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Long Island Principal Accused Of Discrimination Via Twitter

January 3rd, 2016 - By Ashley Monaé
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CBS New York/Riverhead Charter School

CBS New York/Riverhead Charter School

Raymond Ankrum, principal of Riverhead Charter School, is under much fire after he posted a series of tweets, which 13 current and former teachers of the Long Island school found to be misogynistic and racist. Now, they have banded together in a lawsuit against Ankrum for his alleged discrimination targeting “older people, gays and light-skinned black women,” according to the New York Daily News and court documents.

Apparently, the those that filed the lawsuit allege that Ankrum was posting vile messages under the user name “RayQRubio.” “Light skinned ugly chicks are uglier than dark skinned ugly chicks,” is one of the tweets they claim Ankrum, who is black, wrote.

In the suit, that was initially filed in August, there are claims that Ankrum tried to carry out an “agenda” aimed at improving education for minority students by terminating white female teachers over the age of 40. It also claims that he discriminated against teachers over the age of 40 by replacing them with younger and attractive teachers that were supposedly easier to manipulate. The suit that appeared in state court in August, has since moved to federal court just last month with the vile tweets added to the case.

The tweets that the teachers are arguing range in evidence of Ankrum’s alleged misogyny and bias:

So it takes the #first lady to attend a funeral to get investigation in #Chicago to care about black kids?”

Ways to combat low T (testosterone): #1 Date hot chicks. #2 Get an annual check up. #3 Strip clubs and dollar bills.”

“An unattractive girl w/ a designer bag has better credit than an attractive girl w/ a designer bag.”

Watching the Grammy’s(sic) in 3d. Does jLo have the ill pouch or na? I’d still whip tho.”

“I realize most of my tweets go way over the heads of most, it’s fine, you can thank me when you get it. Could be months, even years.” “I hate dumb people. People who ride the ‘Jerry Bus or is it the ‘yellow bus,’ either way you’re an idiot.”

According to Ankrum’s lawyer Sharon Berlin, he does not deny posting the tweets. Instead, the Riverhead principal of three years feels as though his opinions that are voiced on Twitter have nothing to do with his job. “When read in context, they have nothing to do with the Riverhead Charter School or its employees,” said Berlin. “My clients are greatly offended by this latest attempt at professional and personal character assassination through litigation.”

Separate complaints regarding the principal have been reported to the state’s Division of Human Rights, accusing him of “referring to the staff as ‘inherited fat, old, ugly, white women,’ and ‘white silver spooners.'” Ankrum has denied those allegations.

According to the Daily News, “Ankrum’s legal team filed papers late last month seeking to dismiss the suit on the grounds the statute of limitations had expired and on other legal grounds.”  However, Joseph Dell, the lawyer representing the teachers is confident that when a jury sees what the principal has written that they will think otherwise, describing the school as a “hostile work environment.”

“In today’s world we hold students responsible for their off campus actions and writings,” Dell said. “We hold them liable for bullying on computers and smart phones. Yet for some bizarre reason Principal Ankrum and his lawyer believe he is exempt from the standard we hold students to.”

I’m Mad You’re Still Mad: New York Couple Attacked By Pizzeria Employees Allegedly Mad Over Obama Re-Election

December 3rd, 2012 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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What started off as a complaint over two measly slices of pizza turned into a nasty altercation that left an older black couple with a head injury, and an eye injury. Oh yeah, it also left them with the feeling that the attack put on them by two pizzeria employees in Long Island was just a form of payback for the re-election of President Obama. I guess you might think that too if someone says, “N***a, this is for Obama.”

According to the New York CBS Affiliate, Willie and Alfie Marshall claim they went into their local pizzeria, Paesano II Pizza, to get some food. When the slices of pizza they received from employees just so happened to be stuck to the bag they were given to them in, the couple says they asked the employees if they could refund them their money or replace the pizzas. They allegedly refused to, and employees Frank and Michael Meringolo, brothers, cursed up a storm at them. As Willie Marshall’s story goes, when he turned to leave with his wife, one of the brothers threw a salt and pepper shaker at them, and his wife, Alfie, was hit. After that, all hell broke loose and the drama escalated. In the end, Willie Marshall was left with an eye injury, and there are pictures to show Alfie’s very graphic and bloody head injury, which left blood on her shirt and shoes. Though the Meringolo brothers and their attorney deny that the fight had anything to do with President Obama and that it was a bias or racist attack, they were charged with misdemeanor assault.

“He used the ‘N’ word. He said [expletive] this is for Obama,” says Willie Marshall about the incident. But according to the Meringolo brothers’ lawyer, Richard Toscani, Willie Marshall was the aggressor. According to CBS News, Toscani says, “The allegation by Mr. and Mrs. Marshall that the incident on Nov. 24 was quote a racial attack or an Obama backlash is completely untrue.” The brothers claim that Marshall threw a jar of Parmesan cheese at them, and the reason for Alfie Marshall’s injury is because her husband ran and bumped her into the door on the way out. They say that they didn’t hurl racial slurs at anyone.

Marshall does admit acting a fool, but he says he only went off after he saw that his wife had been injured by the employees. But he says he didn’t lay hands on anybody– though he did kick around some chairs in anger. “As I was going out the door, there were some chairs standing there, and quite naturally, when I saw the blood I got very angry and I kicked the chairs.” Either way though, we still don’t know how Alfie obtained her injuries, but we do know that there was a much better way to handle this whole situation. The couple is thinking they might file a lawsuit, and according to CBS News, the crime has been upped to a “bias crime” by the district attorney.

The churchgoing couple also plan to hold a peaceful protest with members of their church, Joshua Baptist Cathedral, at the Paesano II Pizza this week. And though Willie Marshall was at the forefront of criticisms of the restaurant when it came to talking to the media, his wife did have some things she wanted to say as well, and instead of placing blame or appearing very angry, she just seemed very sad about the whole scenario: “We don’t deserve this, and nobody else deserves this either.” Check out video about this story from CBS News here.

Do you think they will file a lawsuit? Should they?

Photo courtesy of CBS 2 in NY.

In The ‘Army’ Now: Singer Ashanti Added To Cast Of Lifetime Series!

December 2nd, 2012 - By Drenna Armstrong
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"Ashanti pf"


Say what you want about her but Ashanti (with help from her obviously amazing team) knows how to keep herself relevant and with a check coming in.  It was just announced that she has been added to the cast of one of Lifetime’s most popular series, Army Wives.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ashanti will play Latasha Durant, mother of three children ages 11, 8 and 6, with the youngest suffering from Cystic Fibrosis. She’s also described as “a survivor with no self-pity who is determined to wrench all the joy out of life that she can. She’s a Hot, fun woman who knows how to keep a husband — and keep him in line.”  It sounds like she landed a fairly well-rounded role on the show which will be entering its seventh season.

This is great news for Ashanti and it continues to broaden her up to a wider audience.  Her past film credits include Resident Evil: Extinction, John Carter Must Die and Coach Carter.  Her acting skills have been described by many as average, at best, but she clearly knows how to make people buy into everything that she wants to do.  It doesn’t hurt that she also appears to have quite the pleasant demeanor.

There was talk that Army Wives was going to be canceled at the end of last season but with the addition of Ashanti and also actresses Torrey Devitto and Elle McLemore, the writers and creators are clearly prepping for some new storylines.

Do you watch the show? If not, will Ashanti make you tune in every now and then once it returns?