Six Sure Signs He’s Not in Love Anymore

August 12, 2011 ‐ By L. Nicole Williams

Almost all of us have heard it personally or seen it on television, “I love you, but I’m not in love with you anymore.” Truth is people don’t dip in an out of love. Rather, there are different types of love. Generally when a man says he’s not in love anymore, he really means you’re a great person but you’re not the one for him. It is likely the relationship was primarily based on infatuation, romance, and surface-level intimacy which, like beauty, are fleeting.

Of course, if this is the case, you would probably opt against sticking around and allowing your feelings to intensify. No one enjoys growing to love someone to then be let down. The solution: be proactive and take heed to cues of forthcoming rejection:

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  • monica

    I have been with my boyfriend for 1 year and 3 months. Initially he was madly in love with me and would do anything for me for 12 months. We have had as well distance relationship which influenced our discussion. However, it is me now going after him all the time. He still shows interest in meeting me and texting but I asked him if he was in love and he said no because of me. He said that I am everyday constantly complaining about him for months (which is true) and he told me that if I change and stop complaining he will fall in love again and that he wants to continue. We are going to be in distance relationship again and I am not sure what to think about this situation. Any advice?

  • Isis

    I’ve watched women get all of these signs in the article and they just don’t seem to get it or want to accept the fact that it’s DEAD or OVER. Accept it! Move on! and cry about it later.

  • Isis

    Believe me, you know when the love is gone. Men will start turning little things into big things. All of a sudden they are not home that much and your calls get few and far apart. I knew it was done when he didn’t even bother inviting me to his families Thanks Giving dinner. We broke up the engagement and went our separate ways.

  • Bravo Ogbe

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  • Lydia laures

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  • mmm

    This is more like… when a woman falls out of love.. to the T!

  • Anti ex boyfriend

    Talked about ex boyfriend, I hate ex boyfriend…he tried to friendzone me…after I’ve de-friended him, these six signs have been torturing me and even now I agreed that he’s a total goner

  • suzi

    I have been married for 25 years. High School sweet hearts. We have always been together. Lately it seems like we are room mates, rather then lovers. I am in love with him. I crave him. Its obvious he does not feel the same way. I am frustrated and angry. I have tried (throughout the years) to keep our love fresh. Today, I am at a loss. Please help

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  • Chloe Ryan

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  • Alicia

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  • Tanya0510

    The most accurate relationship article I’ve ever read.

  • Jen Clark

    2. Sorry it’s my body, if he loves us he will respect our rights to not want sex when we don’t. I don’t have to offer my body on a daily basis, especially considering when a man doesn’t do the same. Sex isn’t ALL about the man after all.
    3. Sorry but it isn’t my job to be your caretaker, if I’m already making something, sure I’ll make some for you too, but I’m not gonna bust out the whole kitchen multiple times a day to cater to you, because you don’t want to handle basic life tasks. If you’re hungry and I’m busy, get your own food. If I come home from a long days work and some guy is hounding me about food cause he was too lazy, that’s a no go. If you want to be treated like a king you have to treat your woman like a queen.

  • Jen Clark

    Since when is being equals a bad thing? I can do all that “manly” stuff on my own, if I need help I ask for it. If someone just swooped in and took over something I could do on my own or wanted to do, I would think they see me as weak and incapable, and depending on what it is, less intelligent.

  • kae

    he was white!!!!

  • kae

    My ex did those things to me, i tried to kill myself for a whole week. I loved him!
    I know i have trauma and crazy trust issues now. Im such an easy person to talk to, he could have written on paper. I really loved him

  • nikki

    p.s totally agree with will on that one!!

  • nikki

    ive read a lot of conflicting things regarding number 2. sometimes they say every little thing annoys you.( when you dont love them anymore) and here it says, things dont annoy you anymore basically, when you dont love them anymore and dont care…which one is it!!

