They Always Come Back: 5 Reasons Why He Won’t Leave You Alone

August 25, 2011 ‐ By

If you’ve ever cried over a man, perhaps your moms came alongside you and offered some words of encouragement. Something to the tune of “he’ll be back.” While you might have thought it was the end of the world and you would never see your boo boo again, you eventually realized that your mom knew what time it was. If you’ve ever tried to figure out why he reappeared, check out these potential reasons why.

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  • fadzayi

    #6! OMG like how true is that! they say they want to remain friends and they keep sniffing around till the moment arrives when you are happy and moving on and then they get in touch! time and time again, without fail!

  • Anna Bryant

    They come back because they know they can. These kinds of women need to respect themselves and stop letting these men do what they want to and then welcome them back with open arms. These women have low self esteem and
    think they can find it in a man.

  • moi

    i think if a man gets dumped because he keeps playing the same old games and she finally kicks him to the curb.

    sometimes i think he tries to get back with to show he still got it which boosts his ego

  • moi

    lol i just wrote a comment which sound just like yours

    like we have the same brain

    i defo agree

  • Dabright

    You are ignorant and a fool…. Go check your head, you need help….

  • me2

    yeah, we know yo momma certainly didnt… lol

  • me2

    upgrade.. why? because he's Colombian or because he's fair-skinned? You say nothing of loot, so hopefully you're not a digger. maybe a lil color struck (one of the most self-debilitating afflictions of the black race.

    Or maybe he's so enamored of a sister (every place outside of the US simply LOVES african americans), that he can find no fault with anything you do… yet. Hell maybe he just wants a green card.

    So why is he an 'upgrade'.

  • Rosanna

    This is definitely true! For me, they usually come back when they realize just how irreplaceable I really am! :)

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  • NotAManHater

    You're articles are always slanted to make men seem like dogs. Not all men are that way.

    • just saying

      Uhh, yeah they are…that is how they're made. Its not nice to call them dogs but really men are made and socialized to be emtionally retarded. Once you accept this life and relationships become a lot easier…this may sound wierd but I'm a firm believer that a woman should always keep a little space between herself in a man…not distance but space…so that when he starts showing his ass (and they always do) you won't be in too deep.

  • DoubleW

    Bingo. This is a point discreetly left out of the original article, particularly where betrayal is involved."Why ME?" is the question that is never answered.

  • DoubleW

    You forgot a reason #6: Maybe he did love you deeply, but you betrayed HIM, and he is still hoping for some sort of apology or explanation to provide some closure for an important chapter in his life.

  • Anna

    Wait… Back up….

    The actually COME BACK? Once a dude dumps me I don't hear from him ever again… He breaks to the point that not even a manicurist with a whole lot of acrylic could put it together. These articles are really depressing.

    • Anna

      *They actually

    • moi

      be grateful

  • lynn 2

    You r so wright im in that kind of relarionship all (5) but as of last week im done and I menr every word I said. I told him if I can have it my way I will not continue to let him have it his way. He want stop call or texin I try not to call or tex but he want stop til I respond back so I will do the texin.

  • lynn 2

    You r so wright in in that kind of relarionship all (5) but as of last week in done and I might every word I said. I told him if I can have it my way it will not be continue to let him have it his way. He want stop call or texin I try not to call or tex but he want stop til I respond back so I will do the texin.

  • numero uno

    I agree with @Chaz, Women will throw a man in a clown suit for no reason at all. While i was trying to do/give more the more resistance i felt. It had nothing to do with my ego but WHO couldnt see it. Yall forget men love and feel just like women and though society says its weak and soft, love is stronger.

  • Chiquita Chi Chi

    i find that its hard to get rid of a dude once you tell em get the hell on…'s sooooo annoying….when you want attention and affection they run away….reject em and you can't beat em off with a stick

    • Guest

      HAHAHA my GF is the same way. What is up with that???

  • Curious1

    I LOVE and 10000000000% AGREE WITH UR COMMENT…I noticed the same thing ,also, about the slant of the article ..uh…advice and "heads-up" negative and back hand slappish…on both parts, male/ female motives and whatnots.,..

  • Chaz

    I kinda disagree if you broke up with him or he broke up with you is not the reason. Either he misses you and or there is no one better. When it come to ladies its all about how does the new girl look is she smarter funnier those things. Getting dumped dont hurt a man ego, why you got dumped is.

