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Rasheeda And Kirk Leave Hospital With Newborn Baby Boy!

August 27th, 2013 - By Lauren R.D. Fox
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Rasheeda And Kirk Leave Hospital

Source: Instagram

Last week we reported Rasheeda and Kirk from “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta” welcomed their baby boy Karter into their family. We’re not sure what the couple’s relationship status is after the tumultuous last season of the reality show, but by the looks of their photos they seem to handling co-parenting well.

Check out pics of them leaving the hospital with Karter!


Source: Freddy O

Source: Freddy O




Source: Freddy O

Source: Freddy O

Joseline The Maid And The #LifePartnerGang: 9 Of The Craziest Moments From The LHHATL Season Finale

July 30th, 2013 - By Clarke Gail Baines
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And that’s all folks! Last night marked the season finale of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, and boy did it go out with an embarrassing bang. Relationships ended for good, questions of engagement were answered, a cast member decided to leave Atlanta and by the end of it all, another was blocking punches. If you watched, you know the foolery I’m talking about. But if you didn’t, feel free to get filled in about what you missed. We have a feeling the reunion is going to be good!

Two Sides To Every Story: Kirk & Mama Shirleen Speak About The Burning Bike

July 18th, 2013 - By Veronica Wells
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Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

Before we even jump into this, can we please all just take a minute and look at the picture in the bottom right hand corner? The scowl on Rasheeda’s mom’s face is something serious. She was not playing this day and I don’t quite blame her. After the way Kirk treated her daughter and the way he rode up to the house, popping wheelies like somebody was going to be excited to see his philandering behind was disgusting.

But instead of taking his punishment like a man and keeping quiet about it, Kirk posted the above photo on Instagram with this caption:

Somebody will be replacing this bike & I mean soon time is running out! 

The message was followed by a couple of angry faces emojis and then a picture of a police officer. So we can assume that Kirk is going to report Mama Shirleen if she doesn’t pay for the damage she caused.

Ugh. Really, Kirk? Can’t you just take the L on this one? He should be really glad that it was his bike and not his life that he lost.

Honestly Shirleen doesn’t seem to be thinking about Kirk at all though.

In a recent interview with Vh1 Blog, she spoke about the incident and her newfound fame because of her being on the show.

I saw pictures of you on Instagram on a motorcycle. Since you ride, didn’t you feel a little bad wrecking Kirk’s bike?

No. His was just a dirt bike. It was a $7,000 dirt bike but still. I don’t know if I would have been able to do it to any of his other ones. I might have. No, I probably would have. It would have made me feel bad, but I woulda done it! Whatever got in my way, that’s for sure.

What’s your current situation with Kirk, are you guys speaking?

Noooo. Not really. For real, that’s just so disrespectful and I don’t like that. I can’t take the disrespect.

Well, I’m sure you’re gaining followers like crazy now.

Yes. Even at work, I was sitting at work today and a woman came up to my office and said “Put your name on this paper!” and I wrote my name and I said “For what?” and she said “You’re famous! Me and my husband was watching you last night! And now I got your autograph!” People at my salon that I’ve been doing for ten, twelve years ask me for my autograph. I’m like, you gotta be kiddin’ me! People are so serious, too. They just walk up to me — one woman said “My mom was like that, she spit in my husband’s face!” I was like “Oh my God!” I could go on with stories. But now everyone says “Don’t I know you from somewhere?” and I just tell them I have one of those familiar-looking faces. It is crazy, isn’t it?

Looks like she’s enjoying her 15 minutes. Do you think she should replace or repair Kirk’s bike?

‘I Was Trying To Be Nice, But…’ The Top Moments From Last Night’s Episode Of LHHATL

July 16th, 2013 - By Brande Victorian
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Source: VH1

Source: VH1

You already know a hot mess of information awaits you so why not just get right into it? Here are the most interesting things that went down on last night’s episode of Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta.

Kirk, Mary Jane And Why We Need To Stop Blaming The Other Woman

July 12th, 2013 - By Charing Ball
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Source: VH1

Source: VH1


For all you fellow followers of “Love & Hip Hop: ATL,” who know it’s fake but like the drama anyway (you always got to add that disclaimer because folks just won’t let other folks be entertained): Mary Jane was on the Big Tigger Show recently explaining why she accepted Kirk’s Golden Ticket to Willy Wonka and the Chocolate-covered Peanut Head Sex Factory.

