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Moniece Fizz and Apryl

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Moniece Slaughter needs to leave Love and Hip Hop Hollywood behind. She also needs to leave her child’s father, Fizz, and his girlfriend Apryl Jones alone as well. Moniece’s main priority needs to be on caring for Moniece, so that she can be healthy and happy. If you watched episode 14 of the series on Monday night, I think you would agree with me.

If we’re being honest, the fact that Fizz and Apryl came out as a couple should have come as a surprise to no one, at least not enough of one for people to feel like they were warranted an explanation from the couple at the skating rink event. But Moniece seemed genuinely perplexed that she wasn’t given the heads up before everyone else. She claimed them not being honest caused their son, Kamron, to feel like he had to lie to her,  and she wanted Kamron to be left out of the lies that were being told about their relationship. However, when she brought up the time Kamron told her he didn’t know what Fizz and Apryl’s relationship status was, that didn’t sound like a lie to protect his father — it sounded like he was a 10-year-old boy just as much as in the dark as everyone else about the truth. Either way, I wondered why she was even taking to him about what his father was doing with his romantic life.

Back to the skating rink drama, Moniece’s issue with the pair turned into a conversation that she needed to have with Fizz about co-parenting, but when the two started actually speaking, it felt like the wrong time and place for the topic of why they can’t seem to peacefully do so. I didn’t genuinely believe that was Moniece’s issue because, really what about Fizz showing PDA with Apryl inspires that as a conversation that needs to be had ASAP? If she felt that the women he brings into his life keep them from co-parenting well, that could have been communicated in the moment, but on camera, it seemed like a cop-out. Instead, it just looked like she was really hurt that they didn’t fill her in on the fact that they were going public, but really, that’s not a heads up they were required to give her. It has nothing to do with Kamron. It’s not really her business.


When she would later talk about everything with Teairra Mari, she admitted that her problem was that “they decided to confess to everyone but me.” She also stated that once Apryl came into the picture, she and Fizz’s co-parenting relationship turned into sh-t again, and her hope is that Fizz would respect her and hear her. The situation was enough to trigger seasonal depression and to leave her in tears at one point in the conversation. Moniece has spoken about having both depression and anxiety.

But as Teairra pointed out to her, “You’ve got to take care of yourself, because I feel like it’s taking a toll on you that’s not healthy.”

That was very true and very good advice. Moniece said herself that her health had taken a downturn with the depression, that she struggled to eat and sleep and her stools were even bloody. She mentioned that she felt hopeless at times. That is obviously not okay.

For Moniece’s sake, when it comes to being a part of this sh-t show with Fizz and Apryl, she has to look out for herself. To me, that means removing herself from the show and from having further interactions with Fizz outside of anything, literally, that has to do with their son. If she weren’t getting a check from VH1, she wouldn’t have a real reason to share space with them, and having to share it in this season, we have seen the effect it has had on her.

Moniece has every right to protect her peace and her space, meaning, in addition to removing herself from those two, she should be able to request that if it has to do with Kam, Apryl not be involved. She doesn’t need to be privy to Moniece and Fizz’s conversations, and she sure as hell doesn’t need to be bringing Kam’s books to her door (braless and in boxers while Fizz stays in the car). Boundaries need to be created and respected so that Moniece can move on in the way everyone so strongly keeps telling her to do.

Overall, I think Moniece’s major problem is that she’s always felt like no one cared about what she was going through mentally, including after she had Kamron, and that they don’t respect her as a mother. This is specifically in reference to Fizz. I believe she wants a better relationship with him overall, not just to co-parent, and the fact that he doesn’t reciprocate in making an effort to make that happen hurts her. I do think, to his credit, Fizz hasn’t completely left her for dead every chance he got. If you’ve watched LHHH since the beginning, Fizz has defended Moniece, for the sake of their son, on multiple occasions. That includes when he defended her against her own mother, who talked badly about the type of parent she is and encouraged him to take their son from her. This also happened when Hollywood Unlocked‘s Jason Lee was showing people a sex tape of Moniece and acting like he was going to sell it. Fizz went to him both directly on his own and as a support to Moniece during a sit-down to keep that from happening. So this narrative that he’s only been evil to her isn’t necessarily the whole truth, though that’s not to say he hasn’t been doing some serious damage to her emotionally behind closed doors.

Still, Moniece has given them way too much power, specifically over her happiness and overall mental state. She can’t make Fizz see her in the way that she wants to be seen, and she can’t make him or his many come-and-go TV girlfriends respect her. With that being said, he is a trigger. So what she can do is take the proper precautions to look out for her well-being, and to decrease interactions that are unhealthy and unproductive with him or anyone else associated with him who gaslights her and makes her feel like she’s not receiving the respect she deserves. She has to do this if she’s going to be okay, and it’s the only way she will be at her best to be her best for Kamron.

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