  • missy

    hell my husband hasnt been the man i married since our son has been born hes not the same person do dont care anymore about anything and its making it to where i dont care anymore too all the things he use to do he dont anymore hmmmmm

    • Jennifer

      some so-called “men” can’t stomach the idea of being a father… guess we both fell for the wrong guy who never were honest (even to themselves!) about their feelings about fathering a child.

  • Lexusshields

    I wish i never dated i still have strong feelings for my ex bf , to much enotional stress i hate it so much, and we are friends now but i can only see him as my bf not my best friend anymore… Yes i dated my best guy friend;(

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  • Marie

    I think that the biggest hurt of all is the disrepect.  I don’t know about anyone one else, but what ever happened to just being honest with a person?  Game playing is childish and does more damage to a person than telling them the truth.  I would have a lot more repect  for someone with enough guts to just say it’s over than someone to act like an idiot and drag it out.  

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  • Tashi Guerra

    you know what im no longer going to listen to articals …i told my bf if he wanted out he could just say so.. ps im still with him 8 months yay. i even ask him if he still likes me and hes like yes i do you should know this:) i think magazien adds are sometimes balonie..sorry for the miss spelling

  • Denise

    I agree guys should open their mouths and say they don't want you anymore but they don't. They will string you along if you let them they don't want you but keep you around in case they still might need you!

    • chris

      it’s not just men, some women do the exact same thing.

  • Michiganlady

    I was married 19 years & we were together 29 years. I thought (key word) we had a relationship that if you needed out or more he would tell me. As a matter of fact I said that to him & he claimed he would. He didn't and he cheated. I say this ladies
    1. Men want their ego stroked no matter how long you are with them.
    2. Always make "you" the priority and them the options
    3. Do know men want their cake & to eat it to. If given the opportunity & they think they wont be caught they will use you.

  • dontshtfromnoone

    So you are going to disfigure someone because they don't love you anymore. Wonder what prison you would be going to? Speaking from experience dealing with a crazy woman like you, she ended up with a 9mm round enlarged in her hip that can't be removed and she has a permanent limp. Do I condone violence against women? ABSOLUTELY NOT. Do I have the right protect myself from being maimed or serious bodily harm even if deadly force is a consideration? YOU DAMN RIGHT. You should grow up and learn how to just move on with your life if a man don't want you. You can't make a man love you and it goes the other way also. Is it worth the hassle? When a man breaks up with you, there is someone looking for the chance to see what's up with you. Just saying is all…

    • kae

      i`ll burn the next guy alive who does that to me. Just saying is all…

    • BitterSweetLife

      You have completely missed the point of this post. Lol, people are looking for these signs BECAUSE their significant other wont flat out effin’ tell them that they dont love them anymore, instead they decide to drag the person around. Let me ask you, do you value your time? How would you feel if a girl/guy (whatever you prefer), you were trying to make things work with and loved didn’t love you back and didn’t have the guts to tell you? If they just dragged you around for years because they wanted to have their cake and eat it too? All that time, energy, love you wasted? Sacrifies you have made because you thought you wanted to spent you life together and planned a future together? Had big dreams… I’m sure you too would be a little more than mad.

      I’m not saying violence is right in any way, shape or form. Its absolutely wrong i agree with you on that but a persons mental stability after all that and the things they do because of it is understandable.

      • celeste hankerson

        You know when someone doesn’t want to be with you any longer.

  • Queen

    You know if someone wants to be with you or not, if you have to play games like this, you are better off alone.

  • Tim

    It goes both ways though. If I want a good woman I need her to live up to a standard too, and I withhold that reward until she has proven that's she really into it. I am to be treated like her man. It is a perfect two-way street; heavy groceries and furniture are one thing, but if she doesn't rush to help me with something that she is better at, then we've got the same signs coming in.

  • William

    Once again I will play grammar police. The phrase is not “could care less,” which is meaningless, but “couldn’t care less” as in one doesn’t care at all. I expect better from people who write and edit professionally. Sorry, but this is a major pet peeve.

