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When most people share their love stories, they speak about what first attracted them to the person or how their relationship transformed from friendship to love, what they most admire about the person.

But that wasn’t the case when Danny “KP” Kilpatrick spoke about his 11-year relationship with the mother of his two children, actress Kyla Pratt.

Kilpatrick is one of the stars of “Black Ink Crew: Compton.” In promotion of the show, Kilpatrick sat down with VH1’s cameras to discuss how he and Kyla met. And there was just no romance in it.

In fact, there were times when it seemed that he was trying to downplay her on several occasions.

See what he had to say below.

“Kyla and I met almost 11 years ago. I had a cousin that was my roommate—I had two female cousins and one of them invited her over. I was always in the house cooking my own meals, making sure stuff was clean. In my room. It was a down time for me because I was on probation. I couldn’t even leave L.A. County. So I was in the house hustling, doing tattoos.

I walked in the house, my cousin introduced us, “KP, this is KP. She was like, ‘I’m KP.’ Then I went to my room. After that, I came out my room and I had a few of my homeboys come by and we was all talking sh*t to each other. One of my boys, I think it was a tall shot glass or a bottle of liquor and we got into a discussion about who could drink the most or who could take that type of shot. So I already knew I could handle that. But he felt like that’s nothing. I’m like, ‘Well you do it.’ He tried it and couldn’t handle it and spit the liquor out. And I was laughing, I was crying laughing.

And she [Kyla[ jumped in and was like, ‘You talking all that sh*t I want to see you do it.”

I was like, I can do that. And then at that moment, I was like, ‘What I’m getting out of this? But since you calling me out, if I take this shot, you gotta be KP Jr.”

Did it, everybody went crazy, ‘Oh, you jr.” After that we was cool. That’s how we met.

It’s crazy because when I seen her, she looked familiar and I was like, ‘That’s that little actress.’ Because she younger than me and as a kid, I was always looking at older actresses like the Jada and Halle Berrys. I kind of looked at her as a kid, not knowing her full impact and resume.

Things got more interesting when VH1 asked Kilpatrick if Kyla had ever given him advice about how to move and be in front of the camera.

No, I actually cussed her out one time. Her PR for BET “Let’s Stay Together,” and they threw me on the red carpet. ‘Tell your boyfriend to come. Get out there.’ I’m like ‘Wait, I’m not dressed for no carpet.’ I dropped her off to the carpet. I was going to leave. They threw me out there. And I was like, let me lick my lips or something and get ready. It was a million flashes and I was like, ‘Wait, I’m looking crazy.’ One of the pictures, I was looking like I’m finna lick my lips and I was mad. And I was like, ‘See, you gotta school me if you gon have me out here getting on carpets with you in your field.”

As far as tv and camera, she always said I was good with taking pictures, ‘You photogenic babe. You sexy.’ As far as filming, she always say, ‘Ima get you an agent, you a natural.”

If you’re not playing close attention, it might just seem like a boring story. But there’s a little more than that going on here. There was never a moment when Kilpatrick said anything complimentary about Pratt. In fact, he never even spoke about how they came to be in a romantic relationship. When he references Kyla, there’s generally a diminutive description. She was a “little” actress who he didn’t recognize. He speaks about how Pratt approached him but never what he did to show his interest or what about her he found appealing. He speaks about being older than her, as if they would put him in a league above her. But in actuality, Kyla is a two months older than him. As someone who has been with her for 11 years, that’s something he should know.

And then most flagrant is that fact that he flippantly speaks about cussing her out—when she didn’t even ask him to come onto the carpet. The question is why did he feel so comfortable sharing that on camera?

Kyla and KP got engaged in 2011 but they’ve yet to tied the knot. Three years after the engagement, Pratt shared that she’s in no rush to get married and she and KP are enjoying being in a relationship.

“We’re going to get married when we feel like it. There’s a lot of pressure that people put on marriage. Why not work on your relationship before jumping into all that pressure? I don’t want to get married to get divorce…I want to have a great marriage. So, right now we’re good. We’re good where we are.”


We’ll see how this relationship plays out, not only on the show but in real life. I’m sure now that they’re both in the public eye, there will be updates. In the meantime, you can watch KP’s interview, in the video below.




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