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What?! Mellie Grant Wasn’t Meant To Be A Recurring Character On ‘Scandal,’ Says Actress Bellamy Young

November 18th, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Bellamy Young

Source: Wendy Show

As a self-proclaimed gladiator and die-hard Scandal fan, it’s hard to envision what the show would be like without the show’s resident cut-throat, First Lady Mellie Grant. But during a recent interview with Wendy Williams, actress Bellamy Young revealed that Mellie was originally supposed to be written out of the political thriller’s script.

“I had two lines in the pilot! One of them was like, ‘Livvvvvvvv!’ Like literally, I had nothing to do, but I was so thankful to be there,” she giddily told Wendy.

The Broadway actress went on to say that she was really disappointed when she initially learned Mellie would only be around for a few episodes.

“The first table read I got dressed up, I was so happy and Shonda was kind of going around telling everyone what their arc would be, because we just did seven episodes that first season. And she got to me and said, ‘So you’re going to be here three episodes,’ and she’s continuing to talk and I’m trying to smile, but I’m dying inside. And I hear her say something about presidential divorce.”

Thankfully, the writers changed their minds!

“Bless them, they found Mellie to be a sort of fulcrum in the story and they started writing it and it’s been unbelievable! It’s my first time as a regular, I couldn’t be any luckier,” the 43-year-old North Carolina native gushed.

Since Bellamy seems way too bubbly to be anything like her manipulative character, Mellie, it’s no shock that she’s sometimes blown away by some of  the crooked things that Scandal’s First Lady gets away with.

“There’s been a lot. I mean, when you induce a baby to manipulate a human, that’s kind of big. But I think for me, following through on the threat to give the interview about his (Fitz’s) affair was big. I mean, you just don’t do that. That’s something you just hold over someone’s head for twenty years. But Mellie is like a ride or die kind of girl.”

As for the fact that most of America is rooting for the mistress in the storyline, Bellamy says that this truly speaks to Shonda’s talent as a producer.

“I make of it, Shonda’s genius. She started this story, sort of in a pinhole. And you were just looking at their love and their relationship. And you’re like, ‘Oh God, yes, I feel that. I feel that. I want that for them,’ and then she slowly pulled back and you got the context. And you’re like, ‘Oh, oh, I’m pulling for adultery. Who does that make me? But her kind of storytelling, she lets the characters be so messy. It let’s you examine you, because you find out what you pull for and who you pull for,” said Bellamy.

Watch Bellamy’s interview on the next page. Thoughts?

‘I Will Pull Out Our Laundry And Share It With The World!’ Watch Scandal’s Juicy Season 3 Teaser

August 30th, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Scandal season three preview

Source: ABC

In the words of Kevin Hart, “It’s about to go down.”

Although the new season’s premiere isn’t until October 3rd, I suppose ABC felt that it was time to hit  Scandal fans off with a quick fix of that heart-pounding Shonda Rhimes drama that many of us have grown to know and love. The network recently dropped a 32-second teaser, through which Gladiators are offered a very brief glimpse into the drama that awaits in season three.

All hell is about to break loose.

If you recall, season two ended with someone dropping dime to the press about Olivia’s affair with President Fitz and it appears that season three will be picking up right in the midst off all of that drama. The new trailer opens with Fitz unapologetically saying, “I’m in love with a woman who is not my wife.” Then, the video quickly cuts to one of the final scenes from season two, where Olivia opens her apartment building’s door and is greeted by a sea of pushy reporters.

“My name is out there! We need to make a plan,” she tells Fitz in another scene.

Of course, First Lady Mellie Grant is still up to her old politically calculating tricks.

“I will pull out our laundry and I will share it with the world!” she tells Fitz in her “When a Woman’s Fed Up” voice.

The true shocker, however, is Cyrus, who orders his people to “start a kill folder on Olivia Pope.” Whatever that means, it doesn’t sound like anything good.

October 3rd can’t get here quickly enough!