  • The Stupid Truth

    Women are stupid – really women are stupid. Now of course, many are sweet, kind, thoughtful, and giving, but the fact remains: Women are stupid. (and to ALL ya'll who will chastise me with your wet noodles – "Past experience and observation of women being stupid, gives me future confidence they will continue to be stupid", so all your attacks, attempts at persuasion, and logic will not make me cede one inch from, well, Women Are Stupid…period.

    • Jen Clark

      Yeah, I don’t know a single lady besides one with no self esteem and self worth, that would date a guy that thinks she’s stupid simply for her gender, despite her IQ, education, and career status. Good luck with your whole “women are stupid” mentality. Also I can think of many reasons why men are even more stupid than women, but I wont get into that right now, since the reasons are pretty obvious and only stupid men such as yourself don’t see them. Lol

  • Ahura Z.

    These are interesting comments, but did it ever dawn on anyone that when you see these signs there may have been something that the woman did, or did not do that caused it? perhaps instead of calling the guy a loser, one should see if they are in denial of being the real loser. Perhaps you made one too many demands, or said no too often, perhaps your girlfriend that has never had a decent relationship was wrong about what should be happening in your relationship. Maybe you should not have gone through his email. You did not give birth to him so who are you to question his whereabouts or who he speaks to? Perhaps confidence in ones bond of love is in order. to ask if a man is a real man is an insult especially when your hair is not. This blog should be called, "How to tell when you've pushed your lover away"

    I find it interesting how women believe that they should be able to get away with anything and expect their man to still be in love just because they are there.

    I have been married for 11 years, and still sneak looks at my wife. When we fell in love it was with each other the way that we were. In that way we are still the same. I did not insist that she do anything other than make me know that I am loved, and all she ever asked of me is to be the King that she fell in love with. She does, and I am. When we first meet we put on our best side. We make sure that our socks are clean our hair is combed, our breath is sweet and to exhibit the education that our parents so desperately pushed us to have is pushed to the fore. If throughout your relationship you can say that any of these has slipped even to the smallest degree then it is you, not your man or woman that is the problem. Dont call a man a loser because you got sloppy, or mouthy, or btichy. based upon what I have read here, it is indeed the fault of you that have experienced this. Remember. If you want the dream of love you must become the dream. Oh and yes I do have the right to criticize. I am the same man my wife fell in love with, and because of this I know what she is feeling and thinking. Thats enough ladies Of the two species spiritually women are the stronger so if your man is no longer in love with you, you missed something.

  • john

    Married momma brings up a good point…..COMMUNICATE! Without that, relationships will fade and end up not working if you don’t communicate and are honest with one another. Sometimes things can be misunderstood or someone is just going through things they don’t want to talk about for whatever reason. People need to stop using signs, be real with each other and act like adults. 5 year olds are more honest than adults

  • married momma of 5

    Okay look, first off upon reading this, it seems to scream every aspect of our lives. I even recently tried taking him to a wedding reception for a friend, and he didn’t want to go, so I told him I was taking a close guy friend as my date, he didn’t seem to care whatso ever… maybe cause he has lost all interest? Or… cause he has trust. Look, many guys may let you loose a bit, or give you responsibility over the car, etc… its because they learn to trust you. They realize your a big girl now! Do what you like because they know at the end of the day, you will be home with them. Don’t play into the 5 for sure signs… he’s probably not interested in your day or in telling you his because you bark so much about hearing complaints, or YOU don’t show interest in him. Don’t deny it, you wouldn’t be a true woman without some barking, its how we keep things in line. So, just give hubby a supportive hug, remind him you care, and he should respond similarly, if he doesn’t, remind him with a short chat, if he still pays you no mind, resort to more drastic measures, like talking with a priest, or counselor. A marriage was made in the compels of love(at least most) so the fire may just need to be rekindled.

  • john

    Yeah its quite sad if you can’t be an adult and just let someone know how you feel but the world is filled and continues to be filled with cowards. Its easier to just cheat, ignore the other person than to step up like a man/woman and be honest. But alot of people like to use the Tarzan theory and keep people around until they got a firm grip on someone else. Just like Tarzan doesn’t let go of one vine until he’s got a firm grip on another. If you don’t want to be with someone anymore at least respect the other person enough just to say it instead of being a coward and trying to do pathetic signs like this.

