10 Child Stars Who Grew Up To Be Surprisingly Normal

October 27, 2011  |  
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Having the mind of a child and the money of a grown up—a very, very rich grownup—is usually a bad combination. I’m talking about child stars. It doesn’t help that most laws are just “laws” to them. What’s the drinking age for a child star? Something like…14, right? Then add the fact that they have just as many responsibilities as a 30-year-old, so they end up dating 30 year olds, and it turns out to be very hard for a child star to grow up a healthy, normal human being. Lindsay Lohan is the new poster child for child stars gone wrong these days. But for all the Lohans out there, there are those who somehow manage to transition seamlessly into adulthood. Check out the 10 who did just that.

We all remember her as the Beverly Hills princess Lisa Turtle in Saved By The Bell. With the teen comedy behind her, Lark Voorhies took on more dramatic roles in Soap Operas such as Days of Our Lives and The Bold and the Beautiful.

Keshia Knight Pulliam won an Emmy at age 6 for her role as sweet and sassy Rudy Huxtable on The Cosby Show. She stepped out of the limelight for her teen and young adult years and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Sociology from Spelman College. Today, Rudy is all grown up and played a Hot con artist in Tyler Perry’s Madea Goes to Jail and most recently starred as Miranda on House of Payne.

Today you’ll see Claire Danes on the Showtime Series Homeland as a CIA detective trying to uncover a terrorist plot. Perhaps her stint at Yale University prepared her for such serious roles. That’s right—even though she did not graduate college, she did attend the prestigious institute for a while and even turned down a role in Schindler’s List because she would not have access to a tutor while on set.

Remember these two wholesome sisters? Well, they pretty much kept it together after their family comedy series Sister, Sister. Today, Tia Mowry plays a medical student on the CW drama (that is occasionally funny) The Game, and Tamera starred in the ABC family sitcom Roommates in 2009. Most recently, they starred in the Style Network show Tia & Tamera.

It’s couldn’t have been easy for Jaleel White to have anyone view him as anything other than the endearing and socially awkward Steve Urkel. But somehow, White pulled it off and even landed himself small roles in titles like Dreamgirls and Big Fat Liar.


Hilary Duff’s role on a show that taught family values must have made her anxious to have her own family. Little Lizzie McGuire is all grown up, got through her teen years scandal-free while taking on the pop star role every now and then, and now she and her professional hockey player husband, Mike Comrie, are expecting their first child.

She doesn’t have to be covered in vampire bites for you to recognize her. Anna Paquin won an Oscar for her supporting role in the The Piano at the age of 11. And while her most recent role is pretty scandalous, her personal life seems far from that. Paquin is married to her True Blood vampire co-star (and on-screen beau), Stephen Moyer.

Another member of the Cosby tribe, Raven Symoné’s mischevious smile has been seen in later years on family-friendly series and films such as the ABC Family TV movie Revenge of the Bridesmaids and co-starring with the hilarious Martin Lawrence in College Road Trip.

Recognize this cute face? Jonathan Taylor Thomas had a long run on the show Home Improvement as the loveble middle brother. Even though he caught the attention of a nation of teenage girls, he passed on further fame to attend Columbia University.

Another Yale alumni, Jodie Foster played a prostitute at the unripe age of 14. The role gained her an Oscar nomination and, undoubtedly, a long career in acting. Somehow, Jodie attended and completed Yale University in the midst of it all, graduating in 1985.

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  • YourMom

    The amount and types of intrusive ads on this site (at least the mobile site anyway) are absolutely RIDICULOUS!!! I understand needing to pay bills but come on!!!

    I have to literally fight with 2 or even 3 ads just to read a dang paragraph! You guys are seriously about to lose a very loyal reader!

  • Nice to see that it is possible, though highly unlikely, for kids to make it out of Hollywood without ending up in rehab.
    It’s also nice to see all the homophobic comments on here about Jodi Foster. Not at all offensive.
    Seriously, though, this site should really get people to screen for stuff like that. I find such behavior disgusting and repulsive and am considering unliking the site b/c of it — and this is my first time visiting it!

  • Betty

    you didn’t name the BEST child star to grow up normal….Ron Howard !

