They’re How Old? Celebrity Gals Who Look Much Older Than Their “Real Age”

November 3, 2011  |  
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For many celebrities, ageing is something that can be slowed down easily with the help of a good plastic surgeon. But for a few others, genes and drug abuse definitely make them appear much older than they really are. Although, in this case, we’ll have to assume that over half of Hollywood stars and starlets lie about their age in the first place. So what is it, do they just look their real age or do they just look much older than their age? We may not know the exact truth but we do know that these following celebs are fighting a major battle with the hands of time.



Blake Lively

Real Age: 24

What She Looks Like Age: 30

Lively is a Hollywood “It” girl but her time may run out faster than her age peers as she already looks years ahead of her 24 years of age.


Lindsey Lohan

Declared Age: 25

What She Looks Like Age: 29

Hard partying, stress, depression and substance abuse have all contributed to this former child stars’ rapid aging.

Michelle Williams

Declared Age: 31

What She Looks Like Age: 36

Disclaimer: Since Black women generally look younger, we’ve calculated that “black don’t crack” factor into our assessment.

It’s kinda obvious that Papa Knowles forced Michelle Williams to adjust her age when she joined uber-group Destiny’s Child in 2000. She had to fit in after all. There’s much speculation as to the real ages of groupmates Beyonce and Kelly Rowland but they’re probably within three years of their declared ages, whereas Williams appears to be more than five years away from that.


Declared Age: 36

What She Looks Like Age: 41

Although Fergie has a bangin body and doesn’t look too much older than her declared age, when she first emerged on the scene with The Black Eyed Peas, it was hard to believe that she was really how old she claimed to be. Although we’re skeptical about her being 36, we do have to take into account that Fergie was addicted to crystal methamphetamine for a time before she hit it big. Drugs do age folks, which brings us to…

Whitney Houston

Declared Age: 48

What She Looks Like Age: 53

Whitney has come a long way since her drug-using days and her post-rehab look of haggardness. Although she looks better, thanks to some botox and fillers, she could’ve looked a lot better at her age.

Ali Lohan 

Declared Age: 17

What She Looks Like Age: 28

The irony of plastic surgery is that it can make you look older. Case in point: Ali Lohan, the younger sis of Lindsey Lohan. But,oh, wait, Lohan’s family denies that Ali got any type of work done. Yeah, sure.


Lil Kim

Declared Age: 37

What She Looks Like Age: 46

Another casualty of plastic surgery. This is a really, really sad case of cute girl gone ugly, at her own discretion. Lil Kim took the MJ route to butchering her face and, in the process, she put herself in the beauty ranks of  Joan Rivers and Zsa Zsa Gabor. That’s great competition for a woman in her 30s!

Rachel Zoe

Declared Age: 40

What She Looks Like Age: 50

Maybe if Rachel Zoe stopped starving herself, she’d have enough healthy fat to battle those wrinkles.

Jessica Biel

Declared Age: 29

What She Looks Like Age: 34

Although Justin Timberlake dumped his cougar Cameron Diaz, who is now 39, for his agemate Jessica Biel, we’d have to say that Biel doesn’t appear much younger than Diaz.


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  • Sarah

    This is both depressing and really mean.

  • j0eschm0e

    wow lohan looks terrible in that picture. she looks 43 not 29

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  • Sharon

    Blake Lively looks young & pretty. She looks very young as a matter of fact. That is just really nit picking. Go look in the mirror!

  • Bri

    Wait! Blake looks 30 while Lindsey looks 29???? What?!! Lindsey looks several years older than Blake! Lindsey looks like she is well into her 40’s!! And her skin looks even older than that. Eew!!

  • Anesha Johnson

    I know this list was composed in 2011….but it’s 2013…time for a new list MM….Mrs. Houston is no longer with us….your staff needs to get it 2gether……..

  • asdoof

    This article was too generous with people’s “looks like” ages. Lindsey Lohan looks about 40.

  • Penelope Rose

    at age 24–40, we don’t change that much yet. I am 49 and look as I did in at age 32ish, I take care of my skin, so she just looks like a a young woman. She does not look older, now Lindsey Lohan looks older..

  • Screamineagle03a

    lidsey lohan doesn’t look 29…she looks 40

  • Frehsec

    in this one photo she does damn

  • LJW_Red_Dragons

    Lindsey Lohan looks way older than 29, she already has “I’m a wash up 45 year old that just retired from adult films” botox lips. I’ll say she doesn’t look a day over 36.

  • L Lohan looks 29? More like 49.  Haggard expression, sallow skin, teeth yellow from cigarette smoke.  She’s a train wreck. Betty White looks younger than her.

  • Guest

    What is this, the media outlet for the Mean Girls Club?  Objectifying these women and criticizing them based on YOUR opinion of their appearance is elitist discrimination and misogynistic.  You should be ashamed of this verbal assault.

  • Guest guy 111

    Black don’t crack? Seriously??? Man you are a racist!!

  • Dazedandconfsed

    this is so sickening. this is why some celebrities don’t age gracefully; because of the ridiculous amounts of pressure and criticism they’re constantly put under. i’m pretty sure every single person whose commented here, as well as the writer of this article isn’t perfect so everyone should stop putting these famous people, especially woman, under a microscope. everyone has flaws and everyone gets old. why do people care so much about being perfect? and not to mention that this article is completely sexist. male celebrities don’t even get one eight of the amount of pressure and scrutiny that these ladies have to deal with every day and it’s not fair

  • MJR

    I don’t think Jessica Biel looks older than 29. Especially, when she’s dressed casually with her hair down. She looks quite youthful. 

  • Alisha

    Our society only values women when they’re young (looking). These women don’t actually look “much older” than their actual ages. Everyone ages differently and this assessment is stupid. 


    la lohan looks 40!

  • Lauren Gx3

    Blake Lively does NOT look 30 . . .you need to get your eyes checked.

  • Ddavis0963

    Jessica Biel has an expressionless face, like she’s depressed or something.  Even a smile on her face doesn’t make herr look happy.  What’s rong with her? Rich, famous, dating Justin Timberlake, she should be glowing!

  • Ddavis0963

    Rachel Zoe has some serious crows feet and deep facial wrinkles!  I’ve seen 80 year old women with less wrinkles in their face.  And her eyes look old too. Wonder what her DOC is?

  • Jonathan

    Women in general lie about their age.

  • Vlcal61

    I’m white, and always thought that blacks looked younger than they were, and glad to see I’m right.
    Also agree that Madonna looks hideous, but think that Whitney Houston looked good at the end.

  • foxnationassholes

    Black don’t crack?  I thought the expression was Blacks smoke crack.

