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White People Vine Like This, But Black People Vine Like This

April 18th, 2014 - By Meg Butler
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We don’t know when Vines became about white people vs. black people, but this new meme is everywhere…

Car Accidents

Neither one of them called 911…

15 Of The Cutest Kids On The Internet

March 19th, 2014 - By Meg Butler
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Everybody loves a cute kid and there’s no shortage of those on the Internet. Check out a roundup of our favorites!

“Oh That’s Vine!”

Like this little girl who is super excited to be on social media.

How Did This Happen? The Best Drunk In Love Parodies

January 30th, 2014 - By Meg Butler
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Drunk in love parodiesThe internet is a hilarious place and that’s why as soon as Beyonce released “Drunk in Love” a month ago, a million people immediately tried to recreate her sexay beach video, much to our hilarious approval. Here are 15 of the best Drunk in Love parodies we’ve seen.

Oh, That’s What It Is? Suge Knight Says Katt Williams Isn’t Crazy – He Has A Short Fuse!

December 15th, 2012 - By Drenna Armstrong
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"Suge PF"

Reggie Collier/

It appears Katt Williams and Suge Knight are now besties. We’ve heard about Katt Williams bugging out almost every week for the last month or so and finally – finally – Suge Knight has stepped up to tell us what the real problem is.

In regards to all his recent problems, Suge says this isn’t Katt’s fault. He told TMZ,  “People test him because he’s small and the best comedian of all time.”

Of. All. Time.

The two were together in Seattle when Katt was arrested for being in a bar fight.  Knight says they were watching the Seattle Seahawks/Chicago Bears football game – rooting for Chicago – and some fans were offended, so to speak.  Allegedly, they started the fight so of course, Katt had to defend himself against the angry Seahawks fans. Knight says people do this all the time – starting trouble with Katt – and he “just don’t take no sh!t.”

By the way, Suge also likened Katt’s problems to those of Mike Tyson and the late Richard Pryor while they were in their glory years saying, “That’s what happens when you’re the best in the business. Sometimes you just have rough times.”

Clearly, Suge had a lot to say and doesn’t appreciate the way Katt has been “portrayed” by the media. But if he’s a real friend, hopefully, he’s trying to get in Katt’s ear as well and tell him he doesn’t have to react to everyone that “bothers” him.

Yup, You Said It: Hilarious Reader Comments Of The Week

July 6th, 2012 - By MN Editor
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It’s Friday, which means it’s time for the hilarious reader comments of the week again. This week you all were a little heavier on the sarcasm and lighter on the funny, but the cynical comments make us chuckled too. Here are the ones that had us going this week. And FYI, ya’ll know you didn’t have to go in on Star like that on Facebook. SMH


A Ratchet Family Affair: Brian McKnight’s Got His Kids Rapping About Adult Videos Now

NM: *sigh* Who knew Brian McKnight would devolve into Too Short?!


Rude Boys! Rihanna Sues Ex-Accountants For Lost Millions and Mismanagement

Marilyn J. Wiley: Rih better go Man Down on that accountant

Really Kells? R. Kelly Says ‘The Notebook’ Made Him Get a Divorce

Tee Elyse: … ain’t nobody thinking about “Pee Pee La-Pew!”


Evening Eye Candy: Romeo Miller

Stragi: He could get it on a Sunday Morning before Sunday School….I’m just sayin….


Check His Footwork: What His Shoes Say About Him

MLS2698: [It’s] not good for a grown man to be wearing the same shoes as your little cousin. Also, if you wore Adidas when Run DMC was holding them up at their concert, just leave it alone.


Wonder What Eddie Is Thinking…? Rocsi and Eddie Murphy Are Officially Booed Up

Shannon Shelton: This is a bizzare pair. Johnny Gill is somewhere with a gas can and a Bic.

Victoria grooves: They found love in a gold digger/creepy old man plaaaace


Why Won’t People Let Barack Obama Be Black?

Nae MzBawss Dowling: I normally have respect for my elders but when i see him [Morgan Freeman] in the streets im whooping his old a**. *Walks Out Room*


Watch What You Tweet: Holly Robinson Peete Checks 50 Cent Over Autistic Twitter ‘Joke’

QueenBre Williams: 50 has some nerve to talk about someone’s looks. He has all that money and still hasn’t fixed that grill of his. Negro can’t even close his mouth!!!

MLS2698: Mumbling mutha*******, right?


Shade-y: Star Jones Says Anderson Cooper Only Came Out For Ratings Just Like Oprah Said She Did Crack In The ’90s

Tanica Rochelle Stewart: Oh…like when she flaunted her wedding all over The View when she was anchor? Like when she claimed she lost all that weight from “eating right” but then mentioned she had “procedure” done just to sell that raggedy a** book of hers? Here’s another question: Has this b**** even found a job yet?