  • Betty

    You didn’t name the BEST child star that grew up norman….Ron Howard !!

  • Rob

    Where are we when we denounce truth as hate?  Pretty messed up I would say

  • I think you mean “who” grew up to be normal. Wow, it’s stunning what passes as proper grammar these days.  It’s a headline, don’t you people have a copy editor?  

  • Joslyn

    What about Fred Savage (who married his HS sweetheart & is now a Producer) or the girl who played Blossom who got a doctorate in physics (or something like that)?

  • Catnip824

    There’s room here for Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, and Daniel Radcliffe–all child stars who are amazingly grounded young adults now, and richer than many of the others! Brooke Shields is another, a mother, and Mayim Bialik, from “Blossom’, now on “Big Bang Theory”

  • Jogoloby88

    this is a retarded list, most of these child actors are still young enough to devolve into f-ups.  Attending Colombia or Yale does not mean that these narcistic actors won’t turn to drugs and other embarrising ventures once the spot light shifts off them.

    Also you are forgetting the pinnacle example of a well adjusted child actor: Ron Howard.

  • Mallory94

    Lark – I used to love her on Saved By The Bell.  Other than that I never hear about her..

    Keisha – I have always and will always be a fan of hers.Claire – I’ve never heard of her.Tia – I have always and will always be a fan of hers.Tamara – I have always and will always be a fan of hers.Jaleel – I have never been a fan, though I was a usual watcher of Family Matters.Hilary – I have always and will always be a fan of hers.Anna – I am a fan, but only after True Blood, before she was unknown.Raven – I have always and will always be a fan.Johnathan – I am a fan, he is a great actor, beautiful too.Jodie – Great actress, I’m a fan.

  • Geoffmag

    Calling this mean anal retentive judgmental and vindictive women normal is a bit of a stretch. Her rep for being demanding, abusive and condescending is lengendary in the industry.

  • Alden A

    What about Ricky Schroder?

  • Boomerbev1

    Did I miss Tatiana Ali on this list?

  • Billnbeth96

    No duh.  Alan was wondering why Ron Howard wasn’t on the list.

  • Why were the majority of stars listed black?  There are quite a few white child actors who turned out fine but I guess this article wanted to tell a different story.

    • supervalu

       You must have failed math: 5 of the listed are white.  There are 10 listings…let’s see, 50% of 10 would be 5.  50% is not a majority!

  • Guest

    Bobby Sherman?

  • Randy

    What about Kirk Cameron and Donny Osmond???  I guess they don’t qualify because of their faith.

    • No Hate

      I guess they don’t qualify because there just wasn’t room. As has been stated, Justin Timberlake isn’t in there, nor is Ron Howard – how much more successful yet levelheaded can you get? Kim Fields, Mayim Bialik, Michael J. Fox… read through the comments and you’ll see how many talented young actors and actresses have grown up into decent, respectable, normal people who live their lives with a certain code of conduct that the tabloid fodder do seem to lack. 

      The people I respect the most, though, are those who have pulled themselves out of a downward spiral and have set their feet on solid ground again. Just a couple of examples:  Nicole Ritchie, though not a child celebrity herself, grew up as the child of a celebrity. Drew Barrymore – what Drew Barrymore went through as a very young child, well, she really never had a chance. Jade has a lot to answer for. But Drew fought hard to break free of the drugs, alcohol and crazy behavior, and now has a great career that she has earned every moment of. And Nicole is now a wife and mother with her own business and out of the tabloids – she’s doing fine. Takes a strong woman to pull free of that lifestyle and all that goes with it, but from the moment she found out she was pregnant, she turned herself around. She went from doped to the eyeballs on Vicodin and driving the wrong way to cleaning up her act in an astonishingly short amount of time.

  • Bdub360

    What?  No mention of Leonardo?  

  • Eric

    Good choices – but one factual error: Keshia Knight Pulliam was nominated for — but did not win — an Emmy.

  • Heather Shamon

    I knew half of them but there are other ones that grew up to be normal!! ALOT!