  • j0eschm0e

    lindsay lohan looks awful, looks 49 not 29

  • j0eschm0e

    rachel zoe, umm take some vitamins and use hand cream on that face, wow

  • j0eschm0e

    I see that comment for each celeb is not separated. lindsay lohan looks an awful 49 not 29. Blake Lively looks great and ageless. the writer doesnt know what they are talking about. lame

  • j0eschm0e

    she looks gross in this picture. she is far from looking 29. she looks 49. again the writer is whacked in the head, for even remotely comparing this washed up ash of a body to Blake Lively. theres no comparison

  • James Michael

    4-5 years older isn’t really what I call “a lot older”

  • MyTwoCentz

    Smoking, drinking, drugging all age and damage the skin and internal organs.  Lohan’s teeth are disgusting for a woman at any age.

  • Nikki

    That picture makes Lil Kim look like a Thundercat.

  • etypical

    29?! HA! Lohan looks 40. 

  • It’s time to remove Whitney just out of respect for the dead.  You can replace her with Tara Reed she’s looked too old for too long now.  Also too people need to take in account the amount of makeup these people wear and the advancements of high def photography.   Most stars really do look this bad, we just never noticed before due to all the airbrushing!

  • Kyle Boll

    What if our perception of beauty is so diluted that we cant tell a female’s age anymore just by looking at her she has on foundation, fillers, creams the the slight color tones and shading. Damn Im glade to be a guy.

  • Ceunei

    Suntans and makeup seem to be bad for the fairer ladies.

  • anonoguest

    Agree on all except Biel, who is ridiculously good looking.  PS- Black women look younger, ie: “black don’t crack” is super racist.

  • smclnd

    Ol’ Freggie looks like she was road hard and put away wet!

  • disgusted

    nice of you to only focus on the women.  like women don’t have enough pressure to look young and nubile.

  • JOTO

    I bet she looks even older, now.

  • Fastido316

    RIP Whitney

  • BLW

    Jamie Lee Curtis should be on this list. She’s 50 and looks in her upper 60’s in those yogurt ads.  She should get rid of that grey hair.

    • Jenna P

      she is in her 60s dont let her fool you… just look at her past movies did she look the age she claimed to be in them.

  • hello kitty

    There is no way that Rachel Zoe is 40 – she has to be in her mid to late 40’s based on her grandma wrinkles. 

  • Hhhartzzz

    whitney is dead you dumbasses….be a professional editor and publish a list that is not out of date…and when you have an article thats not out of date…but then someone dies….Friggin pull the article or friggin update it…pitiful…unprofessional…sad…and ultimately a strong indication of a remarkable lack of editorial ability

    • methos84

       If this article was written the same week as her death, then I’d agree with you. However the article is several months old and therefore shouldn’t have to do anything. There’s no wrongdoing or insensitivity afoot here.

  • Jenn1983

    Lots of men look old ass he11. The guy who played a teacher on the new 90210 show (Ryan Eggold) is actually as young as all of the actors that play the students on that show. He was in his early 20s just like most of the actors playing students but they casted him as a teacher because he looks like a decade older than his real age.

    Have you seen Leo Dicaprio lately? Huge under eye bags, puffy face, saggy jowls, etc.

    Look at all of those Bachelorette shows – all the men competing for the gal look like 10 years older than what they actually are. If one of them looks 35, he’s probably only 25! LOL

    It seems WHITE MEN in general age very badly.

    It’s so frustrating when it comes to dating. I’m in my late 20s and a lot of white/caucasian men my age look SO FREAKEN OLD! They actually look pervy and creepy next to me when we go out because they look so much older. I don’t think I look super young – the problem is that THEY look super old.

    I’m going to have to start looking into dating younger men (like early 20s) or men of other ethnicities (Latinos/Hispanics or Black) because I hate looking like a little goldigger dating an older man. It’s gross!

  • Be Nice !

    Jessica Biel has a timeless quality about her. I predict she will look this good twenty years from now !

  • Looks more like 70!  50 year olds don’t have all those wrinkles!

  • I don’t care how old Jessica Biel looks, all I care about is that she looks hot.

  • Julzrael

    Sure, hard-partying.  Sure, smoking or plastic surgery.  But I have one word:  SUN.  The sun will age you 10+ years, depending on how much you have gotten – and many of these ladies have had WAY too much (Lindsay Lohan, a natural redhead, freckling and age spots are TOUGH to reverse – plus a skin colored lipstick is hideous, don’t care how hot you may be otherwise).  The Sun is the Main Culprit.  I am a certified skincare expert and trust me – stay out of it, use a sunscreen, drink plenty of water, take care of yourself and moisturize and you will look years younger than your peers, unless you have dry skin.

  • guest

    Lindsay looks 39….

  • Fashionfoe

    what an intellectually stimulating, well-written and compelling article!  i bet lots of folks would also be interested to see celebrity guys that look much older than their real age.  or even better, how about a top ten of the most trivial top tens?

  • Queennoemi

    lindsay lohan dont look 29! she looks 50 or 60!!


    JB is by far the most beautiful girl on this list. Whitney Houston did look ok most of her life despite being on cocaine. Blake Lively acts older than she really is probly. She always seemed about right with her age, with just a bit of maturity on her side. Plus I’ll bet a silver nickle she’s a smoker. Still I don’t fancy watching her in anything, she was ok in The Town, aside from that no thanks. Lil Kim=ewwwww. And the rest of these people as well as this thread is for the birds. Its only fun to talk about celebrities, they really don’t do anything for us in any way in real life.

  • Andrew Gates

    Who ever wrote this ought to be ashamed. It really says a lot about your character when you’re so willing and shameless to throw other human beings you don’t even know under a bus for the sake of whatever-I-have-to-say-to-show-ads content generation.

    There’s nothing wrong with these ladies. They look great. And this immature caddy chat is so much less attractive than whatever you’re saying is wrong with these women to make yourself feel better. That’s just what it is. Ashamed for your mess.

  • Guest

    Jessica Biel doesn’t look much older than 20. I’m surprised Adele isn’t on here. She used to look her age, but at the Grammy’s I easily would’ve pegged her for 32 and she doesn’t even turn 24 until May. 

  • Tom

    How old is Madame Noir.  I’m sure she looks decades older than you would think she is from these critiques — because they sound like they’re coming from a 14 year old mean girl!  Post your own picture and let us have at you!

  • Maria

    Lindsey Lohan looks 20? Hah! On a GOOD day she looks about 40. In that picture they had of her, she looked terribly old!

  • ryanne

    Where’s Angelina Jolie?  She looks way to old for her ‘declared age’–Jennifer Aniston has her beat!!

  • I love how they’ve got Blake as being younger than Lindsey but looking older than her. Lindsey looks like she’s at least 45! The girl has some serious problems.

  • anonymous

    Being a bit nice with Lohan. She looks 40, and if she keeps up with her antics, she’ll be old before her prime.

    • I didn’t write what I meant correctly I think I accidently deleted some words off my post. I meant she was the only one who looked older than her age.

