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I think we’ve all accepted and acknowledged that Drake is a f*ck boy. The lyrics have exposed him. One minute he wants to be your one and only, the next he’s too young to settle down. And his exes have confirmed that while he might be sensitive and kinder to women than most of these rappers, he still likes to exercise a certain level of control over women and their choices–requesting that they retire from strip clubs and whatnot. In the words of “Insecure’s” Tasha, he’s “a f*ck boy who thinks he’s a good dude.” But I think his most recent Instagram post is perhaps the most egregious example of his shenanigans.

The details are in the caption.

“Me when I find a shordee that didn’t slash anyone famous yet…is this my finsta? Shit it’s not.”

First and foremost, for those like me who were confused about the use of the word finsta, it’s a fake Instagram account—where you post things that you don’t necessarily want associated with your permanent brand. And that’s exactly where this post should have gone because…the hypocrisy is otherworldly.

Imagine, if you will, a woman who had similar standards, Drake would never be an option. Given what little we know about his dating and relationship history, there have been more than a few famous women in his past. Thank God women don’t hold him to that same standard. Because between Serena, Rihanna, Bella Hadid, Rosalyn Gold-Onwude, Jorja Smith, perhaps Jennifer Lopez etc., Drake would die a single man.

If anyone has been “passed around,” as they say, it’s Drake.

Not only that, the notion that a woman can only be pure or worthy of partnership based on her number of dating and sexual partners or the type of partner, is the type of thinking that contributes to the notion that women be shamed for sexual agency while men be celebrated for it.

If women judged Drake on the type of women he’d been with, they’d have to think about more than just celebrities. There are also strippers and porn stars among the fold. And evidenced by his whole son, he wasn’t always engaging in safe sex with these women.

No shame or shade to strippers, porn stars and sex workers. This type of work doesn’t necessarily point to uncleanliness. Still, if we’re judging romantic history, Drake wouldn’t meet his own standards—yet this is the type of woman he seeks in the world.

So I am confusion.

As Gandhi said, Drake should “Be the change he wants to see in the world.” Or if he wants to continue slanging, then he should keep his mouth off what women do.

Veronica Wells is the culture editor at She is also the author of “Bettah Days” and the creator of the website NoSugarNoCreamMag. You can follow her on Facebook and on Instagram and Twitter @VDubShrug.
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