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I was scrolling my Instagram timeline when I came across a post by dating & development coach Eddie Fews. The image was an artistic depiction of a woman’s vaginal opening with a description of “copulins,” which are feminine juices that have the power to control men’s minds. It read “The vagina produces a thick chemical fluid known as copulin that has actual mind control effects on a male’s brain. If a man is exposed to a woman’s copulins over time she will be able to change, remove or insert memories.”

Whoa, sounds like some pretty powerful stuff right? From there I did my own research, and stumbled upon a clip from a documentary titled “The Science Of Sex Appeal.”

In the doc, researchers designed a study using a low dose of synthethic copulins and exposed men to the undetectable scent as they scanned photos of women. Normally, men can distinguish women they find attractive versus unattractive, but the copulins caused the men to lose their ability to decipher between the two. Suddenly everyone was sexy. One sniff of copulins causes a spike in testosterone which clouds men’s thinking and discernment abilities.

Now to reap the alleged “mind control” benefits, your partner needs to take more than just a sniff of your nether regions. According to research by The Hair Pin, actually getting your copulins into his penis can take 15 minutes. 

The writer explains that the woman would have to sit on top of her man while he is erect, and allow the copulins to drip through his open penis hole until he absorbs up to half a cup of your fluids. That’s a lot. But once in, any of your input, ideas and thoughts will be your mate’s singular focus.

Given that this technique is so powerful, it’s best to ask your partner for consent before proceeding. Plus, how else are you going to get him to sit still for 15 minutes while you copulate?

Women talk about being d*ckmatized all the time, but it appears the playing field is a little more biologically even than we previously thought.

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