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Trey Songz and Megan Thee Stallion

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We don’t know what’s going on as far as Megan Thee Stallion’s relationship status. The back and forth between MoneyBagg Yo has us…confused. What is clear is that in the midst of this confusion, the vultures are circling overhead. And instead of squawking, one of them is yodeling, “Yeeeuuuup.”

For months now, Trey Songz has been sending not so subtle signs that he’s interested in Megan. This past summer, he “jokingly” said he would risk it all for a chance with Megan. Then there was this video of Trey literally mesmerized by Megan and Teyana Taylor dancing to her song, “Cash Sh*t.”

And honestly, who could blame him? She’s beautiful, talented, soon to be college-educated, concerned about the environment, and she’s stacked…and quite frankly, knows what to do with it. We’ve all seen her knees in action. She’s that girl. And Trey Songz desperately wants a piece. He’s entitled to his feelings. What he is not entitled to is the creep-like behavior that has materialized as a result.

Over the weekend, Trey. 35, found himself at yet another party attended by Thee Stallion, 23. There’s not evidence of what happened inside the venue. But one of Megan’s “friends” recorded some footage of Trey’s disturbing interaction with Meg.

For those who are not entirely sure what’s going on here, let me explain. Meg has this tradition called “drive the boat,” in which she pours liquor straight into people’s mouths. For those who have never seen it, the participants are completely willing and it’s not hard to tell. They are often standing with their mouths wide open and their heads titled back ready to prove themselves.

That is not what we saw here. Megan has clearly had more than enough alcohol already. She’s giving no sign that this is what she wants and if that weren’t enough of a clue, she holds up her hand, blocking Trey from pouring

Trey has demonstrated publicly with fans, that he understands consent. People laughed at footage of him intentionally stepping away from a woman attempting to dance on him while he was on stage. Recently, he asked a woman in the club, if it was okay for him to touch her.

Sadly, it’s not a courtesy he extends to everyone. There were charges of domestic violence, which were eventually dropped as the woman opted to sue him instead. There were even accusations of rape.

Most famously, actress and television host, KeKe Palmer accused him of sexual intimidation. In 2017, Palmer alleged that she was at Trey’s Miami home for a party. The people there began shooting scenes for the video for his song, “Pick Up the Phone.”

Palmer said that she declined to be in the video on several different occasions, at one point even hiding in the closet to avoid having her image used. But to her chagrin, she was filmed and her image was used in the final edit. Not only that, Palmer used the phrase sexual intimidation because of the way Trey was speaking to her that night. “You can get screwed. You can get this you can get that. You ain’t no little girl no more.”

If he could speak that way to a woman he’s know since she was twelve-years-old, it’s no surprise that he would attempt to do the same thing to Megan, a woman he’s likely only viewed as a sex symbol.

Sadly, when KeKe came forward with her story, people laughed at her. They, led by Trey Songs, suggested that she was doing too much, using his name to raise her brand awareness etc. Even Wendy Williams, who has shared her own stories of industry harassment claimed she didn’t believe Palmer’s story. Thankfully, when KeKe sat on her couch, she checked her, saying, “”I will say, Wendy, I would have loved to turn on your show and see you be a little bit more compassionate and a little less accusatory and ridiculing.”

When Wendy said she couldn’t, KeKe said, “Why, girl?!” Because the gag is, you wasn’t there.”

You can watch the video below.


Heaven only knows why Wendy didn’t believe her. Then again, this is not the first time Wendy has been unkind to a woman, in favor of a man.

But she was far from the only one. And sadly the doubt cast on KeKe’s story likely contributed to the fact that Trey has been out here ever since living foul.

Keep your eyes open. Trigga is a problem.

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