You Family? Celebs Who We Didn’t Know Were Black

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You know the one drop rule – if you’ve got a bit of Black in ya, well, that’s what you are. Nowadays, in our post-racial society, a lot of folks would challenge the fallacy of being identified by one ethnicity but hey, we thought it would still be fun to take inventory of the overlooked Black celebs in Hollywood. While it’s usually easy to spot a brotha or sista, sometimes a few manage to slip on by without being noticed. Here are a few that you may have not known belonged to the family.


Kris Humphries

Now you didn’t think Kim Kardashian would end up with a non-brotha, did you? If the NBA baller never ended up on the arms of reality royalty Kim K, nobody would’ve ever questioned Humphries heritage. He just looks like he has a great tan. But everyone knows that Kimmy Cakes has a love of chocolate and she defiinitely didn’t give that up after her fine ex Reggie Bush broke her heart.

Ethnic breakdown: Father is half black, making Humphries a quarter black.

Pete Wentz

We’ll have to admit – this was a SUPER shocker! Who would’ve thunk that the rocker, ex-hubby of Ashlee Simpson was actually black. The rumor mill started circulating when Wentz was seen donning a ‘fro all around town. We can now see that that he’s been flat ironing his curly locks all these years.

Although Wentz hasn’t directly broken down his heritage to the tee, word is that his mother is a mixed Black woman (half Jamaican and Hawaiian)

Rashida Jones

Quincy Jones’ genes aren’t very strong and the most visible manifestation of that is his superstar daughter Rashida Jones, who has been steadily been making a name for herself as a bona fide Hollywood actress. Having moved from NBC’s hit show The Office to Parks & Recreation, Jones’ non-Black appearance definitely has determined her career arc. While many Black actresses are sidelines by their ethnicity, Jones’ actually plays ethnically ambiguous roles – or rather gets to play all the roles that white women do.

Maya Rudolph

The SNL sensation is the daughter of soul legend Minnie Riperton. Like Rashida Jones, Rudolph has also gotten to play the ethnically ambiguous roles and  more often than not, plays the love interest of white men in her films like “Away We Go” and the summer hit “Bridesmaids.”



Wentworth Miller

This beautiful specimen came onto the scene with his debut in the film “The Human Stain” where he played a black man passing for a Jewish man. He became known to a broader range of fans when he played Mariah Carey’s love interest in her music video for “We Belong Together.” The Prison Break star was born in England to a Black father and white mother, and was raised in Brooklyn New York. His father is of mixed heritage although Miller refers to him as Black.

Cash Warren

Who knew Jessica Alba’s daughters were a quarter black. Yup, that’s because her fine husband Cash Warren is actually half black, unbeknownst to many who mistake him for a Latino man. His father is actually a popular African-American actor who starred in the hit television series “Hill Street Blues” in the 1980s and continues to make many guest appearances on popular shows like Lincoln Heights and Criminal Minds.

Malcolm Gladwell

The popular author of game-changing works like The Tipping Point, Blink and The Outliers is a brothaman. He was born in Canada to a Jamaican mother and a British father.

Jennifer Beals

Jennifer Beals is best known for her roles in Flashdance and the showtime series The L Word. Born to an African-American father and an Irish American mother, Beals was raised in the Chicago area.


The iconic guitarist for Guns N’ Roses can thank his African-American mother for his signature long, thick mane. His father was an English artist and his mother was a costume designer who worked with the likes of David Bowie. Having been born in England, Slash has dual citizenship. Of his heritage, Slash remarked in his autobiography: “As a musician, I’ve always been amused that I’m both British and black; particularly because so many American musicians seem to aspire to be British while so many British musicians…went to such great pains to be black.”

Soledad O’Brien

Even after watching Soledad O’Brien host all those CNN “Black in America” specials, it’s still hard to remember that she is indeed Black. Ms. O’Brien definitely has a lot to prove as someone who appears Caucasian but speaks on behalf of Black Americans as a major reporter for CNN. Her mother is Black Cuban and her father is Australian. Evidence of O’Briens heritage can be seen in the fact that she looks much younger than her 45 years of age. Black certainly don’t crack honey.

Carol Channing

Carol Channing is a legendary Broadway performer who had always been accepted as another glamourous white star. In her autobiography, released in 2002, she dropped a bomb when she revealed that her father was actually a bi-racial man. Her mother had revealed the secret to her when she was in college but Channing never said anything about it until she was in her 1980s, not wanting to jeopardize her career.

Mariah Carey

Although Carey has made a point of identifying as a Black woman, most people didn’t know she was a sister when she burst onto the scene 21 years ago. Her father is of Afro-Venezuelan and Black American and her mother is Irish-American. So where did the name Carey come from? Her paternal grandfather changed his surname in order to better assimilate into American society.

Derek Jeter

We know Jeter may not care about being identified as Black but hey, the Yankee is on our team. Jeter was born to an African-American father and a white mother. His kids with his future non-ethnic wifey will probably look like Kris Humphries.

Chris Daughtry

We have no evidence that this American Idol rock star has any Black blood running through his veins but just by looking at his tan skin and his bald head (why he keeping his head shaved, huh?), we do suspect a lil flavor in him.  He may be a part of the undercover Hollywood club called I’m black but I’ll never admit it, lest it hurt my career, which is run by the two biggest undercovers of them all: Vin Diesel and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

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  • Elisabeth

    Lol my grandmother was white . I’m a biracial raised by a white family. Anyway this was forever ago I just think your prejudices and assumptions are funny . I definitely do not have a complex about my skin my best feature for sure is my skin every girl has a feature they like about themselves eyes lips ect mine is my complexion. Have a biased life .

  • Liz Vasquez

    …So you would rather see Rashida Jones play a black character then??? lol 🙂 …I’d love to see how that works….If you didn’t know who her father was, you’d never guess she even had any African in her veins. Seems like that ‘ole ‘one drop rule’ raising it’s ugly head again…heck this whole article wreaks and smells of it!!! …My guess that certain black folks (particularly women) are simply resentful that she can play characters other than black, whereas a black actress–a true black actress, is only restricted to black roles. That may be fact, which is why I don’t understand the notion of clinging on for dear life, to the one drop rule, regarding mixies who especially look more non-black than anything else???!!! It’s a stark reminder slapping you in the face that mixies are not just black, and YES, some don’t always look exclusively black and when casted in acting roles of non-black heritage, you can’t expect them to portray a typical black character when typical blacks aren’t and don’t look mixed. i’m referring to mixies that look more non-black than anything else…you know the ones….Rashida herself, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Mariah Carey, Naya Rivera…I’m sure there are many that weren’t listed in this racist article, but those are the top ones that come to mind….

  • Liz Vasquez

    …Pete Wentz just looks like a Jew or someone with curly hair…since when does curly hair mean that you’re black??!!! …He may have Jamaican ancestry, but that still doesn’t mean he’s black!!! …Why do black people love to claim anything with the slightest inclination of African ancestry within their DNA???? …Why??? That one drop rule business continues to rot your brains!!! lol 🙂

  • detwo313

    I agree with people saying these people aren’t black. It’s too deep to elaborate and I stop wasting my time on youtube and worldstar trying explain things on a deeper level. People are too dumb .

  • Ifuaskme2

    what a stupid azz list. As a Caribbean born national I’m disgusted to think that MN acts like only black live there. There are white and asian Jamaicans. Get a damn clue!

  • I have to break this up or I get filtered.
    I tire so much of folks who use the black card whenever they find out there is a black ancestor in their family history. Suddenly that makes them black. That is definitely a racist card if I ever heard one. Obama is a mix of white and Kenyan. But no….everyone claims he is black, period. As you stated, we all could possibly find that we are a huge mixture of many cultures. I know I am. I have done some serious DNA checking and my origins come from Egypt of all places. Then we migrated up to Babylonia/Assyria (probably as slaves as they took many in war back then), then up to Europe and eventually to Scotland. Many of my ancestors are dark haired and blue eyed.

    • The point is…I am not Egyptian, Assyrian, Babylonian, or European or Scottish. I am American who happens to have dark hair (or did anyway before time has changed it) and blue eyes and white…ish skin. I am not hyphenated in any way. Not Egyptian-American, not Babylonian-American, not Scottish-American. Just….American. We need to get over this hyphenated thing. Most blacks I have met wouldn’t know Africa if it hit them in the face, nor would they want to go there and try and live. If people insist they are African American, then I suggest they go to Africa and get citizenship there and live there for a while. THEN, you will have the right to call yourself African-American. Until then…shut the card trap up.

      • Teddy Roosevelt said it well as he addressed the Knights of Columbus in NY in 1915. He was speaking to many who had immigrated to this country from all over the world. He said:
        “There is no room in this country for hyphenated Americanism. When I refer to hyphenated Americans, I do not refer to naturalized Americans. Some of the very best Americans I have ever known were naturalized Americans, Americans born abroad. But a hyphenated American is not an American at all.”
        “This is just as true of the man who puts “native” before the hyphen as of the man who puts German or Irish or English or French before the hyphen. Americanism is a matter of the spirit and of the soul. Our allegiance must be purely to the United States. We must unsparingly condemn any man who holds any other allegiance.”
        “But if he is heartily and singly loyal to this Republic, then no matter where he was born, he is just as good an American as anyone else.”

        • “The one absolutely certain way of bringing this nation to ruin, of preventing all possibility of its continuing to be a nation at all, would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities, an intricate knot of German-Americans, Irish-Americans, English-Americans, French-Americans, Scandinavian- Americans, or Italian-Americans, each preserving its separate nationality, each at heart feeling more sympathy with Europeans of that nationality than with the other citizens of the American Republic.”
          “The men who do not become Americans and nothing else are hyphenated Americans; and there ought to be no room for them in this country. The man who calls himself an American citizen and who yet shows by his actions that he is primarily the citizen of a foreign land, plays a thoroughly mischievous part in the life of our body politic. He has no place here; and the sooner he returns to the land to which he feels his real heart-allegiance, the better it will be for every good American.”

  • I tire so much of folks who use the black card
    whenever they find out there is a black ancestor in their family
    history. Suddenly that makes them black. That is definitely a racist
    card if I ever heard one. Obama is a mix of white and Kenyan. But
    no….everyone claims he is black, period. As you stated, we all could
    possibly find that we are a huge mixture of many cultures. I know I am. I
    have done some serious DNA checking and my origins come from Egypt of
    all places. Then we migrated up to Babylonia/Assyria (probably as slaves
    as they took many in war back then), then up to Europe and eventually
    to Scotland. Many of my ancestors are dark haired and blue eyed.

    point is…I am not Egyptian, Assyrian, Babylonian, or European or
    Scottish. I am American who happens to have dark hair (or did anyway
    before time has changed it) and blue eyes and white…ish skin. I am not
    hyphenated in any way. Not Egyptian-American, not Babylonian-American,
    not Scottish-American. Just….American. We need to get over this
    hyphenated thing. Most blacks I have met wouldn’t know Africa if it hit
    them in the face, nor would they want to go there and try and live. If
    people insist they are African-American, then I suggest they go to
    Africa and get citizenship there and live there for a while. THEN, you
    will have the right to call yourself African-American. Until then…shut
    the card trap up.

    Teddy Roosevelt said it well as he addressed
    the Knights of Columbus in NY in 1915. He was speaking to many who had
    immigrated to this country from all over the world. He said:

    “There is no room in this country for hyphenated Americanism. When I refer to hyphenated Americans,
    I do not refer to naturalized Americans. Some of the very best
    Americans I have ever known were naturalized Americans, Americans born
    abroad. But a hyphenated American is not an American at all.”

    is just as true of the man who puts “native” before the hyphen as of
    the man who puts German or Irish or English or French before the hyphen.
    Americanism is a matter of the spirit and of the soul. Our allegiance must be purely to the United States. We must unsparingly condemn any man who holds any other allegiance.”

    if he is heartily and singly loyal to this Republic, then no matter
    where he was born, he is just as good an American as any one else.”

    one absolutely certain way of bringing this nation to ruin, of
    preventing all possibility of its continuing to be a nation at all,
    would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities,
    an intricate knot of German-Americans, Irish-Americans, English-
    Americans, French-Americans, Scandinavian- Americans, or
    Italian-Americans, each preserving its separate nationality, each at
    heart feeling more sympathy with Europeans of that nationality than with
    the other citizens of the American Republic.”

    men who do not become Americans and nothing else are hyphenated
    Americans; and there ought to be no room for them in this country. The
    man who calls himself an American citizen and who yet shows by his
    actions that he is primarily the citizen of a foreign land, plays a
    thoroughly mischievous part in the life of our body politic. He has
    no place here; and the sooner he returns to the land to which he feels
    his real heart-allegiance, the better it will be for every good

  • Gabrielle

    I’m Biracial and I defiantly consider myself “black” and not mixed, just as I consider myself equally “white”. Just because we’remixed doesnt mean we’re less black. Js

  • hey

    That’s a lie Dwayne Johnson love his black heritage. His father was the first black wrestler in Canada. And he knew how hard it was his father. He even have it in his book when he talk about life. You have to do some research. The media doesn’t want him to be black. Be he proud of his blackness.