  • Uscsonggirl

    Those twins are not normal…one of them had an affair with a pastor of a prominent church in LA and the church was shut down when he was revealed as the father of the baby

  • Bill

    It’s interesting how the authors define “normal”. A lifestyle where you have a spokesperson and you travel with an entourage is, by definition, not “normal” because it is nowhere near the norm. “Successful” and, maybe, “Well-Adjusted” might be a better title to this article and, even then, “well-adjusted” is relatively to life as a celebrity.

  • Haderjp

    Ralph Machio?  Michael J. Fox?  And I agree with most of the others mentioned.  I believe that what they mean by “normal” is that these are child actors that grew up without dealing with all the drama such as Britney Spears, Lindsey Lohan and the rest of today’s young celebrities.  If you’ll notice, most of the ones mentioned, if not all, reached celebrity status before the 1990’s.  It seems like the ones that have found popularity since are the ones that struggle.  I’d be willing to bet that it has a LOT to do with how “in your face” the paparazzi and media are to the stars today.  There’s no hiding their dirty little secrets anymore….

  • Ron Howard.  Best ever for this category.  The Andy Griffith Show, Happy Days, Academy nominated director, one wife, kids.  Only bad thing about him is a hair line that I think is probably not his fault.

  • Good call on Jaleel White.  I am very proud of him, just because the character he played was such a caricature it made it impossible for him to get any other roles for several years.   Ron Howard is another child star who has turned out really well…reminds me a lot of Jodie Foster.
    Good list.

  • Johnnie99

    Seems to me these are not stars but just kids who were in tv series …

  • Shawn

    How about Kim Fields and most of the kids from the Facts of Life. Justin Timberlake and the N-sync crew seems to be pretty normal.

  • The Village Genius

    This article was so easy to write that I could have done it and probably done a better job.

  • Thudstaffer

    I’d prefer to see examples of people who were given large roles as children then left acting and pursued normal careers as teachers, businessmen, and research scientists. Also, lawyers, carpenters, and congressmen. And tailors, industrial waste technicians, finance managers, holistic health practitioners, and exotic pet store owners. Also, technical manual editors, city planners, and guidance counselors.

    • sid

      Just what I was thinking, Thudstaffer.  Pretending for a living (acting) in exchange for money and the lifestyle that goes with it is NOT normal.  Anyone in the entertainment and celebrity business craves the media attention Lindsey Lohan gets.  “Normal” would be an article about the people who beat that craving and live a life away from the media.

    • Jrh0341

      WHy? Whats wrong with growing u to be an actor? Its as normal as anything else. Its not “pretending for money” its a JOB people do for money. If you grew up around cars as a kid its not weird for you to grow up become a mechanic. If you grew up in show business, whats odd about making a career ouf ot that?  As long as they are staying out of trouble, leveraging a skill they possess to earn income and pay their bills, they seem just as normal as anyone else.

  • Selma

    I have to to say Hilary Duff is my #1. So happy to hear of her pregnancy. Imagine that, celebs now getting married and then pregnant.  It is a good role model for the teens/young people though nothing patently wrong with the other route I just do not like that it is becoming the norm and studies say 2 parents is usually better, 2 guys, 2 gals whatever. Though I wouldn’t say it was a “strict” family values show, yes it was relatable but not religious or “do the right thing” as 7th Heaven etc.  Hilary Duff was my Hannah Montana/”Bong”tana now from reports.  Followed by Raven. I feel sad this new teen generation doesn’t have a Hilary or Raven or the Mowry.  Hilary grew up very similarly to Lohan ie Disney. Hilary had her parents divorce drama at age 17-19 and she just has an amazing sense of self and responsibility.  Tia/Tamera one of my favs but when their show was on I was a little younger and my teen years had not come yet.  I like the Tia/Tamera reality show on style right now.

    Why is the lohan tag on?  It’s the opposite message.  it should be hilary, raven, tati etc for tags. BTW, Urkel had some legal/criminal charges against him. I believe domestic violence/custody claimed by  his gf. 

    • Selma

      eta: I also feel the most sympathy/most proud of all children that grew up ‘:normally:’ in the late 99’s-early 00’s with the technological innovations, growth in social media-thus paparazzi attention and stalking.

