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Connected Nation: America Now Has More Than Half A Billion Internet-Enabled Homes

March 20th, 2013 - By Ann Brown
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There’s a mobile frenzy going on in America. According to a new study, due to the increasing popularity of tablets and smartphones, the number of Internet-connected devices in U.S. homes has surpassed half a billion.

In fact, the number of connected devices per U.S. household with Internet access has grown to 5.7, up from 5.3 devices three months ago, according to a report released by market research firm NPD Group. During that period, the “installed base” of tablets grew by nearly 18 million units, and smartphone users increased by nearly nine million, reports The Los Angeles Times.

“Even with this extraordinary growth in the smartphone and tablet market, PCs are still the most prevalent connected device in U.S. Internet households, and this is a fact that won’t be changing anytime soon,” John Buffone, director of devices for NPD Connected Intelligence, explained to the newspaper.

Looking at the numbers, while PC penetration among U.S. Internet-connected households is 93 percent, virtually unchanged over the three-month period, smartphones and tablets increased their presence. Smartphone penetration jumped to 57 percent from 52 percent of cellphone users, and tablet penetration rose to 53 percent from 35 percent of Internet households.

In the smartphone market, Apple and Samsung remained the top two brands. Apple also rules the tablet market with its iPad.

Tech Talk: Tablet Ownership on the Rise While Web Usage Levels Out

December 22nd, 2012 - By Kimberly Maul
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Forrester’s 2012 State of Consumers and Technology Report came out this week, highlighting that nearly one-fifth of US consumers now own a tablet. In the US, 19 percent of consumers own at least one tablet, Engadget reported, which is about twice the percentage who said the same in 2011.

But while tablet ownership is up, the percentage of US adults that access the Internet at least once a month has stabilized at 79 percent. However, those consumers that do go online are more likely to do so on a daily basis. According to TechCrunch, Forrester found that 84 percent of US online adults use the Internet daily.

So who are the 21 percent of consumers who don’t go online, not even once a month? Naturally, it is older consumers. According to Forrester, “Gen Y” consumers are most likely to use their smartphone to go online, and the younger “Gen Z” consumers use the Internet wherever—more than 80 percent access the Internet outside the home.

However, consumers over the age of 67 are the slowest to adapt to new technology, though according to Forrester, 64 percent purchased a product or service online in the past three months. Also, about 20 percent of consumers ages 56 to 66 use mobile Internet regularly.

While the older consumers have larger hurdles to overcome when it comes to technology usage, the Forrester report shows the growth in various forms of digital tools, including tablets, digital cameras, connected TVs, and mobile Internet, have helped bridge that gap.

Most Americans Pay for Some Online Content, Survey Finds

December 31st, 2010 - By TheEditor
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(LA Times) — Not all Internet users expect to get something for nothing — at least not all the time, according to a report released Thursday by the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project.  Nearly two-thirds — 65% — of the 755 users surveyed said they had paid to download or access some type of online content, with music and software being the most frequently purchased items. Thirty-three percent of respondents said they had paid for digital music and software, respectively. Other frequently purchased items included apps for cellphones and tablet computers, with 21%; digital games with 19%; news articles with 18%; and videos, movies or TV shows, with 16%.

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