  • #ridic

    Americans want to put everyone in clear boxes. These people are of duel heritage. Wheres the bet you didnt know these celebrities were chinese article?
    #whocares if you insist of dividing your country by colour you will continue to fall apart.

  • sunni_daze

    16 shades of black; 16 shades of brown; 16 shades of yellow and they are all beautiful. Some people tend to forget that this is what we make as black people.

  • mythbuster

    Soledad doesn’t look Caucasian, maybe only to Black folk because anything lighter than Black skin has to be White, right?

  • tuttifrutti

    Your staff must be very young… everyone on this list has been “outed-as-black” years ago!

  • Erin

    Well were all from africa, so I dont know wtf yall are discussing.

    • NORman

      and white people are albinos that had to escape because we were eating them.
      I heard this threw the grape vine don’t ask me if it true.

  • alasia min

    so sick of racist denying non black heritage and saying mixed people are only black. Why is it so hard to accept nonblack heritage in someone

  • Chrome

    We have a Black president AND a White President still.

  • celeste

    black people quit whining about how were all mixed or everyone came from Africa. then I guess white people don’t exist right? they’re all black too. and the kkk? if you wanna play this retarded outdated illogical one drop crap, then that makes every single member of the kkk a black person since we all come from Africa originally. do you know how stupid that sounds? being 20% white is soooo different from being split down the middle 50/50. didn’t you all learn back in elementary school that 50% doesn’t equal a whole? and stop saying well “back in the day if you had one black parent” or “back in the day” like shut up! the here and now is not back in the day. back in the day, aka the past is over! and people no longer have to pretend that racist laws like the one drop rule make sense, because according to that rule everyone in the world is a black person, ha! as if! c’mon black people you know damn well being 50/50 or even majority white is different than being majority black, or knowing you have white but not being able to trace it. quit playin games. I mean just look at these mixed/bi-racial people! even if you can tell they have some black in them, they don’t look like black people!! and don’t even try to front like “black people don’t all look the same” and you’re right! but mixed people, especially the ones here you know damn well don’t look like you. and you wanna say “ask the kkk what they think they’ll call em black” like oh so now all the sudden you blacks want to hand all the power over to uneducated rednecks?! like who the fck are they to you? mixed people aren’t black, they’re mixed. nice try but you need to stop grouping people in with you all especially when a lot of mixed people don’t look anything like you or even identify with you. and by not acknowledging that mixed people are different than you, you’re letting that gay a– one drop rule live on. it’s over you guys, slavery is over move on already. a lot of biracials don’t even look like you. and you both are beautiful, accept it. and btw the mixed experience is wayyy different than the black experience. especially when mixed people don’t look black. you wanna play? look at Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima. she’s got a bit of black in her she’s said so, but she identifies as mixed because well SHE IS! she’s clearly not a black girl. I mean look at her. come on now

    • NathanDrake777

      I’m Black, I agree with everything you said. No reason to group all Blacks together though as if we’re one entity, we don’t all think the same. I get what you’re saying though.

  • bodymindwellnessspa

    this is crazy, funny convo. it allows you to see the thought process of so many people. The 1 drop rule was definitely created years ago, however ppl now call themselves what they want. They are allowed that. to me it’s not race, mixed race, multiracial….ethnicity, bi ethnic or multi ethnic, makes more sense to me, but that’s me and my opinion. There is only 1 race and that is human. Everything else is an ethnicity or nationality, if you will. race is an american thing, created for separation for a reason years ago. don’t get caught up in it. Be the best you in service of humanity. my 2 cents.

  • TDubbs

    Isn’t it how these individuals identify themselves what really matters, no matter the in-depth ethics debate?

  • Lisa

    They are NOT BLACK They are MIXED. Black and mixed is two totally different things. If you mix blue and blue together, you get another blue. If you mix blue and red together you get a totally different color which is purple. That purple can not claim to be just red or just blue, it’s simply MIXED. Mixed people can not claim to be white or black. They are mixed with both.

  • tooo funny

    so easy to tell with their ape like noses and slanted in skulls.

  • tooo funny

    I knew they were all nigggers.

  • Iesha Sue Washington

    Oh my goodness you all can just be quiet who cares if they’re not full black. Even for the people who fall under just “African American” isn’t just “African American” for sure. We our all mix no matter if both your parents are black or not. Both of my parents are African American. My mom’s parents were full black but still found out that my grandfather had some percentage of Native American in him and he was as black as a black person can get. You live in the U.S. NO ONE, Do you hear me NO ONE is just one Ethnicity anymore. We are all mixed of different Ethinicities. No matter if your Black, Mexican, White, Indian. Somewhere along the way you will find a different ethnicity in your blood line from generations ago. George Lopez is Mexican and that is just by his race but his bloodline say just by being the title of MEXICAN his DNA says that he is a mixture of 55% European, 32% Native American, 9% East Asian and 3% African American. We are all a mixture of something, no matter if you just fall under the category of being just “African American” or “White”. We are all mix, so don’t come out saying that everyone on this list is “Not Black”. Because the matter of fact is your not “Just Black” either

  • Guest

    Oh my goodness you all can just be quiet who cares if they’re not full black. Even for the people who fall under just “African American” isn’t just “African American” for sure. We our all mix no matter if both your parents are black or not. Both of my parents are African American. My mom’s parents were full black but still found out that my grandfather had some percentage of Native American in him and he was as black as a black person can get. You live in the U.S. NO ONE, Do you hear me NO ONE is just one Ethnicity anymore. We are all mixed of different Ethinicities. No matter if your Black, Mexican, White, Indian. Somewhere along the way you will find a different ethnicity in your from generations ago. George Lopez is Mexican and that is just by his race but his bloodline say just by being the title of MEXICAN his DNA says that he is a mixture of 55% European, 32% Native American, 9% East Asian and 3% African American. We are all a mixture of something, no matter you just under the category of being just “African American” or “White”. We are all mix, so don’t come out saying that everyone on this list is “Not Black”. Because the matter of fact is your not “Just Black” either.

  • someone

    But technically you wouldn’t call them black, right? Just because they have some black in them, that doesn’t mean they’re mixed?

    That’s like calling a black person white just because they may have some white in them. This doesn’t make any sense to me…

  • Leslie A Hagen

    Although I could def see it as a possibility, here are Chris Daughtry’s parents (could still be linked to his extended family/genes tho, u never know!=)

  • TheyRout2getMe

    A bit of topic but I’m thrilled that Carol Channing is 1980 years old and still going strong.

  • ThatOneGuy

    They’re all black. America has the one drop rule, one drop of black blood and you’re black. That being said, everyone is black.

  • Ninjajp

    He may be a part of the undercover Hollywood club called I’m black but I’ll never admit it, lest it hurt my career, which is run by the two biggest undercovers of them all: Vin Diesel and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson” easily the biggest lie this article has told, both of these fuckers have admitted theyre fathers are black. whoever wrote this article is a racist dumbass.

  • Brian Astby

    No way Pete could be black. He’s just too intelligent.

  • Mary

    First of all…there are only “3” races. Being French, British, Italian…are ethnicities or nationalities. Because we confuse so many nationalities with races we think there are many races. Even though there are 3 races we should not forget that WE ALL belong to the HUMAN race and we are all here on this earth for a purpose. So let’s stop trying to find differences and see how we are more alike. NO ONE created themselves, and NO ONE should be overly proud or embarrassed by what race or nationality they come from. We as people need to stop discriminating against each other just because ones’ skin may be lighter or darker. GOD sees the heart of each and every one of us, and He created US ALL EQUAL, what mankind chooses to use for bad God can always bring good out of it. We have to come to terms with the fact that we are all human and we need to be treated humanely and loved. Your skin is just a protective layer to help your body function and minimize disease, it does not, nor will not, make you the Man or Woman God wants you to be. We are family in Christ.

  • Jessica2248

    how can Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson be undercover, when we all know their background?

  • Cassius

    I didnt even know that my father being half black makes me a bro

  • hate bigotry

    why don’t we get it? we are all just different shades of brown. why classify as “black” someone who is biracial? aren’t they just as “white”? why are we looking, other than for the purpose of celebration?

  • YouDoItToYourselves

    who ever runs this page should be ashamed. you are so racist.

  • Anthony

    the Rock and Vin Diesel have both stated that they are black. The Rock use to give away the final award at the NAACP award for years.

  • LaBelleFille

    I am a 51 year old woman who knew from a very young age who and what I am. I was raised in Europe and came to the US as a teenager. That is when I came in contact with Black American girls whom insisted that I had to make a choice; either Black or White. That seemed extremely strange; as I was raised as member of the Human race who experienced (and yet today) an abundance of love and positivity. The fact that I have a father who is what we refer to as polygenic (Black, Creek Indian, and White) but looks Black American, and a White European mother did not cause me to choose one side nor the other. I am proud of my family and happy to say that my parents have been very happily married for 54 years. Perhaps there will come a day when the “need” to identify “who is” and “who is not” of a particular race will no longer be at the forefront of certain individuals’ minds thus causing them to be ruled, write, and act upon what they perceive to be true or untrue of any other person. I am proud of BOTH of my parents who know what it is to experience racism from Black Americans and White Americans. And yes, I am often mistaken for a variety of nationalities and have heard very ugly conversations by mostly Black Americans (mostly women) who HATE Whites & mixed race people as well as some Whites who dislike Blacks. They have no peace within. I always see these moments as opportunities to share love and teach a few facts. I’m good, I have peace within. It’s both sad and interesting that people hate based upon what they do not know – ignorance.


  • Christopher Delano

    When has the Rock not admitted to having a black father? He’s always said he’s black. Vin Diesel however….

  • lee

    Duane “The Rock” Johnson has never shied away from being half black.

  • Sam Ven


  • Guest

    Honorable PM, you are digging your own or AL’s grave by not listening to anyone about the poll time administration.

    I believe millions of progressive and secular Bangladeshis know your good intention to hold the forthcoming parliamentary election in an acceptable manner and to move forward our democracy. But do you think KZ or BNP will hold acceptable parliamentary elections in future? Can you anticipate any acceptable future parliamentary elections under KZ or BNP?

    I think for a long term solution of the poll time administration and to escape honorably from the current deadlock situation you should propose a poll time administration comprised of 5 position MPs and 5 opposition MPs headed by Speaker/President. I do not need to remind you the popularity and good work of Bangabandhu before 1975 and the political scenarios after the worst political killing of Bangladesh in August 1975.

    Please do not delay and do not harm Bangladesh, AL and progressive-secular force of Bangladesh.

  • arun

    how to delete media and files from nokia lumna 820 …

  • Tara

    WHO wrote this list? Because most of the people on this list are know surprise. You can tell by looking at most of them that their mixed with black especially Maya Rudolph ….who didn’t know she was black? And Vin Diesel and the Rock haven’t tried to hide their ethnicities they’ve both been in black magazines (not 100% sure about he Rock but Vin diesel has).

  • Krïs Rééd

    If Kim Kardashian’s Dating Him, You Know Hes Black.

  • Nobody

    It’s pretty pathetic how obsessed with race people still are. All of us are the same color on the inside. Grow up. Who gives a crap about color? We aren’t going to improve as people until we accept and get over the fact that we’re all different.
    Segregation was simply a way for the people in power to divide the mass of poor people- black and white slaves and servants- so they wouldn’t rise up and take over. Divide and conquer. Keep letting it happen today, with this petty talk of who is what color. It so doesn’t even matter. Especially not when our government is stripping of us of our rights and still lettong us believe we’re too different to just forget something as unimportant as the color of our flesh..

  • Kp.

    According to the Bible there are no mixed children. Nationality is determined by the seed of the father not the mother. Nationality and traits are two different things.

  • Yazbhert

    why race is stil like a “thing” I mean we are humans we are people it’s 2013 This article is pointless is not anybodys business what race are you, the whole world is mixed and remixed
    it’s a multiracial world though we keep in knowledge our roots and preserve our culture which is fine! But this hole thing about what race color or blood are you is ridiculouss.

  • Paul Carter

    There is no such thing as black blood, it’s red don’t know?

