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Nick Cannon knows a little something about age gaps in relationships. His most famous and most surprising relationship, with iconic singer Mariah Carey, was so interesting partially because of the cougar element. (Carey is about  ten years older than Cannon.) So when he sat down for a recently published interview with VladTv, he ended up discussing other relationships that follow that pattern. The conversation began with Cannon advising Pete Davidson to date older women but it eventually transitioned into one of the more extreme examples of age-difference dating: Diddy and Lori Harvey. See what he had to say below. 


In 40 something states, 16 is legal. I got a daughter! If I see my 16-year-old daughter with any grown ass man, we got problems. I’m willing and ready to sit down and do 25 if there’s a grown ass man talking to my 16-year-old but that’s “legal” in so many places.

Vlad: Well, you see Diddy supposedly dating Lori Harvey…

Nick: Sighs.

Vlad: Diddy is 49 and she’s 22. That’s a 27 year age difference!

Nick: Do you have a problem with that?

Vlad: Not so much.

Nick: I wouldn’t have a problem with that but I’d be heartbroken if that was my daughter.

Vlad: They’re hanging out with Steve Harvey and her mom.

Nick: Yeah. To each his own. But I would feel like I failed as a father if I’m sitting across from the table with a dude the same age as me whose dating my daughter…But on the flip side, I want to say, Mariah and my mom is like in the same age. They hang out. Mariah is ten years older than me and my mom had me when I was 16.

…As much as I would feel as a father my 22-year-old daughter is grown. She can do whatever she wants to do. 16 is different. You’re still in my house. But 22 is an adult. I’ve never met Lori Harvey I don’t know how mature she is.

Vlad: The first time I saw her, she was dating…

Nick: His son?

I hear Nick. It is a problem to think that your daughter would be dating a man closer to your age than your child’s. It would have been nice if he pushed this further though. Why wouldn’t he have a problem with it, if it weren’t his daughter? Why is it that men can only be bothered with women’s issues—a woman potentially being exploited or manipulated by an older man—if the woman is somehow related to him? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I think Diddy’s dating behavior is worthy of a sideeye from all of us.

You can watch this portion of Nick’s interview in the video below.


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