Typing in Tongues?

August 27, 2011  |  

You’re familiar with the phrase “speaking in tongues” right? It’s basically when a person is so filled with the holy spirit, that she speaks in a language that she does not know–and that is often unintelligible to anyone else. Well, television evangelist  and gospel singer Juanita Bynum took to her Facebook page and started typing in tongues. Yes, the spirit moved her…fingers mid-sentence.

Here’s a little sample:


Suffice to say, some folks aren’t buying the idea of typing in tongues. Do you believe it’s possible to type in tongues?



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  • martina

    Man idk…maybe…but idts….she is full of shiit newayz

  • @ajstaralex

    Just ridiculous!!!

  • blackbutterfly

    Please see my reply. No disrespect to Ms. Bynum – she is clearly a smart businesswoman, but this is tomfoolery.

  • blackbutterfly

    REDONCULOUS. Folks, you need to read your Bible for yourselves so that you're not deceived in the end game. Paul gives very clear instructions for speaking in tongues:

    1 Cor. 14: 4, 27-28
    4 Anyone who speaks in a tongue edifies themselves, but the one who prophesies edifies the church. 27 If anyone speaks in a tongue, two—or at the most three—should speak, one at a time, and someone must interpret. 28 If there is no interpreter, the speaker should keep quiet in the church and speak to himself and to God.

    She is a false prophet, as has already been proven and needs to "sad-down" somewhere.

  • thaalia

    I thought the purpose of speaking in tongues when IN the service of the MINISTRY (im not talking about for personal use/revelation in this case) is that someone hears it understands it (in the spirit) and receives its message. I dont see how that is relaying a heavenly message.

    • thaalia

      also, people read the bible for your selves. People i think, dont do it because they are so afraid to question their faith or their culture or their leaders. Find why you love God, for YOU, and please read and RE READ the bible

  • muki


    come again??

  • Tishea

    Legemeaux if people feel like that it’s sad….Did u ask GOD to reveal himself to u? Hey one thing for sure every knee will bow….so do u!!!!!

  • Cici & Coco -The Besties

    I think she’s lying. Now y cant ppl just do that? Keep the comments simple & go about their day instead of fighting? Smh next.

  • Mila

    ohhh shabbbbalarubenewvodoooo. I believe her my I just started typing what I thought.

  • MIZ ELLE (again)

    Isnt speaking in tongues suppose to be a conversation between yourself and God? Why is God speaking through her on facebook? What is he trying to say? Come on people, do we really want to believe that bad?

  • Disgusted

    I have seen this lady in person at her "church" in GA…my sister and I went for Easter service this past April…we were thoroughly disappointed at the displays of selfishness, and greed exhibited by herself, and the congregation. We won't be going back if that is any clue as to what went on. They wanted people to tithe using the portable credit card machine and many of the people had bills to pay it was apparent

  • SAM

    We don't all have to agree but why we gotta call people fools, witches and all other names? That's not Christian like and furthermore the bible I read says in Matthew 5:22 "But I say unto you, That whosoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment: and whosoever shall say to his brother, Raca, shall be in danger of the council: but whosoever shall say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire." Just saying

    • thaalia

      the key to that verse is 'WITHOUT CAUSE' the position of leadership is one that is hard and is subject to getting checked just like every other position in the church. If peoples spiritual senses are tingling in a bad way, hey have the right to question. Name calling maybe childish but that is their choice as well.

  • legemeaux

    and a bible story means what to me? Citing the bible as a reference only works if you already believe. to the rest of us it's the same as talking about the little old lady who lived in a shoe as a historical fact.

  • ebonessence

    I typed like that one good evening too so IT IS REAL!!! true story: i was so filled with the "spirit" i started seeing things and the letters on the keyboard looked jumbled. so when I thought I was typing normally, i was not and dubbed it "typing in tongues" but it wasn't the religious spirit. It was the spirit of OG kush, sour d and tanqueray mixed with some sprite that got to me HA!!! LOL LOL LMAO!

    • JustAshley


  • legemeaux

    I think it's more likely she was drunk or baked.

  • JustAshley

    I'm not sure why you put so much emphasis on the "Black church" considering the fact that the "White church" has a history of child brides and knocking people off with Koolaid. False prophets come in every color!
    Did you hear about the white dude running around Europe claiming to be Jesus? Or the Hispanic man in Florida claiming to be the Messiah? He has a huge Hispanic following and these fools claim the number 666 is holy and are tattooing it on there bodies!
    The bible says that not everyone saying "Lord Lord" will get into heaven. I understand being frustrated, but its not right to hold the entire black church in contempt because of some wacked out, wayward posers. The bible says to "forsake not the reconvening of ourselves". That means we are supposed to gather together with other believers for encouragement and worship. Going to church and Christianity itself- isn't about people. Its about God. And if some silly non-prophet causes you to stay away from church than you need to figure out what you really believe in.

  • Sha Sha

    ROTFLMAO!!! No seriously she need to GTFOH with dat BS. Making a mockery of religion is a serious offense and she need to go sit down before she gets struck down!!

  • someone

    Maybe she need mental help or someonecanlayhandsonhermaybeaswiftkickinthebootukass….oooooooh look I typed in tongues! ha ha ha!

  • L-Boogie

    I am sorry but this is a little too much.

  • cb

    I personally stopped listening and following Juanita Bynum ever since the bic pen message. sry!!

    • JustAshley

      Me too! That message floored me!
      She is crazy to mess with God this way. SMH

  • Mrs Jackson 25

    This chick is so crazy fake anyway! I can’t believe that people are still following her and listening to her mess! Never mind following tweets and FB status. I don’t get a “holy” or “spiritual” vibe from her at all.