  • guest

    These women all for the most part besides Lindsey Lohan. All those women look like normal people their age.  Most people look older than they are. Heck I’ve seen girls my age who look as old as Lively and I’m 19. Besides The girl from destiney childs looks old but because she is so skinny. I agree she looks old because she is black, but she looks better compared to most white women. So basically she looks her age just not for a black girl.

  • Guest

    Ali Lohan looks like she’s in her 40s. Rachel Zoe looks at least 70. And Kyra Sedgwick should be on this list. She’s mid to late 40s but when I look at her I see a Golden Girl.

  • Guest

    Most of the people on this list looked their age…especially if you look at more pictures then the one you show of them.  Anyone can look older with hair style or facial expression at time of camera shot.  Meaningless article.

  • Rgm96x

    Lindsay Lohan sure looks good for 29.
    But no, not sure what you guys were thinking, but she looks about 40 in half the recent pictures of her.

  • HI

    Where is Megan Faux?

  • Rose

    Smoking cigarettes takes oxygen out of your face and breaks down the collagen which result in wrinkles early on to make you appear older.

  • Dbrockskk

    thanks a lot mn editor  how about some men?

  • Sweet Bee

    I am 29, and I do not look anything like Lindsay Lohan does. She looks more like she’s in her mid to late 30’s (and had it hard getting there). Especially with the super pale blonde hair, it looks good on some people, but it just ages her (in addition to the drinking, drugs, and cig smoking).

  • zoid

    this is a really stupid article. i can’t believe i wasted any time looking at this.

  • hsg

    Why isn’t Angelina Jolie on this list?  She looks way older than her supposed 36 years.  She looks closer to Brad Pitt’s age, who’s 48.

  • Lisa Rex

    Lindsay Lohan has always looked like a hard-partyin’, dried up 40-something to me, and it doesn’t get better. Now with all her new plastic surgery, she’s looking more like a DESPERATE hard-partyin’ dried up 40-something! You can endow people with all the money in the world, BUT YA CAN’T FIX STUPID!

  • Guest

    Why Angelina Jolie is out of this list? She looks much older than she is.

  • Hclhillman

    where is chelsea handler?

  • Guest

    After her untimely death, she should be taken off of this list out of respect.  

  • KXB

    Whoever said Lushface Loser Hohan looked 29 (YOUNGER-looking than Blake Lively????????) is wack on crack; speaking of which, Whitney Houston looks great for being dead!

  • Anna

    Lindsay Lohan only looks 29? You’re being really generous.

  • I think you are being too nice to Lindsay Lohan saying that she looks 29; I myself am 29, and I look younger than she does at 25. Staying out the sun and not partying the way she has will help with that. Instead of her looking like she is 29, I think she looks to be early 40s. Hell, Jennifer Aniston who is 43 looks younger than she does!

  • Saralynn1975

    And let’s not forget Katie Price…the 33-year-old handbag looks about 50-something! Here’s proof!

  • Saralynn1975

    Michelle Williams (Destiny’s Child) is uber ugly!

  • Miamibeach80

    Blake Lively and Jessica Biel look their age! Lindsay looks more like late thirties and Rachel looks like she is in her 50s! How about Chelsea Handler, who is my age but looks like she is 50 something. And you also forgot Kim Kardashian who is 30 but looks more like 40 with her distorted face. I don’t understand how these people don’t take care of their skin. I am 36 but often people think I look 25-27 years old! I am not rich but I try to eat healthy, workout daily, and take good care of my skin. And I don’t wear tons of makeup which makes people look worse. These people have the money to buy the best products, dermatology care, and personal trainers to help them maintain a healthy weight. What a waste!

  • Aw

    probably should take down the whitney page…

  • Dmitch

    I thought Lil Kim was Snooki, before I scrolled further down!!

  • gina

    Out of this list I think Whitney looked fine for her age…My additions to this list would be Angelina J. &  Miley C. & probably a few more & also for men George Clooney.

  • Bad taste putting Whitney Houston on the list!!! Let her RIP!

  • Imagine what life would be like in the limelight EVERY day of your life? I think that pressure would age one considerably. The ones who look truly happy are those who “visit” Hollywood. But the pressure must be intense. I guess one’s features, as well as talent, is the commodity. Imagine having to look “cute or sexy” everyday.
    I BET money, many of these celebrities, although they like the opulence and the money, would give most of it away just to perform their craft and go home, not bothered by the maniacal fans, photographers and numerous nutjobs everywhere they set foot!!
    Looks intriguing, the “life” but lot’s of pressure.
    Besides, when you have seen one “cute” little actress what separates her (or him) from the numerous others?
    NOPE, not an ejoyable life UNLESS one craves that stress. 

  • YouDontLookSoGood

    Seriously?  Y’all don’t have anything better to do than crack on people about their age/looks?  ESPECIALLY women?  Don’t we have it hard enough already without you nit-picking over 4-6 years?  

  • meme

    What idiot thought up this ridiculous list?  

  • meme

    What idiot thought up this ridiculous list?  

  • redo_undo

    Blake lively DOES NOT look 30.  
    Rachel Zoe doesn’t really look old, the wrinkles look awkward on her face, like they were placed there.  As weird as a 90 year old would look like with smooth skin.  I’m surprised she hasn’t had any work done yet.
    And Whitney Houston did not look like she was in her 50’s.
    Lindsay Lohan looks 40. 

  • BetterOffNed

    It’s spelled aging.

  • Auds

    Lindsey looks more like 40-45 not 29!

  • GGirlNyc

    Whats happened to Lindsey Lohan is just tragic. Georgia Rule was on tv last week, and while it was an incredibly boring movie, Lindsay looked SO beautiful, and healthy, and I remember during the filming of this movie was the first time there were reports of her drinking, drugging, disappearing from set and being difficult. She has aged about 10 years in the past 3.

  • uppergroundrailroad

    How stupid is this article?  Who cares if a person looks 37 when they are 33?  I can see if there was alarm over a 10 or 15 year difference, but 3 or 4 years?  This is how kids see age in high school.  Stop letting your interns write for you and make them bring the coffee.

  • Guest

    Whitney just died recently so out of respect you should take this down. Not just for her but maybe for all the women on here.  Let those who have never had a lousy photo taken of themselves cast the first stone

    • Right, we should pretend she was still the cute young girl from the late 80’s & early 90’s, not the cracked out has-been who died at 48 looking 60.

      • guest

        She doesn’t look 60 at all! 50 at best but then again she was almost 50 anyways. I’d love to see a white women at 48 look half as good as her. I see white women irl all the time who look horrible. Don’t pretend you don’t know I’m right.

      • Cherry Lynn

        You have no room to be judging anybody, you fat cracker.

  • Francesadj

    There is no way that Rachel Zoe is 40! I am 48 and she looks like she could be my mother! She is definitely “fibbing” about her age…

  • Uhhhh Lindsay Lohan does not look 29. She looks 40.

