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For men, it is the extra suit.  The one kept hanging behind their office door, in their car trunk or folded up into a locker somewhere.  It allows a man to go from looking like hell to Don Draper in point eight seconds after stepping foot in the office. As ladies, we could take a cue from our counterparts and keep some of that instant glam at work overnight.

Here are the top five things a Madame Noire should always have with her on the job:

  1. That Extra Curling Iron This may seem like a stretch at first, but believe us- it will save your life.  Not only can you spruce up your curls for a surprise lunch meeting, popping in a few fresh spirals, you can also perform rehab on hair that has gone on a humidity bender.
  2. That Extra Blazer After mentally declaring it “whatever Wednesday,” you walk in wearing skinny jeans and a top, forgetting the big boss was going to be at the staff meeting.  The extra blazer allows you to add some instant formality to your look.
  3. That Extra Opposite Shoe Whatever your go-to shoe for work is, find its opposite and keep it under wraps.  Wearing flats in?  Tuck away a sleek pair of stilettos on the side.  Wearing your power pumps already?  Stow away a pair of comfy sandals that require minimal effort and maximum ease.
  4. That Extra Tweezerman/ Razor/ Electric Shaver Ok, don’t lie- this is necessary.  When you don’t have time to clean up those eyebrows in your home, no stress.  Bought a dress for an after event but forgot your legs were not Nair smooth? You’re covered too.  Unwanted nose hair? Well, you get the idea.   Note: This does not mean make your office into your own personal spa.  Remember, fumes in the office are no fun.  Don’t fill your coworkers’ air with acetone and the smell of Veet.
  5. That Extra Phone Charger This is by FAR the biggest item on the list.  How many times have you looked at your phone battery at lunch and gone, “this is about to be a wrap?”  A dead phone can throw a wrench in after work plans and give you anxiety attacks as you ponder the texts you might be getting.  Bring in the charger or USB cable for your phone.  Save yourself the unnecessary stress.

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