  • andre smith

    bunch of high yellow a$$ quadroons

  • gigi

    well duh…. who’s the “we” in the title? I thought they were all pretty much common knowledge…. go figure

  • mgsmith

    the one-drop rule was ruled unconstitutional in 1967, and the other,biracial, two or more races options have been added to the census in accordance with this. Even my proffesor taught the one drop rule in class on our first day…Society seems ignorant to the fact it is illegal to call or identify someone as black that is only half or part black. A lady won a lawsuit when a school tried to force her to record her biracial child as black. IT iS ILLEGAL PEOPLE, WAKE UP!! and a violation of equal rights.

  • Layde Life Coach

    There is only one race. The human race, which is made of different cultures and ethnicity..

  • Layde Life Coach

    The “one drop rule.” HE’S BLACK!!

  • toyisfabulous

    I know this article is old, but The Rock has never denied his heritage. He always reps his father and took his stage name.

  • Wondermann

    Is this a joke?

  • Pastor Dutch

    Whatever ur father Is thats what u r

  • Sunny

    A quarter Black? When did this happen Black is Black ask any white man!

  • ldglover

    I have many white friends who are culturally mixed within their European heritage (e.g. white individual with English father, German mother). I’d say in every case they identify culturally with both origins and do not take offense when someone calls them German, or English, or both. They identify with all 3 titles bc all 3 fit their description. It seems that mixed race ppl, particularly those who are mixed with black, find offense in being called black bc (tho they might not want to admit it) they see black as the less valuable of their parts and they somehow want to distance themselves from being lumped into this seemingly inferior group. The white person with the mixed Euro heritage doesn’t find offense in being called one or the other bc neither is seen as being subordinate to the other (at least in the US). Black is beautiful and so is every other group and racial/ethnic/cultural mixture. To say that these celebrities are black doesn’t negate their other parts, it’s just stating the fact. They ARE black AND white (or whatever their other part(s) is/are) AND mixed race. Nothing wrong with any of those classifications.

    • ldglover

      There are a lot of comments in this thread (posted by mixed race ppl I am assuming) that seem to negate the fact that MOST black Americans are racially mixed to varying degrees and there is much evidence, genealogy testing and historical references to prove that. According to many sources, including the Nat’l Geographic, the average black American has roughly 20% European blood. It is insulting and undermining for a mixed race person to claim that black Americans do not have a mixed background when so much evidence proves the opposite. It seems to me that it is just another way for mixed race ppl who have racial identity issues to distance themselves from their blackness. If they admit that those who appear to be otherwise “all black” too have melded racial backgrounds than that aligns them way too closely to the group that they are trying to distance themselves from. I am not saying that all black people with 2 black parents are or should identify with being “mixed.” The experience of being raised by parents of different races and to have to conscious knowledge of 2 very different parts of yourself is a unique experience and should be acknowledged. I don’t think that most ppl who call mixed race ppl black for the purpose of acknowledging their partial blackness is in turn denying their mixture so I guess that is why I am puzzled by the outrage of the identification. To deny that blacks of the African diaspora do not have large quantities of white blood is to deny the scale and magnitude of the atrocities and sexual violations endure by this country’s black fore-women. For mixed ppl who negate that in referring to black Americans, they are also negating their own history as this would have been their ancestors’ experiences as well. I myself am black, I look black, I have 2 black parents who identify as such but have varying degrees of euro blood on both sides and my family is a crayola box of complexions going down the line. I by no means think that I am white or mixed with the knowledge of my white ancestry but it is something I am aware of bc it is truth, it is history.

  • DuBois

    Not only (as many others here have already pointed out) are you dead-wrong to suggest that The Rock is ashamed of his black ancestry (his black FATHER), you’re so wrong that apparently you don’t know that he is planning to produce and star in a movie about the African-American country-music legend (he’s in The Country Music Hall of Fame) Charley Pride.

  • just sayn

    N0. 1–Kris Humphries is no where near a brutha and his tan is not that great! N0. 2–He wasn’t Black enough for KIm. N0. 3 Reggie Bush is not that fine. Aren’t these people calling themselves “Bi- Racial” now. Is that even on an application now? Bi-racial? If so that’s sad cause the next box should read, What are you mixed with?

  • announcergirl

    You know who else I think should be on this list? Channing Tatum. I don’t know what he is claiming, but if you look at that guy…

  • Jujulovebean

    1. All these celebs are not black, they are bi-racial. 2. The only really surprise here is Pete Wentz. If you knew a little bit about any of these people, then you knew they had African ancestry (Malcolm Gladwell I never heard of and I suspect because Carol Channing was from a different generation of entertainers, most people don’t really know much about her). While they may not have made a big deal about there racial background, they didn’t exactly hide it either. And since you have no definitive proof of Chris Daughtry ancestry, I don’t think he should have been included on this list.

    • Ikea Monkey

      Bi-racial implies that a person is mixed of two races. Some of these people are multi-racial because they are descended from more than two races, if you want to get technical about it. 🙂

  • gully gurl

    wait, in defense of dwayne “the rock” johnson, it’s well known that his father is black wrestler rocky johnson and before the rock became an actor he touted that heritage so he’s never denied being black. i know i’m a little late to the conversation lol since the article was written in 2011 but hey, a fact is a fact

  • JustSaying

    The Rock Dwayne Johnson have never denied being African American. He actually speaks highly of his father, who was former wrestler as well.

  • cici

    you would half to be blind to not know that 95% people on list were part black. I am thankful everyday for my african genes as mother nature is on my side.

  • Guest

    Soledad O’Brien’s, Mom is only half black and her Dad’s white. She is more white and looks it. why is she speaking for true full black people?

  • guest

    Black doesn’t crack? what a racist thing to say and I have seen some blacks that do age worse than whites. Whoever wrote this is a sick racist.

  • Guest

    It called bi-racial get it right and who cares? people are people no matter what race.

  • Lila Beenthere

    we are all people! wish color as classification for humans should stop! Flowers or things are colored but not people! Turn off the lights!What do you see nothing =equality=feel the skin! Nowhere in the world is race an issue like here!

  • TR

    True about Vin Diesel but the Rock is always owning his black father!!

  • Samoyed

    Why don’t you (this article) just shut up?. Who gives a damn except insecure blacks or whites who wanna be black? This site in general is so hung up on race it’s sickening.

    • DuBois

      Does it upset you to have people discuss the black ancestry of racially mixed people? Are you a racially mixed person passing as white who fears someone will out you one day?

  • pjean07

    People needs to stop focusing on the shade of the skin. Two brothers same black mom same white dad, one comes out much lighter than the other, is that supposed to make them different. Humanity needs some Aliens to come eat them indiscriminately to realize there is only one Human race. ( I don’t really want to see no aliens ever )

  • Jason Todd

    I did not know about Pete Wentz or Carol Channing.

    However, here’s one that would shock a lot of people….Carly Simon.

  • I’m White

    are all black people related?

  • Bmother

    Lets get real…we can tell Derek Jeter and Malcolm Gladwell are Black men. Also, I guess you missed the article in Ebony magazine in June 2001 where Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who was on the cover talked with pride about his Black and Samoan heritage. He also talked about facing discrimination because of his heritage, so it’s unfair to accuse him of hiding his Blackness. And where’s actor Wentworth Miller (Prison Break) who definitely can pass for white?

  • AbbysBiggestFan

    The Rock has always acknowledge his blackness. Even when this trite article was published.

  • Interesting, I’m thinking you are the only ones that didn’t know this… especially Maya Rudolph… they talk about her mom all the time.

  • chalky

    No one that is white has ever thought that any of these people are anything but black.

  • MissRealuminatti

    Daughtry is so black

  • Please someone tell me what… “Black certainly don’t crack honey.” I know that they were trying to say Black doesn’t age as fast (I think that’s what it’s supposed to mean) But I can’t get it all together? lol help! 🙂

  • Backyard

    Rebecca Hall is also black. Her mother is African-American, Native American, Scottish, & Dutch. She was the main character on “The Town” with Ben Affleck.

  • cc

    Ok I am mixed. My dad is black and native and my mother is irish, french,german and scottish, now I celebrate and welcome all my races, but in the eyes of ppl I am either black, hispanic or arabic. Never ever would they say I was white, I even had ppl tell me ” she’s not your mother she is white”. Um yes she is and has the scars to prove she gave birth to me and my 2 sisters. It kills me that some black folks still hold grudges againts mixed race ppl, like we get a free pass card because we have some white in us. Please racist white ppl don’t like us if anything hate the fact one of them had kids with someone out their race. Also no black person in america is 100% black, infact it has been shown that most black people have 20% white DNA,so whouldnt that mean all african americans are mix or multi racial? We as the human race needs to get off our pride pedlestills and start realizing we are all the same. We all have the same basic wants and needs and the sooner the better. Ppl will find anything that makes them different but not what makes them the same. The world we be a better place if we all just started to respect eachother and stop leting stupid stereotypes control our live. Divided we fall united we stand!

  • I don’t think Vinn Deisel is mixed at all and also what about the actor from “Prison Break” and he also played a younger Anthony Hopkins in the Human Stain. Now he is mixed and you wouldn’t even know it

  • Ok I got take for The Rock on this one, because you’ve got it wrong. Not only has he told people he is black, he shows up at the BET awards all the time. You need to retract that statement you made about him.

    As for Vinn you are correct and when people questioned him, he skirted around the subject.

    The Rock has never denied who he is and is proud of his heritage.

  • D.N.

    The Rock claimed his black father and Samoan mother years ago when he entered the WWE when it was still known as the WWF and he was brand new wrestling under the name “Rocky Miavia” as a way to honor both his grandpa and his father.

  • D.N.

    The Rock claimed his black father and Samoan mother years ago when he entered the WWE when it was still known as the WWF and he was brand new wrestling under the name “Rocky Miavia” as a way to honor both his grandpa and his father.

  • LaylaC13

    My issue is with celebrities that take their miniscule minority backgrounds and beat us to death with them, some that come to mind, Jessica Alba’s DNA test shows 87% white, Salma Hayek, who screams about being Mexican as if she is 100% pure Indian, she is 1/2 Lebanese, Eva Longoria almost all Spanish white, not Indian or black, just a pinch, Soledad OBrien why is her 1/4th black background more important than her white or Hispanic, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez with their orange tan faces and you see the white where the makeup and spray tan ends, etc., if you are mixed you are mixed you can tell everyone you are black but that does not make it so.

  • dz

    The rock has always been proud of his dad, BUT was raised by both parent with his moms side of the family, thus he identifies with her samoan family more. Vin diesel doesn’t talk about his bio dad, because the deadbeat deserted the family, BUT his black step father has been a topic of conversation many times with h because he still looks up to him.

  • just sayn

    The only ones that I didn’t know were half Black were Jessica’s husband and Carole Channing. All I can say is check your history, Blacks were the first confirmed humans on earth. What is sad is that most folks don’t know it and Whites try to make sure you will never, ever find out! Science Tech confirms that human ancestors come from Africa..just check on line. Read and study for those who want knowledge, the info is right there for you. In essence, most races if not all are mixed with Black ancestry!

  • Rashida Jones though?

  • saddenamerican

    1st of all I didn’t know that Carol Channing was into her 1980’s. I want to know what she was taking, so that I can get some. However, this article is shameful, and ingnorant. It amazes me that Blacks don’t know the difference between race and nationality. The author of tipping point his mother is Jamaican. There are white people in that country. And in fact, his mother was black & white. So was Bob Marley did you know he was part white. As far as Jessica Alba’s husband being Latino. You can believe it or not be both black and Latino. FYI African slaves went to spanish colonies as well , french, dutch, British. I am not dissappointed with this author. I am dissapointed with the editor who aloud this article to go this website

  • Honestly?? Who cares? We are none what we seem. Having my DNA proves that to me. We thought we were one thing only to find out we were something else.

