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Black Celebrity Twins Besides Tia & Tamera

March 9th, 2012 - By MN Editor
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Why are we so enthralled by twins? Well, it’s partially due to the fact that twins have been a rarity, if we’re not counting all the 10 and under twin children who were produced with the help of fertility treatments. But I digress. Twins are just fun. And in the spirit of documenting celebrity family ties, we take a look at some of the Black twins out there.


The Haqq sisters are celebrities by association of reality stars The Kardashians. You may know Malika from her regular appearances on Khloe & Lamar as the best friend of  Khloe and former flame of brother Robert Kardashian. Sister Khadijah is a busy mom, who is married to NFL player Bobby McCray. A lesser known fact is that these two work as actresses and have appeared in small acting parts since their teen years.

Black Female Twins Choose Sides Over Occupy Wall Street: Who’s Right?

October 25th, 2011 - By Alexis Garrett Stodghill
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Black Twins Fight Over Occupy Wall Street
Gossipy news site Gawker has reported on two gorgeous black twin sisters who have chosen opposing sides in the Occupy Wall Street political movement. Jill and Nicole Carty, who are identical and both Ivy League educated, share matching genes but very different political view points. According to web site The Daily, Nicole has taken to the streets in support of Occupy Wall Street, while her sister works on Wall Street as a financial services consultant. The site goes on to note that:

“It started as soon as we first got back from college,” Nicole told The Daily. “Right from the start, it was a screaming match. Even when we try not to talk about politics, one of us will say something to set the other one off.”

The sisters both graduated last year. Nicole, who is five minutes older, has a sociology degree from Brown, and Jill has dual degrees in international studies and business from the University of Pennsylvania.

Nicole took a job as an online content manager but committed herself to Occupy Wall Street after seeing video of penned-in female protesters being pepper sprayed by police.

Now she spends countless hours on the protest’s facilitation committee, allocating resources — including $500,000 in donations — and helping to steer the leaderless movement.

“It’s misplaced passion,” said Jill of her sister’s devotion to the struggle. “She could be even more powerful if she worked in economics, using the tools of Wall Street to fight back.”