Turn the page to watch the intense trailer for yourself.

Chill Out! Shonda Rhimes Shoots Down Claim That ‘Scandal’ Condones Adultery

August 29th, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Shonda Rhimes shoots down claims that 'Scandal' condones adultery

Source: WENN

One of the things we love most about Scandal creator, Shonda Rhimes— besides her ability to make amazing church pearl-clutching stories come alive before our very eyes— is how very outspoken she is. Her latest tell-it-like-it-is statement stemmed from a comment made by fellow ABC executive producer David Zabel, who stated that he hoped viewers would be able to accept and “root for” characters from his show, Betrayal, who are engaging in an extramarital affair, just as Scandal viewers learned to deal with Fitz and Olivia’s affair.

“It’s a challenge. They’ve overcome it on ‘Scandal.’ They’ve overcome it very well, I understand,” Zabel told BuzzSugar.

Shonda, however, seems to disagree with Zabel’s statement. During a recent interview with TVLine, the mother of two responded to the claims, expressing that Scandal in no way condones adultery.

“I don’t feel like we’re making adultery acceptable. We weren’t setting out to make adultery OK. To me it’s not about adultery or not adultery. We’re telling the story of these two characters who very specifically have this kind of relationship […] we tell all sides,” Shonda said.

“So while there are times when you’re like, ‘Fitz and Liv are wonderful and I want them to be together,’ there are also times you think, ‘Fitz is scum and he shouldn’t be cheating on his wife.’ And there are times you think, ‘Olivia should go off and find herself somebody who’s single,’ ” she continued.

She went on to say that the long-lived debate surrounding the morality of Fitz and Olivia’s choices is what fuels the show.

“I like the fact that everybody feels this big debate. That’s fantastic, because that’s the point. We’re not giving a judgement on it one way or the other.”

The 43-year-old producer closed by letting viewers know that they’re in for quite a ride, as season three promises many twists and turns.

“When we come into the season, Mellie does have things managed on the marital front. But I think Fitz and Liv have an inexplicable attraction to one another. People may be surprised to discover what certain motives are in the situations they’ve been working in.”

“We always end an episode in one place and by the time you reach 20 minutes into another, we’re in a completely different place”

As for the state of Fitz and Olivia’s relationship, she says they’re definitely ‘not finished.”

What do you think of Shonda’s response?


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It’s Not Right, But Is It Ok? Finding Love in F**ked Up Circumstances

February 14th, 2013 - By Prudence
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it's not right collage


In fifth grade, there was a scandal, so big, it rocked the school, community and maybe even the township. I remember hearing the adults gossiping about it, long before it was officially confirmed. I’d catch fragments of sentences being whispered between mothers. “Yeah, he just left her.” “Of course he’s going to have to resign.” “A mess!” Just a week or two later I found out what they meant. Our principal, in an unprecedented move, came on the television system which we used for morning and afternoon announcements, to tell us, the students, that he was resigning. He didn’t go into details, he just said that he’d really enjoyed his tenure as principal and that he would miss us kids and the colleagues he’d worked with over the years. Though, I hadn’t put all of the pieces together, I knew that his announcement had something to do with all the whispers.

When I got back home, I finally just asked my mom what had happened. She told me that our principal was divorcing his wife. Well, that was a bit of a let down. Divorce was nothing new. My grandparents were divorced. People’s parents got divorced everyday. Little did I know, it wouldn’t be long before the complete story unraveled. No more than three months after our principal announced his resignation, rumors and then facts of his upcoming nuptials starting swirling about. This principal wasn’t just marrying anybody. He was marrying one of the teachers at the school. And not just any teacher, he was marrying the teacher who taught his six year old daughter.

