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Finally! Jill Marie Jones Heads Back To The Small Screen!

October 26th, 2013 - By Drenna Armstrong
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"Jill Marie Jones pf"

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For those of you who’ve been wondering when Jill Marie Jones would finally get back to acting, the answer is…NOW.

The popular actress recently signed on to join the cast of Fox’s new series, Sleepy Hollow,”  according to The Hollywood Reporter. In her recurring role, Jones will play Cynthia Irving, the ex-wife of Captain Frank Irving and the mother of Macey Irving.

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen her in any acting jobs.  While she did appear in an episode of American Horror Story: Asylum earlier this ear, we haven’t seen her regularly since Girlfriends where she appeared in six of the seasons as the infamous Toni Childs.  Fans of her work have been hoping that her talents would stop being overlooked and she’d be working again soon.

Sleepy Hollow has been one of the breakout shows of the fall television season and easily one of Fox’s most popular shows.  It got a boost from the African-American community who was especially excited to see Nicole Beharie, an African-American actress, as one of its leads.  In fact, the show has already been renewed for a second season.

Sleepy Hollow returns to Fox on November 5th and Jill Marie Jones makes her debut as Cynthia Irving on November 25th.

Will you check it out, even if just for Jill?

Back to Black: African American Stars That Should Be Leading in Hollywood

March 18th, 2013 - By Diamond Newman
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We all know there’s Hollywood and then there’s black Hollywood. African American stars don’t get the same notoriety as their white counterparts despite their good looks, amazing acting chops and undeniable star power. Sad,right? From heartthrobs to veterans, these 15 thespians deserve the awards and accolades more than any other. Check out this list of black actors and actresses that should be leading in Hollywood.




Nia Long

Nia Long is beautiful. She is also the girl next door with a great deal of sass and sophistication. She lit our fire playing Nina in “Love Jones” and Bird in “Soul Food.” She’s been acting for quite some time and her staying power is phenomenal. Hollywood should take a deeper look.

What Happened To You!? 9 Actresses Who Need To Be Employed ASAP (Because We Miss Them)

November 6th, 2012 - By Clarke Gail Baines
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These ladies kept the laughs coming on their respective television shows and in their classic movies, but after catching our eye, they seemed to show up less and less on our televisions and on the movie screen. They’re mad talented and while some have been preoccupied with more important things (including motherhood), others have just had a hard time getting a good role in a bias Hollywood. Here are nine women who need a job on TV or in a big career changing film ASAP, because their talents are too great to go to waste. Check it out (and be prepared to click…).

Where Are They Now? The Cast of “Girlfriends”

May 17th, 2012 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Remember when “Girlfriends” was on UPN? Man, Monday nights would never be the same. “Girfriends” was black women’s own version of “Sex and the City,” but something they could relate to just a little bit more (not everyone can splurge on Manolo Blahnik shoes like some people). These sistas were smart, funny, classy (except for Lynn at times), fashionable, and did I mention funny? Their broke, busted and disgusted relationships and somewhat all over the place lives were what kept us tuned in every Monday, and without the show, we wouldn’t have had the good years of “The Game,” (its spinoff) and positive representations of black women. Those WERE the days. Let’s see where the cast is at nowadays…

Why Are You Hiding Your Boos? Celeb Women Who Are Always Acting Single

February 16th, 2012 - By MN Editor
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If you think for a minute that we believe that these following women aren’t holding down relationships, then you must’ve taken us for fools. What we do know is that these ladies are not taking any man seriously enough to introduce them to their public lives. Luckily, Kelly Rowland finally let her new boo out of the bag and is now having him accompany her out in public. Did you see the Grammys? We’re so happy for Rowland. But these other ladies – we’re just dying to know what’s going on as we rarely get couple sightings of them arm in arm with a man worthy of their calibers.


"michelle williams"

Michelle Williams

She told People in 2008 that her dating life was “unfortunate” and that she hadn’t been in a relationship in over two years. Well, it’s been nearly four years since that interview and we haven’t seen Williams come publicly forward with a relationship or arm candy although she was linked to basketball player Taj Gibson in 2010.

Hot Style: Black Girls with Red Lips

March 27th, 2011 - By madamenoire
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Who says black girls can’t rock a red lip? We come in all shades and so do red lipsticks and glosses. Let Hello Beautiful school you on how to find the perfect red for your skin tone. Don’t be scare of a little color, baby!



Stars Sign On For Romantic Comedy, “35 and Ticking”

June 2nd, 2010 - By Elaine G. Flores
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"Meagan Good"

There have been some jabs at Sex and the City 2 for being too lily-white. (We don’t know why this comes as a surprise to anyone since the show was never an example of diversity.)  Anyway, there’s a new black romantic comedy in the works that looks like it’s going to be very Madame-friendly.

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