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Wife making a surprise giving a present to her husband at home

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Buying gifts for loved ones can be a daunting task. If you want to maintain the element of surprise, you can’t come right out and ask what they want. If you partner is self- sufficient, you might not have time to grab the things they casually mention. So you’re left to your own devices trying to find a gift the person you love will appreciate.

That’s what one woman did in surprising her boyfriend for his birthday. In this digital age, the reveal of the gift was recorded and later posted on social media. The events that took place when the man saw his gift is what made the post go viral.

This woman bought her man some cologne and rental property.

His response was swift. “I’m not fixing this sh*t up. Dog, I wanted a Rolex, a chain. A f*ckin rental property…”

The video immediately sparked all type of debate about what was the better gift. A piece of jewelry that depreciates over time or a rental property which could end up making him money over the years.

People argued that this man was short-sighted for wanting something he could wear and stunt in as opposed to something that would put money in his pocket for years to come.

Then there were those who could understand why someone wouldn’t want to be gifted with work for their birthday. There’s quite a bit of time and effort that can go into fixing up a place and collecting rent from it. And if you don’t have the aptitude for that type of thing, then this gift could feel more like a punishment.

From the video alone, we don’t have enough information about the rental property, the rent he’d be able to charge, and the work he’d have to put in to say whether or not this was a good gift or not.

But according to the internet the house, in Detroit looks like this:

There’s a good chance that there might not be anything he can even do to make money off of this property.

So I can understand his frustration. The decision to build up a home like this should have been his own or one on which she consulted him. Because he’s going to have to spend and possibly lose a lot of time, money and effort before this place starts making him money. And she should have considered that in her attempt to turn him into a business man.

While the internet is arguing about whether he was foolish to ask for a watch over “wealth,” I think this video really speaks about relationship dynamics.

Homeboy appears mad ungrateful. I understand that this is not what he wanted but the reaction seemed a little tart when it was clear that she was trying to get him something to put him in a better position in life.

But homegirl is not without fault. You can’t force a man to be a house flipper, an entrepreneur or an investor. If they’re in the point in their relationship where she’s dropping dough on houses, she should have known that he wouldn’t be the man to want to fix it up.

In fact, according to the video, she clearly knew he wouldn’t appreciate this gift. And she got it for him anyway, likely trying to force him into being someone he’s not.

I’m not speaking doom and gloom over their relationship. I’ve seen people make it through worse. But perhaps the conversation we’ve been having online has been a bit shallow and misdirected when there are deeper more pressing issues here.

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