Black Female Celebrities That Date White Men

July 29, 2011 ‐ By IndigoBlack

A while back, we did a story on white male celebrities that enjoy courting black women. Let’s be clear, that was in no means something to make black women think we need nor have to have validation from white men, so please calm that talk all the way down dears. It was purely for light-hearted entertainment purposes. You know you were fascinated with that list, don’t lie. And because we love being in everyone’s business when it comes to their love lives, we’re back with even more entertaining evaluations of Hollywood love affairs, but this time, taking a look at our favorite black female celebrities that date, dump, marry, mess with and love them some white men. Some are swirlers you might have known about forever, others, not so much. Either way, if you’re nosey like me, you’ll enjoy being in the “know” nonetheless.

MadameNoire Video

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  • Guest Attorney

    Madamenoire bashes Black men and fetishizes white men who dont want them either lol Silly website.

  • rgrowley

    Hey, Naomi Cambel has a big head with small shoulders. It’s like the cameraman saying, ‘Okay, now we’ll get a Head Shot….Who!!!, wait I’m gonna need a wide-angle lens here.”

  • rgrowley

    Why all the color-centric mindedness? The more it is spoken the more ingrained upon ignorant is the color thing.

  • garyjminter

    True love knows no color, no age, no religion…but I have a question: when you see a gorgeous young woman with a fat old man, does she have her mind on his money and his money on her mind? Inquiring minds want to know!!!!

  • Jello

    The only attractive male in this article is Robin Thicke who is no longer with Paula. They looked great together, since both are good looking.

  • medgirl

    It just hit me that I am married to a white man of German decent and have been married for 25 years, so what is all this Black/Brown women dating white men all about? I live in rural Minnesota where the temps are below zero half of the year and you don’t have much of a choice and you don’t look at it as a color thing.

  • dialogue1

    We are also seeing more cases of smart sisters being married to very wealthy/successful white men eg. Mellody Hobson is married to George Lucas, Charlaine McCray is married to NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, record producer Chris Blackwell is married to a sister. Some smart/talented/successful sisters know they’re a prize and can “snag” men at the highest level. More of us need to think like that.

    • Man Of Colours

      Many interracial relationships + marriages do not last because one partner or the other (of any race) simply wants to have a trophy or to hold hands with a moneybags. In such love affairs one spouse is using or exploiting the other. HOWEVER, there are some exceptions. Sometimes the love is the real deal.

  • Craig D. Casimir

    good for them getting white men… go have those babies

  • Harriet

    Let me preface this by saying I’m not American but I am white (well, a sort of pale corally pink actually, but that’s neither here nor there). I am, however, horrified at the tone of this article. I can’t believe that anyone would discuss the skin colour of celebrities and their paramours (or anyone for that matter) as if they were like completely different species. I don’t know anyone who even thinks like that, let alone admits to it on a public forum. You love who you love, and believe me, it really doesn’t matter if they are black, white or purple. I found the article pretty offensive, and if I wasn’t white (or corally pink) I would find it even more so……

  • Shae Moon

    i’m not even going to read this article..the title alone is ignorant. It doesn’t matter if people are green, yellow,orange or purple LOVE IS LOVE. People shoule be able to date whomever they want without others bringing up what race they are. It’s 2014 not 1952, move on people.

  • H. DIAZ

    Love it nice looking couple.

  • MrKeepIt100

    You must really be sick in your head if you think that this is in any way a good thing for us. Completely sick and ignorant of what your ancestors bled and fought for. BMWW BWWW either ways its a shame. Why you think Scandal is so popular? Are we that ignorant to not see that selling out of the black race produces interest of the world. It’s like, we went through the fight to end slavery, went through the 60’s only to get our freedom and run away from ourselves right into the white mans bed. Honestly NONE of these white people COULD EVER deserve a black partner. How about we treat ourselves? For God’s sake you love the world and turn your back on your own flesh and blood. It’s pitiful and its US black people who are known for this. It’s a problem, an illness and a condition that needs to be diagnosed and treated. There are PLENTY I repeat PLENTY of GOOD black women and men out there. Open your eyes!!!!!

    • Kia



      Black women deserve to be loved. Love is colorblind. black women can find love in the arms of white men, black men, latino men, etc. Get over your hatred.

      • MrKeepIt100

        So its hatred for me to say that we should stay with our own kind? My goodness… I didn’t say just not whites, we shouldn’t date ANY other people, period. The history is just another reason, but even without it, I can look at the condition of our people TODAY and see the need for LEADERS both male and female. We the only people that think HATRED drives our desire to be with our own kind. Just remember, they HATED us first. They killed our ancestors, raped our women and denied us God given rights.

