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Just last week my coworker and I were talking about how many people we’ve witnessed not wash their hands in our office. One woman brought her whole lunch into the bathroom, set it on a table beside the complementary sanitary items, used the bathroom, exited the stall, made her way over to the mirror to fix her hair, grabbed her lunch and then left the bathroom without so much as a rinse. Weeks ago, I saw another woman use the bathroom, open up her luggage, pull out her toothbrush and brush her teeth, rinse her mouth, put her toiletries back in her bag and leave the restroom without even thinking to touch the soap dispenser.

Every single time I encounter one of these situations I ask a very simple question: why? As in, why would you not wash your hands? And then I spend about five minutes conjuring up explanations like, perhaps no one ever taught them better, while still coming to the conclusion that most of us weren’t taught a lot of things but still eventually learn to do better when we’re older. I’ve even Googled the topic which led me to the conclusion that people are just lazy. But Adrienne Bailon has a different logic; she doesn’t think it’s necessary to wash her hands at home because, well, it’s her house.

The Real just posted a Girl Chat video from their November 3rd episode in which the co-host confessed to the dirty habit. She told her fellow co-hosts and the audience when it comes to washing her hands she seemingly does it in public restrooms but “Not at home. What did I touch? It’s my house,” she added. “The toilet paper touches my behind. I don’t touch my behind. Not this skin.”


Okay girl.

Jeannie Mai tried to get sis to understand that “your hand does touch things,” but the 34-year-old protested, saying, “I’m not always touching my behind. Sometimes I just go number one.” Why that makes a difference I’m not sure, but what do I know? I wash my hands every time I enter the bathroom. Years ago, I also wrote an article for The Hospitalist about the importance of physicians washing their hands to control the spread of infectious diseases. I guess Adrienne would have a problem with that too as she argued in her last remark on the matter that she never gets sick because your body actually needs germs to build up antibodies and ward off disease. And again I say, okay girl.


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