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Where You Been? Bilal

September 3rd, 2015 - By Raven Carter
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Remember back in 2001 when Bilal released “Soul Sista” and every woman was checkin’ for a neo-soul brotha? Who would’ve guessed that song came about from just playing around in the studio — so says the singer who we caught up with after his mainstream hiatus to ask him “Where You Been?”. Check out the interview above as Bilal talks about his entry into the biz, working with Raphael Saadiq, and the difference between being in the studio with Solange and Beyonce.

How Sweet The Sound! Soul Stars Who Keep Us Wanting More!

June 10th, 2012 - By Drenna Armstrong
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As we move through June, we continue to celebrate Black Music Month.  If you’re anything like me as an R&B/soul music fan, when you are introduced to an artist who you think is amazing, you want them to succeed. But then again, you don’t want them to blow up so much for fear that the music will change or become watered down.  Today, we take a look at some of today’s best and brightest in soul who’ve received lots of attention but haven’t really allowed the music to suffer in the process. Who’s your favorite R&B/soul artist of today?

Note: This list certainly is not the sum of all the artists we love because as an R&B lover, I could go on for days.  This is just a “to wet your appetite” list and this could be never ending.  That’s why we want you to add your favorites in the comments. Enjoy!



Jill Scott

There are two artists I might end a friendship over if you speak ill of them, and Jill Scott is one of them. For years, Jill has proven herself as a musical force to be reckoned with – there are few who can match that voice and those songwriting abilities. She sings in different languages, she sings her songs in operatic tone, and her range is amazing. We’re always ready for new music from Jilly from Philly.

Brothas Who Get It Right!

May 17th, 2011 - By SisterToldja
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We often speak about those brothers who diss women in their music, or who fail to have Black women cast as the leading ladies in their videos, so we think it’s only right to take a moment to acknowledge those who have done right by sisters musically. We love these men for their talent AND the love they show to beautiful Black women in these clips! Check out some of our favorite videos and let us know which ones we may have missed in the comments section!

Songs to Inspire and Uplift Black Women

April 29th, 2011 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Cartoon by Tom Burgos

With all the songs folks request on the radio, watch as videos and dance to in the club, you’d think they would be uplifting to black women. Well, you guessed wrong. If we’re not getting called hos and being told to drop it and shake it and bounce it every five minutes in a song, other black women are calling each other hos, or doing the dropping, and shaking and bouncing in little to no clothing in YouTube videos seen by millions. But not everybody goes out of their way to degrade black women in music. Some people have proclaimed their love for chocolate (of all shades) sistahs out there and have done so in an eloquent manner. You already know we love “Brown Skin Lady” from Black Star, now check out some of the other tracks that put shower us with praise. Feel the love ladies!

Bilal Tells ‘Madame Noire’ Why He Loves You (VIDEO)

October 29th, 2010 - By China Okasi
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“I LOVE YOU, MY SISTERS” – A Madame Noire Series, running every week from 7/23 to 8/13

July 23: Part 1 – Lamman Rucker [Watch video here]

July 30: Part 2 – Raheem DeVaughn [Watch video here]

Through our series, “I Love You, My Sisters,” we talk to your favorite chocolate, caramel, cocoa and creme men about why they love black women–and of course, other happenings in their lives. Weeks before, we spoke with Lamman Rucker & Raheem DeVaughn. This week, we’re chatting with Monsieur Bilal, who’s a talented singer, a hard worker–and (as you may know) an incredible celebrity Madame Noire columnist! We spoke with him at our Madison Avenue offices, where he dropped some major knowledge.