  • Jeff Johnson

    Playing it a little fast and loose with the term “black”, aren’t we?

  • Hope Floats

    Wow, what’s with the insult of Serena? Jealous much MN?

  • chloe

    It would be good if they mentioned couples that were actually still together.

  • Kent

    It is good to see black woman getting out there and opening their minds to dating outside their race more often! Black men are constantly seen with white women so this should encourage black females to date men of other races! I am a light skinned hispanic man and very happy that i was able to experience 4 relationships with black females when i was single!! Very satisfying in and out of the bedroom!


      I agree.

  • MPA2000

    The psychology of people who write articles like this and those who praise seeing white White men with Black women, are completely hostile when it comes to Black men and White women.
    I asked Black women why you are accepting of seeing BW with WM as opposed to the opposite, and they say it is “different”. And go on to say that BM do it because .

    Has there been any articles on here that focuses on BM with WW? Probably not, because I don’t think there are enough moderators to contain the BM hostile remarks to follow.

    • Kandor

      Yeah that is unfortunate, trust me, my mother and me caught a lot of flack for her being with my biological father and me being mixed.

  • Gerald Hastings

    This is really, really OLD news. Halle is married to Oliver Martinez.

  • shannon

    ohhhhh they are so lucky. They need to write a book on how to get white men. For the rest of us regular sisters.

    • Kia

      you are sad!

  • Woody20164

    “[Y]ou know black folks and Fox News don’t really get along all that well”. Really? What the hell are you talking about. Nothing like a little race-baiting.My black girlfriend and I resent the inference.

    • Draton

      That’s not hard just open your mouth or your legs,

      • Kandor

        I hate Fox news and any sane person should as well.

    • Hope Floats

      So I’m not the only one who recognized this ignorance?

  • SAJ1775

    I too am disappointed at the substandard writing of this article. The one-sided commentary, which suggests that all of these women are only lucky because of the white arm candy, is silly and insulting! All of these women are accomplished in their own rights. Serena Williams’ body is indisputably banging; Alfre Woodard is quite accomplished; Naomi Campbell does not need some man’s money… and the list of infractions go on. I would suggest that the author of all these articles do a self-assessment because I sense a major inferiority complex that could use some serious adjusting! I am sorry that your self worth is lacking, but there is no need to vomit your low self-worth and minimalists beliefs about yourself onto all black women.

  • Baije Brown

    It is challenging If you go into a interracial relationship without strength, and see it from others point of view. Love is not enough. You must be strong, educated on your mates background to understand how they vibe. All else will fall into place. The important thing is to not turn pages on one another

  • VIsidore

    Love is where you find it. Leave folks alone with their life choices.

    • Baije Brown

      Been married to my old plug for 25 years now. He is caucasion, I am a beautiful American black lady. In the 1980’s, It would have seen odd for bw/wm to be married as young as we were. We never paid anyone any mind if they had bad thoughts about us. Who cares you know. We have beautiful son now 12 years of age, and he doesn’t know any different.

      • Kandor

        I love it because my cousin is mixed the same way, he has a white dad and black mom.

  • knowthyself

    You want to date a white man/woman vise vesa black man/woman because of color and social status because they are term successful in society, your very sick in the head, and you hate your own color. each person in responsible for their own action when it comes to how we treat someone in a relationship, you had a choice, you choose, being successful doesnt make you a better person, but we all know to well how materialistic this society is. I wonder if after you are in your fantasy bi color relationship for a while, and in the heart those of you know who you are, if you were badly disfigured body and face wise, would your so call true love be there for you? you see, while you all are deep emerged in lust, sexual abliss, you know nothing of the heart, true love, I could tell you all kinds of horrorific stories of bi colors relationships, started out as lust, social status, and materialistic and marriage that is no different from any other relationship of the same color, how ignorance. Who you choose is your choice and no body else business, so don’t make a choose and include me, a group, color, people, race or someone else in it.


    HE’S GOT HIS BLACK AMAZON QUEEN ON HIS ARM! – he looks so proud

  • The Black man

    How disgusting that you promote this kind of behavior.

    • frxere

      you probably don’t think it’s disgusting if it was a black guy and a white woman would you?

    • dialogue1

      Let me disgust you further by saying that while some black women are getting with successful white men, black men, on the other hand, get white women who don’t have much financially/career-wise going for them. We do notice that the super-rich/successful white women are NOT marrying black men. I gave some examples above of very successful white men marrying sisters.

