7 Things NOT To Tell Your Mom About Your Relationship

November 14, 2011 ‐ By Julia Austin

Black Mother and Daughter

If you have a close, communicative, tell-each-other-everything relationship with your mom, that’s great (and rare). But, like it or not, your mom does come from a different generation. She may have been a teenager when the condom was just being popularized. She may have come from a generation in which women never asked the man out. She may have been a virgin until she was married. Even if she was none of these extremes, there are certain things that always worry a mom when she hears them about her daughter. So don’t tell her about any of these:

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  • sweettea

    Maybe he meant arguments not physical fights.

  • I agree with everything on this list. My mom sorta introduced me to a new guy I am talking to now. I’m really not talking too much about what’s going on. My mom has a tendency to hate the person for one little mistake they make if I know that we’ve worked things out. My mom was born in ’54. I am 21 born in 1990. Surprisingly, she is actually modern. She’s pretty liberal about things in life. I just know to be careful what I tell her about certain women or men that I date because then she’ll get a little too crazy. 

  • Bhfkjhfjhwjhsa

    How about quit being a momma’s boy/girl and running to her whenever you have a problem?

  • This is a really stupid list! Your mom was born in a different generation she’s not stupid! Your daddy has acceptable flaws, your daddy probably has been out of work before and who paid the bills? Your mom! And sex or stds were not invented by us so your mom knows whats out there probably more than you. We treat or parents like they’re idiots. And if you are having the same stupid fight over and over again and you think the worst thing to do is tell your mom you’re stupid. Break up with him esp if he hits you. 

  • Omomisha

    #3 and #4 are perhaps two of the worst pieces of advice I have ever heard!!! If your man blackens your eye and bursts your lip JUST ONCE, chances are your relationship DOES have some serious underlying issues. If (physical) fights are happening continuously, then chances are you are in an abusive relationship and the last thing an abuser wants you to do is tell someone, much less someone who cares and may be able to talk some sense into your dumb a&$, like a mother. So yes, if he hits you, by all means, TELL!!!

  • Jemel

    Agreed… Hook, Line, and Sinker