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Half of the time when we speak about double standards, it’s men who are receiving the better end of the bargain. We understand the privilege they enjoy in this world. But there are a very few things where women win. Women are presumed to be cleaner than men because that’s the way we were socialized. We were shamed for not washing our asses while there are grown men who still walk around with streaks in their drawers.

So when it comes to receiving certain sexual favors, men may not feel like they’re risking their health and livelihood by putting their mouth on a woman’s this, that and the third. Case in point: when Jhene Aiko talked about men “eating the booty like groceries,” the community rocked with it. The general consensus was “Ok, sis.” Men started taking notes.

But when Faith Evans said that she’s eaten Biggie’s ass…all hell broke loose. People are still talking about it. It was something to discuss.

Today, we have another topic of conversation when it comes to sexuality. It’s about toe-sucking. The idea of a man sucking a woman’s toes is nothing new. There are more than a few men who have a thing for feet. You can see it being done in more than a few romantic comedies. It’s normalized, mainstream.

But a woman doing that same thing…not so much.

Today, on “The Real,” the ladies talked about whether or not they would engage in that behavior and whether or not women are hypocrites if they don’t do that for their [male] partners.

Adrienne: Jeannie, you don’t suck toes?

Jeannie: No, girl! No. Nope.

Adrienne: Y’all are missing out on a good time. You mean to tell me, none of you suck toes.

Loni: Hold on, round of applause if you suck toes.

Adrienne: Cue the music for Destiny’s Child “Cater 2 U.” But watch this, how many of you have ever gotten your toes sucked?

Audience claps.

Adrienne: The hypocrisy! I have enjoyed it; therefore, I would gladly reciprocate that erotic feeling.

It was a nice sentiment. And I would like to think that I’m not being selfish in a relationship but I can’t see myself putting a man’s feet in my mouth…or a woman’s foot. Feet have entirely too much interaction with the ground and I can’t stand a sore throat. Thankfully, there aren’t too many men who would prioritize toe-sucking over other sexual acts that involve mouths. And really at the end of the day, sex is best when both people are entirely comfortable with what they’re doing with and for the other person.

What do you make of this discussion? Is it hypocritical and selfish not to be able to perform this for a man? If you are a fan of toe-sucking?  You can watch the women of “The Real,” discuss this topic in the video below.


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