Did the pregnancy part cross my mind, no I wasn’t thinking about that. I was thinking about us being at the cabin, having a good time; him having a good time; him putting himself in a single man’s position. And I am a single woman. You know, Mary Jane does music; I turnt up; I have a good time. Everybody knows I’m the life of the party. So that is the only thing I was focused on. I was focused on winning the strip poker game. But obviously I lost. But you know it is what, it is. And hey, he was in a single man’s position so I treated him like a single man…”

And that is when all Hell broke lose on the air. First Bambi turnt up in the form of an on-air call to renew her 15 minutes. And then came a stream of callers, mostly from women, who accused the “Hide Yo Husband” tweeter of betraying the female species by stepping out with a married man. To which Mary Jane responded, “I wasn’t trying to be in her lane. I wasn’t trying to be his wife. I didn’t ask him to marry me. I was being a single woman, doing what I do…”

I know this is not going to sit well with some folks, especially those fresh off of dealing with the philandering peen of a “significant” other, but I have to say that Mary Jane does have a point: why are we mad at her, when we should be mad – and mad only – at Kirk?

Nothing is more hurtful and confusing than being cheated on, this point I know very well. But also having been on the other side of that spectrum, I also see how unequal the blame is distributed among the guilty (and so-called guilty). In my situation, I had asked the guy I was messing with if he was in a relationship. He told me that he was in love with someone but that they were constantly on and off and at that moment, they were off. “I hope that one day we can work it out but I don’t know sometimes,” he told me. Now I could have gone all Dr. Phil and got to the root of his relationship strife but quite frankly, I figured that he would know his relationship status better than I would. And his respect for that said relationship would keep him from first, propositioning me so boldly for a date; and secondly actually gone on a date with me. The only thing I can really assume is that he is single? Either that or a liar. Plus I did my due-diligence by asking him straight up. And that he had every opportunity to think about the home-front and back out of what he knew was about to go down, before it went down.

Well some time later, after we had parted, for some odd reason Mr. On Again, Off Again, decided to cleanse his soul and confess his sins to his significant other. Actually I think he ended up confessing some other things because all of a sudden, I have this random and anonymous woman giving me side-eyes and dragging my name through the mud in our social circle. A mutual friend finally cued me in to the fact that this was Mr. On Again, Off Again’s wife. And that they had been married for almost a decade. Now that’s uncomfortable. Hoping to squash this beef and set the record straight, I reached out to his wife and apologized if our fling had hurt her and that I was not interested in pursuing anything from him. I also told her that he wasn’t exactly honest with me neither. Well she wasn’t trying to hear it. And continued on speaking ill of me and making snide comments about me whenever I was around.

At first I felt really ashamed and guilty. My intentions were not to interfere in someone’s relationship and hurt anyone; my intention was to get some peen from a man, who professed himself to be single and ready to mingle. And yet my desire for intimate companionship was now the source of someone’s relationship falling apart. But then pictures of those two starting getting around of them having midnight strolls on the beach and sharing a single ice cream sundae and I’m like, hold up? Why are you around here throwing daggers at me with one hand while the other hand is handcuffing the very source of your problem?

Oh now I see what’s really happening here: It was easier to make me out into some sort of magical Sapphire-Lilith temptress, whose intoxicating allure was too strong for the delicate naivete of her dude, who was helpless in the ways of such wicked womanly witchcraft. It was easier to believe that I had drugged him and tricked him back to my (and his) spot than to believe that he was a willing participant. The thing is, if only my poon came with that sort of power, I certainly wouldn’t be wasting it on your cheating A$$ dude? Heck with that kind of P-power, I could have Idris Elba. And if I did have that power, I most certainly would have Idris Elba with a side of Lance Gross.

But enough about my superpower wish list, my point is that if it wasn’t me, or a Mary Jane-type figure, it would have been somebody else. Because men, who are out to cheat, will cheat. That is evident by the fact that many cheating men will lie about their deeds in addition to cheating. And even among those men who don’t necessarily aim to be unfaithful, also know full-well about the consequences of their decision. So there is really no trickery or debauchery there. Just good ole fashion lack of will-power and respect for their significant other. And to deny those cheaters accountability, while placing the blame and guilt squarely on a third party, who by all intents and purposes is a virtual stranger to you and your situation, sounds kind of jaded. Not only is it pessimistic about relationships but men in general. After all, how much faith can you really have in a dude, whom you feel is so easily distracted, swayed and that incapable of good-decision making when he is not in your presence?

Well If It Isn’t Kirk And Rasheeda On The BET Red Carpet Together…

July 1st, 2013 - By Brande Victorian
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Kirk and Rasheeda

This weekend,while attending the BET Experience in LA, MadameNoire observed a lot of interesting things, not the least of which was Kirk and Rasheeda on the BET Awards red carpet looking like a somewhat happily married couple.

If you’re confused as to why this is surprising, here’s a little “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta” background for you. Within this last season of the show, Kirk has accused Rasheeda of cheating, demanded she get a blood test to determine the paternity of their child, and suggested she get an abortion. And when he’s not talking crazy on TV, he’s walking around Atlanta in t-shirts that read “Almost Single” and insinuating that he is the one who hasn’t been faithful. In a nut shell, he’s achieved the unthinkable by surpassing Stevie J as the slimiest male character on the show, which brings us back to why we nearly gasped at the site of these two being seen in public together. I wouldn’t even be trying to stay in the same house with a man like that, let alone be seen with him in public.