      • slashandburn

        Its become laughable to read some of you bw/bm are here trying to one-up yourselves on whom can get the most attractive or successful or educated member of the ‘immoral majority”.It’s a wonder why anyone would want anything to do with your brain-dead asses.You all sound so bloody childish, like a kid with a new toy … smdh

        • dialogue1

          You sounded beyond childish and jealous when you originally commented that it was disgusting to promote the marriages/relationships between black women and white men. Don’t be so sure that your morals are higher than those of the people you referred to as the “immoral majority.”
          You can’t counter the point I made so you resorted to name calling. This is why there’s nothing wrong with seeking out intelligent, successful people to marry even if they’re of a different race.

          • slashandburn

            Believe me, there is nothing childish or even remotely jealous about me with regards to bw/wm..You women can swirl all you want, fooling yourselves into believing the grass maybe greener on the other side..Maybe its the fact i live in Canada where it is predominantly white and hear the wm/ww politics everyday..If you could only hear what wm say about their woman you would sydh..Frankly most ww from what i have heard personally believe the only good wm they meet and are attracted tend to be gay…Another thing its curious how the only ww extolling the virtues of wm are on Stormfront or Klanwatch, bet you never realized you would have that in common!!!

  • Tony Williams

    OMG OMG booooo, i am so so personally offended by this blackwomen. omg as a black man this breaks my heart omg omgomg, not my EVE. not my pittbull in a skirt, no, no why eve, you where my high school crush, i had all your posters on my bed room wall. omg not fancy, i wanted every show for Jamie foxx show dreaming we would ge tmarried and have 3.5 ebony kids. NO NO NO venus williams and Tamera Mowry no two of my long time crushes. omg omg omg omg i am going to cry right now.

  • Lexasmom

    A few of the stars listed here are actually bi-racial, not just black. So it comes as no surprise that Zoe Kravitz or Tamera Mowry date/marry white men. Truly its really no big deal either way.

  • K. Den

    I will not be a race trader for nobody in the world. I am the one of those people who are running this society. To put it another way, I am not white. I don’t want the confusion or headache.

  • bluechou

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  • nims

    Garcelle’s ex is ugly as fuck…damn…

  • ragini

    what is wrong with this website? your articles are incredibly racist!

  • Peachyie

    most of these people are bi-racial themselves.

  • Ghee!

    Kerry dated white men in order to get started in Hollywood long ago. They called it the casting couch in the old days. She was engaged, allegedly, to a Jewish man until his family put a stop to it but she’s at it again. But, check out the body language in the photo above. He has his hands in his pockets and she is pulling him close to her…not a good sign if he is truly into her. Oh well!

    • badkitty

      I dont see his hand in his pocket? Ghee i think you need to put on your glasses.


      You need help.

  • Ghee!

    Naomi and her ex were on Oprah a few years back and confirmed he is still married. They recently split as a couple.

  • Allen Portis

    give a person man or woman, a lot of money or stardom and they seem to have the best things in life, what is next but the so-called best things in life, the white man or woman. most of the nba, football, television, they all want to be anything but what they will always be to these devils. you don’t see their stars (maybe one or two) running out to find them a worthless n****r, it’s only my people that have to be one of them. FK them all. my home does not watch or listen to any of them once they start to date the evil devils. my poor people, when will we ever wake up and see what we do to ourselves.

    • Charles

      You are disgusting; the last of the dinosaurs, thankfully going extinct.

    • BlackGod

      well said…

  • Ethel

    The information is so old, i.e. the Williams Sisters, Halle Berry, etc. It doesn’t take a lot of research to get this right.

    • Zia Paul

      The article was two years old when you responded–of course it was old.

      • Kandor

        I’m mixed, I encourage women to date whomever makes you happy, generalizing puts blinders on you.

  • usa

    these are women who understand that getting involved with a black man is a dead end street. diana ross knew it and many everday black women know it. once white and other women get hip, these dudes wont have anyone left to f*** over except themselves.

    • Antigirlygirl

      Ahh, music to my ears

    • sistaB

      Yes! It took me awhile to realize that most black men really don’t know how to love and cherish women especially their own black women. I had to do some deep analyses and observation to see that this has been the problem all along. I did the comparison and saw how generally the white men treat their women better than black men treat their women. So many black men don’t act loving, responsible, kind and intelligent when you’re in a relationship with them. They like to take and not give.