  • SuzTheGoose

    People need to pay attention to detail and stop fooling themselves. Quit being drama queens keep it short sweet and simple walk away with dignity if your mate isnt feeling you this is LIFE not some disney fairy tale.

  • OPTION:other

    OKAY…that's why I have been weighing my options on interracial dating… some brothas r trifflin…

  • robert jackson

    Why does it take six signs? I think some woman just can't take a hint.

  • jmt

    Some of these signs ridiculous. He lets you go out with your friends that doesnt mean he doesnt care it means hes not a controlling ass. Lets get real people

  • Xerxes

    Daywalker is not telling any truths,obviously he hates women if he is going to call this poster Bytch,what the F is that about?? Obviously there are real flaky men out there and Ayoka is telling nothing but the turth. Sorry it hurts. Browse the relationship section in your book store,Now how many books are written in response to women that cant get the man to ante up? Or treat them differently. The author bestseller 'He's not That into You' didnt write a sequel saying 'Shes not that into You' and how many books are written for men saying ' Get her to the Altar?
    I dont think so,yes there are women who are just as flakey and narcisstic with men,but this male to female relationship has not gotten better. Aokay pointed things that does resonate with lots of women sorry if men get angry. But ya'll do flake.

  • selena

    Ayoka your the greatest!! Love ya! thanks for that wonderful advice us women needs to adhere to. Everything you said is exactly what our inner voices or guts been telling us all along. but do we listen? noo way
    My man I know is not in love with me,but we do love eachother,and if his a$$ starts acting flakey,I will leave his butt here in Hawaii and jet off to the mainland. Then come back with a new man and marrie him in Hawaii! Hows that for revenge. hey we all need backup plans.


    I think a man should b a man. If its over, then just say its over. Some of us r just too much n love to want to see the signs. Men stop doggin these women around. If you don't want a good woman, stop wasting our time n get the hell out of our lives. Yes I was in a relationship. It crashed n burned. But it will all come back to him. What goes around, comes around.

  • katt

    I gave mine too much super hot sex too soon and now hes bored with me I think. I know what to do to likely help this though. Ill let ya know!

  • Foxx aka Anarkis

    PREEEEE CISELY Madam !!!!

  • Foxx aka Anarkis

    Also known as "playing games"…

    Real men don't stand for that high school, "Lets just play house" BS.

    Get to the point or kick rocks… Who got time for guessing games ???

    said with all due respect…

    But seriously…

    *blank stare*

  • Sara

    This list is complete B/S!! I would like to know what the qualifications are of the author because she clearly has never read anything on the human brain and how it functions. Being "in love" as we call it generally means the butterflies and highs we feel when we are with that person. And guess what, those are hormones. Every relationship grows and adapts over time, and it is natural for someone to fall "in and out of love" as the hormone levels rise and fall. This is pure physical atttraction and nothing else. Second, even in the healthiest relationships all the "signs" she presents as evidence are prevalent and one or more point. Loving someone is a choice we make based on values and ideals and goals. Factors like anger, stress, money, family, etc can all have an effect on how we "feel." Third, what the hell kind of relationship is she promoting here? One where the man has all the control and the woman is "kept" at home, to be the object of her man's affections?

  • Quazzieplaz

    2 outta 6 ain't bad! He does 2 of the 6 but I think he still cares. I have in some way put a hault to them though cause I said keep the phone off and disappear again and I'll be out! Peace!

  • supersean

    Dog, you really have too much time on your hands. How many paragraphs are you going to write in response to some chicks outlandish bulls**t. A ni**a who is really getting pu**y has no time for internet bashing wars with women. Get your sh*t together fa**it.

