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Raynell “Supa Cent” Steward, social media star and creator of the successful brand The Crayon Case, is going through quite the health crisis that has caused her to deal with some extensive memory loss.

The New Orleans beauty mogul shared some alarming photos and videos of herself in the hospital over the last few days asking fans to pray for her, but followers were in the dark about what was going on.

As it turns out, she was and is suffering from severe memory loss. Her best friends, Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star Tokyo Vanity and Jesseca Dupart shared what she was going through, claiming there was an incident where she was addressed by a male fan and all of a sudden didn’t know who she was, nor events from the last few weeks.

“LOOK, I’m crying as I type this but need y’all to know something,” Jesseca wrote. “We are trying to deal with this personally but fully understand that she is a public figure. We bring her to places that she requests when things are going good so we can go over memories and let her enjoy 😊 she likes to talk about memories and things…… but she is not herself sometimes so although WE ALL KNOW she’s said many of times that shell take a pic with anyone ….. unfortunately right now that’s not the case. We just take her out to let her see some places let her enjoy somethings but yesterday for example we went out to eat ….. after we were done we were waiting on valet someone yelled ‘SUPA, remember me from such and such’ …… she didn’t even respond and he seemed disappointed but at that EXACT moment she didn’t know he was even talking to her. She turned and asked me and Tok 👀👀 ‘am I Supa ?’ So please don’t feel bad when we say she can’t take pics or if her responses are off. We would just keep her inside but she has been wanting to go places ‘when she’s good’ PLEASE JUST KEEP PRAYING FOR MY SISTER.”

“Honestly we dont know if we are coming or going right now but what I do know is god is working. Working on you NELL,” wrote Tokyo. “You have so many friends and family who love you dearly. It’s amazing to see your support system. And to people that don’t personally know my sister and see my sister out somewhere , though I know you don’t understand what’s going on and she looks totally fine to you, my sister, her family and friends are in a place right now where we are trying to figure shit out and be normal again. So if I offend anyone when I back you up off her or when i say now is not the time I truly apologize. And as much as I’d like to explain it’s not really my place to go into detail.”

Supa would eventually go into detail herself about what’s going on in an Instagram Live video. She said the whole situation has been “weird,” which is an understatement.

“I feel normal now, but it’s still some things I don’t even know,” she said. I’m going on my timeline, went to my thing and saw I had a whole f–kin’ event. They said the event was big. I had an after-party and all of that. I didn’t know anything about that. I knew about it, but it’s like all of that interrupted my memory. First of all, I never known that was possible to happen. That’s what f–ked me up. When the doctor told me what was wrong, I didn’t even think that was possible. Like how can something alter my memory? It’s weird.”

She also refuted theories from people who asked if she was suffering from epilepsy and other potential issues.

“The reason I went public with it, first of all, y’all know I’m open anyway. I was going to go public anyway, but they was telling me to wait until I talk to the proper neurologist,” she said. “I don’t remember nothing from a few weeks ago. It’s just weird.”

Most recently, Supa gave birth to her daughter in March. According to Live Science, studies have found that hormones can cause expectant mothers to struggle when it comes to spatial memory tests in their second and third trimesters, and the effects can still be there even three months postpartum.

Despite all of this, Supa is back home with her family and feeling better, and hopeful that her memory will improve soon enough.


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