31 Days of Sensuality: Channel The Power of the P With Yoni Eggs

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yoni eggs sensuality

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Raise your hand if you want to move your a** like Meg Thee Stallion while strengthening your vaginal muscles and ridding yourself of negative thoughts and energy! * Me throwing my hands and my feet in the air*  You can do all of this with a Yoni Eggs. “Yoni Eggs are the ultimate tool for a woman to reconnect with her body and embark on a journey of sexual awakening and embracing the divine feminine.” (Keggel.org). 

Before I talk about Yoni Eggs, let’s breakdown the two properties of Yoni Eggs. 

yoni eggs sensuality

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 Property 1: Crystals: Crystals are natural earth made stones that are cultivated in the ground from heat, pressure, and water. Crystals awaken higher levels of consciousness, heal deep core wounding and help you work through emotional imbalances. Each gemstone is a beautiful and wonderfully made piece of art that comes in different colors, shapes, and sizes. And each crystal stone has its own elemental property that aids in metaphysically healing a specific area of your body. This holistic healing balances your mental, physical, emotional, sexual and spiritual self. 

For example, The Jade Stone ( aka the lucky stone)  known for its deep green hue is a  protective stone that keeps the wearer from harm and brings harmony. The powdery pink   Rose Quartz is known as the stone of love. One would use this stone if they feel you are holding on to anger and want to open their heart chakra to cultivate unconditional love including  – self-love, love of family, love of friends, love of humanity, romantic love, joy, and forgiveness. 

Property 2: Kegel Balls:    Also known as Ben Wa balls, Kegel balls are small, circular weights that you insert into your vagina to help strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor. Once your Kegel ball is in, your job is to tighten then release your vagina (it should feel like you’re stopping yourself from peeing) as a way to weigh train your muscles. In addition to having a stronger vagina, Kegels are also known to help women have more heighten your sexual experiences, increasing wetness, improve bladder control and support with vaginal recovery after pregnancy. 

Take these stones and put it in the form of a kegel ball-shaped to look like an egg,  and you got yourself a powerful healing tool for your vagina. So while experiencing the physical benefits of Yoni Eggs, you also experience the soul-nurturing holistic benefits of it too. 

Yoni Eggs comes in small, medium and large- the more you do your yoni egg crunches, the smaller the yoni egg you will need. Also, some Yoni Eggs come with strings attached so you can pull them out. I personally don’t like those. I feel like Yoni Eggs are in your vagina to do work! You have to simply trust it to work its magic and allow it to come out when she is ready. Simply relax your muscles!

yoni eggs sensuality

Source: @mrwilliamellis / @mrwilliamellis

I’ve been working with Yoni Eggs for the past three years and through it, I now have a deep and intimate appreciation for my vagina and what she can do. There are so many layers and muscles in the vagina that I simply wasn’t aware of before I started my practice. I also feel connected to my personal healing work with my yoni egg practice which grounds me in my body and in my intentions. The first time I used a Yoni Egg, I freaked out- I kept thinking that it would randomly travel up my body and get clogged in my throat. I called every healer I knew to help me learn how to insert this pretty rock into my vaginal canal. Each and every one of them told me to first take a deep breath and relax. I was working with a Labradorite stone ( she’s still my favorite- I call her my Labi) so I researched everything about this stone then decided to set an intention around the properties of this stone. I was then told to create a ritual or ceremonial space before insertion. This ceremonial space is where the real work begins. 

This is how you do it:  

  • Charge: Charge your Yoni Egg by letting it sit under the energy of the sun or moonlight the day before. Charging it under the Full Moon is best. Note: Yoni Eggs absorb and exchange energy, you can tell by the temperature of the stone after you charge it. 
  • Cleanse: Cleanse your Yoni Egg with mild soap ( I use Doctor Bronners) and Hot water. Then clear off the spiritual energy around it by smudging your Yoni Egg with Sage or Palo Santo. 
  • Speak: Then speak your intentions over the yoni egg. For example, if I use a Rose Quartz which is the Love Stone, I would say, “ My intention is to cultivate a love for myself that is so deep that I’m overflowing with joy that I get to give to everyone I meet.”
  • Journal: Light candles, sip tea and journal on what you are trying to heal, reveal or manifest with your Yoni Egg. 
  • Insert: Lay down on your back. Put the Yoni Egg to your heart, then gently glide it down and insert it with care. 
  • Dance!:  Move your hips and do your kegel crunches. 

Regardless of if you do a ceremony around your Yoni Egg or not, you will receive so much insight while having it in. Personally, while working with my Labradorite stone, I manifested pitching this 31 Days of Sensuality Challenge to Madame Noire- and now look where we are! And what I love most about Yoni Eggs, is that no one knows that I have it in. It’s my little secret and one of the many ways that I take time to stop and focus in on my body and spirit. 

Your Pu$$y is hella powerful and you must cultivate that power by getting in tune with every aspect of your vagina/ womb. Once you fall in love with your Yoni outside of what you can do sexually, you will see just how special being a woman is. 

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