”

Erica and Scrappy welcomed daughter Emani in 2005. He wed partner Adiz “Bambi” Benson in 2017. They welcomed their son, Breland, in 2018, and are expecting a second child. As for Shay, she received her deserving main character status as a star on Love and Hip Hop: Miami and has been on the series since its premiere in 2018.


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