Like the adults had said, it was indeed a hot mess. Even us kids knew that in order for him to divorce and remarry so quickly, he would have had to have been at least flirting and most likely screwing his daughter’s teacher. It wasn’t a cutesy, clean love story. It was inappropriate and untidy. I’m sure there were times when it was certainly hurtful to the ex wife and her daughter. And for the rest of us, it was salacious. I remember hearing women talk about how their upcoming marriage would never last. The women were certain that our ex principal was going to do to the teacher just what he’d done to his ex wife. As a kid it sounded plausible and as an adult, it was a sentiment or a phenomena I’d seen and heard reflected over and over again. Eventually, I adopted it as my own.

But today, I don’t know how accurate that saying really is. Today, I know a little bit more about human nature and why marriages fall apart in the first place. Maybe the principal and his first wife got married too young and didn’t know themselves, much less each other. Maybe she, his ex wife, belittled him at home. Maybe their sex life started to suffer and his eyes started to wander. Who knows, it could have been a multitude of things. But what I do know is that over a decade later, my former principal and the teacher are still together. They have five kids now and judging from Facebook, which is admittedly not always the most accurate barometer, they seem to be happy together.

This story came to mind last night as I was on Jozen Cummings’ dating and relationship blog, Until I Get Married. In a video post, a woman who had cheated on her boyfriend with her current fiancé, wondered how she should go about apologizing to her ex. In his response to her, though he acknowledged that she was hella wrong for cheating, he also stated that her infidelity eventually brought the type of love she wanted into her life.

Hmm. Interesting. I guess it’s kind of like Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz or Olivia Pope and Fitzgerald Grant. By now we know that sometimes love doesn’t come in a nice, neat prepackaged box. Sometimes you get the box that’s already been ripped open by another, banged up by the postage man and pissed on my a stray dog or two. But it’s still love, the most universal, the most powerful force in the universe. I mean God Himself defines Himself as love. Now, I’m not arguing anybody run out here and take someone’ else’s husband; in fact I’d argue that when the initial stages of flirting start, you run like hell in the other direction. What I’m asking is if your beginnings are a little rough, arguably immoral, does that mean your relationship or your karma is doomed to fail? Will it be a “sins of the father” type situation where the offspring produced from the union end up suffering because of their parents’ indiscretions? Or can a not so good thing be turned into something great, with no lingering consequences. I’m not sure, so I’m asking you.

What do you think? When you fall in love in the midst of shady circumstances, can your union still work? 

Hmmm: Kerry Washington Says She Wouldn’t Have Done ‘Scandal’ If The President Was Black

February 8th, 2013 - By Brande Victorian
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Source: WENN

Source: WENN

You’re likely still on your high from watching last night’s episode of “Scandal,” and though I think we’ve all come to adore Oliva and Fitz’s relationship — his marriage aside — have you ever thought about what that romance would look like if the president was black?

Kerry Washington has, and in fact, she said that if the president’s character in the ABC drama was African American she wouldn’t have done the show. Surprised? Check out her explanation in the latest issue of Ebony:

“I was a little concerned because [the character has] a scandalous relationship with the [occupant of the] White House,” she told the magazine. “I thought, ‘If the president on the show is Black, I will not do the show.’ Because to me, it was too important a moment. I didn’t want to do anything that compromised my relationship with the [President] or that made it seem like I had an insider view on the Obama presidency. I thought that would be so disrespectful and so against all the work that I had done.”

Before you jump on the “Kerry just wanted to get her swirl on, on screen,” bandwagon, I think that actually would have been a good call. Rarely, if ever, can I recall seeing a Black man playing the part of a president in a blockbuster movie or prominent television drama. With all the dirt people continuously try to uncover on the Obamas — to no avail — because they’re still not comfortable seeing a sensible African American family with so much power, I can only imagine the increased speculation that would follow them were there a scandalous portrayal of a Black president on TV as well. And I think I speak for all “Scandal” fans when I say thank God Fitzgerald Grant isn’t Black, otherwise we wouldn’t get to witness Kerry Washington’s fierceness every week.

What do you think about Kerry’s stance on wanting Fitz to not be Black?