  • Carol Donofrio

    Sure, he's sure!!! He feeds you breakfast in bed out of your duchebag!!! Tells you: He's going for a sex change and breast implants!!! Always felt like girlie-girl wanting to wear lipstick, bra and panties!!! Feels so secure, demure and safe wearing a dress with size 22 shoes!!! Wearing his bra and panties is just electifying and thrilling feeling newly born like taking his first breath and mothers milk!!!

  • dayy

    hilarious! why are men conditioned to be so insensitive? it's crazy.. wonder how much respect they really have for their mothers, sisters… daughters even

  • k.s.

    I went with a man for 4.5 yrs. The "only" sign was a lack of sex, which I didn't really consider due to the fact his job is particularly stressful. At Thanksgiving he bought me a rose, and told me how much he loved me. By the 6th of December he was gone! And told me I should have seen it coming!!! WHAT???? What was I supposed to see coming? I came home from work to fine a "Dear Jane" letter on my bed, car and apartment keys on my dresser, and all my personal belongings from his house in a box on the bedroom floor! WHAT A COWARD!!!

  • election2012

    When a man doesn't want you any more physically he obviously doesn't desire you any more, or you just aren't that good in bed and he has accepted that as a fact, but he may still love you

    • k.s.

      there can be other reasons too, those might be the ones most important to you,,,but there are as many reasons as there are people or i should ay couples

  • Chuck Norris

    #6 you’re equals. Isn’t that what women want? To be equals to men? Stop being lazy and go get your oil change. Its not like you’re doing it yourself.
    #4 he’s not that interested in keeping you in. Its called living life! I expect you to go do your own thing but at the end of the night cone home to me.
    Who came up with this anyway? Probably a woman.

  • Black Beauty

    Women give Men Too Much Damn Power…He can't Do NO MORE THAN YOU ALLOW!!!!!!!!

  • dana

    Sorry but if you’re dating a guy and feel like you need to look for signs because he’s not enough of a man to tell you…then there’s your answer…he’s not enough of a man. Grow some balls girls..if he’s not the one, someone else is.

  • ralphieoboy

    Women wake up! Take heed! Find a man that respects and loves you. All these strange phone calls is that “other person”. Pay attention!

  • Kaylen C.

    These are also all signs that he is in a committed long term relationship. When men get tethered to a woman, most of these things don’t matter anymore. Why would he stress them? It’s like saying he isn’t buying your dinner anymore. Time to get over it.

  • TruthHurts

    Another way to know he doesn't love you anymore:

    He makes you pay back the money that you borrowed.

    He stops taking you out in publice.

    He avoids your family and friends.

  • Trinity

    Forget the article if you pay attention with anything you will know a red flag when you see or hear it.

  • LaVaida Keith

    oh for God's sake who cares. Have we not spent enough time on these kinds of stupid articles? Have we not re-arranged ourselves to the millionth degree because some article told us how we can get a man, keep a man, get your man back, etc? Don't we value ourselves anymore? Have we not in so many words told these men that "i will do anything to have you, keep you, get you to love me? Haven't we given them enough power over how we think of ourselves? Aren't you tired of someone reminding you that "what you won't do another woman will",or" that there is one man for every ten women"? Aren't you tired yet? How many articles are written for men about how to keep your woman? None. Do you know why? Because they will NOT read them. They are gonna be themselves no matter what. That includes crusty feet, ashen legs, hair in their noses and ears long enough to braid, fat, skinny, ugly, tall, short, light, dark, full of dough, flat out broke, busted and disgusted, car-less and on the bus, job-less and not looking, etc. Seriously writers find something else to write about. Stop giving these men the upper-hand and love your damn self. When you do that the right man for you will come along. Remember there is no such thing as perfect person. But there is someone perfect for you. So find someone whose nots on his head fits the holes in yours and settle down.

    • BrizeeGyrl

      LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!! PREACH…I am so thankful to no longer be on the 'Market' …I dunno how I would maneuver through the bullish called the dating scene…

    • CherieCoco

      @LaVaida LOL and so true!

    • Jen Clark

      Love it, so true. “Busted and disgusted” is hilarious.

