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Once and for all, Kandi Burruss is setting the record straight when it comes to whose money is being used to make husband Todd Tucker‘s business dreams (and cushy lifestyle) a reality.

If you watched Sunday’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, you know that the two bumped heads a little about some businesses that Tucker had in the works all at once, that had not made much progress. Those business include a Mexican restaurant, an Old Lady Gang Breakfast, and an 18-wheeler truck he bought to get them into the trucking business. Nevertheless, he wanted to put hundreds of thousands of dollars into renovations and plans for these different businesses, seemingly at one time. Burruss tried to support these endeavors though, noting that since they got together, Tucker has gone out of his way to make major moves to show that he is making his own money, especially since the belief by RHOA fans has been that he’s been sucking her dry financially since they met.

“Todd has felt the pressure of him needing to make more money ever since we got together,” she said in a confessional during the show. “Like, people have always questioned him being with me and whether he was with me for money and all this. So he’s always been in this position of him trying to prove to the world that he doesn’t need my money.”

But the few hundreds of thousands needed to get the businesses in order, totaling $660,000, would be coming from somewhere, and many assumed that money would be coming from Burruss because the assumption is, where does his money come from? It would make sense since she was so adamant that he was going about things the wrong way and that if a recession hit again, they would be in big trouble. However, Burruss took to Twitter to stand by her man and clarify that the money used by Tucker towards businesses is money the couple have made together and invested.

“FYI. Todd is not spending my personal money,” she wrote, noting that “He & I have made a lot of money together which is what we use to invest in new business ideas.”

“He helped make it so he can help decide how it’s spent,” she added.

And in Tucker’s defense, he works so closely with Burruss to get businesses going not because of what money he can get to do them, but because he trusts her. He shared this sentiment in a post-episode video where the couple discussed their businesses and what impact said businesses have on their relationship.

“If you don’t trust the person you sleep next to, who else would you do business with?” he asked. “Because people approach me to do business ventures outside of her and I’m like, how do I do that? I don’t trust nobody. I don’t. I don’t worry about, oh is my partner going to take money out of the account or is something going to get weird? When you don’t know people you don’t know how they handle their business. It’s a little scary.”

Burruss also made it clear that despite their disagreements about certain decisions, she does trust his judgment and they work well together.

“I think we are good together because we motivate each other, we push each other,” she said. “I know for me he pushes me to do more, go harder. I think together we have this invincible type of thing when we’re together. There’s nothing we can’t do together, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish.”



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