  • RD

    Jessica Biel is gorgeous, just wish she wouldn’t use the collagen injections in her lips, she’d be even prettier if she looked natural

  • Oyster


    What She Looks Like Age: dead corpse

  • uno

    Is this article for real?

    You are the cancer. Kill yourselves.

  • Kimosabe

    Is this cruelty necessary?

  • Why the f*** is this necessary? Can’t you write about something worthwhile instead of picking on people’s appearances?

  • ceela

    Black eyed peas’ Fergie looks like she hit the wall too!

    • Cherry Lynn

      Hit the wall? Sounds like you’ve been huffing some PUA e-dong.

  • Cloudconrad

    Remove this photo and comment.  Tasteless.

  • MidloTeach

    I disagree about Jessica Biel.  She looks very fresh and like her age.

  • Cate Again

    Looks 60

  • No men anywhere on these pages.  That’s because men age so gracefully.  Don’t get jealous, ladies.

  • Tony

    You know who else should be on this list but isn’t a real celebrity? Kim Zolciak from the Real Housewives of Atlanta. She looks 40 but claims to be in her early 30s.

  • Khun Opie

     How old do you think I am?

  • Anna

    Blake Lively looks really old. I mean look at the Pretty Little Liars crew and then at Blake. Agewise there is not much of a diffrence, but the look sooo much younger than her o.O

  • Sharon

    Is the portion of your list reserved for men on a separate page?  Surely there must be some men who look older than their chronological age.  There is also a huge difference between looking mature for one’s age (Blake Lively) and haggard/old as a result of life style choices (Lindsay Lohan).  Perhaps your list needs to be reorganized and supplemented.

  • Mmyfakefrench

    There is a difference between having an an aged face and a face with mature features (which some people have their whole lives).  It is actually the case that people with more mature features tend to age more gracefully and can even look better with age, as apposed to people who have say, butterball baby faces.  
    Most of these women are beautiful and their is nothing worn or aged about them..They simple have features that project a certain sense of maturity or even wisdom, but not aged.  I have to say the only people on this list I find to “look older than they are” are Lil Kim (because of her over zealous use of plastic surgery), Rachel Zoe (because of her apparent and disturbing eating disorder, which has lead to wrinkles), and Lindsay Lohan (for her excessive partying and lack of skin care, which she needs with her type of complexion).

  • David Frost

    Whitney? Not! She looks younger than her age regardless of her lifestyle.

    David Frost

  • Wow, i love how you can so precisely calculate how old a person looks, i never knew you could do that. Tho it seems that you posit that looking older as looking worse. Which i find repulsive.

  • Rbauman

    I think most of these women just had a bad day when the photographs were taken. However, I have noticed Lindsey Lohan looking worse and worse everytime she is on TV and L’il Kim does look like she should get a refund on her surgery.

  • Lola

    Silly me, I was expecting there to be several men on this list. I guess they’re all just perfect the way they are.

  • Cachola

    Rachel Zoe looks 50?  Sorry, I am 62 and do not have a tenth of the wrinkles this woman has.  I even went and double checked in the mirror to make sure I wasn’t  remembering my face from a few years ago.  Maybe all the wrinkles from her paralyzed forehead took refuge in her cheeks.

    • Cherry Lynn

      You’re 62? Wow, you have the maturity of a 14 year-old mean girl. It must feel pretty good to bag on Rachel Zoe, in order to help fill the hole in your ego that’s big enough to drive a mac truck through. At your age, you should be dropping pearls of wisdom, not “checking in the mirror” to make sure you have less wrinkles than some celebrity that you’re *clearly* jealous of. You contemptible sow, you just eagerly latched on to that photo with all claws bared, didntcha? Pathetic.

  • Cynic

    Are you out of your mind?  On most of these you’re reporting a FIVE year difference?  Five years is a big deal?  Your ageism is disgusting.  The only thing more disgusting is you probably have an article in the pipeline about OUR obsession with looks.

  • Omg, Blake Lively is so not in her early 30’s people! Seriously?? And LiLo looks much older than 29! (God when did she get so ugly? Where did the cute redhead with the freckles go?) And Ali Lohan has def had plastic surgery!! 

  • age can be beautiful

    this is the kind of article that teaches us that aging is shameful, and that wrinkles are not to be worn with pride. I  count every wrinkle in my mother’s face as beautiful. 
    whether premature or caused by poor choices or excess hardships, what does it matter and what does this comparison accomplish other than pandering to one’s own sense of self-worth and perpetuating mean spirit?

    • Cherry Lynn

      An actual intelligent comment. I’m amazed.

      I think the problem is that we are taught to see women as potential mannequins instead of human beings. Body parts with no soul. Men, no matter how ugly or fat or old, retain their humanity, thanks to clever media manipulation of the public. We’re taught to see them differently, no matter how crusty and washed-up they may be.

      Say, why didn’t Mickey Rourke make this list? I DARE anybody to say that mutha “aged gracefully”. HA!

  • bijoupali

    I think Lindsay Lohan needs to get rid of the platinum blonde hair. It doesn’t go with her natural skin coloring at all and washes out her facial features. If she changed to an appropriate color it would take years off of her face.

  • bijoupali

    I have been wondering about Blake Lively and how quickly she is ageing over the last year. There are many photos of her looking like she’s in her mid-30’s. This isn’t just one bad picture. She is definitely a beautiful girl and, in my opinion, a pretty good actress. But 24 she is not..

  • So, how does someone who is 24, but looks 29, appear MUCH older? Is the MN Editor 10 years old or what? You can look 5 years older just by working a double shift! Hey ED, why don’t you post your face and age,(we will pick the photo too) and post your age and let US judge YOU!!!?!

  • Hosoverbros

    Why don’t you write an article about male actors looking “older” than they are (you wouldn’t have a hard time finding plenty of examples)? It’s pretty perverse how matter-of-factly everyone thinks they can diss women for their looks (including women themselves) while giving poorly aging men a waiver for just about every flaw there is. It’s a self-serving double-standard for the benefit of men, it’s lame, it’s outdated, and the women playing along with need to get with the program and grow a set ovaries.

    • Cherry Lynn

      This was pure awesome.

  • So, according to you, 24yo Blake Lively looks like 30, while 25yo Lindsey Lohan looks like 29?! Get serious, dudes! Lindsay looks like she had 40 years old, seriously!

    • Cherry Lynn

      Get serious, dude! You’re wearing a man-purse, and look like the gay, illegitimate lovechild of Ralph Machio, Bill Gates & Menudo. Lindsay Lohan wouldn’t even sell you her toe jam. Jesus, you ugly nerd boys are always the most critical. Your self-esteem must be lower than K-Fed’s bank account.


    okay this is just exaggerating on the so called “age” they look like i half disagree with it! they dont look AS OLD as the “What she looks like age” 

  • Eric

    I don’t understand how celebrities can get away with lying about their ages. The press could prove them wrong so easily – just find someone who went to school with them, and publish a copy of the celebrity’s yearbook photo. What’s the celeb going to do – claim they skipped four grades?