    • U_gon_learn_Today

      I’m three years late but that’s some hard truth

  • Abigail

    And here, my problem is that I’m moving to another state, and my guy isn’t coming with me. I love him dearly, but I have to go. Sad thing is, he shows none of these signs.

  • DIVA

    you are petty….. smh

  • DIVA

    you are ignorant…smh

  • DIVA

    PREACH !

  • thirtycigarettes


    Its silly to try to make rules to live by and build relationships on, regarding people. Absolutely silly. Go live your lives before you realize that you spent too much time reading about the person you should or shouldn’t have, and you have NOBODY.


      Amen ypu spoke the truth to much 1-guy did this and a few guys did that" move on mentally because there are a billion people on this planet, get happy about that , obviously being OPEN to meet him or her EVENTUALLY you will do the math. Take a break from the loosers of the past and get ready for the real men and women. Life is too short to he shoulda and coulda. He didn't his lost your gain the real man without being in divorce court or physically beaten up. Let him go He will respect you more than hanging onto his ankles MEN LIKE WOMEN WHO ARE NOT DESPERATE FOR ANY MAN. HIS A*** WILL CHASE YOU DOWN LIKE YOU'VE NEVER BEEN BEFORE BECAUSE MOST WOMEN HAVE NO COMMON SENSE TO WAIT AND SEE. MEN SEE THE DROOLING ALL THROUGH THE INDEPENDENT ACT AND KNOW SOME WOMEN ARE ON THE VERGE OF PYSCHO . MAKE HIM WAIT ON MANY THINGS FROM A** TO ZIPPING DOWN YOUR CLOTHES TO EASY= TO EARLY= HE COMES AND THEN GOES ……NOT A CONFIDENT WOMEN DOES THAT AND WONDERS WHERE HE WENT????????

  • Coriander

    *Don't men do all that

  • MJJ

    I agree w/ all of these EXCEPT the last one. Treating your sig other as an equal is many times a show of respect and comfort. of course, the guy should do the heavy lifting. But after a while, their should be mutual respect and that included empowering your partner.

  • Diann

    I’m not a mind reader either so why it that I can be open about how I feel or what I want in a relationship and can even let you know face to face that things are not working out. But some men(not all) just disappear without the common courtesy of saying goodbye and then try to come back to you as if you were waiting on them. And then gets angry because you moved on with your life without them. I have always treated the men with respect in my relationship but I didn’t receive it back. But when I tell them it’s over, they start begging for me not to leave them and saying that I’m the only woman that ever made them feel like a man. If I made you feel like a man, why does it seems your only motive is to use me? I still have an ex who is still angry that I leave him and it’s been 14 years.

    • AintThatTheTruth

      I hear you sister!

  • chalmette

    i wish you had this post 6 years ago. every one of these things were happening in my marriage and i kept telling myself it was a phase he was going through. he phased himself right out the door one day and never came back. i found out later he had someone on the side. we divorced after 25 years of marriage.

  • P.B

    i agree w/4 out of the 6 tips, but my question is simply this: why not just open up your freakin' mouth & say u don't want to be bothered anymore??? u say you're a man… then act like it! i find that many men (yes, women are guilty of it too), give out mixed signals. one minute you're all up under each other, the next one of you is acting very distant. life's too short for games. if you're not feeling me anymore, i'd rather you come right out and say the words rather than string me along, piss me off, force ME to make the decision, & waste my time. i've let many a good guy go waiting for a loser to make up his mind. well no more. i have gotten off of that rollercoaster!!!

    • Amanda Gladney

      I feel u on that last relationship i admit that i saw all the signs and then some.when i asked what was wrong he said we were fine.had me going through the motions then break up me over the phone after being a couple for 3 yrs.

    • Angel

      Because they're having their cake and eating it too. They want you, but they don't want to be faithful to you.

      I strongly believe that men mourn a relationship before they leave it whereas most women mourn it after it ends. That's why it seems men move on faster than women. By the time a man is ready to end the relationship they've already found someone else that is worth leaving you for. All that back and forth stuff prior is them looking around for the one to leave you for.