  • Avril

    Further proof that this Lady is a fraud and a false prophet..who just uses your donation for her luxurious lifestyle

  • Just another guy

    Religion = nonsense, I find black people who have no idea how they became or ancestors became Christian and that wear their religion on their sleeve to be extremely annoying. If anyone buy into the nonsense she posted, I fear for the progression of human kind.

    • legemeaux

      Thank you. Slave owners fed us religion to encourage compliance. it was to the master's advantage that we believed God wants us to suffer here on earth and our reward was in heaven. When slaves became restless, they let them have revivals in the woods to blow off steam. I grew up southern Baptist and I swear as far back as I can remember I thought all that hooping and hollering was a crock. when I learned how blacks adapted our religious beliefs in America I was through with it. And I am not even militant. it's just stupid.

      • TX Guest

        Pretty non religious black woman!!! I found the needle in the haystack!!!!!

        • Just another guy

          Agreed lol, I am sure there are plenty out there but they are hard to find. I have had good convo with girls go bad when they bring up religion lol.

          • treneicia

            i swear u remind me of this guy i used to know…he was agnostic and swear that faith in something other than scientific elements meant u were ignorant. lol

      • legemeaux

        If people take the time to really question their faith and why they believe…ask why until you can't ask why anymore….strip away what they were taught and look at it like it's brand new….put all the pieces together from scratch and, if religion still makes sense to him/her, I could at least respect that. but most believers accept their faith blindly. The answer for anything that doesn't hold up to any rational thought is "only God knows" or "He works in mysterious ways".*eye roll*

        • Dear legemeaux,
          I know you don't know me, but, I love you, o no, not in the friendly, I love everybody kinda way, I mean in the I want to marry and spend significant portion of our lives together love. I've been reading over your comments and I must say, dayum, its refreshing to see a woman with real everyday common sense, and isnt afraid to break the mold and have their own opinion. I love you.

          Signed Your Future Husband, Samuel L. Blackson.
          J/K, unless you serious, then I'm serious too =)

        • tregabnet

          i agree. but its not the religion that makes me roll my eyes, but the people who follow without thinking about what they are worshiping. God, or bullsh*t humans made up?

  • common sense

    Is “TYPING in tongues” in da bible???? Hands please?????? NO! Only “SPEAKING in tongues” End of discussion

    • Lady B

      What you said IS common sense!!! The Black church is getting more & more off track with some of the mess they try to make up, like it's new revelation or something!!! The Bible is complete and NOTHING is to be added, like "typing in tongues" SMH

  • seek2027

    Too funny lol

  • BlkButterfly

    I can't speak to where Ms. Bynum's spirit was at that time, but this like this are unusual. When Sherri Shepard (of "The View") started speaking in tongues on command, on live TV – that was uncalled for- IMO. Weather we believe it or not, to say "that's bs" is disrespectful.

  • Nic Pal1

    "God do not behave himself unseemly"…..That's what the Scripture says and that's what I'm saying as well!

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  • graham mcdonnough

    Did you know that there is two supernatural power in this world ,one from God and one from the deviel,saitan dos do his work in the church too ,in the book of Corinthians 1Paul found people speeking in toungs but it was of the deviel this is a good time for you all to read this for your self read CORIN,1 :1-16 and no one will ever make a fool of you again about this ,if you spend the time to read the bible no one will ever make a fool of you again ,Madame Noire .amen .tryreading the bible from cover to cover .

    • Mrs.A12

      Yes, Graham I am very well aware of this and I appreciate you defending the Word. However, I doubt very seriously that Ms. Bynum knows how to spell the words that she (or anyone else) speaks in tongues. The fact that she just made up a bunch of letters then wrote Amen is just deplorable. Also, no one is making a fool of me. If anyone is the fool it is you.

  • Jasmine

    If I am reading her page and all I see is BXBXBXBBXBXBXBBKKIILKL how is that going to convince me become a believer.. Some people give Christian a bad name…

  • Chrissy

    If she doesn’t understand it and it uninteligble to others then what’s thed point? What is God’s message here? The Holy Spirit does not work to confuse.

  • NieCee

    I don't know, but if Jesus can make Peter walk on water, why can't he do this thru her, even tho we don't understand it.

  • Tishea

    Glory b to GOD only she n GOD knows…Why get upset n use profanity if it is not true she has to answer to our heavenly father who is Jehovah’s Yeweh…..have yall ever felt the holy spirit n spoke n tongue so who’s to say but GOD that she didn’t type n tongue…SMH

  • Tishea

    Glory b to GOD only she n GOD knows…Why get upset n use profanity if it is not true she has to answer to our heavenly father torches is Jehovah’s Yeweh…..have yall ever felt the holy spirit n spoke n tongue so who’s to say but GOD that she didn’t type n tongue…SMH

    • guest

      Yes, she may have much to answer to – like how she is leading people astray by her foolishness.

  • trtaylor

    *blank stare*


    They take God's gifts as a joke….


    • NiaPurpose

      No. You need to read your bible to discern what is "of God" and what isn't. The bible speaks specifically on this type of thing. Its sad that you say your a Christian and yet you don't know the truth. Speaking in tongues is literally speaking in an unknown language- not gibberish. It is to edify the people of God and it MUST come with a transalation to do so. If it does not come with a translation than that person is to BE QUIET. Get out your bible and read it before you fall for the okey-doke.

      • a.l.jones

        Exactly right! Without any interpreter to state what the speaker is saying, it's just a bunch of garbage. It's only benefit would be to make the person speaking in "tongues" (a different language) appear to be holier and closer to God than others.

    • she did not………false