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Yesterday, NBA player and father of Khloe Kardashian’s unborn child, Tristan Thompson’s infidelity was revealed. And honestly, revealed is the best word for it. First, there was a flirty interaction in the club. It looked like a little too much attention but I wasn’t sure if he had actually kissed the woman like people claimed he did. Then there was another roll out. in this video, he was definitely kissing another woman…a couple of them actually.

And then, in the third video, he was seen walking into a hotel room with another woman, possibly one of the women from the first two videos.

The news wasn’t all that exciting because I don’t think anyone was surprised to watch Thompson, who left his last girlfriend, Jordan Craig, during her pregnancy to be with Kardashian, to remain faithful when presented with another opportunity. Not to mention, he’s a 27-year-old basketball player. If anything, it was proof of the old adage, “The way you got him is the way you’ll lose him.”

And while it sucks that Khloe has been confronted with this truth when she’s so close to giving birth, the woman I was really interested in hearing from, was the mother of Thompson’s first child, a 16-month-old son named Prince Oliver.

Jordan Craig would have been well within her rights to post a meme of Kermit sipping tea, a gif of a woman laughing hysterically or a trite quote about Karma. Instead, she shared this message in her Instagram story.

The whole thing had me wondering what therapist did Craig speak to, what church does she attend, who are her parents? Homegirl is mature and far more evolved than me. The very best I would have been able to do in this situation was stay off of social media because if I did post or share anything, I can’t say I wouldn’t want to gloat just a little bit. If not for me, for my child.

Then again, in the year and change she’s spent raising their son, maybe Jordan has truly gotten over her ex and realizes that his decision to leave her wasn’t as much of a loss as it may have seemed to be.

How do you think you would respond in this type of situation, where the new woman, the woman who ignored your relationship and feelings, was experiencing exactly what you had?

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