Vanessa Nelson Has Taken Her Heartbreak From Failed Married At First Sight Romances And Turned It Into An App

February 28, 2018  |  

Vanessa Nelson first came to reality TV fame in season three of “Married At First Sight (MAFS)” and then later in the spinoff, “Second Chances.” Now, after two high-profile romantic breakups, Nelson is focused on healing from her heartbreak and, by extension, her new business venture.

She’s launching a new app called Remedy which is essentially a guide to getting over heartbreak. The app has features like a personalized intake process, mood and routine tracker, journal prompts, access to community content, and a subscription box option. In an interview, Nelson told us how she turned her heartbreak into an entrepreneurial venture.

MadameNoire (MN): What led you to create Remedy?

Vanessa Nelson (VN): I know a thing or two about breakups. Sharing my story on FYI/A&E Network’s “Married at First Sight” and Lifetime’s “Married at First Sight: Second Chances” resulted in two very public breakups. The breakups left me feeling totally isolated, even with the support of friends, family, and fans. The same question remained in my mind, why does someone with a broken heart feel alone? The answer is the process of moving on takes time, self-care, and reflection. This can’t be achieved through external support alone. I realized there are thousands of people feeling the exact same way and thousands who need help dealing with their breakup–the right way. And then, Remedy was born.

MN: Were you into tech prior to this?

VN: I was not involved directly in tech before Remedy. I do not even consider myself to be super tech savvy. But this is the way the world works now. When there are problems, solutions come in the form of convenient and useful technology.

MN: How did you fund Remedy startup?

VN: Through several veins of investment I was able to get Remedy into the development stages and moving toward finale form. I am also tapping into crowdsourcing through Kickstarter very soon to finalize Remedy and get it fully ready for the market. What I love about platforms like Kickstarter is that it creates a collaborative environment for entrepreneurs, tech developers, and potential users. You are able to tell a story, express passion, send updates and even get feedback from donors. I am excited to have Remedy on the market in 2018!

MN: How does the app work?

VN: Remedy is not just a convenient app, it is a seamless support system that helps users detox from a relationship. Remedy can be used for yourself or gifted to a friend going through a tough breakup. Remedy’s unique intake process makes the experience personalized for users; gathering real information on their past relationship, themselves and their daily lives. Other features include a daily journal, a community of articles and resources, mood and custom routine trackers. There is also a subscription box upgrade to treat yourself while going through a tough time.

MN: What were some of the challenges in creating the app?

VN: Challenges I faced while developing Remedy were understanding the process of entering this space that was very new to me. There are lots of steps and processes to developing an app but research and finding resources always help. A major challenge was putting aside fear. Starting a venture like this one is scary at times but I feel confident it will be well worth it.

MN: Why do you feel the app is needed?

VN: My dream is to help people through one of the most difficult and confusing times in their lives. The themes of betrayal and falling out of love are universal human experiences.

MN: What do you like the most about being an entrepreneur?

VN: I love the creativity. Many people don’t know the business side of me. I love being part of a community of tech and entrepreneurial women who are quickly making big names for themselves. It’s so great to see this become more and more common.

MN: What do you like the least?

VN: It can be stressful. Trying to make the best decisions and having the best people on your team. Everything is on your shoulders but it is a learning experience.

MN: What has been your biggest business lesson?

VN: My biggest business lesson is you cannot and do not have to do it alone. Tap into the resources in your life and you will be so surprised how helpful people can be.

MN: Why did you decide to do MAFS and Second Chances?

VN: Pursuing love on TV was a choice I made because I believed it was possible! My experience with “Married At First Sight” was invaluable and I learned so much about marriage, myself and what it really takes to have successful relationships. MAFS Second Chances was such a fun experience and it really helped me to get back out there and find my own confidence when it comes to being fearless in the pursuit of love.

MN: How did the heartbreak–a divorce and dissolved engagement–affect your future plans?

VN: Those milestones in my life were definitely disappointing. It is so easy to plan your future around someone else or an idea. It was difficult to move past and I took time to recover with both (with lots of Beyonce’s “Lemonade”). Luckily, these seemingly negative events lead to the development of Remedy.

MN: Has it been difficult in finding love again?

VN: I am open to love and will always be! I never let anything or anyone take away my outlook on how amazing love can be. I definitely am taking more time getting to know people and making sure they are the right match for me.

MN: Are you currently dating?

VN: Yes, I will keep that private for now. (smile)

MN: Would you like to get married again?

VN: I would love to be married again in the future. I think since I’ve been there and done that, it is not as much of a priority. My priority with love and romance is taking my time and getting to know someone.

MN: How was being on reality TV helped your entrepreneurial dreams?

VN: I would say it definitely provided a platform. It took some time for me to realize how my experiences with ‘Married At First Sight’ and ‘MAFS: Second Chances’ could really impact people in a real way. Not only do I hope people learned that you can always get back up when it comes to love, I hope Remedy is tool to make that happen.

MN: How do you juggle work as a Corporate Event Planner while working on this new venture?

VN: It isn’t easy, but it is doable with the right organization and hustle. It is sort of a movement for my generation to have more than one endeavor going. After dating 50 guys, I think I can juggle anything.


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