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The manifestation of #BlackGirlMagic is when black women gather to affirm each other while  unleashing and cultivating their inner Goddess. I spent my Sunday afternoon indulging in this magic with  @FEMMMAGIC founder Maat Petrova  who brought her signature Womb Magic Healing Retreat to NYC. 

Day 6 Sensuality

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FEMMMAGIC is a women’s lifestyle brand that provides a holistic approach to women’s health, focused on sexual wellness, psycho-emotional balance, spirituality and physical health. I’ve been following Maat and watching her journey on Instagram and her message has always resonated with me.  She’s equal parts Trini girl from Brooklyn mixed with medicine woman. She twerks, makes put put elixirs, empowers her daughters, and breaks down the intersection of spirituality and sensuality. 

I was excited to finally meet her and experience her work in person! 

Before the workshop, Maat encouraged all participants to, “Come dressed representing the Goddess you are. What does your higher self- goddess look like? Yes come as her.” She set all of us up for the journey we would embark on over the course of the day. Throughout the retreat, we flowed through different modalities of awakening the Divine Feminine Magic within including : Sensual Yoga & dancing, Holistic sexuality,  Womb healing & visualization Meditation, Feminine Sexual Health,  A Yoni Egg info session and vegan food. The retreat ended with each woman experiencing a breakthrough.

Day 6 Sensuality

Source: @mrwilliamellis / @mrwilliamellis

My favorite part of the day was the sisterhood work. Maat guided us through breathing exercises and a release ritual. We did a reflection exercise where we stared into our partners eyes for about 5 minutes to simply acknowledge the goddess within them. While still  looking into each other’s eyes, we each said, “Sister, I have something to release.” Next, we told each other, “ Sister, I have something to tell you.” I told my partner that I saw the God in her. She thanked me with tears in her eyes.  

It feels so good to affirm another black woman!

The releasing session continued in our  group discussions, where echoes of women revealed the deeply rooted issues that held them back from fully embracing their femininity and pleasure. Confessioions ranged from sexual abuse, breaking generational curses, toxic mother daughter relationships, control issues, pouring into other’s from empty cups, losing children and falling into bad situations due to lack of self love. In all of this, Maat reminded us that in order for us to cultivate our sensual self, we must first forgive past traumas and empower ourselves by doing the inner work first. This is the premise of healing, feeling and revealing your Femminine Magic. You can simply start with acknowledging your  feelings, knowing whatever you feel is ok. Own it, learn from it,  grow through it then reverse it by saying positive affirmations to yourself. 

Day 6 Sensuality

Source: @mrwilliamellis / @mrwilliamellis

True self-preservation is an important part of the art of feeling and being sensual. If you don’t take care of your inner-self, create boundaries for your peace of mind and get in tune with your spirit, you will NOT be able to express your most sensual self.  

Maat also schooled us on the ailments and PH imbalances that women experience with their wombs and vagina are due to diet and emotional blockages. She introduced her plant based herbal formulas  that serve as healthy alternatives to the mainstream chemical filled feminie products that cause a host of vaginal and womb issues. Learn more about VagElixer, COOCHEEWAA and her other Feminine nurturing  products here.  Gentle Reminder- A plant based p*ssy is a healthy pussy. 

Through FEMMMAGIC, I’m learning  that denying yourself the ability to feel comfortable about your sensuality and sexuality is denying yourself a part of your divine feminine powers. There is nothing taboo, perverse, or disgusting about owning a god given part of your nature. Women should live feeling sexy and sensual and feminine… it’s our divine nature.  

Writers Note: I asked Maat to give me a practical  tip for nurturing the goddess within at home. She said, “Throw on some red lipstick.  Turn on some sexy music, get in front of a mirror, and sway those hips. Admire yourself, touch yourself tell yourself you’re beautiful; you’re sexy; you’re worthy; you’re more than enough and highly loved goddesses. This is the Era of the Feminine. Now is your time. ASE!”

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