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31 Days Sensuality

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Our body parts are sexy. But what’s really sexy is a woman who has a spirit of greatness and is the physical embodiment of love–a woman who’s tuned into her spirituality, her God, her guide and her soul. This woman is unfazed and will be a light in every situation because she is connected to the source. She is peace. As Saul Adwele would say, this is a woman that can  “stand proudly in her baren filed of f*cks. That’s sexy.” This woman exudes sensuality. In this 31 Days of Sensuality challenge, I’m learning that sensuality is purely about intimate connection; connection to everyone and everything around you whether it be food, conversations, sex, nature, or your work. The goal is to really give your time and attention to whatever is in front of you at the moment. Indulge in it.  However, the most important connection is the bond you have with yourself. Tell me this, how often do you pray or meditate? And when you pray or meditate, do you allow yourself to hear and feel the divine download from your God? Do you follow that inner guidance, or do you brush it off as if your intuition doesn’t know what’s best for you? Do you see your own beauty in the mirror? Do you love upon yourself even on your rough days? 

This year has been a culmination of all of this for me. I’ve taken a deep dive into myself first by waking up before the sun rises to sit in silence on my stoop, visualize my day, sip tea and write. Somedays I will light palo santo, pull out my prayer bench and speak affirmations over myself, my family, my community and the world. Then I take a candlelit shower and play music that lifts my spirits. Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually cleaning and touching my body is a daily ritual that I never miss. This is my “me” time. This is my daily bread.  This is my truth.  

I find prayer, meditation, visualization, and mindfulness to be deeply sensual practices’. In taking the time for myself, I am able to be a vessel of love, wisdom, and support for others. And I bring this same respect and honor out into the world with me. Even when it comes to sex-  my body is my temple. I decided who worships it, then I reciprocate it. This exchange can only happen when both people have nurtured their own souls and have their own spiritual practice. I encourage you to get connected to yourself each and every day. We’re all spiritual beings having a human experience. You deserve a level of connectedness to your sensuality, sexuality, and spirituality that transcends all things that block you from tapping into all the love and pleasure the world has to offer you. 





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