    • Cherry Lynn

      I don’t understand why ordinary, average people give a flip about how old a celebrity is. Post their yearbook photo? You’re THAT desperate to expose somebody you don’t even know? Do you not have a life? Did it end when you ran out of cheese doodles?

  • BrazlnQT

    What about Heidi Klum!! She always looked much older than she is! She looked like she was in her 40s when she was in her 20s.

  • Aloosh

    Lots of envy along uh. Age is how you wear it! No one can a thing against decay, it is the tragedy of the human condition maybe far more than death itself! Just gain wisdom instead of pathetically acting as a teen!

  • Serene Chew

    How is it that the Olsen sisters did not meet this list ???

  • Sarahmichel

    What about Kirsten Dunst

  • Joy

    i don’t agree with some of these picks

  • LiLo looks about 50!! But I’d still hit it.

    • Cherry Lynn

      Wow, she must feel really special now. What makes you think she’d let you “hit it”? Or are you a rapist?

  • TruthHurts

    Rachel Zoe has lip wrinkles.  The cryptkeeper is back! 

  • Spice

    there are a LOT more that should be added…. Beyonce looks older than what she is as well…

  • Guest

    Why don’t they ever write an article like this about men?  It’s sad that women are always the subject of these types of articles, whereas an equivalent article about men would be applauding older hollywood male actors for aging in a “distinguished” way and for looking better with age!

    • Cherry Lynn

      Yeah, Jack Nicholson’s man-boobs are *very* distinguished & well-preserved. BWAAAHAHA! It’s only this way because old men run Hollywood (and the whole world). Time to usurp them!

  • Vee

    Although most female Hollywood celebs tend to lie about their ages, Fergie’s one I know for a fact actually IS 36.  Back in the day (around ’84), she was on the kids’ show “Kids Incorporated”; I was 10 at the time, and she was a couple years younger, about 8 or so. So, that would put her at 36 today–unfortunately, she just LOOKS old as all get-out. Guess that’s what hard livin’ll do to ya…

  • lakawak

    This is stupid…you simply took one bad picture of someone and act as if that is how they always look. Many of the people on this list, if not most, look much younger than the picture you used. Everybody has a bad day now and then. It is just that most don’t have dozens of photographers there to document it when they do.

    Not to mention…saying someone who is in their late 40s looks like early 50s? Give me a break! There isn’t much difference in 5 years at that age to begin with!

  • Bianca

    Blake does NOT look 30. AT ALL. }:(

    She is THE MOST ALIVE PERSON. She’s always smiling and has such youth to her, no wonder you chose this picture, of only her face, I might add she has a GREAT body.

    • CB

      Not looking 30 and having such youth to her is debatable. I personally agree with that choice, I just don’t agree that she looks a year older then the one year older Lindsay Lohan. She looks older than her age but nothing compared to Lindsay who looks like she hitting 40.

      Of course they would pick a picture of only her face, faces are the vocal point of aging.  As for having a great body and always smiling, that is irrelevant, it has nothing to do with looking older than her age. There’s 50 year olds with amazing bodies.

  • Fergie doesn’t look 41 at all! xd

  • Lanie

     Lindsay Lohan looks more like 35!   Teeth whitening and giving the bleached hair a rest would help cosmetically.  A balanced diet and staying off drugs could actually reverse her weather worn look!

  • Schwedenexport

    Yeah, and the media just blows everything up as if would be the world that people “look older than they really are”. Blake doesn’t look older, she loves to dress, she loves Make-Up, she loves to experiment, and we people always project onto other people what is in ourselves. So i bet, that the person who wrote this article is definetly worring if he/she is the only one who is that ugly, so he has to project his uglyness and his age onto other people. F.Y media person! Your influencing also the teenagers, and make them feel that they should never grow up, and the world is party forever.

  • goldenlion

    Where are the young older-looking dudes? Leo D. is handsome, but on screen he’s looking at least 40-ish. Depp looks early 50s.Clooney’s aging okay, but he IS looking his age – at least.

  • Colleen201

    Actually Beyonce looks 40 because of not just her face, but overall body, attitude, just something about her. Very advanced looking. Not because of wrinkles but because she just has a very very mature face for someone who is supposed to be 30.

  • Drew1011

    Ali Lohan had THE skinniest lips….but it suited her. Now she looks stupid with those puffy lips. And Jessica Beil—something very odd about her face—nose and lips just seem off. Still pretty but I also think she has permanant collagen in her lips.

  • Vivsallen

    Did not know Cameron Diaz was 39. So I guess she actually looks 42-43 then. Not too much of a difference but she sure has a lot of wrinkles for her age.

  • Donadayzz

    CHLESEA HANDLER IS ONLY 36!!!??? LOLO LOL Why is she not here?? she looks 46!!

    Where is Cameron Diaz??? She looks 40-41 def and needs to stay out of the sun.

    Last but not least—BEYONCE—-looks more like 35 than 30!! give me a break—-TONS of celebs have changed their original names so why not age too?? Do they think we are stupid??

    Jessica Beil and Ali Lohan have collagen in their lips—-so obvious.

  • Princess Mary of Denmark

    She looks absolutely friggin’ gorgeous. Fine skin. Better to look your age and beautiful, than botoxed. 

  • jezzi

    Uh, you forgot Angelina.

  • Adam A

    Should have had Eva Mendes on here.

  • guest

    This is the stupidest article. Who cares if anyone is lying or looks a little bit older, its not interesting and even more stupid to point out. Way to go.

  • Courtney Henley-Anderson

    Rachel is definitely older that 40!  Has got to be at least 49.  If not she needs to start getting face work!

    • Cherry Lynn

      Somebody needs to hand your dumb a$$ a mirror. You’re so ugly you nearly busted my monitor, but you think Rachel needs plastic surgery? Get outta here! Being young doesn’t automatically make one hot, mkay? Wrinkles are normal, that twisted mouth of yours isn’t. Your head is shaped like an upside-down pair, and that’s a face that’ll never show up on one of those “Have you seen me?” flyers, for sure. You look like the Toxic Avenger’s autistic daughter.

  • Courtney Henley-Anderson

    29 for Lindsay and 30 for Blake?   No way!  Lindsay looks 45 due to her bad living.  Demi Moore looks younger than Lindsay!

    • MISRA

      Joan Rivers looks younger than Lindsay. Jane Fonda looks younger than Lindsay. Everybody who is alive and healthy looks younger than Lindsay.

    • Cherry Lynn

      And they all look better than YOU. Fix that droopy lip, will ya?