      An article in Essence magazine that suggested college educated black women should seek out white men on their education level and not settle for undereducated black men opened my eyes.

      • NOLA_Darling

        Am glad Rick’s article opened your eyes. You have no idea how many older black men, my dad included, are encouraging their daughters to date outside of their race after seeing how poorly they were being treated by black men. I was recently at a meeting with two 60 year old guys, who admitted that they had to let go of all the “legacy notions” about white men dating black women, and encourage their daughters to date whomever they found who had the same values, interests and aspirations.

      • Xavier Jones

        Perhaps if some of you black women would indeed date college educated black men, you might find they’re more available that you realize. However it appears most black women prefer the thugs, drug dealers, rappers and the saggy pants type of black men as opposed to the classy, articulate, chivalrous and sophisticated black men.Personally, I think many sisters are afraid of educated black men because those men have higher standards than the knuckleheads many black women date. However, if you think the white boys are going to treat you better, have at it.

        • dialogue1

          The stats have shown that black women go to college at a much higher percentage than black men. Therefore, there are just not enough college-educated black men for sisters to date and marry. Also, the stats show that black women are more likely to be killed by their black partner/husband than the women of other races with non-black partners/husbands. Those stats certainly don’t make black men appealing overall.
          Denying the truth won’t change the situations. I already know that many BM don’t like to admit to their negative behavior and prefer to blame everybody else so your response does not surprise me.

          • Black MAN

            of course Black Women are more likely to be killed by Black Women!!! you want to know why!! BECAUSE BM marry BW 80% of the time IDIOT!

            You want to know something else!!

            White Men are more likely to kill a White Woman too!!!
            Indian Men are more likely to Kill an Indian Woman too!!
            lol smh Your DAMN FOOL!

            Understand Statistics and learn how its use against your own so you dont take part it in!!! DAMN IDIOT!!!

            My problem is go date white men or whomever and stop trying to degrade black men! its like black women are more racist towards their own men than white women! Black women aint ish!!!!

            • dialogue1

              Your response has let others know that you did NOT do well in comprehension and statistics in school. The stats say that non-black women are less likely to be killed by their non-black partners. That means black women are killed by their black partners at a higher rate than non-black women being killed by their non-black men. I doubt you can interpret this correctly.
              Black men have NOTHING over black women as the last time I checked black women have way less prison records than black men, we’re more likely to have a steady job and we attend college at a higher rate than black men.
              Your name calling does not prove anything. It only shows your character or lack of it.

        • M

          Oh please have a seat, because MOST black men aren’t giving black women their time of the day and would gladly trade them in for what they assume to be a better model–a white woman–until that white woman wakes up and realizes she’s dating a “black” man and tosses him out. The reality is as dialogue said, there are MORE black women going to college than there are black men, and there lies the greater difference in why more and more black women are seeking relationships outside of their black race.

      • Xavier Jones

        Wow, if you truly believe that, there’s not much hope for the growth of the black population. Question: Why is it when a man of color dates outside of his race he’s vilified for it, but when a black woman does it it’s applauded? Why the double standard?

        • dialogue1

          I see you don’t want to believe the stats. I see it in everyday life that BW go to college way more than BM do and that BM take out their frustrations/faults on the BW they date/marry.

          For decades many BM have used their relationship/marriage to non-black women to put down BW. These particular BM use this “opportunity” to rudely criticize BW and that’s when it becomes a problem. They can be with these non-black women all they want but they don’t have the right to cast so much aspersion on BW.

          On the other hand, BW are applauded for it as many people think that BW have put up with the nonsense (eg. no job, no child support, physical abuse etc) they get from many BM way too long. Many are happy to see sisters with good, smart (non-black) men who act responsibly.

          I see that BM don’t like being compared to non-black men yet many BM go around comparing sisters to non-black women.

          • M

            You’ve articulated this issue very well…its nice to see you’ve managed to shut Xavier down.

        • M

          Because it usually comes at the hands of tarnishing the black woman’s character. Typically when you see a black women, be it a normal woman or celebrity she doesn’t go back bashing all black men for the millions of sins WE ALL KNOW to be true. Whereas black men will be far quicker to call black women every disparaging name in the book to JUSTIFY their reasoning for dating a white girl.

    • Emmeaki

      From what I have seen, black men who are successful, intelligent, eclectic, quirky, etc. seem to never want to date a black woman. Anything, but black. Not all, of course, but many of them. As a nerdy/quirky/eclectic black woman, I have no choice but to date men of different races because black men with my personality type don’t seem to want me. I always joke that if aliens landed on the Earth, some of these black men would date a green woman before they’d date a black one!