  • inca

    What you don’t understand is that caucasion hair traits are straight-wavy-cury-very curly-to frizzy like Pete Wentz’s hair{without being even 1% black} Caucasion hair colors are very blonde to med-dark blonde-lt.brown-dark brown to et black{without being even 1% black}Caucasion eye colors range from blue-bluegreen- green-all shades of hazels-lt.brown-brown-darkest brown{without being 1%black}aucasion skin colors range from very pale-medium-olive-dark olive – light brown. italians, arabs, middle easterners,sicilians,scandinavians,germans and even east indians from india(who are not australoid/black)ARE ALL CAUCASIONS

  • inca

    Jessica Alba’s husband Cash looks very similiar to Michael Jackson’s first son,Prince Michael(his hair texture,color,eye and skin color)Michael Jackson’s kids are only around a quarter black tooThe only way M.j.’s kids could be half black is if Michael Jackson was full black .And M.J.his siblings,his mom Katherine & father, Joe Jackson are all multiracial. Joe is black, Native American & White. That’s why his eyes are the same bluegreen shade as Paris’ eyes.michael Jackson’s mom katherine is Black and Native American.Blanket got his straight Native American hair from Joe, Katherine & Michael’s Native genes.Babies get their looks from parents, both sets grandparents, and all distant relatives on both side of their families. Genes that parents carry from anscestors determine what children will look like.all it takes for parents of any race to have a bluegreen eyed child is for bothparents,EACH, to pass their recessive genes to their baby. m.J. carried recessive genes too.that’s why Paris has same bluegreen color eyes as Grandpa Joe Jackson.M.J.s kids look just how they should look for being a quarter, or around 1/4 or a little more black, just like jessica Alba’s husband, CASH.

  • Who didn’t know that Slash was Black?

  • Jeanette

    Why not call this article “…people who can claim black ancestry?” or something along that line? Though I don’t get why in 2013 this is so important. This one-drop glorifying article is a disgrace and the editors should be ashamed!

  • CJFB

    Anyone who subscribes to the one-drop rule is doing little more than keeping Jim Crowe alive and well…just stupid. I can’t believe this writer would be so ignorant. We are a sum of our parts and no part is inferior or superior to the other. What right does anyone have to tell anyone that if any one part of them is black, they are black? Ignorance will keep racism in the forefront everytime!

  • enoni pond

    this has just made my point come full circle, its people on here with one parent being%100 black and never said a word they will not even own that side of them,its another article where blacks are braggin about being mixed please love me .lol mean while these people know what their roots are and will not claim it ,im not black im a mixed raced lol,,,,,,,smh

  • Yah

    who the heck didn’t know kris humphries was black? just look at him

  • Camillionare

    You forgot Jimmy Graham quarterback for the Saints!

  • Let’s do without the color coding, it’s stupid and unnecessary

  • Sylvester

    So Carol Channing came out about her bi-racial dad in “her 1980’s”? She’s almost 2000 years old? She holds it off well! Great reporting and editing in this article.

  • FromUR2UB

    You mean, we didn’t know 20 years ago? Most of these people we’ve known are black for decades. Carol Channing’s confession is the most recent. There are a few others I suspect are/were black. I won’t out the living, but whenever I watch the old movies with Joseph Cotton, I think he looked black. It’s tougher to tell on black/white photography, but still, there’s something about him…

  • Jennifer T. Wright

    Americans are so obsessed with race and skin tones. You need to focus on Education because your people have to be the most uneducated in the Western world!

  • We all mixed race so stop saying that ish to make your if yourself feel better. If you have black blood it’s going to show. I think that’s what mn is saying.

  • What_Is_Black

    Back in the nineties when Mariah Carey’s career started she denied being black in both Ebony and Jet magazines. Being “black” has evolved from being an oppressed group of people to being trendy and political.

  • rocklesson86

    Who ever made this list is so stupid. Most of these people we already knew had black in them. You can tell and they said so themselves. Furthermore, Vin Diesel and The Rock are not undercover black. They had both stated on numerous occasions that they were half black. Do your research and get your facts straight.

  • No mention of Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine?

    • rocklesson86

      That is right. His father was from Kenya.

  • hollyw

    Wow. I can’t believe the amt of shade this author just threw toward Vin Diesel and the Rock…not only because of its inappropriateness in nature, but also due to her inaccuracy. Rock has claimed his roots in virtually every bio he’s put out, and Vin’s claimed Black blood when he don’t even know his daddy!

    In fact, she seemed to be unknowledgable about half, and insinuated them ‘passing’ when a simple google search would pull most of these guys up w/their multiracial families…whom they’ve been publicly photographed w/on muliple occasions. I wanna tell her to do better lol…

  • Fridays View

    From the eyes of a black person, it appears that all of the mixed people get really upset when they are told they are black or being forced to identify as black. What the sad part is,,,some try so hard to identify as white. The voice, the style of dress, on and on. Look at photo #2 of Pete Wentz, that poor guy was straightening his hair to hide who he was.
    Sometimes I wonder,,, if the white race was not considered “Alpha Race”. If the mixed decendants complaining on this website – claiming they are tired of having to identify a black would be so vocal.

    I have cousins that are mixed and they try to fit in with their white side, but when racism makes an entrance,,,, and it always does in their lives from the whites who are very prejudiced. They get a wake up call and experience rejection. And who is there to wipe away all of the tears and make them feel welcomed and apart of the real family? The Black people.
    Think about that mixed people before you get so easily offended.

  • lee lee

    this is so stupid. why do people think that as soon as you have one drop of black blood you’re black, and all white genes go out the window? no no no, they’re mixed race! and some are predominantly white! AND does it even matter? these are people for God’s sake, why are you classifying them as if they’re different breeds of dog?

    • Lydia M. Edwards

      Because for a very long time and in our recent history, laws were in place under which people were effected economically and socially, based on their race. Luckily, today this is no longer the case, but the residual emotional backlash exists.

  • lavenderspirit2005

    I already knew most of these celebs are of mixed-race and part Black…no big surprise. A few of my favorites on the list are the intellectual Malcolm Gladwell and the talented actress Jennifer Beals. I am mixed-race (mom is mixed-race, half black & half white and my dad was white), and although I may not look it, I’m VERY proud of all of my heritage. 🙂 It’s good to see so many people of mixed-race making it in Hollywood getting good roles and still representing who they are.

  • It would have been better stated to say that they African-American, African, black or sub-Saharan African ancestry or heritage, not that they are black as if they identify as black – there is a difference.

    For example:

    – Carrol Channing is white identified (has never identified as black and you create confusion by not stating that she is simply of black or African ancestry, and not black identity)
    – Mariah Carey is multiracial identified

  • mjuy

    Michael warren must be his dad cause they look alike!

  • Lmaooo black like a 5th cousin

  • dee

    This is funny. Whatever ethnicity you choose is what you are! Who cares? I have census records of my family that have sisters and brothers being black and white…the next census record has them labeled mulatto….no wonder why everybody is so damn confused! I’m human. What about you?

  • Jennifer

    This article proves that it is not simple to put everyone in a black or white box. I am mixed and see myself moreso as black than white, but I am a similar complexion to halle berry. If i looked like nicole richie i would probably identify differently. Do many people really see cash warren & his daughter as black? I don’t thinnk many outside if the US do.

  • angelfromyournightmare

    The guy that plays Al Capone on Boardwalk Empire is another surprise. He has a Jamaican Grandfather, and Jessica Szohr from gossip girl.

    • lavenderspirit2005

      Stephen Graham! He’s SO good-looking!! I loved him in “Gangs of New York”.

  • AkiMai

    The modern idea of race uses random sets of physical characteristics to assign people to groups with which they are assumed to have shared history, personal experience and cultural norms. In 2012, multi-bi-racial people (like me!) are everywhere, and people who don’t fit white-black-hispanic are pouring in. So can we let race go please? I love my black-African family, I love my white-American family, and I won’t pick sides – I’m NONracial!

  • This article needs some help. First of all someone should edit you guys for grammar. (Please check the post about Carol Channing. “In her 1980’s”…”). Second, The Rock has never hidden the fact that his father was wrestler Rocky Johnson. In fact, The Rock was on the cover of Ebony magazine in July 2001. If you are going to right something negative about someone make sure that no one can prove you 100% wrong.

  • They are black if they describe themselves as black, period. Time get over this BS. We have a bi-racial President of the US isn’t that enough? 

  • Wow Carole Channing was in her 1980’s ! she was OLD!

  • Crizzaig2

    Wow, he does look just like his father Michael Warren! Why wasn’t his father mentioned by name though?

  • Summercree69

    @2eab2e2ab186c54912af56f56fdd7a85:disqus , I think you need to be easy. Who cares what the background of these artists are, none of this is news
    @Thumper, individuals who are made up of of African- American/White are black… It’s just a fact get over it. 

  • I think the only person on here that surprised me was Pete Wentz. And as for socially constructed race labels, let people label themselves! I am bi-racial, my father is white and my mom is black and honestly I just say I’m black if people ask, or I respond that I’m me. I know biracial people who identify as only one part of their heritage simply due to aesthetics so as to not invite ridiculous questions from nosy people who wish to classify them. At the end of the day, we’re all just people…

  • Amsterdamgirl

    I’m mixed race as well, I have brown skin, but my sister looks white with green eyes, kinda like MJ’s daughter Paris Jackson. My mom looks black but she is of mixed race also (Cameroonian and French),my dad is Dutch. I believe those are MJ’skids it must have hurt him when people said they aren’t his, I know how it hurted my mom when they taught she was the nanny of my sister. People have little knowledge about genetics. Knowing the Jackson aren’t ”100% African” they are mixed with native and white, it is very possible MJ could have had kids looking more white than black.

    • lavenderspirit2005

      I have the same family background, mixed-race (half black, half white) mom and white dad. Genetics are a wild and wonderful thing–sometimes a person can look black, other times, white, and then there are varying in-between combinations. And DEFINITELY, MJ’s kids are his biologically, I believe. It’s only the ignorance of segments of society to the diversity amongst people, that it is often found so hard to believe.

  • JaeJae

    When did mixed race become black?! Sorry but black people are to hasty to call everyone with a black parent black HELLO… Their is a parent of non black ethnicity si that doesn’t make them black. I’m half white and black and get offended when ignorant people call me black. I’m equally white as I am black! It should be the same for these MIXED celebrities. Ugh, black people need to stop with all the claiming as their own loool.. Mixed race is not black! Obama is not black, The rock is not black , everyone listed above is not black. They’re all MIXED!!

    • Fool, it is not blacks who came up with that, it was your racist white brothers because they did not want you to exist among them.  This is why you are black and it does not matter if you like it or not.  Want to be white?  Try joining the Klan and see if they let you in.

    • lavenderspirit2005

      I understand you’re proud to be mixed (and I am proud of being part-Black & part Italian myself), but would you yell at Asians, Native Americans, Italian-Americans, Jewish-Americans, Irish-Americans etc. for feeling a connection with people who partially descend from them? I’ve seen Italians claim plenty of part-Italian people as a part of the extended ‘community’, the same with Asians, Latinos, and so on. It’s just a matter of human nature to relate to those who share in some way, one’s heritage. Not necessarily a ‘black thing’.

      • DuBois

        Thank you,,, Robert DeNiro is only 25% Italian… I don’t see anyone screaming with rage from the rooftops about how terrible it is that he is ever identified as Italian and not just “mixed-ethnicity.”

      • DuBois

        Thank you,,, Robert DeNiro is only 25% Italian… I don’t see anyone screaming with rage from the rooftops about how terrible it is that he is ever identified as Italian and not just “mixed-ethnicity.”

  • Mysterious_5_

    His father is Black…. That is exactly half of what he is. His mother is Samoan….. That is exactly the other half of what he is…. He is not more one than the other.

  • Anon

    LOL at all the sensitive people in here getting upset about this list. Calm down!

  • don’t forget carly simon who has a half black mother and white father and blake griffin who has a black Haitian father and white mother.

    obama ’12

  • Gladys Levy

    Let me start off by saying, I’m definitely Black.  Now to proceed – If you were born and grew up in the islands, as I was in the ’50’s, you might understand the writer of this article better.  In Jamaica, back in the day, and maybe still today, you were considered more beautiful if you were mixed and there was a whole lot of mixing in Jamaica – the mixing of Black with everything from White to Asian to Indian. After all, Jamaica was a colony that started with Arawak Indians who died under the hands of the Spanish who were defeated by the British who used African slaves to build the country.  Not to mention all the pirates and buccaneers who “buried their treasure” actually and figuratively on the island.  Then Asians, Indians and Middle Easterners immigrated to the island and so on.  When I reached my teens in the ’60’s, the trend was:  “Say it loud, I’m Black and I’m proud.”  This was of course influenced by the Black Movement in America.  But as I got older, I certainly could appreciate my father’s message that we were really all “Brown” people not “Black”.  It is just a color really – an identification of a body – what you see on the outside.  Anyway, I don’t take these identifications too seriously now that I am older.  Beauty, color ethnicity are in the eyes of the beholder.  And as the world shrinks – the less, I think, we will invalidate any one race.  I mean Black people have certainly influenced  fashion, athletics, music and yes – body types.

