90’s Fashion Trends We Should NOT Revisit

October 13, 2011  |  
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Everything old is new again, at least at some point. However, while there have been some great recent 1990’s fashions to return, we aren’t interested in seeing them all resurrected.Check out of some of our more tragic former fashion faves that make us say “please don’t call it a comeback!”

“Blossom” Hats: Those big floppy things made popular by the NBC sitcom (and Tia and Tamera in their “Sister, Sister” days) just look the absolute fool. Never again.

Head To Toe Baggy Clothes For Women: While we’re all for a large hoodie or blouse with leggings and boots, let us never return to the “Gangsta B!tch” look of baggy plaid shirts with oversized jeans, “loc” shades and Timbs, k?

Cartoon Character Gear: Leave the Tweety Bird and Betty Boop stuff to the kiddies. A grown woman should not be popping it in the club with a Big Bird shirt!

Fanny Packs: These unisex purses were uncomfortable, unflattering and downright stupid. Leave them to the older Wisconsin tourists who are perpetually in the way in Times Square, mmmkay.

Excessive Leather: Baseball jerseys, jeans and tops should not be adorned with animal hide. Remember when Kanye West ran up on Taylor Swift? Some people blame the Henny or his ego…we think it was that God awful leather top. He overheated.

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  • Samkelis ♡

    I like dookie braids! I always have!

  • WickedCats

    Okay, some of these are stupid. If I want to wear a t-shirt with a huge cartoon on it, I’ll damn well wear it.

  • idgafaboutyouropinion

    okay but what they are wearing is somewhat similar to what rihanna has been wearing lately. and the braids are always in. may not be “dookie braids” but they are always in. Solange brought them back and beyonce dabbled in it too.

  • africangirlwithasharptounge

    SPEAK FOR YOURSELF! lol…90’s ish was the ish…except blossom hats…everything is pretty recyclable

  • Sayyidina27

    Y’all are tripping. I loved my dookie braids! LMAO

  • Lanfred

    LOVE me some dookie braids! Gotta know how to work them; just don’t go as big as Patra, but more like poetic justice braids. Got some in now and working it like Solange Knowles. Marilyngemini88 probably saw me on the train with them the other day 🙂

  • Chevonne22

    Let’s extend the “Head To Toe Baggy Clothes For Women” all the way out to men as well.  Super baggy clothes is so unattractive on a man.  They have clothes to fit men and women of all sizes, let us but them and wear accordingly.

  • Kayne was OVERHEATED!! LOL

  • Guest

    I'd rather have any of these back over the "pants on the ground" look going on now.

  • MsRichE

    Jodeci Boots! LOL!

  • girliusmaximus

    A lot of your list is things people do currently and will continue to do across decades to come. They should just stop period.

  • girliusmaximus

    And why couldn't people walk in Jordans? People still buy them as well in 2011…

  • Ms.mykimoto

    Four letters……F.U.B.U.

    • pinky

      This. I never understood the appeal of that horrid powder blue. It is a color that only looks good on a very very small percentage of the entire human race. Most of them are under the age of 2.


    Ok, yall trippin cus fanny packs came back a few years ago (LV made one) and on the Betty Boop shirt cus Rhi Rhi looks hot!

  • funny list, and the pics inspired me lool.Just about all of these are back and alive when styled right look good, i love rockin 80s and 90s stuff been my style for a while, i got the box braids too and i love em.

  • LOL that was a fun trip down memory lane!

    I do miss tha baggy clothes and honestly with the way pop stars dress now ( nikki minaj looking like a ghetto judy jetson, and lady gaga wearing meat) I would gladly accept a comeback!

  • miss k.

    My hairline couldn't support those heavy box braids to save my life!

    • girliusmaximus

      Lol say what you want about those braids but it takes an eighth of the time to braid them as it does to put in micros. That's something I wish would go away NOW. Hairlines prematurely receeding, no hair at the temples, home made face lifts! Sucre bleu!

  • detroitgirl

    My favorite uses outfit was white daisy dukes with colorful design on the cuff that spelled out used, and the matching used t-shirt! Loved that outfit. … Come on baaaabbby… Look at them girls with daisy dukes on, I want u too… Brings back memories. I want to find my ca-single!