      I realize that's a generalization and I don't mean it applies to everyone, but I do think it applies to a great number.

      • Bob

        That's not necessarily 'a generalization' statement. I'm a guy and it's pretty damn accurate. I work with 100+ males and we talk all the time. Men simply don't want to be alone. As we mourn, we ARE looking elsewhere.

      • Michael Williams

        Its a generalization. Some random guy can say he knows thousands of guys who think like this and be lying.
        I for one dont think this way,

    • guest

      PB, well said. I'd rather be hurt by the truth than devastated by a lie! Grow some balls, put on your big boy boxers and leave the good women alone!!!

      • guest

        I totally agree. I follow my instincts and everything that I told him was true. He lied about her and then I saw them together holding hands. He still had the audacity to lie about the relationship even after I told him that it would hurt but I would rather be told the truth. Well, I recently found out that he married her after asking me to take him back 2 days prior to them getting married. I was simply hurt because he lied not because he married her. I feel sorry for her because I don't feel as if he can be faithful to anyone right now. In fact, I have seen him on a dating site and he is still there. Seems like if she is "the one" he would remove his profile. He is to ashamed to face me so he emails me wanting his things. I had begged him to get his things for the past year and he wouldn't , wanted an excuse to come back. I started not to give the things back to him but I don't want him to think that I want him. I wish them the best of luck and i am praying for them because she is going to need it when she realizes what a scumbag he really is.

  • Mugu the Enforcer

    The writer has man issues. Some smart guy must have dumped her vindictive a$$ sometime. LOL.

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  • numero uno

    Maine calling women bytches is belligerent. Although I agree with some of the things you are saying it's a little, NO…ALOT of irate. Most men walk away not because they no longer love you, BUT because of how you treat them. When a man gives his heart to you only for you to stab at it, what do you expect? Women do tend to walk over good men , I'm a victim, accuse the man of cheating and walk away. To be degraded, ridiculed and lied to is a defense mechanism. I'll still love you, but be honest with me and yourself. Every hard working man, needs a hard working dedicated woman as well. Everyone deserves an equal, if someone has your heart I get that, I can let go. The way you're talking you are going to be scrooge though man. I can understand where you are coming from though.

  • Realme

    I need to study these sign more. Me and my so called husband dont even sleep in the same bed anymore…… I think its time for me to move on



    So says the "BITTER BYTCH"…….. *(walks off whistling)*

  • Lyss

    I disagree with this. If your guy doesn’t mind you hitting clubs with friends it doesn’t mean he wants you gone, it means that he trusts you. Wanting you near him all the time seems controlling doesn’t it?

  • Eletha Owens

    I've seen this quote twice now and I believe it applies here "Never make someone your priority while you remain their option!" I believe if more of us would chant that mantra to ourselves over and over again before we enter the relationship abyss, we would be much better off in the end…

    • TruthHurts

      "Never make someone your priority while you remain their option!" ….LOL Why do women keep repeating this STUPID quote. We are all options, none of us HAVE to be together. Listen up, unless you are the last woman or man on Earth, YOU ARE AN OPTION.

  • kay

    That sounds like a lot of work.

  • SoTrue

    "I like you, but I don't want to be in a relationship with you"

    ^ This situation is similar. My advice to all you ladies (advice I take on myself): FOLLOW YOUR GUT INSTINCT.

  • Tricia Martin

    "I have learned, never give any man the love he says he wants. With hold, with hold, with hold."

    That sentence is so sad. Why even bother being with anyone when you have to play games to protect your heart? You can't have true lasting and fulfilling love running a relationship like that.

    • numero uno

      Honesty is the best advice!. A man feeds of the energy of a woman. It is sometimes harder for us to catch a grip on the 'with hold' part because we are 'in love' and no matter what you do we stay trying, be honest with yourself and that man.

      Number 6 is way off though. While I will not allow you to carry heavy stuff EVER, you may be my queen, but not Queen Elizabeth and I'm not your peasant. I'm no chauffeur, you can open and shut your own door at times. You are not a charity, I give you give. And I'm no mind reader, we men are not as complex as you women. I can only try til i get it right.