Brittney Raphael: Star needs to have a seat…on a plane and never come back.

Veronica Williams: This b**** is forever throwing shade in one way or another. Told y’all ’bout Star. She’s that one chick errrybody just wanna smack one good time.

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Yup, You Said It: Hilarious Reader Comments Of The Week

June 29th, 2012 - By MN Editor
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Happy Friday Funny Ladies!

It’s that time again where we bring you a recap of the funniest things you had to say over the past seven days, and as usual you did not disappoint. This week celebs were on some other type of stuff and you didn’t hesitate to call them out on it. Here are the reader comments that had us cracking up this week.

Well DUH! ‘The Voice’ Alum Frenchie Davis Reveals She’s a Lesbian

Yep I said it: Ray Charles could see that as far as coming out the closet… That must be a walkin closet


Scandalous: X Factor’s Stacy Francis Admits Megachurch Bishop Noel Jones is Child’s Father

B from NY: Well we know bishop eddie long stroke wasn’t the daddy she don’t have the right parts to be on his praise and worship team


Allison Mathis: If Chris Bosh Wouldn’t Have Kept Me From Joining ‘Basketball Wives,” I Wouldn’t Need Food Stamps

Victoria grooves: Have u checked mcdonalds? They always hiring


Uh Oh: LisaRaye Already Has a Problem With ‘Hollywood Exes’

Mbutterflii: I need LisaRaye to stop talking like she just left a plantation and have a _/


‘It Showed Me Who My Friends Are’: Mary J Blige Finally Talks About That Infamous Burger King Commercial

Ms. Blue: I honestly didn’t think the Burger commercial was that serious. People made a big deal out of nothing. Folks acted like she was n*ked doing a b**ty dance holding a chicken sandwich. Geez.


Not That Serious: Tamar Braxton Threatens To Sue K. Michelle Over Muppet, ‘We Jump Gates’ Comment

DIDSHEGOTHERE?:Tamar need to have several seats… As a matter of fact, just lay down somewhere cause she is really “DOING THE MOST”!!!


Tyra Banks Dares You To Find Someone With a Forehead Bigger Than Hers

FromUR2UB: I’d have to see a side by side. I was sure Rihanna has the bigger forehead. All that space should draw some additional income.

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One is the Loveliest Number: Why Being Single Isn’t So Bad After All

June 29th, 2012 - By Kendia
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If you have the media tell it, being a single woman on the planet is one of the worst things you can be and if you hurl the black factor into the equation, you may as well buy your single burial plot now because we’re single FOREVER (side eye). Television shows, movies, articles on how to snag a man are always within eyeshot anywhere and everywhere we are. But I have to tell you ladies, I’ve seen the lonely land, I lived in it for three years, don’t believe the non- hype!

The other day my boyfriend and I were very upset with one another. We bickered, the bickering turned into shouting and the shouting found me contemplating if this relationship is for me. We resolved the issue, made up and in the aftermath of the “fight” the one thing I was most proud of was the fact that I held my ground. I was right and that’s not a shallow assessment of the situation, I was. I was right and I was willing to walk away from this relationship had he not apologized. What he’d done wouldn’t have been a deal breaker if we’d been in a relationship a few years ago, back then I was ready to ride or die for my guy. I’m a different woman now, I want a different kind of relationship and this thing he’d done could now very well be a deal breaker. My standards have changed (for the better) all because I weathered the single storm that wasn’t a storm at all.

I never minded being single for an extended period of time (three years). When my last relationship ended, I needed a break from the whole sordid fairytale of being part of a couple. I thrived in my newfound freedom and hence the prolonged singleness. I vacationed with friends, I went out every night all night, I thrived in work, I bought my own place, I meditated, I worked out, and I laughed hard. And I’ll admit, there were lonesome nights too but more than any of those things I did, I got to know and love myself.  You can roll your eyes; say what I’m writing is cliché but is it? If the cliché is that single women have fun why is it I can’t find one fun single woman in the media that’s truly enjoying it? And the real single women in my life many times ignore the blessing and instead continuously complain about the disparity of single life.

If you’re a single woman why don’t you buy or believe that you will find someone (because you will) but in the meantime focus on you, get to know you, date and meet men you would never consider and those you would. Be single so that when you are in relationship, you don’t take any BS because you’ll know that being single is not the nightmare everyone wants you to believe it is. I’m not saying you have to force yourself to be alone but why rush into being in a relationship? Maybe a break, no matter how short or long is the universe giving you some time to work on you, get to know you, have fun with you. If you do single right; it may help you set some awesome new standards for yourself, standards you can live by!


