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Beyonce and Fabolous

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About a week ago, rapper Fabolous appeared on “The Breakfast Club,” during the conversation, the crew discussed some of his lyrics, specifically the ones where Fabolous took shots and jabs at other people. As a punchline rapper, Fabolous said that his priorities were just about saying something clever to get people to remember.

But a lyric from his 2010 song, “For the Money,” got him in trouble with some of the most influential people in the music industry.

Fabolous said, “”Because if you could have Beyoncé, would you take Solange?”

Many of us have often wondered if the famous sisters ever heard that song and what they thought about it.

Well, not only did they hear about it. The sisters, on two separate occasions, had conversations with Fabolous about the hurtful lyric.

Fabolous: Sometimes you say punchlines or say things in music and you may not even know any seriousness behind it. You’re just trying to say something in the moment to catch attention.

DJ Envy: Do you have to watch that now, though? Because back then everybody would just be disrespectful.

Fabolous: I been started watching—You know who it was? It was Solange. It was a freestyle or a song and I said, ‘If you could have Beyoncé would you take Solange?’ And the first person I saw was Bey and Beyoncé was like, ‘Yo, let me holla at you.’ So I went over there and she was just telling me, ‘They rock with me and they didn’t know where that came from.’

And I didn’t really even think when I was saying it—

Angela Yee: That these are real people that you’re talking about…

Fabolous: Yeah. I just didn’t really connect to it like that. And you say a lot of things in punchliney style is just to say something to be catchy and metaphoric. But I didn’t see the deeper side of it. And then Beyonce—I ain’t gon share the exact conversation— but she showed me—she told me this is people. Saying something like that could personally hurt her. I said you know what, ‘I get it.’ And I told her, ‘When I see Solange, I’ll apologize to her.’

I did. I ended up seeing her at Soha House one day. I seen her. I was like let me beeline to Solange and apologize. And Solange was stiff. I’m like, ‘Hey, what’s up?’ She was like, ‘What up.’ And I was like, ‘I didn’t mean any malice but I do take responsibility for saying that and I apologize.’ She was like, ‘Aight thank you.’

She coulda stoled on me.

She did say one thing, she said ‘The tongue is mighty. When you say something, especially somebody of your stature, make sure that this is what you want to say because you could be hurting somebody that you don’t even know.’

They told me that they heard it in a club. So they was just bopping to the music and they were like, ‘What?’ And I’m thinking I’m doing a little mixtape level that’s never even going to reach Beyoncé and Solange’s ears.

Beyonce is graceful, man. Even her way of checking you is graceful.”

And not for nothing, I know that Beyoncé and Solange’s proximity to Jay Z didn’t hurt in helping him to recognize the error in his ways.

You can listen to this portion of Fabolous’ interview in the video below.

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