Naturally, the status of their relationship was the question on everyone’s mind, but when asked, all the couple provided as an answer was that “things are a work in progress.” Um, what does that mean?

Since this actually wasn’t our first time spotting these two about town in LA this past weekend, we’re starting to think you all might be right about this couple’s “troubles” and how they only exist for publicity’s sake. But then again, what grown women carrying her second child would allow herself to be disrespected on national TV, and her husband painted as the butt hole of all butt holes just for the sake of ratings? Not Rasheeda. At least we hope not.

What do you think about this pair? Are their marital issues for real or for show?


Pass Or Play? LHHATL’s Rasheeda And The Baby Bump She Can’t Hide Release Video For “Hit It From The Back”

June 27th, 2013 - By Clarke Gail Baines
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If you watched this week’s episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, you probably saw the scene where Rasheeda did her best to prove the naysayers wrong, and continued to promote new music and film the video for this song, “Hit It From The Back” while very pregnant. With Deb Antney giving her the side-eye on the sidelines and Kirk coming in later to put a damper on things, Rasheeda put on her tightest gold maternity pants and a gold peplum top to cover up her growing belly bump. After all that drama surrounding the video, it’s finally been released. In it, she can be seen dancing around with a few guys (who she was literally hiding behind at times), having some toned women drop it low in daisy dukes, and for the most part, Rasheeda showed off her breasts and kept her belly covered so she could maintain the sex appeal. Because nothing takes someone out of their element more than realizing a woman bragging about calling a man “daddy” while he’s hitting it from the back is actually with child.

In the end, it’s really not the obvious pregnancy that throws things off. Rasheeda looks cute, and the makeup is fabulous! But the song? Not so much. She should really take Deb’s advice and focus on making money off of her beauty, or get a new producer, because this right here is not working. Check out the video for yourself and let us know if you think it’s a pass or play.

Kirk On Asking Rasheeda For An Abortion: ‘You Don’t Know Where That Woman’s Privates Been’

June 25th, 2013 - By Brande Victorian
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Image Source:

Image Source:

That Kirk Frost ignorance just won’t let up, huh?

Despite having been completely done with this man four episodes ago of “Love & Hip-Hop,” the foolishness that comes out of his mouth continues to baffle me. Take, for instance, the nonsense he told Chicago’s the Morning Riot when he called into the radio show to explain his behavior on LHHATL so far. Just a heads up, it does nothing to help his character. Here’s what he said:

Whether the marriage drama on the show is real

We do argue. We do have these problems. It’s just the cameras are there.

On if he really wants Rasheeda to get an abortion

At that point in time, I said it, but did I really truly mean it? No. I said it because it was messing with our business.  I was really pissed off.  This is my thing, a baby comes out a woman, it don’t come out a guy.  You don’t know where that woman’s privates been.”

Whether Rasheeda cheated before

“Not that I know of, but Rasheeda’s s a rapper….At the time I was going through a lot with my brother having a heart transplant, my other brother in the feds having probems. It was so much going on and Rasheeda and me were in a bad place. It really came across foul but I don’t even remember it being that kind of moment. But when I wanted to have a child last year and the year before, it was like ‘no I gotta make my money–‘

Whether he’s cheated or is cheating

“At that point in time, was I? No.” (Now?) “That remains to be seen.”

If he regrets demanding an abortion/blood test

“I definitely do. I wouldn’t have said that if I felt like I feel now….” She saw what I was going through with my children (he has four others that are not with Rasheeda) and for her to pop up pregnant now, it was a bad time. Why would you do this now? When you’re shelling out $20,000 for a lawyer (he was in court for one of his sons) and have boyfriend problems with your daughter…I was mad.”

If he wants the child now

I definitely want my child. I’m going o have my child. He/she is going to be here.”

The current status of his & Rasheeda’s marriage

“We’re friends.  We’re still husband and wife.  But do we still have some problems to work out, yes we do.”

Y’all can listen to the rest of the madness here. Does this interview clear up anything for you?

‘Oh Hell Naw!’ Interesting Moments From Last Night’s Episode Of LHHATL

June 18th, 2013 - By Brande Victorian
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stevie mimi and niko

Turn up time! That’s what we’re pretty sure Stevie said before he stepped out the house in his Miami Vice suit and rained all over Niko and Mimi’s relationship parade. And that was only one of the many crazy things that happened on last night’s episode Of “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta”. Check out everything that went down on the next few pages.

9 Baffling Things We Learned During Episode 8 Of Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta

June 11th, 2013 - By Brande Victorian
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I know, we shouldn’t really be surprised by the antics that go on on “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta” anymore, but every week someone does something to introduce a new level of triflin’ into the mix. Last night’s episode was no different. Check out the craziest things that went down.