  • MaiavaMama

    Oh man, I usually don’t post or even view comments, because of the absolute stupidity witnessed, but its that bad here, I couldn’t resist. The Rock. You dumbasses, is SAMOAN. He’s even himself mentioned this in interviews, his ancestry is more Samoan than anything else. One drop? Yeah… the rule may apply in some cases, but one small drop of black, doesn’t overrule three drops of Samoan, or whatever other ancestry you claim. And if you know any Samoans, we don’t claim to be ‘black’ – we are brown at most, again not that it matters (its sad to see that it does to so many people still *cough* editor *cough*) but anyway… point is, The Rock is such a good example. All these people in the comments (and in general) see that his got a darker shade to him… so he’s instantly black, or because his father was PART black, he is instantly black, EVEN THOUGH THE MAN HIMSELF claims his Samoan heritage moreso than any other (BECAUSE HE IS MORE SAMOAN THAN BLACK) but no, of course Americans know everything (and again this is only going to those Americans who don’t know there is a WORLD outside of there COUNTRY) which unfortunately is a s h i t load of you. LOL @ This whole website… what a joke.

    • You are a fool.  He looks just like his black pops!  His mother has a big nose and a wild look and he looks nothing like her, thank god for him!  You Samoans are basically black like other Pacifica Islanders which is why people often confuse you with blacks.  Here on the east coast, there are none of you (thank god because you people are ugly!) and we would not know if we saw one of you walking as we might think that you are black, Asian or hispanic.

      • lavenderspirit2005

        Your rant about Samoans is repugnant and foolish itself.

    • Beverly

      SAMOANS ARE BLACK TOO! They are Black Asians! I’ve SEEN Rocky Johnson and he is a Black man, so that makes Rocky Johnson Black on both sides! If you have Black in you, you are Black! Don’t hate who you are, EMBRACE WHO YOU ARE!

  • zenxen75

    The only “surprises” on this list is are Carol Channing and Chris Daughtry.  Otherwise I have to wonder where have you been?

  • BlueGlass

    Vin Diesel has always stated that he is of mixed race. He even made a film about how he was treated while acting as different races called Multi-facial. Who in the world doesn’t know that The Rock is black? His father was a very famous wrestler named Rocky Johnson. Both of these fine men have made no secret of their race they just choose not to let their race be the main focus of any and every thing that they do. 

    • Kd Fincher

      The one-drop rule states that if a person has one drop of black blood, then they would be classified as black.  This is an old American law.  So why change that rule now that we are calling famous people black.  If you have a parent with any black blood, you’re considered black in America, although many look and pass for white.  It is more prosperous to do so.

      • melange6

        IT WAS DEFEATED WITH THE OUTLAWING OF SLAVERY IN 1865! It is no longer law, no longer used, and it for damn sure is no longer enforced! You are a moronic racist for believing in that and for expecting and self-respecting Multiracial person to quietly go along with that!

        • One drop rule still exists. Doesn’t mean it’s right. But it does exist. Look up “one drop rule in Louisiana”

      • me

        that rule was set to keep slaves

    • eyeEEsha

      OMG, I was about to post the same thing about the Rock and Vin Diesel. The Rock has even played black men in his movies. Who wrote this and better yet, why did I read it?

  • Gina holmes

    when you act you are acting dah why do you have to exclusively stay limited to black roles what the hell did all the other black actress pave the wave for to stay type casted or to just act not putting labels on role!!!!!

    • Mysterious_5_

      I’m not even sure I understand what you were trying to say. This was one long incorrect sentence, that doesn’t even have enough discernable information to determine what side of the fence you are on.

  • Tiago

    This was one of the most racist things I’ve ever read!

  • Someone is a wanna be expert in genetics.

  • Slash’s picture is backwards. He doesn’t play guitar left-handed.

  • Angelina

    They left out Nicole Richie and Vin Diesel

    • FlowersinGod’sgarden

      Nicole Richie was adopted by Lionel Richie and his wife. Don’t know her biological parents’ ethnicity; though that doesn’t matter. We are all a part of the beautiful human race that thankfully isn’t of one monotonous color or shade. 

      • Fritanga

         Nicole is by birth Hispanic, the daughter of a friend of her dad’s who couldn’t raise her. But she was raised by an African American man and a white woman, so what does that make her?

        • Highness

          Actually, Nicole is Puerto Rican/Creole, being as her father is Peter Michael Escovedo, brother to famed Sheila E…

  • Dulce

    The folks who wrote this article must be REALLY young! How could anyone not know about Rashida Jones(daughter of Quincy Jones and MOD SQUAD actress Peggy Lipton), Maya Rudolph (Minnie Riperton’s daughter) and Jennifer Beals (of Flashdance fame)? The only shocker to me was Carol Channing(who became famous back in the days where you HAD to keep it a secret).

  • Solveig

    I’m not saying anything, but when push come to shove, bet e’rbody will be calling for Al Sharpton and the “my momma was 1/5 Jamaican, ½ Spaniard will mean nothing”. Black blood has been diluted since we made it from the Motherland so since when have we denied our own…?  Be it Mariah,Alica or Tiger.

    • melange6

      Nonsense. You are living under a rock. If you spoke to me, I’d get your mind right on Multiracial/mixed-race politics.

  •  we’ll be doing the paper bag test.

  • does it really matter? is this how far we’ve come, we’re still ferreting out ‘black blood’? seriously?  next thing you know

  • Bianca

    What is the point of this article??

  • Klh324

    I cant help feeling a little hurt about other criticizing anyone of mixed race ancestry as not *this* or *that*. 

    Its bad enough not having a solid identity. But to be rejected or spoken harshly by fell other people about what you are or what you’re not, is insensitive. And I get it, we all have our own identities; while reading this article I felt a little bit of solidarity and warmth from the author extending and giving a little bit of facetime to people who are hot and mixed. 

    PS. Dont call us “Molado”. Ever. 

  • Carlos Albert

    The problem with Americans is that racial mixing was considered for many years something distastefull or down right sinfull, in the 1800´s the European descendants saw it as something shamefull (As if beign european looking guaranteed racial purity) and during the 1950 and onward the African descendents saw as treason to the Black cause of Black is Beutifull (As if all Africans were of one monolithic race), while race mixing has recently started in the U.S., in Latin America it was a common practise that started 400 or so years ago and is strong and doing fine, all you have to do is look at Brazil were Portugues (Half European and half Moorish) mixed with Black from Africa for the last 300 year or so, I for one am Mexican with a British, French, German, Spanish, and Native American (Nahuatle) mixture and i can live with that. So i think that Race purity no longer exist even among Blacks, and the future will be of mixed races, lets face it and love it a lot of good will come of it. 


    Babe Ruth should be listed he was half black and passing as well

  • Joel

    “the Yankee is on our team.” – Way to keep racism alive!

  • Aok

    You know why they call it family right?
    Cause they have so much kids that they’re all related and imbred!

  • Chuckufarley2a

    Who cares about their color?  They are great at what they do, so, I could care less….

  • Mulata Rumbera

    The Rock is undercover? Naw. Dude was part of the Nation of Domination a pro-black wrasslin crew. Get real. And Vin Diesel made a film about being both too black and too white.
    Look at pics of a young Carol Channing, without the wig it was quite obvious she was black.

  • guest

    Why do Blacks and Latinos tolerate a show like Jerry Springer? It shows them in the most unflattering light.

    •  i think it shows americans in general in an unflattering light, especially southerners. it doesn’t seem discriminatory to me. i see plenty of white people on that show acting crazy.

    • Beverly

      Don’t try to change the subject. This is not about Jerry Springer! It’s about people who are really Black. It used to be called “passing” back in the day. You are off topic. I know you want these people to be White, but they’re not. That’s why you changed the subject. Now HAVE A SEAT!!!

      • BetsyfromtheNW

        Hi, I’m an insomniac who was just having fun reading silly lists. I somehow fell into reading the conversations and comments that have been going back and forth. I have read almost all of the comments from the top to this point. My take on all of this is that the whole issue of who is black, white or mixed race is a tempest in a teapot. Most of my ancestors are from what is currently the United Kingdom. This includes both my mother’s and father’s antecedents. My grandmother, dad’s mother, fell in love with a first-generation Austrian man. So, what does that prove? That I am pretty much a mixed-heritage, Northern European. I married a man who was a Native American. When his parents were being born there was a HUGE stigma in identifying yourself as an Indian. My husband’s grandparents did not bother to enroll with the Bureau of Indian Affairs, nor did any of their children. Does that make these folks any less than who they were? They were Native American — with or without the enrollment papers to prove who they were. Until I actually hunt up birth and death certificates as well as census data, I have no proof I am of Northern European heritage. My daughter does not consider herself mixed race. I accept her choice.

        The point I am making is that we are what we are and we are who we are. All the arguing about percentages of race a person might be a product of does not change anything except a label that I put on myself or someone else wants to put on my. Go ahead. Knock yourself out. I doesn’t mean anything more than words. I am who I am, a basic white woman with light brown eyes and in my youth, dark brown hair. My hair is white now, but that means nothing more than I am an OLD basic white woman. My daughter married a man with an Italian last name. His great–grandparents were from Northern Italy and his mother’s parents were from Germany. With her more olive skin and Italian surname, most folks assume my daughter has Italian heritage. In fact, my son-in-law looks more like my son than my daughter looks like my daughter. Does it matter? Does it make any difference? Not one whit! Whatever our ethnic or racial heritage, the color or tone of our skin, we are who we are. Labels of “Black,” “African-American,” White,” “Caucasian,” or “pretty,” or “ugly” have no more meaning than whatever an individual wishes to invest in it.

        I came home from school, during my 6th grade year, saying very proudly, “Mom, I am a W.A.S.P.!” My mother’s friend who was visiting at the moment replied, “Don’t worry about that, dear. You can rise above it!” And she was right. I am who I am. You are who you are. If someone chooses a particular label to identify him- or herself, who am I, or even YOU, to say that person is mistaken?

  • Tommy

    Hm, from all the names I only recognize Slash and Mariah Carey, who was rather chocolate in 90s. All the faces are afro – either in the eyes or in the shape or the hair. So,. there is not a single one, who should surprise anyone.

  • Westendgrl

    Yes, this article is waaaay off base.  First, the one-drop rule is something so antiquated and irrelevant that it’s sad that this author is attempting to utilize it to label people as “black.”  In fact, I believe the one-drop rule dates back to the slavery days and even then, even if a person had at least one eighth or one quarter black in them , they could still be considered white, despite the one-drop rule.  There once was a “rule” too that whatever race the mother was, the child was then classified as that race.  This too is also outdated.  I believe the unofficial “rule” that applies today is that whatever the person physically looks like on the outside is what they are classified as whether they like it or not.  There are mixed race people who have strong “black” features and therefore are classified as black and may even identify themselves as such.  Likewise, there may be ones who have strong “white” features and identify themselves as white, which appears to be the case with most of the people on this above list.  There are also others, like myself, who appear Hispanic or even Jewish, and get mistaken for that all the time.  I for one, would never identify myself solely as being black (my father’s race) and completely ignoring or dismissing the race of my mother (white), the woman who carried me for 9 months and raised me as a single mother–I am a product of BOTH of those races.

    When you are mixed you have at least two races in you and therefore cannot be just ONE of those races–you are a product of those races and those that are black and white are mulatto or bi-racial.  I liken it to mixing the colors of the rainbow: when you mix red and yellow, you get orange–not JUST red or JUST yellow-you get the result of BOTH of those colors which is orange.

    Hope this sheds some light on the subject so that this author can be better informed and not wish that these lovely “light skinned” actors identify solely with their race.

    • Tobornot2b

      grow up!

    • NONYA

      if they had defined these celebrities as white would you have written such a long drawn out and boring paragraph?

      • JohanP

        If the article was written solely to point out white celebrities, I’m pretty sure it would’ve been labeled as racist and it would’ve surely caused a stir.

        The point is, why attempt to say that someone is just ‘black’ when they’re born to one fully Caucasian parent and one parent of mixed heritage? That’s ONE QUARTER black and THREE QUARTERS white. The person is of mixed race, that’s just damn mathematics.

        If the article was written in a way that stated “Celebrities who we didn’t know were of black heritage”, I would be just fine with it.

        • Jp

          One thing you must not forget is that black man and black women is where all races originated from. So you all are black

        • truthteller

          To actually answer the question NONYA posed, no. Because many bi-racial people never seem to mind when their blackness is ignored or unexpected.