  • ASAP

    No Karl Kani or Cross Colours

  • jenna

    Black lipliner and vaseline. Airbrushed coveralls. Highwaist jeans…

  • candice

    idk, RiRi looked pretty chic to me =)

  • Jessica

    Pleaseee don't forget the excessive use of lipliner ESPECIALLY with no lipstick. SMH

    • Jen

      Or the MOST criminal of them all! Wearing black lipliner!

      • girliusmaximus


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  • L-Boogie

    Those are some rough looking women in the last picture.

    • L-Boogie

      Sorry, meant first picture.


    Why does a one paragraph article get broken up over seven pages? WHy make me click through all this mess when I could scroll down one page? Seriously.

    Cute article. Queen Patra looks good.

    • girliusmaximus

      LAWD!! Thank you for that one. I get sick of slow *ss madame noire and the "slides" when you could just put it on one page. Jeez.

  • Brodie

    Ah those were the days. Right after LA Gear and British Knights hit the skids and Jean Skirts wouldn't make a come back for another 4 years. My favorite outfits was a Cross Color T-shirt and Short set (orange shorts and printed shirt) and Hi-Tech boots. 2 pairs of socks to add more color and a huge, thick gold Herringbone chain my aunt bought me. FRESH-2-DEATH!

    • CPA

      OMG. You went way back! Did we come from the same family? You are describing exactly what was in my closet along with my brothers. Don't forget those acid wash jeans and jeans that were cut with box cutters. lol.

      • Sayyidina27

        We used to cut up our jeans, and go to town with permanent magic markers! Writing our name and “set”….when a set was just a group of kids with a name…not a gang….

  • MsRichE

    Remember when the HBCU gear waas hot! Rocking that Grambling State University sweat suit was the sh*t! Or the Malcom X baseball jerseys…what!

    Oh! What do yall know about those Penny Hardaway Nikes or Grant Hill Filas now that's a throwback from the late 90's!

    • CPA

      I loved my Grant HIl Filas. I had blue and white.

    • Sayyidina27

      What’s up! Everybody used to wear them!

  • darealbey

    What about jellies? Man my feet were sweating, squeaking and sliding all over them thangs! Lol

    • Nasya

      LOL I used to love them when I was a little girl. They had the clear ones, pink, yellow, blue and etc.

  • Candy

    I love my timberlands. I still have some. Don't need them where i am now though 🙁

  • Jayda

    what's worse than those dookie braids is those darn crochet braids… omg those things were the most unflattering and unnatural thing I ever saw on somebody's head. and my cousins would get them EVERY summer!

    • Nasya

      Those crochet yarn braids were ridiculous especially those dreadful neon colors.

      • Sayyidina27

        yeah they still wear yarn braids…

    • girliusmaximus

      Um you do realize people still wear them now??

  • I wore the Blossom hats, fanny packs, baggy clothes, Tweety Bird shirts and the Dookie braids back in the 90s and I let all that go when I went to high school in '96.

    • BTW, remember the slap bracelets in the early 90s? Those things were addictive!

      • Nasya

        OMG I used to love the slap bracelets. I never did like the fanny packs or Blossom hats. I graduated from high school in '96.

  • FannyPackFan

    There's nothing better that a tasteful fanny (now called waist bags) when you have a lot ot do and don't want to carry around a giant purse. I love my sleek little Gucci number. It saves my back & shoulders. Sometimes practical and fashionable can blend.

    • girliusmaximus

      Yes epic fail to putting fanny packs on the list and all the people who gave you a thumbs down… They just needed to be updated is all instead of wearing those big old shinny Granny packs they had in the 90's. Kudos to you!

  • imahrtbrkbeat

    How could you forget Cross Colors?!?! That should have been #1!

  • Michelle

    What’s with the dis to the Wisconsin tourists? Cut us some slack, people just tryin to escape the political chaos of our State for a bit and enjoy themselves in Times Square. I swear people from Milwaukee got style though…..

    • Candy

      But you're ALWAYS right in the middle during rush hour. Scooch over to the side a little please…

  • IllyPhilly

    What about those hoop nose rings, SWV nails, neon colored biker shorts, men with dyed colored hair ala Rodman or Chris brown now.

  • this list was cute, however the "dookie" dreads are back in LOL saw an unfortunate soul with them on the metro the other day LOL….soooo glad bamboo's wasn't on the list, cuz i gotta have those….no names tho, no more than 1 pair.