Women We Love: 12 Female Celebrities Over 40 Who Have Aged Beautifully

October 14, 2011  |  
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Aging is such a fear-fraught process for many women. We understand. It’s not easy embracing your changing self when looking at so many images of women in their 20s gracing magazine covers and movie billboards. But doesn’t it make you feel great when you see someone like Gwen Stefani who has managed to look chic and fashionable and youthful despite her 40+ years of age? Check out these current photos of women who we think have aged extremely well!


Gwen Stefani

Stefani is the gold standard when it comes to looking 10 years younger than your real age. She may have pale skin but she doesn’t have the wrinkles to show for it. At 42, she looks very fashionable, young and at the same time, doesn’t look like she’s trying to not act her age.

Halle Berry

Bona-fide beauty Halle Berry looks about 15 years younger than her actual age of 45 (yes, 45!). Berry’s stellar physique and flawless skin have certainly helped to extend her career as a hottie actress.

Sophia Loren
This Southern Italian beauty is 77 and is still ravishing. The mother of two may credit a long-time marriage and long career as two ingredients of her youthfulness.

Beverly Johnson
At 59, this former model is still rocking it on the catwalks and in the rows of New York fashion week. We know, we know, black don’t crack.


Salma Hayek

At 45, the former telenova star of Mexico makes aging seem fabulous. She recently told Latina magazine that she has never used cosmetic surgery or even botox to maintain her youthful looks.

Tina Turner

The music legend is know for her fierce energy and her even more fierce legs. At nearly 72, Turner is showing no signs of slowing down and covering up her thighs. Maybe that Swiss air is really helping to keep her heart healthy and her skin tight.

Elizabeth Hurley

She’s come a long way since she was introduced to the world as Hugh Grant’s girlfriend. Since then, she’s had a son and gone through some high-publicity divorces and marriages. At 46, the Estee Lauder spokeswoman is definitely reaping the benefits of repping a cosmetics brand.


Taraji P. Henson

Our favorite Hollywood actresses must be swapping skin care tips with Gwen Stefani because at 41, Taraji P. very much still looks the part of a twenty something.  Word has it that she and the young’un Drake were dating for a bit.

Angela Bassett

Her commitment to keeping her arms toned and body tight has certainly helped the 53-year-old’s impressive youthful looks.


Nancy Pelosi

Would you believe it if we told you that Nancy Pelosi, the minority leader of the House of Representatives, is 71? Yup, she is. This politician has definitely fended off the stress of political life from appearing on her face.


David Bowie is a lucky guy – he has a timeless beauty on his hands with former supermodel Iman. At 56, she’s as beautiful as ever.


Stacey Dash

All you need to know is that Stacey Dash played a teenager on the hit movie Clueless when she was nearly 30 years old!Today, at 45, she still plays parts that are directed to women 10-15 years younger than her.


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  • Godfrey

    why toni braxton is not in that list?



  • Emma

    I actually agree with everyone they’ve chosen on the list. These lists usually consist of women who look good for their age but not young for their age. This list consists of women who look YOUNG for their age, I concur! Yay for someone finally getting it right.

  • These girls looked wonderful. Maintaining their weight is one of the great achievement in a natural way. I wish I could do the same. http://www.ranker.com/list/the-30-hottest-black-girls-under-40/greg

  • Trc2405

    Nice pics but anyone can look good with makeup on

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  • Sharonrpolley

    Yes, these are all beautiful women – also Michelle Obama, Sade, Janet Jackson, Madonna, Demi Moore N more

  • Sharonrpolley

    Very attractive lady also!

  • Sharonrpolley

    Tina as always had charisma and she is stunning!

  • Sharonrpolley

    She is a stunning beauty as well!

  • Sharonrpolley

    Yes, she has it going on as well!

  • Sharonrpolley

    Wow, stunning!

  • Sharonrpolley

    Yes, she is really beautiful!

  • Sharonrpolley

    Gwen Stefani so stunnning!

  • Pete

    Nancy Pelosi?  Seriously?  You put her on the list over Janet Jackson, Sade or even Jennifer Aniston?  Someone had a sixpack of beer before putting this list together.  

  • they left out a lot women, especially Janet Jackson.

    • bdawg

      lol janet cmon she looks so…. ugly

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  • i think Anastacia should be here, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna….

  • Out of the 12 women we have 7 beautiful African American women who hardly age. This is impressive.

  • Silver Spring Sista’

    WOW! A list without Demi Moore on it!  How refreshing!

  • Jen

    Where is Diane Keaton????  Seriously?

  • Tim Golden

    cindy crawford?

  • Mkklb2u

    What!  No Madonna???

  • Robin

    Salli Richardson, perhaps

  • Tasha

    Ummmm you forgot Sade, Michelle Obama, and Pam Grier.

  • girliusmaximus

    Lol I could be on that list too at 30 all my 6th grade classmates want to know how my face looks exactly as it did when I was 11 no surgery needed…. Go figure but I agree with some people on here that say it should not count if you've had surgery done because that's not aging that's altering in my opinion… But hey I say take the help where you can get it magazines airbrush all the time surgery is just permanent airbrushing. As long as you don't come out with a statue face and fish lips it's all good to me!

  • be my guest

    I should be on that list.

  • L. Chase

    With all due respect, it shouldnt count if they havent aged gracefully, i.e. Had work done. I think that truly ‘beautiful’ women glow because of their inner beauty, and most of the beautiful women here are truly beautiful and truly women. Now add Sade:)

  • Dark Pisces

    Nia Long and I agree with the Sade comment because she is breathtaking without the overexposure.

  • Nik

    Where is Janet Jackson?????????

    • Prissy

      Somewhere getting another nose job, rib job, butt job. She has said out of her mouth that she has been getting work done as young as 14 years old.

      • Paully

        Now Pissy you know that's not true. Question are you a Beyonce fan? If so you know she had a nose job too? Janet has always had a mature developed body so all that rib and butt crap is just that crap…Know what you're talking about before you speak. Notice how your coments are the only negative ones…Need a hug?

        • Prissy

          LOL NO I am def NOT as Beyonce fan. AND I can LINK her Essence magazine interview from a few years back stating she has had a nose job as early as 14. Hell her WHOLE entire family has had nose jobs. The Jacksons do NOT look like they used to. Let's be real here

        • Prissy

          And how is it "negative" when stating FACTS and the TRUTH?? You need to KNOW what you speak of before you comment and get upset about what someone says on a BLOG. LOL Good day my dear. Ps; HUG ACCEPTED. 😉

  • Ptolemy

    Taraji P. Henson is not that cute to me, idk she just doesn't do it for me

  • juantee

    Can't believe Janet is not on this list #deadwrong

  • How did you forget Sade from being placed on this list.

  • djplatnum

    Nancy Pelos? ya'll stupid…. the rest….i feel

  • guest

    that's not the best picture of Angela, I think she keeps herself in shape and looks wonderful,but that picture does not show how well she keeps herself looking.

  • Youthful

    Imma need yall to swap out Elizabeth Hurley and Nancy Pelosi for Cicely Tyson and Naomi Campbell!!! Yall forgot about Kirsty Alley she doesn’t look 61!

  • I dont like this list, some of them you can tell had surgery like nancy pelosi and tina turner, tine doesnt even look the same, and im amazed because she carried it a long time without having surgery… Janet Jackson should have topped the list.. nose job or not she is one gorgeous lady for 45 and looks every bit of late 20's! Iman the African Queen is stunning and you can tell she is natural!

  • Back dont crack .. i know that for a fact!

    • Tsflaxie

      belieee that!