  • See

    What about Maggie Gyllenhaal

  • Mia

    I think that photo of Blake Lively is a very bad photo of her.  She does look older in that photo but I wouldn’t go by that photo alone.  Also, everyone sees things differently.  You may perceive someone as looking older but that dosen’t mean other people do.  Its all a matter of opinion.

  • Guest

    How could you forget Britney Spears?  I still can’t believe that she just turned 30.  I think Blake and Jessica look fine.  Also, I don’t plastic surgery is what aged Ali Lohan.  I think she just lost too much weight.

    • Guest

      Also, I know that Courtney Stodden isn’t an actress per se, but she definitely looks older than her 17 years.

  • Kettle

    This is shallow beyond belief.  What sort of game is being played here?
    Each and every one of you will very soon be dead.  If you’re lucky you’ll get to get old and shriveled.  What a momunmental waste of energy it is to keep morons like you alive.

  • Darling

    Add Zoe Saldana and Vivica Fox to that list.

  • Farmerette

    Jessica looks beautiful…the others need to stop gloppin on all the makeup. Who the heck is Rachael Zoe, and I still say Fergie is Carrot Tops sister.

  • Roger

    Lindsay Lohan looks like she is in her forties (and has partied pretty hard all of those years).

  • Corrie

    Ali Lohan looks like a middle aged drag queen. Ew.

  • Jimedit

    this is a horrible story. sheesh… 

  • Jakiesue

    So male celebrities were not considered?

  • milo

    Rachel Zoe 40…? Come on, she is not fooling anyone. Nobody is that gullible.

  • MagicbyMark

    Are you kidding?  Blake Lively looks her age.  She’s flawless and will look great well into her 40’s.

  • Jeremiah

    I looked at all and many deserved to be on this list but Whitney looks hella good for her age and for what she’s been through. She looks very elegant and age appropriate in that pic, definitely  an elegant early 40’s 44-48 but definitely not 50’s. Now why isn’t viveca Fox, Mariah Carey, mary j blige on this list- they all look older

  • Anonymous

    Blake Lively looks a lot younger than Lindsay Lohan.    Retarded article.

  • i want to know who wrote this and compare their ages to their looks…find something better to cover that writing about celebrities who look 3-5 years older than their age.

  • Justsonia8

    Why are there no men on this list? Are there no male celebrities?

    • Mia

      Thank you, there are many male celebrities that look older than they are.  Lets be fair.

  • Li Kim looks like she is 60

  • Summer

    29?! You’re being too kind to Lindsay Lohan. Are you sure you didn’t mean 49?

  • kris

    yall just took people you knew that had been on drugs and made it seem as though they look older..but NOT Whitney Houston!!! if anything she looks younger…..IDIOTS wrote up this crap

  • guest

    I think another important factor is most of these women are smokers, and that will age you, too

  • TattoodPrincess

    I would have to say that the majority look older than the age picked for them…Sorry Zoe but you don’t look 40 I would have said more like 60…Lindsay is a trainwreck!

  • FrankNPuff

    Another name to add to your list in 2011, Audrina Patridge. She went through a drasctic reduction procedure to start 2011 and it changed her whole look. Audrina went from a young, stylish, curvy 26 year old to looking more like a shapeless 40 year old in high necklines, baggy dresses and clothes, with little of the trend setting style she once displayed. Audrina was unique in Hollywood, slender and toned yet with enviable cleavage and curves. Now she appears old before her time, sagging and flattened, with little shape or style. Sad and curious that Audrina would put herself through such a disappropriate aging process. 

  • Marksisom

    Sorry, but “Lilo” looks like she’s already about mid-30’s .. she looks AWFUL, and should NOT have been in Playboy!!!

  • Engagus

    Hey assholes,

    What kind of detached-from-reality morons put NOISE-MAKING ADS on their Web site?

  • Gayle (helenapastafina)

    How come you didn’t put Courtney Love in this article?

  • mmc

    Jessica Biel looks awful. Can’t stand her.

  • DrCaligari

    Ali Lohan looks a lot like Russell Brand.

    • TattoodPrincess


  • Where are the Male Celebrities who looking older than they claim? Huh? Gerard Butler claims to be 42 but clearly looks 50. I could go on and on with a list of male actors and directors who look 10 years older than they claim. But I guess age is only important when referencing women….in Hollywood. Such hypocrisy.
    And no, Rachel Zoe (whoever she is) is NOT 40 by any stretch of the imagination. She’s clearly early 50’s but guess what? It shouldn’t matter. Why should her being in her early 50’s matter one hoot, as long as she’s good at whatever she does and has an audience that finds her entertaining?

    • Guest

      Rachel Zoe recently had a baby, so the chances of her being 50-something are pretty slim. 

  • Gharios

    How was Chelsea Handler not on this list.  She looks much older than her avowed “36”.

  • lucascott

    Lohan looks 29? more like 30. 

    • Jen

      what a DUMB comment! One year difference really? Ok like that makes a difference!

  • Bay

    I thought Chelsea Handler looked great for a fifty year old and then I found out she’s like 36!!!

  • fleshart

    Shocked not to see Chelsea Handler on this list.  Every time I see her I’m amazed she isn’t in her mid-40’s.  I still cannot accept the age she claims to be. 

  • marie

    Blake Lively looks to be in her late 30’s.  She has such a plain boring face and she won’t age well at all.  

    • Lianne

      Blake Lively does not look 30! This article is ridiculous, she looks like she’s twenty! not thirty! If anything this girl looks way immature for her age, because she does have that plain innocent face, though incredibly beautiful.
      If I were gay, it would be for her. So hot.

      • Guest

        Haha Blake Lively does not look 20! I’m 20 myself and a college student so I’m surrounded by 18 – 21 years olds, and she easily looks like she’s in her late twenties. It was amusing to watch her play a 16 year old on TV. 

        • jen

          um whats the difference its all 20s you dont change much within a few yrs … you abviously dont know anything she looks like she is in her mid 30s Im 25 and do not look like her…. alot of people can look younger than their age but she isnt one of them.

  • juli1

    Wow.  This article is *beyond* sexist.  Do I really need to explain why?

  • Jsimieniea

    It’s well documented that the original Destiny’s Child members appeared on Star Search as children. We’ve all seen the video if that performance. Looking up the year on it shouldn’t be hard, so I don’t understand the confusion over Beyonce and Kelly’s age.

    • Sweetie

      what article were you reading?  the only DC member on this list is Michelle and she deserves to be on this list as she looks at least 40 years old.  I think what ages her is the fact that she is so thin.  Hollywood loves being thin but they do not understand that when you are too thin, you do not look youthful.  Then they spend millions of dollars on Botox, when they just need to gain 10 pounds.

  • Rci205

    This is a terrible article. You picked bad photos of all the women (specifically Blake who looks a lot younger in other photos). How could you say Blake Lively looks 30 but Lindsay Lohan only looks 29? Lohan clearly looks older because of all her drugs.