  • Tricia Martin

    Its not rocket science. There is no other sign you need to be cognizant of other than he stops respecting you. This usually happens waaay before the other things take place and usually long before he emotionally disconnects. Men who don't love you and never will love you show that way before y'all get serious. He breaks dates/promises. Doesn't come through on things that matter to you.

    Doesn't seem to put your needs ahead of his wants.

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  • tamara

    Damn..I am no longer in love with my husband. Oh well……..

    • tamera

      Oh lil dick lashing out is he. LOL You just make sho you keep your woman puzzy ate. Oh and btw my ass is FANTASTIC! Peace" :)


    honestly, a woman should "just know". you KNOW when a man isn't feeling you like that anymore. period. low-self esteem and over thinking aside. you get that feeling – BACK WAAAYYY UPP and usually because people are so crazy they won't like the way it feels to think YOU are interested in them like that even if they weren't interested in you and suddenly they all interested again. BUT either way once you feel that feeling, just leave – feelings (including love) come and go

  • Dayna Bluberrie

    Well I guess that make 3 of us GA women dating the same dude! LOL! But I can totally relate!

  • Asia

    You can be equals and be in love… that's a stupid "sign" you shoudln't be that reliant on anyone in the first place.

    • maggie

      messages like that confuse men. If they don't have to be 'manly' in anything then it is not fair to argue that you have 'womanly' needs such as being pampered or affection more often, etc. And messages like strict equality will confuse you b/c you won't know when a man is really interested in you as a romantic partner.

    • DIVA

      I think they mean when he's no longer chivalrous

  • team nymphis

    when I stop flushin the toilet at your you can actually see the shxt I’m on.

    Like tellin your girls how good they look in front of you

  • African_queen

    The same five signs could apply to men…if i dont love u anymore i would tell u and if u didnt get it, i would behave just like this…:)

    • dayy

      queen, huh? we have no respect for one another… it takes a tad more intelligence to be diplomatic, discreet, compassionate than it does to behave like an ass… not cute

  • TLynn

    Wondering why a person wouldn’t just say they aren’t in love anymore. Seems like such a fake and cowardly move to go through these motions that are mentioned. I’ve been with my now husband for over 11 years now and I do believe the intensity to which we love eachother absolutely fluctuates. Depression and deaths in the family have caused us both to exhibit some of these signs over the years.

    • tamera

      This make sense.

      • numero uno


  • Michael

    You could add FIVE MORE to the list and unfortunately, some women will ignore them ALL. If I'm going OUT OF MY WAY to show you AFTER telling you–what, then, should I do?


    Its funny bc these are some of the things I do when im not interested anymore. Im dealing with it right now….i just DGAF anymore. *shrug*

    • BruceWayne

      oh reallyyyy….i wonder who ur talkin bout! News to me


      do i know u?

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  • btowne

    I think "darealbeyonce and Lee" were just joking about dating the same man.

  • Shehannie Wong

    Duly noted! Great post!

  • darealbeyonce

    I totally agree with all of these signs! Me and my on/off (mostly off) ex-bf have been going through this for 5 years now.. and I’m sick of crying over spilled milk. He has shattered my self esteem badly! He does all of these things to me :'( gets me wondering, is there any good guys left in GA?

    • lee

      Damn, sounds like we've been dating the same guy here in GA.

      • kw9

        darealbeyonce, all I say is: how the f*ck is he responsible how you feel about YOURSELF, simple b*tch! in my nicest Katt Williams voice. Love yourself first, THEN enter relationships.

        • DIVA

          a bit harsh… but still true… love yourself 1st!

    • sheila

      but what does god say, read ephs. chapter 5

    • CHYNA

      yes this true

    • Isis

      When will you stop crying about it and let go. letting go is the hard part and learning to be alone for a little while takes some adjusting. At the end of the day you can’t cry victim forever, you allowed it.