      • ekayr

        That’s ok. I bet you r beautiful.

      • SamyyCiao

        If this is true – which may or may not be the case – they have no idea what they are missing! I enjoy dating black women – the reason are many and all positive – times are changing quickly – once I started dating black women I quickly realized that they where many many white men off all ages doing the same thing – even Seniior Citizens who you would think would not let go of old stereo-types – seeing a Senior BW-WM and BM-WW in the mall holding hands and exchanging little pecks is a growing trend!

        • garyjminter

          True love knows no color or age, but I’ve got to ask: when you see a cute young girl with a fat old man, does she have her mind on his money and his money on her mind?

  • Mike Smith

    With this surge of black women and white men thing going on, even T.V. commercials and shows are encouraging this. Since white folks own ,most of these inter prizes…it makes you wonder. How come no one is encouraging black men to date white women?

    • Maya

      Actually black men/ white women couples are more common than the other way round.

      • Drake Davis

        I think he was referring to seeing it in the media, such as major celeb couples or TV series. It could be an issue of it being more socially acceptable because of who the male is (Alpha Anglo) and in their opinion it doesn’t come across as a “fetish” or an “out of one’s league” issue.

        Seal was raked over the coals when he and Heidi Klum parted ways, and not because of something he said or did. Ditto Marc Anthony post-J.Lo, but that’s neither here nor there in terms of this article.

      • falconsrise

        Wrong, Not using Per Capita. There are 21 million black women, and OVER 110,000 white women in the US. So clearly black males should be with white females 6x as much. But where i live, maybe 3x as much, Maybe in the hood 10x as much.

        Go look at BW/WM marriages vs BM/WW, In 2009 there were 300,000 BW/WM, and 430,000 BM/WW. Once again, It is far more like “6x” BM/WW should be married right off the bat. Using Per capita BW/WM marry OVER 2x as much compared to BM/WW.

        Also, BW/WM have the least divorce rate by far! And BM/WW have this highest rate. Lastly, Other then Asian/Asian, BW/WM bring in the most money per year, Think it was $71,000.

        Let’s keep it real, It’s very common to see a busted WW with a busted BM, It is VERY uncommon to see A busted BW with a busted WM. Most of the time the BW is a angel. I never call WW angels now, BW are the only angels i see. It’s so rare for a WW to get a second look from me, BW are far more attractive then WW, well taking the best from each… Plus Most BW have that certain strength that is so appealing… I dont even date WW anymore, within a week i find myself bored and no longer engaged in the relationship…This is coming from a 27 WM

        • eric carroll

          You must live in the south are mid south a lot of that is going on down there but were i’m from it’s far off of what your numbers are much less bm/ww more bw/wm black women don’t like the brothers no more and it’s more then money and higher education it’s just black women got hate for a black man i see it all the time it’s like a black man try to talk to a black women she gives the impresion don’t say nothing to me attitude i see it happing all the time and i’m from new york !

          • T.J.

            Ny is a city of 8 million and the most walkable city in america. Women can get tired very quickly with men approaching her everyday. My city on the other hand is 385 square miles with only 1 million people, thus we are friendlier and women do not ignore people trying to flirt with them..

    • Craig D. Casimir

      because black men are portrayed as intimidating… people dont want that around their daughters

  • abbas

    they are men and women. forget the color!

    • eric carroll

      Some of the stars on this page are not together any more so what’s the issue ,kerry washington is ingage to some one else and paula patton and robin thick is seperated ,so what’s the big deal also taye diggs got a divorce ,people brake up all the time

  • appalled

    How dear you berate your readers as such. Completely turned off by the unprofessional nature of this initial paragraph…and will now be moving on to “frisky”

  • Sue

    Amen! It was annoying me last time how all the women were getting annoyed with the article, I actually really enjoyed it and this one as well

    • Mike

      For the universal truth of life in 3 pages, Google “TruthContest” and Click on “The Present”.:>:<:

  • Pocahontaswhisper

    I dont get what they are trying to say by this article? SO WHAT IF A BLACK MAN/WOMAN wants to date outside their race? who cares? Who are we to judge them? why make a note of it? People can fall in love with whoever they want to. Love is not restricted to a persons skin color. The only people who i seem to notice making a big deal out of this is african american people? WHO CARES? IF TWO PEOPLE LOVE EACH OTHER THEN LET THEM BE! why does it have to be broadcasted about which black male or female is dating outside of their race? there are more important things in this world that could use our attention.