    Not to mention this article is just kind of cruel. My own fault I guess, I didnt have to read it lol

  • Lisa

    Umm, where’s Chelsea Handler? And lindsay looks like she’s 36!

  • Jen Lamothe

    Where is Cameron Diaz?

  • Tsk tsk tsk! Lesson learned: in order to maintain beauty and youth, don’t use drugs, don’t starve yourself and avoid too much stress!

  • nada

    Good lord you all are lying or you perceive pictures different from reality.
    If i was judged on here at 30, id be told i look 40, when in real life! 30-something women look like old hags and im always mistaken for 18-20!
    So are these ages based on reality, or hollywood standards?  No they mostly do not look that old.  Anyone based in reality would know that seeing the hags walking the streets.

    BTW< t comment box types SLOW AS HECK.  FIx it!

    • Lisa

      An 18-20 year old most likely has better grammar than you, a 30-something year old woman. What a shame!

  • ArseholeME

    I’m 25,but I look like I’m 18.I’m a male by the way.

    • Mia

      And your point is?

  • Poor Lil Kim. Why did she do that to herself?

  • Slick

    Is this what women waste their time reading on the internet?

    • Bennekk

      Yep. Women and YOU, ‘Slick’…heeheehee


  • AlyKat

    Fergie is 36. She went to high school in Hacienda Heights and graduated in ’93. I had a friend that went to school with her and knew her well. I saw Fergie’s prom picture and my friend Lisa spoke highly of her even back then. 

  • whatever

    I think you’re being generous to Lindsey.  She’s 25 going on 40

    • RD

      I agree, Lindsey doesn’t look 29, she looks 49

  • Victoria

    It is really heart breaking to think all these women care about is what they look like! Do they look in a mirror???

    • Tiffany

      i am very suprised that Heidi Montag wasn’t on here. She had plastic surgery in her 20’s and looks like an older lady now.

  • Tsistler40

    Why do women always get picked apart?  Make an article about men…oh wait, men in the entertainment industry do not have to lie about their age to get a job.

    • nerdy

      I know right?  Not only that, but even if they DO gain weight, lose hair, etc., they still get beautiful women.  On the other hand, let an older woman get some cosmetic work done (Vivica) and marry a younger man, and it’s the end of the world.

    • Guest

      There is as much pressure on men as there is on women believe it or not.

      • Dbrockskk

        I don’t.

        • disgusted

           I don’t believe it either.

    • B

      Well, not for nothing, but the power of men is all in the hands of women- you’re giving us too much credit. 

      Also, you can’t really compare the two: women have to deal with men AND other women. Men don’t care what other guys look like.

      Basically, what I’m tap dancing around here, is that you women obviously have the power to shift these dynamics, because you’re the only people who actually care about them.

  • Dana

    What a catty and mean article. Unless you’re comparing them to women who have had 10 rounds of plastic surgery, I think these women do look their real age to me. With articles like these, it’s no surprise that a lot of Hollywood women have image issues. 

  • None of these women really look good to begin with, except for maybe Blake Lively who i think just looks more mature to begin with.  Every picture I see of her she looked older even a few years ago.  But the rest of those women are pretty dreadful looking, most of them look even older than the slideshow indicates!

    • Riquedunn

      you’re kidding right, Jessica Biel looks gorgeous, she doesn’t look dreadful

  • 40-50

    Ali looks like even older than Lindsey.  I’d say she’s 45 and Lindsey is 40.

  • 40-50

    lindsey looks 40!

  • I don’t know who Rachel Zoe is but she looks more like SIXTY to me!

    • nerdy

      She’s some sort of fashion designer with a reality show called th Rachel Zoe project on Bravo.  I don’t watch it, but I’ve seen enough of the commercials and stuff to know that she just had a baby that she didn’t seem to want (to please her husband) and she treats her employees like garbage.

  • What a bad list. Besides, Cameron Diaz fits way better into the list than Jessica Biel.

    • guestt

      So true!! She looked waayy better in the Mask opposite Jim Carrey.

  • David Merchant

    “Jessica Biel, Declared Age: 29,What She Looks Like Age: 34” Really? Why not 35 or 33, how did MN come up with 34? Seems arbitrary to me. Plus, so what? Ms. Biel is healthy, and will probably look good no matter what her age. So who cares if she looks 30 or 31.5, or 34, or 35? Plus, what has that to do with character, talent, soul? Nothing. MN Editor must be very bored and out of ideas of what to write about.

    • hahahahahha

       so what?  i’ll tell you what.  if she’s 29 and looks 35 than that sucks.  if i wanted a girl to look 35 i’d date a girl that’s 35.  boo yah!

  • Nitapete910

    This list is just mean.

    • yeah right

      it’s mean, but unfortunately true.

  • Laface

    You were generous on some of these age projections. Some of these women look way older than you all stated. I mean Lindsey is beyond aging prematurely – those drugs made her a zombie hag!

  • OK

    This list is crazy. Lindsay Lohan 25, what she looks like 29. 29?!! Seriously? She just looks 4 yrs older than her actual age? That’s like saying someone is 18 but they look 19. Wtf??

    • Vee

      Yes, but even though 29 isn’t old by a long shot, you can certainly look at Lohan & tell that all that hard living is starting to catch up with her.  If she keeps going at her current rate, it is going to be a wrap for her looks altogether.

    • Veronica

      So true. I’m 31 and i think she looks much older than me

    • Jenna P

      just like when he said blake is 24 but looks 30…. makes no sense you dont age much within that many years silly ppl i think she looks alot older than 30 in that picture

  • Nefijones1

    Lindsay Lohan looks much older than 29!  She looks so washed up I can’t even put a number to her.

    Rachel Zoe does not look 50.  She looks closer to 60.  In fact, I know 60 year olds who do have as many wrinkles as she has. 

    Jessica Biel has an ageless beauty that you can’t put a number to.  She is going to look beautiful for a very long time.  She should not be on this list.

    • jojo

       TOTALLY AGREE!! Lindsay looks like she is 35 or 40, Rachel Zoe looks like 60s!
      Who wrote this stupid article!

      • Cachola

        And a very shopworn 40 at that. 

    • ella l scott

      Jessica Biel, is such a big boned person, she looks way to old, she is so plain, except her mouth is nice. She looks like athletic person, not a look of Hollywood star, Where is her acting?

      • Lfm41301

        Ella Scott, Jessica Biel is so plain??  So, tell me, HOW do you look like?
        She is without a doubt, very beautiful…….Timberlake is very lucky to wake up next to her! 

        • HI

          “HOW do you look like?”…………..   <——  CHICK WITH BAD GRAMMAR.

          • Hjhjh

            yeah both the first two had pretty bad grammar.