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Yup, You Said It: Hilarious Reader Comments Of The Week

June 22nd, 2012 - By MN Editor
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You’ve done it again and given us a nice collection of hilarious responses to some of the celebrity nonsense we’ve reported this week. The ratcheter the story (yeah, we just made that up), the funnier the comments on Facebook and the site so enjoy this mini-roundup of laugh-out-loud reactions to this week’s stories on this Friday afternoon.

Tamar Braxton’s Throwing Shade on K. Michelle Because of Her Past Relationship With Memphitz

Darling Dara Bell: Tamar sit down … a professional hairstylist chair…..and get that wig tamed ….thats what you do …..until then girl


Men Interested in Being AKAs File Discrimination Lawsuit

In my Money Mike voice “You are a boy, Damon!”


Maino Who? Lil Kim Has a New Boo Thang

SicSadWorld: Damn kim out here looking like V for Vendetta…..SMH


I Don’t Know Your Stats, But I Know You’re FINE: 6 NBA Finals Cuties Who Bring The Thunder & The Heat!

Mario Chalmers can get it any day of the week and twice on Sunday. I would drink that man bath water, lol.


It Pays To Be Halle Berry’s Baby Daddy: Judge Grants Gabriel $20K/Month In Child Support

KT: What the green beans is this?!


Tom Joyner, Have a Seat: Radio Host Says It’s Disrespectful of Tracey To Bring Deion Around Babyface

Gimmeabreak78: Tom Joyner needs to find a really large chair and have a seat.


Nobody Wants To See That: Joseline Tweets Naked Pic To Dispel Rumors She’s Really a Man

Kittenheelskeyna: I’m sorry south American women and Asian women make the best Lady Boys.There are set of dingleberries hiding somewhere on Juan.


Officially on Baby Bump Watch: Amber Rose Giving Up Singing Career to Start a Family

Zettai: HA! WHAT singing “career”?! Is she serious? I think Amber Rose forgets that she is famous for two things: screwing Kanye West and being baldheaded.

*Photo courtesy of

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Yup, You Said It: Hilarious Reader Comments Of The Week

June 8th, 2012 - By MN Editor
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Who doesn’t need a good laugh on a Friday? This weekly post has been on a bit of a hiatus but we’re happy to bring it back for you recap style. As much as we try to keep our posts witty and on point, some of you ladies—and men—downright one-up us with your hilarious one-liners and shady comments about the topics of the week, and you’re not even trying to be funny.

We appreciate the humor and the chuckles you provide so we figured why not put the funniest responses all in one place, especially since it’s a good chance you might have missed a few here and there between Facebook, Twitter, and the site. So, without further ado here are this week’s honorable mentions (chopped and screwed in some cases to get to the funny part):

Uncle Russ Wants To School Us On The N-Word and Why It’s Cool For White People To Use It

Ladybug94: Uncle Russ can’t school me on anything. Next he’s gonna come out with the “N*gga Rush Card”. He needs to go soak his dentures.

Why Foreplay Is Important (It’s Not What You Think)

November’s Finest: Extremely important. If you don’t warm up a cold car first it may stall on you, 😉

Do You Know the Difference Between a “Hater” and Someone With An Opinion?

TRUTH: Only mental midgets will call you a hater when your opinion do not match theirs! How do you become a hater after expressing your views?!? *confused look*

Gwyneth Paltrow Thinks She’s a N*gga In Paris For Real, Twitterverse Does Not Agree

SHE IS WRONG. White folks think because they get behind the scenes in our (Black) lives that they automatically get a pass. Cancel her @$$. *In my Nino Brown voice*

Have a Seat: Brian McKnight and Chris Brown Have Beef…Via Twitter of Course

VivsMom: McKnight is so wrong it’s not even funny. Don’t throw shade when your windows are foggy, ask the Ex-wife.

Essence Has a Sit Down WIth The POTUS for their July Issue

Vanessa: Am I the only one who lusts after the POTUS. His policies are the last thing I think about when I see him. No disrespect to the FLOTUS!

What Do I Do Now? My Fiancé Left Me At The Altar On Our Wedding Day

Kim Morris: Oh no girl run as fast as you can from that RACHET PUNK. If he lied about his mom dying he will lie about anything. Like my grandmother use to say, “He ain’t worth used toliet paper.”

Dear Mija: Evelyn Lozada Writes a Letter To Her 7-Year-Old Self

Mia: MIJA! You’re grounded!

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Art Imitating Life! 7 Celebs Who Might NOT Be Just Acting!

June 2nd, 2012 - By Drenna Armstrong
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When we see some people play a character in movies or television shows we think, “They’re really good at what they do.” But then there are others who might also be good at what they do because they tend to always play similar roles or they have similar character traits that make us say, “I wonder if this is how they are in real life.”

Check out these actors who seem to put a dose of their true selves into their work…

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