  • Luther

    Nice to hear these folks are doing well.  But there is nothing normal about Jaleel White’s jacket with camo lapels.

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  • Klshelto

    Tia and Tamera Mowry are two people.  This article should be titled 11 Child Stars…

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  • Natachalisaint

    Normal is my 8 year old son who always get A’S and B’s and school and he is a gentlemen to. that’s normal. 

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  • Davidsadhdbabe

    you forgot Mayim Bialik “Blossom”. She’s got a degree from UCLA in neuroscience and also Danica mc Keller from Wonder years from UCLA with Math honors. I sure that they are others.

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  • Myohosistren

    Dayum Bram – first i find you on my 4Square – now here too!  Who are you, lol?  Anyway, are you saying you don’t like JF…great actress and who knows what normal is anymore

  • you forgot child star actress Meagan Good! She’s doing great well  and staying healthy in Hollywood!

  • Mo

    So sad that she had to lie and hide her female partner (with whom she created a family, with children) until she was 45. Of course, since that disclosure, the family is no more and she’s hanging out with that idiot Mel Gibson to help his credibility. I hope her girlfriend/wife/mother to her children is treated well.

    • Guest 2

      What?  Who are you even talking about?  Maybe instead of so much hatefulness, you could breathe, then write a little less venomously.

  • worldscam

    This list is so vague. Normal? What is normal? You have some nobodys, some amazing talents (Foster and Paquin) and one who I’m shocked didn’t become America’s #1 S- ex symbol– someone who I think is one of the most beautiful women to ever live (Hillary Duff)! Erkel also deserved more– at least another sitcom… but I don’t get …”normal?”

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  • deprogrammed

    Kirsten Dunst played a child vampire in Interview with a Vampire.  She seems relatively normal.

  • deprogrammed

    And now his daughter is making a pretty big splash in movies – Bryce Dallas Howard.

    • Mo

      Many pf the Disney kids are MK-Ultra’d. It’s a type of programming. What’s up with Kinky Lohan, Christina Aguilera (sweet and innocent in one vid, the next CD and vid are ‘Dirty’) and ‘Chop-Chop[ Lovato? Britney shaving her head – these are ‘Programming Icons’, Disney is sponsored by the Military/Industrial Complex. Look it up. They get shoved into ‘rehabs’ for tune-ups or die at 27.

  • Dachshund

    Mayim Bialik and Danica McKellar have both done very well for themselves, and have shown that women can be really smart. Bialik was a graduate student in neuroscience. Bialik has a mathematics degree.

    • Davidsadhdbabe

      I thought of them too before seeing your comment

  • Pam

    One that should make the list… Punky Brewster’s Soleil Moon Frye

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  • haveanopenmind

    The Harry Potter cast?

  • Clairegray1

    and for the senior crowd SHIRLEY TEMPLE BLACK

  • Also: Sara Gilbert, Melissa Gilbert, Valerie Bertinelli, Kim Fields, Fred Savage, Alicia Silverstone, Malcolm Jamal Warner.  There’s quite a few that have grown up pretty normal.  But we only hear about too many of the Lindsays and Brittanys to know any better.

    • GRANT

      here’s my top ten list…SHIRLEY TEMPLE, Mickey Rooney, Elizabeth Taylor, Jackie Cooper, Roddy Mcdowell, Jodie Foster, Ron Howard, Margaret O Brien, Natalie Wood, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Veronica Cartwright 

  • Gigiperreau

    You neglected to include Margaret O’Brien and me ….Margaret won an Academy Award, and I was one of the first 50 stars to be chosen for the Hollywood Walk of Fame….lots more from our era are alive and doing very well!

    • Chip367

      A long, great career. Thanks, Gigi!

  • There’s a lot of child stars who did well, but I think the most surprising is Mike Vitar, star of The Sandlot, who left Hollywood & became a hairdressers in LA.

  • Surprised

    Sorry, not the webpage – but am surprised at how homophobic some of the commenters are.  I am glad that Jodie Foster and Ana Pacquin were included.  But why not Neil Patrick Harris?  Is it because he is married and gay?  And why aren’t the homophobic remarks stricken from the page the way racist remarks would be?  