          • Madalynblackwell

             so what she didn’t proof read…why are you people so rude to each other?… it’s no wonder the world is falling apart…there’s no need for this hate and nastiness on these blogs…

    • Becksteen

       I’m 59 and I am not even close to being as wrinkled as Rachel Zoe. Most women I know around my age aren’t either.  I always used sunblock on my face and haven’t tried the type of drugs that keep some Hollywood types bone thin. True I’m not movie star skinny but body fat only smooths out the face so much. She’s either lying about her age, has some rough living in her past or severe dieting ruins skin as well as health.

  • Nefijones1

    Lindsay Lohan looks much older than 29!  She looks so washed up I can’t even put a number to her.

    Rachel Zoe does not look 50.  She looks closer to 60.  In fact, I know 60 year olds who do have as many wrinkles as she has. 

    Jessica Biel has an ageless beauty that you can’t put a number to.  She is going to look beautiful for a very long time.  She should not be on this list.

  • Brookemariewhite

    I watch gossip girl & Blake definitely looks her age. you guys just chose a very bad photo. stupid article!

  • Brookemariewhite

    I watch gossip girl & Blake definitely looks her age. you guys just chose a very bad photo. stupid article!

    • MISRA

      I watch “Gossip Girl” too, I guess makeup and lighting help a lot because she definitely looks older on paparazzi pics. She looks older at 24 now than Kelly Rutherford (Serena’s Mom) at 28 in “Melrose Place”.

    • bijoupali

      The picture posted here is definitely not Blake Lively at her best, but over the last year there have been many supposedly “bad pics” which made me doubt her age long before seeing this. She’s definitely a beautiful woman and a good actress who has chosen good film roles lately. But if Lively really is 24, by the time she turns 34 she’s going to look like Rachel Zoe.

    • Kyle4

      They said Lindsay Lohan looks younger then Blake, in what universe? Lohan doesn’t look 25, she looks like she’s in her late thirties.

  • Rachel Zoe dosnt look 50, she looks 65 yrs old…wow…!!!

  • Rachel Zoe dosnt look 50, she looks 65 yrs old…wow…!!!

    • Eliseg2011

      Absolutely! If she is 40; then I’m still in the womb.

      • Lucinda

        She had a baby recently so she is likely still in her early 40s. Fertility rates are very low for women over 42 who had not had children before that.  This is true even with medical help.

        • jojo

           I am actually surprised Rachel Zoe didn’t do plastic surgery to get rid of her wrinkles! Should she get a big applaud!!

          • Vee

            Eh…I dunno about that. I’m not a huge fan of gratuitous “work” just because–but in HER case, she could use some Botox plumpin’ to fill up those cracks.  Fine lines here & there are one thing…but Miss Zoe is crackin’ like a slavemaster’s whip, sorry.

      • Christian Anselmo

        lmfao… exactly

  • Marisa

    It’s common practice in Hollywood to lie about your age. So an actress claiming to be 24 who looks 30, is probably actually in her early 30’s. I don’t believe for one second Blake Lively is in her early 20’s. I thought Whitney looks great, don’t know why she was included in this list.

    Also many actresses age badly because they do a lot of drugs, starve themselves to stay thin and get too much plastic surgery when they are young.

    • Guest

      Blake Lively acted in “Sandman” at age 11 in ’98. Do you really think a girl who is 18+ could have played an 11 year old? She is probably just aging poorly. For one thing, she always looks tan although she is probably naturally pale. 

      • this chick Bianca Lawson is 33 and plays a 17 yr old (Pretty Little Liars)..well played, her character was just killed off last week. So yeah, its possible to be at the other end of the spectrum and just look hella young for your age.

        • Guest

          17 year olds are physically adults at their adult height, so of course a 30 year old could play a 17 yr old if they looked young. But could a 20+ Blake pretend to be 11 on screen? And she I suppose she had a massive growth spurt and grew 10 inches in her twenties (she is 5’10 and was clearly a child in Sandman). It’s hard for child stars to lie about their age since they have been on screen all their lives.

    • EDS

      Yeah, she looked GREAT in her coffin!

    • Mlondeaux

       “Also many actresses age badly because they do a lot of drugs, starve themselves to stay thin and get too much plastic surgery when they are young.”

      Thanks for repeating what the story just told us, Marisa. Geez, without you telling us these facts all over again we probably would’ve forgotten by now.

      • Madalynblackwell

         wow people are just rude on these blogs…sad

  • Marisa

    It’s common practice in Hollywood to lie about your age. So an actress claiming to be 24 who looks 30, is probably actually in her early 30’s. I don’t believe for one second Blake Lively is in her early 20’s. I thought Whitney looks great, don’t know why she was included in this list.

    Also many actresses age badly because they do a lot of drugs, starve themselves to stay thin and get too much plastic surgery when they are young.

  • Wait a minute, are you actually suggesting that Whitney Houston get botox while mocking the other women who have had plastic surgery? I’m disgusted by this article. What good is supposed to come out of this? Bashing these women that we don’t know, we have no idea what they are living – it’s shameful. I really don’t see the humor in this.

  • Wait a minute, are you actually suggesting that Whitney Houston get botox while mocking the other women who have had plastic surgery? I’m disgusted by this article. What good is supposed to come out of this? Bashing these women that we don’t know, we have no idea what they are living – it’s shameful. I really don’t see the humor in this.

    • Gateau

      The article does not “suggest” that Ms. Houston get botox.  It states that she HAD botox and fillers and looks much better for it!

      • Ya which still does not exactly make the original posters comment moot.

    • St. Hubbins

      I think there are about 20 people here who let their automatc outrage get in the way of seeing what was actually written. This article no more ‘suggests’ Whitney Houston get botox than it suggests that water should become wet.

    • Ayhtnic1

      lol..  ok be blind.. and she did not said “crack is whack” RIP WH.. she lived however she pleased, and that’s n1 business

      • Liderc

        She did say “crack is whack”, check out the video of the interview on youtube. 

    • TCall2004

       RIP, Whitney.

  • NYC Gal

    Most women in Hollywood lie about their age.  I know for a fact that Lil Kim is already in her 40’s.

    • Johnnieboy

      lil kim in her early 50’s

  • NYC Gal

    Most women in Hollywood lie about their age.  I know for a fact that Lil Kim is already in her 40’s.

  • NikkitaMichelle

    Other than Jessica Biel all of the women in this list are very thin.  Typically when you’re younger you have a fuller face which fills wrinkles.  Look at Madonna.  She looks like a totally different person in the face now that she’s gone all yoga crazy and looks even older despite the fact she’s in excellent physical shape.

    • redo_undo

      I don’t think Blake Lively is very thin, she’s pretty voluptuous.

      • j0eschm0e

        yes shes hot hot hot, she doesnt look old to me at all, the writer doesnt know what they’re talking about

        • KeelieJames

          Blake Lively definitely looks older than 24. Definitely.

      • guest

         No, honey…BEYONCE is voluptuous.  Blake is thin.