  • numero uno


    • numero uno

      cut number three out of respect stop disliking my statuses big head

  • ebonessence

    edit: HERE comes my ex…proceed ^_^

  • ebonessence

    article on point!! case in point: my husband was #5, did that sh!t for a year until i slapped the spit out of his mouth the last time and told him if its the same BS, leave me the hell alone right now, a year later we were married. but not before he did #6 to his baby momma and found out she was happy with who she is with (which can't be all true because the guy has hit on me several times behind her back so idk). once me and my husband were married, he comes MY ex after 3 years showing up at my mom house trying to "see how i was doing" and found out i am a happily married woman now….haven't heard from him since that day, not even an "how you doing" text LOL and he has a girl he been with since we broke up in 2005, came there talking about "meeka doesn't do anything, b!tch don't cook, clean, nothing, just sorry" LOL i laughed so hard inside because that is what he left me for because she put up with more than i did. so if this list isn't the truth, i don't know what is!

  • 8327

    wtf is that supposed to mean? Have you done a poll?

  • Renee

    A man always comes back if he believes he has the woman in the palm of his hands. Usually ladies they are correct. When we face the ugly truth about our situation the men face a harsher reality. Just as quickly as we inflated their egos we can deflate them as well…

  • Ne Ne aka iB@S

    off topic: are u a former bossiper??

    • numero uno


  • no name….

    Do you know August is National Romance awareness month! Get your mind right

  • Sha Sha


  • Tasha

    U r genius! LOL These 7 reasons are soooo true too. Some could be combined or stacked b/c TRUST many men have come back for all or several of these reasons. For examole, he left u/or u him and after spending much $$$$/effort on another woman (or even women) he is BROKE and realizes that he is (1) not gonna find better vagina and/ or head, (2) food, or (3) patience thatn u. So "MAGICALLY" he comes back……

  • Tasha

    Forgot to add but if when he comes back and u let him and ALL he talks about/tries to do is related to S-E-X then u can pretty much bet $ that he is back not for love or u being "the one" but b/c he wants to get in. And u can DEFINITELY bet and win $ this is true if he never slept with you previously.

  • me2

    So true.

  • ragamuffin

    I’m gonna go with Dante on this one. Men are simple beings, easily pleased and if u are a good woman it and good at what u do it doesn’t take much to be missed.

  • numero uno

    Little, N*gger vs. fair skinned in the same category is an insult. Women get offended when its on the other end. So do women look at brown/dark skinned men as beneath a man of lighter complexion and of a different race, FAIL?! Men are men despite race and background we've got the same agendas, women not so much. Better hope he does not turn into your "little N-gger" smh.

  • Lisa Hampton

    Lol you so crazy

  • hydepark_cutie

    What does skin color have to do with anything?! You sound so ignorant–lighter skin does not equal "upgrade." Ughh!

    Anyway, great article from the author; I enjoyed the read.

    • Cm051070

      She was only saying upgrade to a better man, your mind is in the wrong place, it’s your perception of what she said, I read her response as well as you and I did not take it that she was saying it was because he was lighter skinned. 

  • MrGantri

    I’ve been everyone one of “those” men at some point in my life. You’ve hit the nail-on-the-head with your assessment.

  • sugadiva

    Sooooo true, I remember when I was newly engaged you couldn’t keep them away. It’s like they catch a scent in the air. Sniff sniff I smell self confidence let me go ruin it again. Smh

  • AngelFace

    PS> They do come back – but they are exactly the same man. Why go through it again?

    • JustAshley

      Preach it !!

  • millionairedatingtips

    Wow, My best fríènd ,she just has annóuncéd hér wēddīng wīth a mīllionairě mān who is a cèlèbrìty !They mèt via~~~~hīmǐllìōnáìrès -c ō м ~~~~ is the lārgēst and bēst clúb for cělêbrīty and theìr àdmirèrs to chát ōnlìnè. …You do nǒt hávè to bê rīch ór fāmóùs. ,bùt yōu cān meēt yóùr trùē lòvê , It's wòrthy ǎ try!

  • AngelFace

    A brilliant web site called BAGGAGE RECLAIM, can help all of us women to put and keep these clowns/users into "No Contact" with us. We deserve real LOVING relationships and not crumbs and abuse from these guys. This website is helping many women right now. Today. Our Peace and Personal Happiness is necessary and worth us fighting for. Don't waste your time …fighting with him for it. We can get this by dumping them. Best Wishes!

    • Lydia

      I’m in one of these girls right now. Help

  • Ms Peach

    SO TRUE… every slide is true and the last one…wow…I have asked my friends like what is it as soon as you are done with them the real time you are done and moving on they have some sixth sense. Most of the times tho its me they call me and say something and I start laughing because sense of humor gets me everytime and HE knows it!!!

  • Stanley

    I run away and come back just to keep as many options as I can open for when I need a girl.

    • LaLaLaMeansILoveYou

      …by your comment I take it your about, 25 or younger? I sure hope so, because any grown man still playing that game is a sad case, plain and simple. HUGE turn off. But then again, you did say for when you need a "GIRL"…which only lets me know you're not ready for a real woman.

  • sam

    I love this and have been saying this for years!! They always come back….. but I’m usually not available.

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