Women Don’t Cook Anymore?

July 1, 2010  |  

In the ’50s, life at home took a different tone, regardless of what cosmopolitan city you lived in. The concept of four women à la Sex and the City hadn’t quite gripped the nation. Instead, icons like Lucille Ball in her show I Love Lucy embodied wives of the times. As comedic and fun as she was, Lucy still catered to her husband Desi, and the gender roles were clear: women cooked. Men didn’t.

In fact, in one December 1952 episode, Desi attempted to cook a pregnant Lucy breakfast and all he could muster was a burnt waffle (claiming that the charcoal in it would be good for the baby’s teeth).

These days, images of women wearing aprons, cooking at home don’t dominate sitcoms. Rather, independent women can choose to cook or not cook; they needn’t be too domesticated – as that would be boring or too much of a threat to their independence.

Nobody wants to see Carrie Bradshaw behind a stove all day, for instance. Viewers want to see her in front of her laptop, earning money as a fabulous magazine columnist, and traveling to Paris, where she can sip wine and telephone the rest of her friends on her cell phone internationally – because she is a bad Beyotch. (The word Beyotch too has become an acceptable synonym for strong women, for some reason).

Now, while it’s nice that people of our times want to aggressively combat gender stereotypes, discrimination and oppression, a significant amount of young women have no clue what to do in front of the stove – and that situatioon prompts several questions.

One: should they have a clue, and if so why?

Two: does not cooking make women ill-equipped to manage families, especially if they marry a man who can’t cook to save his nose hairs?

Three: should men be significantly more responsible for cooking in the home?

What do you think?

Is the presence of restaurants and Chinese food deliveries and microwave dinners – not to mention diets, jobs, busy lifestyles and aspirations preventing us from “making an event” of eating at home, the way folks did in generations before this one?

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  • Masterpieced

    Home cooked meals are much healthier. Folks wonder why we are obese and have diabetes?

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  • gloria colunga

    I enjoy cooking if I have too but not or myself. I think their should be compromise in kithcen when both work long hours, otherwise it becomes a problem when one is doing all the work!

  • edward,

    My girlfriend don't like to cook or gets frustrated by It,

    The only reason she does it is for me but otherwise she don't like It,

    Make's me feel Iritated as i want to try different thing's,

    but I have to cajole her into trying It,

  • Take A Hike Brother.

    Breakfast in bed, and lunch both days on the weekends. Dinner is a toss up. Who wants to spend money on food that is going to spoil because you may or may not have time to cook. Just too busy.

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  • sIMONE


  • cooleaze

    I raised two beautiful , fabulous young women that can cook their faces off. They are no jokes in the kitchen. They are 23 and 24 years old, college educated and have very lucrative jobs. Soul food that's what they are about so Lucille Ball they are not they are 21st century cooking dynamites. Amen

  • paula

    I work part time and my husband works full time long hours. Let's see does it make sense for him to get home at 9pm and start cooking or maybe I should make the kids wait until he gets home to eat. None of that makes a damn bit of sense. I cook about every other day and we have pizza on friday nights. I think cooking depends on the family situation. Although my husband does not cook he helps me with the dishes and kids, etc. This marriage would not work if I did not have a partner.

    • Masterpieced

      Why cook every other day of you only work part time? Leftovers?

  • Barbara

    I for one am a woman that still cooks. I bake I make bread I still work and have no problem doing it. If I was married and he was working and I was home would still be the saame but both working there would be a compromise. I do notice that when I bake alot of the kids in the neighborhood come over they say their moms dont do that. Makes me feel bad for them. I have 2 friends who are married and whos husbands work very hard they do not work yet they dont cook they dont clean their husbands come home and cook. I think that some women feel they deserve it just for being there they enjoy spending the money and being pampered but they wont do nothing for thier mates. A real woman cooks as far as I am concerned.

  • LadyG

    Yes, some women still cook and enjoy cooking. I am one that cook.

  • Dee Dee Da Da

    I fell that is important for a family to gather around the table and eat a home cooked meal.

    I am retired and I cook breakfast for my husband every morning .

    I also make a point to cook a home cooked meal every Sunday morning and for Sunday dinner.

    This evening I am cooking fried pork chops, turnip greens with neck bones, a fresh green salad and corn on the cob.

  • Ayman

    Men at work, women at home cookin' is over cause women are workin' now.

    I have a theory about that, it's not really women have to cook but the weak ahve to cook: when my mom went to Tunisia i stay in home(Paris) with my father and who is cookin'? Me off course cause i'm the weak. Men knows how to cook when they have to, they wanna be like kings at home that's all.

    From my part i like cookin' what i hate in cookin' is the dishes after. I don't care if my future wife don't cook or we can imagine a system where the one who got enoygh time cooks.

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