      • jeanette

        It’s always refreshing to hear the lesser educated refer to an information relay as “boring”. Truth tends to bring out the ugliness in those who are so hard fast set in their ways that a change of view is likened to volunteering for a limb amputation. Race shouldn’t be an issue and as long as it remains an issue racism will be an issue. People of mixed heritage are who they are and they have a right to claim every portion of that. This whole “who’s black shocker” bs is only serving to futher the focus on race. Next up is an article about who is denying their blackness and therefore “passing”. Black heritage is neither superior nor inferior. No nationality or heritage holds a trump over any of the others…so one’s makeup shouldn’t matter…unless of course you are a direct discendant of an angel or demon…THAT would be an article worth reading…this one…not so much!

    • melange6

      Fortunately for Multiracial people, there is no unofficial ‘rule’ of classification that is dependent upon appearance. Such an act is reminiscent of the no longer in use ‘Observer Identification’ practice of racial enumerators (and employers, and others) in determining any visible ‘non-whiteness’ in the observed in order to be racially classified accordingly. Unfortunately, it is now black people whom are carrying the racist torch of the outdated ‘One-Drop’ myth and continuing with it’s offensive tone with silly articles like this.

    • tracy

      These people are BLACK. They may be white too. BUT they are BLACK. Mixed is not a race. And if you want to get technical everyone comes from Africa, originally.

  • Jaynespace

    This nicely illustrates the stupidity of classifying people by shade.

  • Thumper

    When I noticed this was written by the editor I couldn’t believe it…..lame a– and shoddy jouralism..lazy actually. Getoff your a– and go out and get some real stories

    • what I thought was shoddy was that the writer wrote that Carol Channing kept her “secret” til “her 1980’s”I thought I was going to wake the house I laughed so hard!!

  • Thumper

    How are the abocve mentioned people black? Granted some may have 2 african american “based” backgrounds..but the ones who have one white or non-black parent are DEFINATELY not black MOLADO yes but I do not know if this is coming from a group of people who WISH these people were black.HOWEVER no anmount of wishing or calling something what it is not will never change a mixed-race individual into black..Start reporting correctly! For this reason i will not be reading any more of your lamea– news until the reporter of this crap is gone!! Reporters like this do nothing to alleviate that the myth that black people are always wanting to be someone else…bullsh-t! Stories like this though…thanks to the writer……don’t seem to want to live in reality. Not something I want to read…shoddy ..shoddy…LAME!

    • Guest

      @ Thumper 

      Thank you! I am soooooo sick of black people in North America calling mixed individuals black. Everybody else in the world knows those people are mixed. Living in your bubble will not change that fact. Its like, what is it about the tiny drop of black in them that somehow warrants full territorial rights? I bet their non black parents are offended at not being acknowledged when it comes to their children’s background! I just don’t get what the big deal is with acknowledging a person for who they are, MIXED NOT BLACK!! Perhaps if you had enough self love, this would not be an issue. Just saying.

      • Una

        Question # 1: Is Frederick Douglass black?  (Research and learn because by your definition, he isn’t.)
        Question # 2: What defines, “being black”?  Is it your skin tone alone? What’s up with all this, “blacker than thou”, attitude, as if anyone on this blog is from Africa?  What’s your last name?  The fact that any of the above mentioned celebrities, or any of US on this page, for that matter, are African-American, should explain enough to you!!?!?  Enough with all the hate already, and REALLY, if you’re going to talk about being antiquated, stop using terms like, “Mulatto”.

        Black is beautiful, by any shade.

        • Luvinhrd07

          Thank you

          • melange6

            Again, more B.S. from people whom are insecure about being Multiracial, or from insecure African-Americans whom love to racially kidnap, harass, and mentally intimidate Multiracial people into identifying racially with them. There is a stark difference between someone whom goes to parents of two different races, and someone whose parents, grandparents, and everyone else in their immediate family whom are black as far as they have any proof. That’s the difference, we have proof of our mixedness and we love and embrace our Multiracial heritage equally. EQUALLY. And no, Una, the ‘above mentioned celebrities’ are not African-American, from their very admission, and an admission that you should respect.

            • The Truth

              You can only speak from your experience and yours alone. Racism is truly alive, it’s evident by the way President Obama continues to be treated. The problem is not that African Americans need for anyone to be apart of their race, OVERCOMING ADVERSITY IS IN OUR DNA. Be proud of your entire heritage. In all of your responses you are lashing out with anger. If you have any African American heritage in you claim it or not, but STOP SPEAKING FOR ALL MIXED RACED INDIVIDUALS.

              • Thank YOU! I’m weary of self-proclaimed mixed advocates thinking they can speak for anyone except themselves…and themselves alone.

            • Jp

              I guess Obama is not black or African American. Remember whomever or whatever other race you we mix with 90 percent of tha time that child comes out black

              • tracy


              • mgsmith93

                BS!!!! what is Black anyways

              • MimiG

                He’s half white. How else could he have bought that office he sits in and get away with breaking so many federal laws? A black man would be in prison already.

                • v m

                  Ancestral wise he is biracial; identity wise HE says he is black. I heard him say when on a talk show (I think it was Charlie Rose) where HE said that if he were pulled over by a police officer he would be treated like a black man and not as a biracial. Also, given the gross disrespect people,such as yourself, has given him he is being treated as a black man.

                  • Jessica2248

                    this makes perfect sense! but by the same token people like Jennifer Beals, who looks and lives as a white woman is ancestrally biracial, and although she says her father is black, that is not how she lives. after reading her story, she does not label herself as either.

                    • v m

                      I agree. Jennifer Beals has stated numerous times that she never identified with being solely black or white;her identity is biracial. If you look at the characters she has portrayed the vast majority were labeled biracial. When she first came on the scene in the early ’80s, she stated in US magazine that when a racial category was selected she always selected “other”.

            • tracy

              African Americans did not make the racial rules and laws. Its whites who divided everyone because they tend to be analytical people. People stupid , uneducated people ALWAYS blame everything on black people

            • v m

              That harassment goes both ways. You talk about people who harass multiracial, what about multiracial who attack monoracial, like yourself? Since slavery times, the maligning of monoracials from multiracials has been in existence: there were social groups, churches et ales who discriminated against the darker tone (i.e. less European looking). Ever hear of the brown bag test or the comb test? Also, bully for you for having proof of your “mixedness”, you are clearly a racial supremacist. Again I write: where is YOUR proof that they DON’T have nonblack in them? Until there is a dna test to prove otherwise, you don’t have the right to say to people that they don’t. You are doing what you say we monoracials do to multiracials: by classifying people according to your definition. You are placing a demand on people that you are not meeting yourself: the right to self-identify. Re: insecurity, you are clearly the insecure one. Also, just because a multiracial identifies as one race does not mean they are denying their ancestral/racial heritage. Most multiracials, I know identify as one group, but when asked they clearly and proudly claim all of their ancestry. However, socially they feel more at ease w/one group over another;that’s not a crime. Just like no one has the right to label you, you also don’t have the right to label others. They have a right to their own autonomy.

        • OpenCarry SureShot

          INDEED!!! “Mulatto” is a hateful , full-on RACIST term!
          Mulato means MULE; a donkey, which is the offspring of TWO DIFFERENT ***SPECIES***!!!
          A mule’s Mare (mother, is a Horse), and the Sire (father, is a Mule/Burro/JackAss)!
          “MULATTO” *IS* a wickedly DE-HUMANIZING racial epithet/slur.
          PLEASE, *STOP* using that word to mean “bi-racial” or “multi-racial” HUMANS — as we are ALL, each, EQUITABLY H U M A N (homosapiens) SPECIES!!! PLEASE just QUIT USING the termn altogether! If you’ve been brainwashed into thinking as a real, ignorant, elitist RACIST S.O.B., even if only for self-preservation (as more and more people are becoming enlightened to this fact EVERY SINGLE DAY that passes by)!!!
          Mulatto has the ugliest roots of the antiquated terms on the Racist Terminology List. Historically, the term originates from the Spanish word “mulato,” which, in turn, originates from the word “mula,” or mule — the offspring of a horse Sire and a donkey Mare. Clearly, this term is offensive, as it compares the bi-racial or multi-racial union & offspring of two human beings — to that of two different SPECIES and far less important; of the the same Kingdom of Animalia (animals) & the same Class of Mammalia (mammals).

        • Guest

          Everything you said only proves my point. A lot of mixed people in America have no choice but to claim being black for fear of a backlash from the African American community who would quickly accuse them of thinking they are superior when they are just fully accepting who they are. And this same community would accuse light skinned people of having some mixture in them even when they do not! I have an Igbo friend from Nigerian who has gotten this accusation several times because most AA can’t imagine a full African not being dark skinned. She is actually black yet AA argue with her that she is mixed. If she was American, it would not be up for discussion. She would be black without a doubt.

          And Una, if you did not have a “blacker than thou” attitude, you would not feel the need to claim mixed people as black and neglect the other 50% or 75% or heck, 99.99999999% of their heritage! Fact remains that everybody on the planet can see they are mixed and would not get offended if they choose to embrace it. It’s only in America that this is problematic.

          And enough with this “all African Americans are mixed” BS I keep hearing. What do you think African people look like, Alek Wek? Africans come in all looks and shades. I’ve been around enough Africans to know this. They are not darker than African Americans and I’m not even going to go into the effects of the climate/weather. Switch off that save the children informercials you keep watching because Africans look just like African Americans so if AA are mixed, all blacks on the planet are mixed. Let me make it crystal clear- anytime someone talks about a person being mixed not black, it is because they do not need to turn to history or get genealogy records. They just need to look at their parents because more often than not, AT LEAST ONE OF THEIR PARENT IS NOT BLACK”. Simple.

          • truthteller

            That’s a ridiculous assertion. When did black people stop being black? That’s a myopic and ignorant take to make. DuBois and Washington and Douglass and King and Malcolm…none of our historical leaders made rules on what was black. If you were black, you were black. We went with that as black people. Suddenly…and it IS sudden…people are bi-racial.

            What’s even more disturbing is that you’ll see blackness TAKEN away when someone is notable (i.e. Halle Berry, President Obama, Derek Jeter, Tiger Woods) and positive. When things go negative, they might as well have come straight out of the African soil! No one ever speaks on that. I don’t see any ‘bi-racial’ criminals on the news…they’re all African-American. That’s the idea. Black people who are strong about this aren’t blacker than thou in my experience…they seem to see through this insidious attempt to devalue blackness with this benign assertion that bi-racial is some acceptance of an entire self. No, in my experience, it is a large IGNORANCE of black and black culture.

            People like you who make these sweeping statements, then conveniently ignore the historical relevance of blacks typically sticking together and going further back, being pitted against one another based on race (i.e. bi-racial slaves being treated with favor)…it’s pretty pathetic overall on your part to be so blatantly quick to omit and assume everything is based on the present day.

            • Jessica2248

              forcing people of mixed race to “pick a side” is just as wrong as the one drop rule was back then. and then when they don’t pick the side we personally would like them to, they are somehow seen as some kind of self hater. you can’t forget that also in history, a lot of the blacks who could “pass” often did just that. i would bet that no one is 100% of anything. putting emphasis on complexion (and not character) is now and has always been stupid.

              • Krissy

                This is too much of an issue in america. My mother is a mixed jamaican and in the caribbean we dont have to chose sides. My whole family is mixed up, and that is just the way it is. Everyone just relates as Jamaican (but still know the races or race that made whatever mix). It will be great when we get to the place in America where everyone can just relate as American. America is starting to look a lot more like the islands because people are now more open to interracial dating and marriages. Once you start getting into people being mixed with 4 or more things, it becomes ridiculous to have these individuals pick sides. But I definitely think a lot of what is going on in America is definitely still related to mental slavery and of course some racism.

      • illy80

        If these people are not black, then most “so-called” black Americans aren’t black either. Historically, it didn’t matter the percentage of African ancestry you had. One drop made you black. There are few black Americans that don’t have some European ancestry. So, I guess that means that we aren’t black either, right?!

      • lavenderspirit2005

        As a person who is mixed-race herself (African-American & Italian-American along w/a few other European ethnicities), I identify as being of mixed-race because that’s simply who I am…what I was born as. However I identify with both backgrounds to the exclusion of neither. I’m proud to be part-Black and proud to be part Sicilian. It’s not a matter of screaming at the top of my lungs “MIXED NOT BLACK!!!!”. It’s about respecting and appreciating BOTH backgrounds and BOTH sides of my family.

        • melange6

          To me, our relatively new racial identity as Multiracial people is both exciting and empowering. I love being Multiracial, and I love to connect with other Multiracial people. Proclaiming a Multiracial racial identity is both a smack in the face to the ‘one drop’ myth and also to anyone believing in it and that it still exists. So yes, MIXED NOT BLACK!!!

