10 Black Movie Soundtracks We Love

July 28, 2011 ‐ By

What would a movie be without a soundtrack? Nowadays, that’s all you get–just a movie. A two hour or more piece of work with a score that sounds like elevator music or something made off a Casio keyboard at the last minute. And if there is a soundtrack, no one knows about it, or chances are, it’s as wack as it can be. But back in the day, soundtracks were almost as big as the movies themselves, selling millions and getting put on repeat in clunky old Walkmans. So we’re going to take a walk down memory lane! Maybe going through our 10 favorite soundtracks from some pretty awesome black films will make you buy the albums, or watch the movies again. Who am I kidding? Are you really buying albums anymore??? (proceeds to shake head…)

MadameNoire Video

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  • mike

    JUICE, best Rap and R & B soundtrack.

  • Ricardo Quest

    The all-time best black soundtrack album is the Oscar award winning Theme from Shaft!

  • Roger James

    SuperFly (curtismayfield)soundtrack ????? Shaft(issacHayes)?????? Hellloooooo

  • greengirl

    what happened to the soundtrack to Dead President's. I must have been the only person in the world who loved that soundtrack.

  • SVSS

    Belly????? LMAO

  • Prissy

    HANDS down.. The TOP 3 have to go to —->>>>>> "Save the Last Dance" …. "Waiting to Exhale" .. and "The Body Guard"

    • Rachael

      So you and Edward are the same person. No wonder he always sounded like an angry white girl.

  • Malaysia

    1. Friday. 9. Malcolm X
    2. Love Jones. 10. Roots
    3. Shaft
    4. Uptown Saurday Night
    5. Hoodlum
    6. Dead Presidents
    7. Missippi Masala
    8. The Color Purple


    I reaaally enjoyed Sister Act 2 soundtrack! Who can forget that soulful, spiritual side of L-Boogie?


    Love Jones is definitely a classic…I love that soundtrack.

  • JustAshley

    Just realized somebody jacked me for my "Waiting to Exhale" and "The Best Man" soundtracks. DAMMIT! I have no clue who could have them either. I'm not even sure how long they've been missing! Oh well, I guess I'll be at the store this weekend.
    Thanks for the memories! I practically clicked through the list humming the songs all the way through!

  • B.I.B.

    Dead Presidents is hands down one of the Best soundtracks ever! I gotta do a throwback SuperFly! What! Curtis Mayfield a musical genious! Just don’t make music like that anymore…so sad. I’m young just gotta old soul. Thanks Granny lol!

    • RB75


  • Edward

    "Save The Last Dance"

  • itsDC

    Money Talks Soundtrack?

  • Edward

    Give "Old School" a little play.
    Shaft- Isaac Hayes
    Superfly- Curtis Mayfield
    The Mack-Willie Hutch

  • No Crooklyn????

  • Above the Rim should have DEF made this list. I wasn't too thrilled w/ brown sugar tho… Juice was classic too.

  • tljt

    there is sooooo many good ones. The list go on for some time…. 🙂

  • tljt

    Life, The Woods and Mahogany

  • Earthspirit1

    The Dead Presidents Soundtrack was a very good soundtrack it featured plenty of classic soul that blended very well.
    Also, my other personal fav would be Romeo Must Die .

    • greengirl

      I must have skipped your post because I just wrote about Dead President's not being mentioned. Ahhhhhh, someone besides myself who remembers and loves that soundtrack, thanks!

  • NM817

    I'm not quite sure why Jungle Fever made this list. Above the Rim, Menace to Society, Purple Rain, The Preacher's Wife, Poetic Justice, Set it Off. This list needs work! But thanks for the memories.

  • Sole

    Where's Life? Brown Sugar? PURPLE RAIN??????????

    • Victoria U.

      I KNOW! I CAN'T BELIEVE I LEFT OUT PURPLE RAIN! There were so many to choose from it honestly slipped my mind, but that would be number two on my list! I'm human. Thanks for reading though 🙂