    • Angelus5

      Good question.  I guess some believe that certain bigotry is good?  Warped thinking!!!

    • SoloOperator

       That’s an easy one you cannot help being born a certain race but you can choose not to be a sodomite. And to think you people preach tolerance. Your tolerance only extends to the point of YOUR personal bias and belief system. SECOND there is this thing I know you secretly hate it called the First Amendment which gives a free people the right to express THEIR views however different than your own. I think they should allow race hate speech too this is of course a free country or at least free until the PC crowd took it over.

      • No Hate

        This is indeed a free country and you have the right to say whatever you like, however vile it may be. But you don’t get to say it just anywhere. Only in public places. Privately owned and run websites can set their own rules. This website has moderators who do not tolerate racist comments, and good for them! Now if they would only start removing other hateful and discriminatory comments….

    • No Hate

      I have to agree – as you say, the webpage removes all racist comments, NOT the homophobic ones. That’s a decision they’re making, to allow that kind of vicious and damaging discrimination. Therefore, as far as I’m concerned, if they consider racism unacceptable to the point of removing the offending comments, and homophobia and flat out gay bashing to be just fine, those who run the webpage are just as guilty as those who make the comments. They state at the top of the page that comments require approval from the moderator!

      Please, people – start deleting ALL discrimination and hatefulness. (And yes, solooperator, that DOES include what little hetero or Christian-bashing that may occur. None of it is acceptable. None).

  • Surprised

    Wow.  What a homophobic webpage.  Can’t get over it.  

    • SoloOperator

       You sodomites like throwing that term at anyone who abhors your UN-natural lifestyle. And until the geneticist can prove a gay gene, it is a lifestyle a dangerous one at that. But no doubt backed by sodomite fortunes they’ll find it or make something up no one can prove or disprove in any unbiased peer reviewed journal. I’m sure some sodomite shrink came up with that phobia when can all us homophobes start collecting disability?

      • samantha

        WOW!  You, certainly with your name calling put the “Christ” into “Christiananity”……..

    • No Hate

      I won’t be back again, that’s for sure. Shame. Wonder if the site owners realize how many potential readers they lose by allowing this vitriol.

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  • Chevonne22

    Wow, that’s a very, VERY bad makeup job on Lark Voorhies.

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  • What about Hanson! Very famous very young, and very normal guys.

  • Lhmoore

    Did you forget Brooke Shields?

    • SoloOperator

       Of course they did!! Didn’t you hear she’s a born again Christian? Certainly no bias on this writers mind…..

  • Neil Patrick Harris

  • Neil Patrick Harris

    • Myra Robinson

      I wondered if anyone would mention Ron. he has been so wonderful,and never had a problem with drugs or anything else as he was growing up. but he had wonderful parents who were in the business and taught him well and raised him right.Ron Howard is a great actor and director and producer and he is married to his child hood best friend and they have 6 kids. also he is the producer behind a family program I watch every week. “Parent Hood”

  • Alkahuna

    Jodie Foster? Really??? She’s a lesbian. You call that “surprisingly normal”? Hmmm…

  • Alkahuna

    Jodie Foster? Really??? She’s a lesbian. You call that “surprisingly normal”? Hmmm…

    • and whats wrong with being a lesbian?

      • Bobbyturman

        If you don’t know the answer, you need help.

      • SoloOperator

         Despite the obvious, that’s not what nature intended!!!! If the world was full of sodomites pro-creation would all be done in labs with genetic tampering oh what a 1984 (Orwells work) dream come true for some of you sodomites.. I’m sick of hearing gay crap.They make up 2% of our nations population but to watch the media you’d think it was more and in case Kenzi your under 25 and got a public school education 2% of roughly 325,000,000 million people is a whopping 6.5 million spread over 50 states equals 130,000. I hardly think they can say their under represented in the media, heck you can’t watch a TV show or movie without at least 1-3 sodomites. Hispanics make up more of the population than sodomites yet one can clearly see the lack of representation. NO I’m not Hispanic just stating the obvious over tones the hollywood programmers shove down the viewers throats that make something seem bigger and more important than it actually is. And for you Christian bashers when was the last time a Christian was seen on a TV show or movie portrayed as normal relative to the let’s make them all look crazy roles you find them in now. Actual True Believers in Christ who follow His ways are never seen. Instead they throw a cross around someones neck who CLAIMS to be a true Christian only then allowing themselves to be thrashed by the God Haters and sodomites like you……