          • tracy

            All non -African black people are mixed. I am a black Carribean with Indian and white in my background but I just say black. I look African American and I am dark skinned.

            • UrgghTheBS

              Yes because all “non-African black people” have a non black parent, SMDH. You need to stop with that BS. Those that identify as mixed don’t do so because of history or some distant “background” of their family. They do so because their parent is not black! I believe an above poster mentioned this. Are you really going to sit there and claim you dont see the distinction made between your crazy claim of an all mixed “non-African black people” and say Halle Berry, Amerie, Alicia Keys and all the other actual mixed folks around who have non black parents? I called major BS. You are black, be proud of that. Stop quoting some distant background like it makes a difference and don’t feel it is a shot at you when a mixed person wants to be proud of their mixture. They are the children of their parents (BOTH) after all!

              P.S: Who on earth told you that there aren’t mixed Africans? Talking about “non- African black people are mixed”. Oh lawd!

        • tracy

          You are probably majority black because many Sicilians have A GOOD amount of African admixutre already

      • MissRealuminatti

        Blacks come in many shades and forms

      • tracy

        They are black , they may not totally b 100% black but they are still black, they are white too BOTH. They do not make a totally different race.

        • Sass

          They are white , they may not totally b 100% white but they are still white, they are black too BOTH. They do not make a totally different race.

          Hmmm, you could just have easily made the above statement but you didn’t. You are still abiding by the racist one drop rule in case you are not aware. And nobody said anything about a totally different race. People are saying it is ridiculous to claim mixed people are black especially most featured here whose supposedly black parents are actually mixed themselves! This is the classic racist one drop rule being internalized by the AA community! Wake up!

    • Nonya

      you sound dumb

    • Why does someone whose great-grandmother immigrated from Sicily in the 1890’s still get acknowledged as Italian? Funny how the “one drop” rule has been continually manipulated to mean whatever White people find convenient at the time. Back when everyone was scared sh–less to have “contaminated” children the rule was that anyone who had even a single Black great-great-great-grandparent was considered BY LAW to be Black themselves. Now, when being “ethnic,” “exotic,” or “multi-racial” is the new trend, those same folks who used to exclude people based on their Blackness suddenly act like one or two generations of White-washing somehow make you something completely different altogether. The truth is that the people on this list are BOTH Black and White. We need to wrap our heads around the fact that being one does not negate the other. There is no one singular way to be Black or to be White. You might have to go through someone’s ancestor to find what all they’re “mixed” with, even in people who only identify with one particular group or the other. They may not be 100% Black (most “Black” people aren’t), but there are some grandparents, cousins, PARENTS, etc., who in some way link them to the Black diaspora. That’s why the writer used the phrase “in the family” to describe them. People who say someone like Derek Jeter or Rashida Jones “isn’t Black at all” sounds just as ignorant as these Black folks who act like bi-racial and multi-racial people are ONLY Black and nothing else.

      • lavenderspirit2005

        Great post. I understand completely what you are saying and agree. Nobody is saying that these people of mixed-race are 100% Black. There’s simply an acknowledgement that these mixed-race people through family, have a link to the Black community. That’s easy for people to understand. After all, nobody argues when part Asian or part Native American people feel a connection to their parent’s ethnic community.

        • melange6

          Excuse me, but the title of the thread is, “Celebs who we didn’t know were black”. These folks are not black. There is no longer any social nor racial pressure upon us Multiracial people of partial African heritage to identify solely as black. That is why this thread is offensive.

          • tracy

            Yes they are BLACK, as in one of thier parents are black

      • Lateefah, if they are calling someone Italian because their great-grandmother immigrated from Sicily then they would be DEAD WRONG… Go call someone from Sicily Italian and see what that will get you. It won’t be fun.

        • Donna Veccia

          I am from the Sicily heritage and yes we are not considered Italian even among those in Italy. However Many Africans were shipped to Italy or should I say Sicily specifically a long time ago. They did mix with those in Sicily and probably some Italians also making it unclear what nationality I would be in the long ago past. My granddaughter now is part polish, sicilian and what ever type of Black her father is. Though her skin is dark enough to be called a Black Child, she does have the facial traits of her white mother which may one day be confusing. We call her mixed just as I am and her mother is.

          • tracy

            I appreciate your post as it is honest and truthful. There is nothing wrong with telling her she is mixed because she is . But I think mixed people are thier races. They do not become a “mixed” race. if they are black and white then they are both black and white. As everyone is originally African anyhow.

            • Jessica2248

              African equates to black? What about Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, or any other North African country?

      • truthteller

        I agree with that except for one thing: BECAUSE race is not anything more than a social construct, it has to be treated in the context of your social awareness and preference. Rashida Jones hangs around as many black people and does as much culturally as the Grand Wizard. It’s not a knock, it’s the reality. It’s always convenient to slam black folks who call out what it is…this bi-racial stuff, it’s escapism. Being black is equated to low man/woman on the totem pole still and any way to NOT BE BLACK is seen as beneficial by some. Let’s cut the p.c. ballistics and speak on it. That’s why so many tried to pass…it meant better opportunities and acceptance. Sadly, elements of that are still very much prevalent in our society today.

        Why don’t we ever ask why it seems so much more beneficial to hide your blackness or be discreet about it ala Vin Diesel? He wasn’t playing up multi-racial…he was HIDING his blackness, hoping people didn’t remember him as the guy with the nappy hair in the Kwame videos (YouTube it). It’s disingenuous to always put the onus on black people to be the ones to hit the reset button and assume all things are equal in regards to affairs in the United States. You know, like pretending that racism has disappeared, we’re never seen as anything except what we are in front of someone, and that there isn’t still a lot of people who are color struck in this country (including…maybe especially…our own). Stop it. The bottom line is that many people who are so quick to say they’re bi-racial are usually those who only grudgingly speak on their blackness…and that is not a new thing…unless Imitation of Life just came out last week.

    • tara


    • BlightNAtlanta

      Thumper…you and everyone who has the nerve to agree with you are true asses! I’m assuming you meant “mulatto” which is a word used to describe people of mixed heritage which most commonly includes a Black parent. If your argument had ANY relevance, than EVERYONE in America would be considered “mixed” because NO ONE is truly of pure, single heritage! So yes, mixed people (Black + whatever) can (and should) say they are Black, because THEY ARE along with whatever else they are mixed with. I am just as Black as I am Puerto Rican! If someone asks what I am, I tell them just that…I AM BLACK AND I AM PUERTO RICAN! My child ONLY looks Black but “technically” is “mixed” because I am! And when “non-black” America looks at her, they’re not going to say, she’s not Black, she’s mixed (because her mother is)…They are going to refer to her and treat her as A BLACK WOMAN!

  • Sally B.

    I’m surprised you want to acknowledge that Kris Humphries is black.  Let people go on thinking he’s a stupid white guy.

  • Euphemia98

    Is the Rock Black?  I’ve seen both his mom and dad and as far as I know he’s Pacific Islander.

    • London

      If you saw his dad you would know he’s black because his dad (Rocky Johnson) was a famous “black” wrestler with then WWF.  He was exciting to watch too.  That apple did not fall far.

      • melange6

        Being mixed-race of partial ‘black’ heritage does make one ‘black’. You are a racist moron. READ.

        • truthteller

          Too bad no one told Homer Plessy and the U.S. Supreme Court that. Black people in the U.S. didn’t make the rules…amazing how we’re being told we’re ‘racist’ for not liking that positive blacks are now called ‘bi-racial’ and all the negative ones get lumped in the black pile. MORON.

  • Euphemia98

    Of course we knew Rashida was Black.  Her dad is Quincy Jones.

  • Hoponpop

    it’s a pretty bold (not to mention idealistic and inaccurate) claim to say that we live in a “post-racial” society. you obviously don’t understand the implications of sweeping generalizations like that.

    •  As it seems that most of the powerfull try to mix everyone, we are going in that direction where there is no race, no nationality, nothing. Just a mass of people that is easy to control.
      So, yes that sentence was another step in the movement into global slavery.

    • Goober2000

      It is nice to have someone finally “bold” enough to say it. Sick of those perpetuating victimhood and oppression for their own benefit – the rest of us will move on and hopefully the others will someday catch up.

    • Jessica2248

      we will never be in a post racial society, but we could however, not make it our primary focus. like writing silly articles about “guess who’s black y’all?”.

      • Krissy

        so true

      • Ninjajp

        its what i was thinking this whole time. its ridiculous. Unfortunately blacks dont want to admit theyre asses are racist too.

      • BlightNAtlanta

        True but it got ‘your attention otherwise you wouldn’t be commenting on here! LOL…this is what writers do…try to get attention and readers and from the responses, they’ve succeeded!

  • Jensahara

    I read somewhere that Vin Diesel acknowledges that he is Black!

    • Lee

      True; I read it in an interview he did a couple of year back. Also who though The Rock wasn’t black or mixed race?
      At the end of the day though, people have the right to define themselves. If someone like Mariah Carey, for exampl, wants to decide they or white, black or miced race I wouldn’t argue. 

      • Lee

        Sorry, forgot to spell check. Corrected version belowTrue; I read it in an interview he did a couple of year back. Also who though The Rock wasn’t black or mixed race?At the end of the day though, people have the right to define themselves. If someone like Mariah Carey, for example, wants to decide they are white, black or mixed race I wouldn’t argue.

        • v c

          the rock was on the cover of ebony magazine stating his black heritage in his black father is well know within wrestling fans circles.he has never tried to hid from being black in fact his first gimmick was being part of black militant group in the wwe

      • Odecyent

        The Rock is half black

        • The Rock is native.

          • Itsme

            The Rock’s mother is Samoan and his father is African-American former pro wrestler Rocky Johnson. Get it right.

            • Batroc

              You mean his father is African-Canadian

          • pjean07

            google his father, black with a big afro. But people needs to stop focusing on the shade of the skin. two brothers same black mom same white dad, one comes out much lighter than the other, is that supposed to make them different. Humanity needs some Aliens to come eat them indiscriminately to realize there is only one Human race. ( I don’t really want to see no aliens ever )

            • sanjidude

              As long as the darker one is treated differently than the lighter one, they are different…

              • Jessica2248

                someone else’s idiocy does not make them different. i do not understand this constant focus on complexion. how someone else defines themselves has to do with them…not anyone else.

            • BlackBrit

              Amen, I have nephews born of the same parents(dad black like coal mom ‘lily’ white) , one is caramel brown the other , is white. Again same mom and dad!!!
              Matters not what your colour is or who your parents are…… we’re all one HUMAN RACE!! I’m Black and born in England….. go figure! 🙂

              • Jessica2248

                please explain that “English” is not a race, but a nationality with many different ethnic groups (or races)! some people on here think “French, “English”, and “Indian” are races, lol!

                • Krissy

                  Just like Jamaican is not a race. I wish people would learn the difference between race and nationality. Pete Wentz mother cannot be classified as her race being jamaican and Jamaican is a nationality and not a race and there are several racial groups there as well as people mixed with these various races. “Out of many, one people.” Jessica, girl, you are so right; that is one of my Pet peeves…people need to educate themselves on cultures and the world. LOL

                • Chennai07

                  Girl you dumb Before present time only English people lived there, their Dan is different from Irish they hate and made slaves different ethnicities different people manor just country.

    • Nubiana

      Yes, I saw him respond to an interviewer’s question about his race, saying, “Yeah- I’m Black.” He even seemed to be denying being mixed.

      • BlightNAtlanta

        I don’t think it’s about “denying” being mixed…he IS Black! Did he say, “no, I’m NOT mixed”?

  • Are you kidding me? Lol no one on this list is black! 

    • Euphemia98

      What exactly do you mean by that? And I’m not laughing out loud.

      • melange6

        These people are Multiracial or mixed-race, an entirely separate existence and experience that black people?! Where are you from that you don’t recognize or respect that?

        • MissRealuminatti

          They still black

          • Elisabeth

            lol yeah and I bet you believe you can have a peanut that is part raisin lol guess what if you mix two things they become something different or didn’t you know that blue and red makes purple still in kindergarten I see………

            • James

              That’s the point.Why are we calling black people black when most are ethnically diverse. Looks are deceiving, genealogists figured that out.

            • Dweetta Adams

              All crayon to me

          • Lisa

            So all of a sudden, Mixed people can eliminate their white side and be “just black”. Pshhhhhhh……. THEY ARE MIXED

            • olian

              So do you not consider the president black?

          • alasia min

            how are they still black. Stop being racist and accept their non black heritage.

