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Eva Marcille doesn’t have to do much talking when it comes to her ex and father of her daughter Marley, Kevin McCall. His actions, in public and private, say more than enough. And given his recent violent altercation during his petition for custody, child support, and having Marley change her surname back to his, it’s clear that he’s unwell. Since McCall was acting up, Eva hasn’t shared her thoughts on him as of late. But when she appeared on the “Wendy Williams  Show” yesterday, she spoke about this incident and then some.

See what she had to say below.

Wendy: Is Marley watching?

Eva: No, she’s at school.

Wendy: Good, let’s talk about him. What the hell?

Eva: Marley doesn’t even know. Marley has no idea. She just turned six. And she’ll know at some point. But that’s my baby and that’s Mike’s baby and that’s our first kid. He has raised her.

Wendy: Mike is in the process of adopting her. Her last name is Sterling.

Eva: We legally changed her name this past year. We went through a lot to do it.

Wendy: How much more before the actual process is done?

Eva: The name change is legal. Now we have to go through the adoption process and I mean he’s making it a little bit easier for us, acting crazy in the public.

The producers put a picture of Kevin up on screen.

Wendy: Who is that?

Eva: This is Marley’s donor. He decided that he wanted to sue me for custody…

Wendy: For full custody!

Eva: For child support and for a name change back to his last name. and then went to court to see the judge [and acted] a whole fool, fought a sheriff deputy, tumbled down an escalator. Oh this picture [of Kevin] Wendy, around me, it’s like freaking me out. Yeah, tumbled down the escalator, broke the man’s glasses. He has three felony counts against him in Georgia. And the judge threw out our case with prejudice. So he cannot try to get custody of her again.

Wendy: Are you suing him for embarrassment?

Eva: The thing about it, I didn’t talk about this for like two years after. No one knew because it’s embarrassing as hell. It’s not something you’re proud of. It’s not something you want to even say.

Wendy: Does his family still get in contact with you?

Eva: One of his sisters I’m in contact with. But the rest of his family, no. But he’s estranged from his family. His mom has a restraining order against him. One of his sisters does. It’s bad. He’s slap crazy across the board. He’s no respecter of person with his crazy. He’s crazy to everyone.

Wendy: So there’s mental illness?

Eva: I truly believe so, Wendy. I think it’s really easy to say, ‘Oh, he’s crazy.’ But I was explaining to a friend, a sane person, with rational brain, would not do the things that he does. One could only get to the bottom of the fact that he cannot be rational. His brain does not work like anyone else’s.  A regular dad would not be away from their child the entire time they were on this earth. They wouldn’t be able to stomach it. He has to be not there.

Wendy: Did you sense any of this when you were dating?

Eva: No! But that’s the problem we didn’t date long enough. It was sex. It was a quick, little relationship. It was not like the stars and moon and all that.

Wendy: Do you think you’ll ever be civil with him?

Eva: I pray. I pray and I know that God’s amazing. Look at my life now from what it is.

Wendy: What does Mike say about this?

Eva: Mike is the most amazing part of all of this. He keeps me together.

You can watch Eva’s full interview with Wendy in the video below.

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