        • JadedOne

          Did you get to pick what you would be before you were born?  Everyone gets just one life and they have a right to live it as best they can without interference from stupid bigots like you. Should gay people just live a lie to please people like you who have no idea what it’s like?  I don’t think so.  We have enough hate in this world already.  Why do you choose to be part of the problem instead of part of the solution?  

          • Rob

            Its a choice Jadedone.  Otherwise explain to me the bi-sexual gene.

            • samantha

              Are you talking bi-sexual or gay?  There is a difference.  Also, if you are talking “Christian”, you should be talking “love”…..since Jesus supposedly is all about love………But then, most Christians are about self rightousness and not about Jesus, so no surprise at your comments.

              • Rob

                Jesus is about Righteousness.  You know, that thing about repentance he kept harping on.

    • and whats wrong with being a lesbian?

    • Myra Robinson

      Jodie Foster being a lesbian has nothing to do with her acting ability and she is one of the best.I did not know she was one,but it is her business . it is also a private matter. it is normal to her and others who are.

      • SoloOperator

         As normal as a white southern redneck who hates all nonwhites and jews? But to them it’s normal but would offend you none the less. It’s funny how you turn the old tolerance table around and find those who preach tolerance not practicing what they preach…. but I know it’s for the sake of the children B.S. Flag at full staff…..

    • Thayes

      Is gay bashing normal? I hope not.

      • Guest 2

        Wow, I guess you don’t ever look at the hater-comments Christians get.  Hmmmm, all that indignation should be for EVERONE who gets slammed  for being a nice person, maybe chooses a bit different life than you do, and has political views that may, or may not, agree with yours.

      • SoloOperator

         Is hetero bashing or Christian basing normal to you? I bet it is…..

    • Wow, sounding like a real bigot right now.

  • Him

    Natalie Portman graduated from Harvard college

    • SoloOperator

       Good Him I guess she put her money to good use but Normal? NO normal is two years at a community college while trying to hold down a job, kids, marriage then hoping an praying there’s money for a university that will accept a CC student despite the bias towards those without family ties or a big money trust. Throw in the occasional stellar high school athlete who’s teachers actually made them learn something. THAT’S NORMAL 

  • factchecker

    Check the facts. Keisha Knight Pulliam was nominated for an emmy, she didn't actually win.

    • Nunya

      True. MN needs new fact-checkers.

  • Ang

    Kirk Cameron from "Family Ties" and Lisa Welchel (Blair from "Facts Of Life")–both born again Christians…:) Leonardo Dicaprio is no freak, either…..

    • Myra Robinson

      Kirk is another one who has done well. and Kirk’s sister Candace

      • ccenger

        kirk’s sister cameron (dj from full house) is more beautiful now than she was on the show.  she should definitely make the list

        • chicagoboy

          She should make the list because she’s attractive? And she’s over-the-top religious these days, so she’s not exactly “normal.”

          • GiveMeABreak

            She isnt over the top religious. That is the most ridiculous statement Ive seen on here yet. She lives out her faith. Where is the shame in that? Why is that wrong or not normal? You act out your lack of faith, so why are you normal and she isn’t Your defination of normal needs some revamping Chicagoboy. Lots of wind coming from your words without really saying anything.

          • SoloOperator

             over the top religious? I guess you would prefer the alternative Lindsay HOlan and Britonherknessnot praying Spears and her little child star turned teen mother? You chicago are a boy alright…..

            • I would agree that they, well, Kirk, are over the top religious. I have no issue with people living to their faith, but Kirk has gone to Warren-Jeff-compound levels of extreme in the last 10 years. I can’t call that normal.

    • Gardenia_1900

      Kirk Cameron was actually on “Growing Pains” not “Family Ties”. :)But still, great example! I love him!And Leonardo Dicaprio, good example. One of the most succesful transitions of child to adult stars.
      Also perhaps we can also add Natalie Portman.
      And I also agree with Ron Howard.