        • Lilian Grae

          An entirely separate existence than black people? It depends actually. Bob Marley would probably say his experience was NOT that separate. Where Mariah Carey might agree with you. shouldn’t brush a broad stroke. All people experience THEIR OWN experience and mixed-race/multiracial people are no exception.

        • bluelove

          America is made up of multi racial people. I myself, am French, English, and indian. Geezz I wish people would stop with all the racial stuff. Every race, in the world has had unjust, horrible things done to them. We have a black president! Enough already. Anyone in this country can do and achieve anything , if they work hard, and determine it, PEACE

          • sanjidude

            “We have a black president!”

            OMG – our “black president” is also half white!!!

            • announcergirl

              unh unh, whites can’t have it both ways. Remember, they are the ones that came out with the “one drop rule.” These people have more than one drop actually. So, they, and our president, are black.

          • Jessica2248

            i didn’t realize France, England, and India were races.

            • Diamond Royale

              No but “French” “English” and “Indian” are races, sweetheart)))

              • Jessica2248


              • Elle

                Actually, none of those are races, they are ethnicities, sweetheart

                • tuttifrutti

                  These are neither races nor ethnicities; these are nationalities

                  • Jessica2248

                    Thank you! I couldn’t help but to laugh! I thought people had better common sense than that! LOL!

              • detwo313


              • TDubbs

                Actually, French and English are nationalities, hunny ^.^

                • Chennai07

                  Actually French people English people all Europeans are distinctly different from one another they are different ethnicities with traits that are exclusive to they group

              • Ifuaskme2

                No its not idiot. They are NATIONALITIES. Who let you graduate????

              • lola

                I guess every country is a race by itself. How silly when people confuse nationality and ethnicity with race.

          • detwo313

            totally false, but its not worth to elaborate

        • Marcel Brame

          My god you are stupid! Check history and find out if “mixed-race or muliracial” black people were slaves or not? Or suffered in the jim crow era? Even better ask Malcom X. He was half white. Didnt stop him from having all the same problems as “normal”black people.

          • guess

            Malcolm X mom was half white, his dad was black and yes, one drop of blood in those days didnt matter.

            • Jessica2248

              seems to a lot of folks it still matters, if they are calling these people black.

          • w

            his mom was Caribbean black

            • amy31

              All these obviously mixed ‘so called black people’ calling themselves black makes me wonder where the ‘real black’ people stand.

        • Dweetta Adams

          Since 1600 Jame town Virginia lol AA been mixing and we was raised black because of one drop rule history

    • Null


      LOL! What is even funnier is that the supposed “black” parent that got these people on this list are not even black but mixed themselves.

      • lavenderspirit2005

        Most African-Americans ARE of mixed blood, though…

        • melange6

          That is a racial myth that insecure African-Americans love to project even though they have absolutely NO PROOF (and oftentimes, no physically appearance traces or resembles to actual Multiracial people) of their supposed mixedness! Trust me, I am MULTIRACIAL, and an advocate for mixed-race people! It is HIGHLY OFFENSIVE that you’d try and erase the non-black ancestry of these beautiful Multiracial people! Wow, wake up moron!

          • ” Trust me, I am MULTIRACIAL, and an advocate for mixed-race people”

            I don’t care what you think you are. You don’t advocate for me. A whole lot of people of mixed heritage, white people, black people, and knowledgeable people of any community would disagree with your highly personal and uninformed rantings.

            “It is HIGHLY OFFENSIVE that you’d try and erase the non-black ancestry
            of these beautiful Multiracial people! Wow, wake up moron!”

            I didn’t ‘erase’ anything in anybody by stating an historical fact. Are you serious or trying to yank somebody’s chain by being off-the-charts ridiculous? Again, I don’t know who you think you are, but it’s not anyone remotely educated on the historical background of African-American people. There are numerous families within the Black community who can easily trace back family lines to Whites and Native American tribes, including my own Black family. I’ve encountered, seen, and heard of many of them. It’s a natural legacy via the U.S. slavery system and post-slavery interracial relationships. That doesn’t erase the fact that I’m the daughter of a mom of African-American descent and dad of Italian-American descent, and that I am of mixed heritage. It doesn’t erase the fact that there are children born of interracial families throughout the country and the world. Anyone who, in my opinion, seeks to attack historical fact in an effort to push a personal agenda, I have little time or respect for. I know what I am and who I am and I don’t need to engage in ‘activism’ to do so either. If that’s your bag, that’s fine. I don’t happen to NEED it. Advocate for mixed-race people? Sure. Lead your one person movement.

            • jOURNEY

              SAY IT LOUD!,I agree with you a 1,000%,and thank you for speaking up for us,you are so right,my BEAUTIFUL lil great grandmother who is the mother of my mother’s mother was half Black,indian,and white so in saying that….this LOL! MORON does need to wake up,Thank You again,GOD Bless You,and Yours

          • Ian S.

            You’re a fool. Even if a white European man a thousand years ago had a child with an African and every one of the hundreds of descendents had children with “pure” blooded Africans, every one of the children have European blood in them. It might be 1%, but they are still mixed. You honestly think in the hundreds, if not thousands, of years of colonization and immigration that blood did not mix? Your argument is stupid. You appear to be saying that African-Americans who accept their heritage, however small or far in the past it may be, are insecure and presumably want to be white. Guess what? No one views them as white. No one views you as white. For most people that’s fine. Deal with it. I don’t know what you advocate other than ignorance. You’re trying to erase your black(or whatever, I don’t really care) ancestry as much as you are trying to erase their non-black ancestry. If you’re so proud of your heritage then be proud of all of it. It sounds like you’re the only insecure one here.

            • Liz Vasquez

              You’re reaching…why is it that all of a sudden these days, more and more black folks in this country have decided to change the script and start to say “All African Americans are mixed”…. So what are the people like me who are ACTUALLY mixed called now??? …If AAs are mixed from hundreds of years of slavery rape, generations ago, than what are people like me called who have 2 parents and families, of different race??? …Waiting….You can’t have it both ways…Either you’re black or you’re mixed…you can’t be both (well you can, but if you are, you better claim the other significant part of your ancestry…and it better not be the measely 1% of white European blood, Cause that won’t and doesn’t in a million years count!!!) …If you can’t claim or prove that, then accept it….You’re BLACK….Just plain ‘ole black….Accept it!!!

              • Peter

                Its because “blackness” is an incredibly subjective and complex social construction that people are still trying to understand everyday. Trying to classify people as “black” and “white” is a very crude way to label people’s ethnic makeup. Jewish people, greeks, italians, etc. were only considered “white” until black people came up north and started getting jobs.

                Technically, 58% of African Americans are 12.5% European, because of rape during slavery and interracial relationships. 12.5% isn’t really that small of a number. Both of my parents have black parents, but I have very curly, fine jet black hair and somewhat slanted eyes. My mom has two light-skinned parents with curly and straight hair> They are both techinically mixed with east european, native americans and mostly black and then they had my mom. My dad is dark coffee colored, but his great grandparents were half native americans.

                I kind of look at it like this: I am technically mixed with european and native american, BUT, that is very common in America, so when people ask me if I’m mixed, I usually say “no” because I have two mostly black parents.

                I guess what I’m saying is, its not that simple. Its hard, no one right answer

        • jernnyd90

          thats so true because im a dark skinned mixed blk girl and i dont look like your average mixed person.

    • FlowersinGod’sgarden

      What a stupid comment to make! Have you been living under a rock?

    • tracy

      They are all Blacks. As one of thier parent is. They are white too. Mixed it not a race people, get over it. I think people hate black and Africa so much they want to erase it. Sad. And you as a mixed up Siciliano are likely majority BLACK yourself.

      • bluelove

        How in the world can you make a statement like that?People hate black?!?! People do not all think the same. Everyone is different, as their thoughts, and values are. I don’t hate black. And most people I know don’t hate black. We have a black president! Lets pray that this country come together, and respect each other. Because a house divided against itself can’t stand!

        • mgsmith

          he is half black!!!!!

    • Sabrina Sabrina

      I just happened to run across this article and I seen your comment. Of course they are black!!! I am half Mexican and a lot of people have tried to say i am not Mexican because of my white skin. Does that change the fact that I am half Mexican? NO!!! take a biology class lady. P.S. I love you Mariah Carey!

      • M. Lukowski

        No ofence intended but you, my lady, are inventing what you just wrote. I was born and raised in Mexico of Sephardic parents. I am putrid white skinned as is my entire family and sons and NO ONE that I have met in the U.S. during the last 16 years working with the public EVER made a remark as to why I am not dark skinned unless they were low on intelligence that I ignore. Mexico is one of the largest countries in the world and thereby holds to very diverse “tribes”, skin color, foods and ethnicities from North to South. Lifestyles in Wisconsin, Illinois, etc are distinct to what is popular in, say Florida. In the U.S. different areas house many a foreigner that migrated from Indian stock, Europe, Spain and believe it or not….China and Japan with whom they interbred centuries ago. Mexico City is 90% white skinned, for instance. Southern Mexico still holds to Mayan and Aztec foods, Indian dances and their very obvious dark facial structure and habits. Some areas near Central America have “indians” with slit eyes like the Japanese that has always been a fascination for anthropologists who still believe that “somehow” Asians crossed the ocean to reach America.
        Finally……What makes the US of A the most advanced country in the world, believe it or —- is because the majority of emigrants born in the U.S. are 80% interbred of multiple nationalities that in doing so — has made for a
        MIX FOR ALL! AND ALL FOR ONE so we can’t fight. Viva the U.S.!

      • chris trainer

        iam mexican of native american ancestry and a bit of spaniard, my brother is pale white while iam brown skin, mexicans are mix i dout any mexican whill deny your mexican ancestry, hell we have blonds and jews in mexco, ps my friend is a mexican jew hes a hermano to me.

    • Dominique

      Black people come in ALL colors. Have you ever heard of the term passing? While these celebs aren’t denying their black heritage, the fact is that there are A LOT more black people out there than you realize.

    • Jessica2248

      it does seem as if we always trying to claim people as black. but noone ever says that a visibly black person with a quarter of white in them is white!

    • Coraddo

      What an awful thing to say. Just because you’re confused about yourself doesn’t mean that they are.

    • BlightNAtlanta

      MixedUpSiciliano, you sure are ignorant! My grandfather used to talk about the “old days” when if you were 1/10 black or more, you were considered a “negroe” (his words, not mine) and white America made sure you knew it! It was JUST recently that America began to identify “mixed heritage”. Who are you to say that if you’re part black, you’re not black but something totally different??? This isn’t a Crayola box where if you mix black and white and get grey! You cannot tell someone that they are not black because they are very light or have fine enough features that they resemble a white person. I am mixed, extremely light, have wash-n-go hair and fine features but I am just as black as I am anything else. When cops have pulled me over to give me a ticket, they mark African-American on my citation without asking me what I “prefer” to be referred to as. My daughter does NOT look “mixed” at all but instead she looks like a beautiful black young lady! When she goes to apply for a job, she will be looked upon as a BLACK WOMAN, not a “mixed” one because her mother is of mixed heritage. Do your research, know your history and know that black folks come in ALL shades!!
      And for the other folks who made comments about “our black president” not counting because he is 1/2 white…be honest…had you not known he was 1/2 white, you would look at him and call him a BLACK MAN! Not a 1/2 white man! SMH
      Every one of these celebs pictured in this article ARE BLACK in heritage although thier skin and/or features may not clearly reflect it. But then again, I ask…is your skin black? I think not…I have met only a handful of “black” folks whose skin color was actually close to the actual color BLACK!

    • mythbuster

      you are not “Siciliano” if you are Black, the first time Blacks entered Sicily during WWII they proved Mussolini right. he warned Italians that if they didnt fight the Allies to the death, the Anglo forces will allow Italian women to be raped by Blacks and, indeed, the majority of the rapes that occurred against Italian women were by Blacks followed by Hispanics. On the other hand, the Nazis raped very few Italian women and never used Churches to launch attacks against the enemy, as did the Anglo-American forces. That is why to this day the older generation who remembered the war blame the Americans and the Brits for ruining Italy. No Black has the right to call themselves Italian even if they have Italian ancestry, remember the one drop rule? Blacks have been enemies of the Italian race since Hannibal, always looking to do harm to my people. Diametric opposites in value, views, philosophy, culture and every way else to the Italian ways of life. Italians and Blacks do not make a good mix and that is why Italy has the fewest interracial offspring of any major nation in Europe. Southern Italy, where most of the atrocities by Allied troops occur have a special disdain for the Black race and culture, exacerbated by the influx of Blacks from West Africa coming illegally to Italian shores(forced by the English and the Americans to not turn them away since these two nations never relinquished rule over Italy after the war