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“Humans Of New York” is a popular web platform that highlights the everyday stories of New Yorkers. Most of the stories elicit feelings of hope, but there are also some that leave you contemplating life, empathetic, or just downright confused. This story makes you feel the latter.

One anonymous man who was profiled recently told the interviewer the personal struggles he is facing paying child support.

He begins by talking about his “two faced” baby mama with whom he shares five kids.

“We had five kids together, but she’s a Gemini so she’s two faced. She bought me a Greyhound ticket and sent me away. Never told me why. Could have been the not working. Could have been the weed smoking. But the worst part is that she threw me on child support,” he begins.

Instead of taking responsibility for not working and opting to smoke weed instead, the man goes on to detail the perils of child support.

“Now I’ve got a $100,000 lien on my name. It comes off the top of my check. I could work all week and bring home $40. So I’m better off not working. It’s bullsh-t. The government wasn’t in bed when I was f–king her. Now they want to control me. I don’t believe in their laws. I follow natural law. The Law of the Ancients. I just have to find a way to disconnect from this social security number.”

The post now has 160,000 likes and almost 10k comments.

Certain comments read:

“he should have thought about all that before he made 5 kids for someone else to take care of . He hates the government but is happy for that same government to feed and care for his kids . Solutions ? Women out there stay away from these losers and if you do have to be with one take birth control and don’t continue the cycle.”

“At the very least, stop making people,” another commenter said. “You are far too lazy and selfish for such grown-up work. I’m sure they are better off without you, but you should send them money. Idea: Get one job for every child you create. Get 5 jobs, and send them all your money, and don’t teach them any of this ‘ancients’ BS. Teach them responsibility.”

What is shocking is his seeming lack of self-awareness. Instead of owning his part in fathering five kids he could not or is unwilling to take care of, he instead passes culpability to the “gemini actions” of his partner.

Comedian Amanda Seales echoed the same sentiment we share in the comments section by saying, “This is the WORST kinda person. Creating the avoidable situation, then claiming victim, then disassociating in the opposite direction from solution.”



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