  • rebecca

    Wasn't Lark Voorhies rumored to be on coke or something? MN, I'm sure you could have found a better picture than that for her.

  • These are no "normal" kids.
    They're privleged (and, yes, talented.)
    They were at the right place at the right time.
    There are more "normal" kids doing great stuff, too.

  • JimboJones

    Peter Billingsley? Totally a child star who grew up to be a completely normal hollywood producer/director. He even still hangs out with the kid who played Scot Farkas in "A Christmas Story."

    • Cameo Brooch

      And…he is SMOKING HOT!

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  • WTH, Jaleel White was arrested for beating on his girlfriend, and Keisha Knight is always posing with her teats nearly hanging out…how is this normal?

    • Keisha Knight isn’t on drugs or waiting on her probation hearings every other month, unlike other child stars (Lindsey Lohan) *cough*

    • LeishaG

      I think Keisha Knight posed nude??  am I wrong?

  • guest

    If just staying out of jail is normal for the Hollywood crowd, then you've got it bang on. Unfortunately, just staying out of jail and scandal doesn't make a person "normal".

  • gah

    my personal favorite is candace cameron from Full House. she was my favorite on the show when i was a kid, and she's amazingly normal now. kudos to her!

    • chicagoboy

      Mmm…well, she has a family, but Candace and her brother are both religious nuts now.

      • Ki

        better to follow Jesus than anything else this world has to offer.

        • Yeah, but the Cameron’s religious level of extremity is like Warren-Jeff’s-compound level.

          • Rob

            His view on homosexuallity is standard Christian and Western belief for 2000 years.  Perhaps you are the extremist here?

  • alan

    What the hell happened to Ron Howard aka Opie and Richie?

  • Allie

    Fred Savage, Kirstin Dunst, Mandy Moore, Amanda Bynes, Melissa Joan Hart, Mayim Bialik, the brothers Lawrence…there are more than we give credit for.

    • kjm


    • LeishaG

       Kirstin Dunst has been in rehab and struggled a lot so you are wrong about her.

    • bulletinyourhead

       lol “the brothers Lawrence”

    • Joslyn

      I totally agree! Mayim Bialik has a doctorate in physics (or equal) and Fred Savage is a Producer for It’s ALways Sunny in Philadelphia. I wish my daughter grows up to be as “normal” as Mandy Moore is! She seems so level-headed!

  • wera3

    are child stars not supposed to grow up normal..?

    • LeishaG

      Haven’t you ever heard of the “curse of the child star”?  Many of them grow up with major problems and find it hard to transition to adulthood.  Come on, man,  you should know this!

  • Deeana

    Hilary duff normal….eh

    • Mo

      Yeah,those veneers are NOT normal.

      • Ki

        I think she got her veneers fixed, because I saw her since she’s been pregnant and she just looked adorable. Thats one of the few disney girls that doesn’t seem to be spiraling out of control or didn’t try to grow up too fast. Honestly, both she & the Mowry twins (specifically Tamera) seem to have turned out the best. Like if they lost their careers in showbiz, I don’t think they would go off the rails.

  • jjac401

    Raven Simone is so over the top. I don't think that normal.

    • Ki

      I actually kind of agree. Recently when I’ve seen in her interviews, her guard seems WAAAAY up. To the point of coming off condescending and or even arrogant. Maybe it’s because she thinks people are judging her weight loss, or dreads having to answer specifically how she did it.

      I think she’s normal for hollywood standards though.

    • jamaicanbornanbreed

      when they say “normal” they mean not on drugs and in and out of rehab….so yes it makes sense that she made this list

  • womenar4

    It's great that this article focused on the success stories of young Hollywood. Would have liked to see Jurnee Smollet, Regina King, Janet Jackson, etc. There are so many more who started working young and have had successful, positive adult lives. As always love ~ http://www.womenaregamechangers.com.

  • candace

    thats good that they are normal because its a whole lot of bad seeds in hollywood with that lifestyle glad to know these kids stars are doing good!