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The part of attraction that people don’t discuss as often is proximity. The people we end up dating, marrying and committing to are the people who just so happen to be around. For Angela Simmons, those people happen to rappers Romeo Miller and Bow Wow.

Their lives have taken them on different paths but through the advent of reality television and specifically their show, “Growing Up Hip Hop,” they’re still around one another. And whether it’s because of television producers or actual lingering attraction, romance is always a discussion between those three. Apparently, it plays a prominent role in the upcoming episode of “Growing Up Hip Hop”

While Angela and Romeo are on the outs, culminating in his departure from the show, Angela and Bow Wow are considering revisiting the romantic connection they shared when they were teenagers. While a formal relationship never worked out, they were able to remain friends over the years.

They start to explore the possibility of this connection on tonight’s episode of the show. The two buddies are catching up, when Angela asks him what he’s been up to. Bow Wow says everything. Getting right to the point, Angela asks him if he’s going to get married.

Bow Wow: I ain’t built for that sh*t.

Angela: When was your last serious relationship?

Bow Wow: Erica

Angela: That’s when you decided to not talk to me no more.

Bow Wow: I got engaged, what you mean?

Angela: But just cause you’re engaged you can’t be cool with me? You were like [brakes screeching]. I was like uuuhhh.

Bow Wow: One thing I did say, I’m done breaking hearts.

Angela: How many times did you break my heart? I got to be honest. I got to be real.

Bow Wow: A million.

Angela: All the way from 17 all the way up, I believed that maybe—in some fantasy— we could be and that was gonna work.

In the confessional Bow Wow tells the camera, he’s a distraction for Angela because it always circles back to him.

“Our bond was like a Martin and Gina thing. There will always be that question of ‘What if?’” But Bow Wow shared that it would have never worked between them because Angela was a virgin and he wanted some p*ssy. And abstaining from sexual activity with her would have been too difficult. In his words he said, “That sh*t hard.”


From her own mouth it seems that Angela is open to the idea.

“Bow has definitely grown as a man. You never know. Me and Bow may or may not date again. At this point, we’re just friends- so, we’ll just see.”

It was a sentiment Bow Wow echoed on “The Real.”

“I mean, I don’t know, man. Anything is possible.”


While these two go back and forth with possibilities, Romeo told the people on “The Breakfast Club,” that he wants out.

He claimed that the producers of the show were trying to stage a contentious love triangle between himself, Angela and Bow Wow.

“I had to walk away because I can’t sell my soul for a storyline. I got no problems with those people. I want to uplift people. That’s why I left the show. It’s fake drama for no reason…Even the situation with Bow, people tried to pit us against each other. That was my idol as a little kid. I put him on my first single. And the whole world they want you to compete. Now, it’s happening as adults and I’m like it’s not about to go there.”

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