10 Things Men Find UNattractive

July 22, 2011  |  
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Welcome to 10 things men find unattractive. Let the record reflect that just because men find said issues unattractive that does not mean we will not attempt to sleep with you. The two are not mutually exclusive; this is a very real disclaimer. First up is a personal favorite of mine:


The Thirst can be described as women who are overly eager to find a man. You can find these women at every open bar, every week in search of Mr. Right. We know you’re thirsty because the event is an after work event yet you found time to travel home to put on your freakum dress and 5 inch heels. Thirsty women are at the bar, visibly parched looking at the other women scoping out their competition with the “hawk eye”, giving the appearance of the mean chick. But she’s not mean at all, because #thethirst will turn her into chatty Cathy/ desperate Debbie and the desperation is unattractive.

Bad Hair

I’m not Chris Rock and I’m not here to preach about women with that “good hair”, you know… the ones with Indian in their family. Nope not this post. But can we talk about that funky smelling weave with the tracks showing because that’s not a good look.  Or my natural sisters — who think dry and flaky is the new it do. We ain’t feeling you neither as Star from Star & Bucwild would say. Just do your hair, I’m not asking you to apply all types of chemicals, or pay Beyoncé money for a lace front. I just want you to look presentable for yourself not for me.

Unkept Private Areas

*Hums* “Sometimes I shave my legs sometimes I don’t’. That’s cool and all but I’m going to need you to shave under your arms because that hair brings funk. This brings me to your next private area — the vajayjay (I prefer the P word but this is a family friendly site). If you need a weedwacker down there, that’s a problem. (No one likes wolf punani.) I’m not asking you to get a Brazilian; those things are expensive and painful. But I need you to trim up a little. Give yourself an edge up so your privates resemble a well manicured lawn rather than a jungle safari in the middle of the Congo.

Angry for no damn reason

Some of y’all are taking this feminism thing too far — you’re lashing out at men every chance you get and we’re tired of it. #whohurtyou No but seriously, no one likes the angry woman, who’s always angry, never smiles and is extremely difficult to be around. It’s unattractive. Believe it or not, a lot of women have this angry friend if they’re not the angry one and that’s a turn off too. Yes, you are judged by the company you keep. We all meet up for drinks and you got the angry one with you, no one is going to have a good time. Leave her in the house commenting recklessly on blogs and if it’s you please just stay away. Thank you.


No one expects women to be in the latest Oscar de la Renta dress like it’s fashion week every day but we want you to at least put yourself together. For starters, I’m not the most fit guy (I check athletic build if you must know) — So I don’t walk around with my shirt off too often. But every day on the train my eyes are visually assaulted because some women think that kangaroo pouch is what’s hot in the streets. IT’S NOT. Know your body type and dress accordingly. And what about the dingy types? That Bohemian look is cool and all but the white tank top that’s turning yellow, can’t say it does the trick my love. It’s not Hot. All in all women who can’t dress are not attractive. Before I see your mind, I see your outfit, let’s try to make one complement the other.

Unkept feet and nails

Simply put, a mani/pedi is your friend. I don’t have to describe the “hammer time” in your shoes, nor do I have to remind you that biting your nails looks terrible. Chipped nail polish and ashy feet will not be flying either. Talk to the women at the nail salon and tip them well so you no longer scratch my legs in bed. Thanks.

Sense of Entitlement

Ladies have you ever hung out with one of your friends who feels the need to tell you, the men you’re hanging with and anyone within an earshot how she never has to pay for drinks. I always wonder, does she have any money to pay for the drinks she likes to gulp down? Or the women, who are eager to go out, even suggest it but they think the guy should pay for everything. Listen, chivalry is not dead but women who act as though they are entitled to a man’s wallet got to go. It’s unattractive and it’s downright classless. And listen I’m talking about the ladies who think it’s beneath them to stand on the lines at the club too. Are you famous, do you know the bouncer? If the answer is no, shut up and get to the back of the line, we don’t need the fuss.

Curses like a sailor

If I can’t bring you home to momma we can’t roll. I can’t stand a woman who every word out her mouth is n word this, n word that, mothereffer this, son of a —– that. Once again, have a cup of class and act like a lady not a garbage man.


If your reputation for “getting it popin” enters the room before you do, that might not be a good look. You’re sleeping with every tom, package and harry and that’s cool but don’t expect me to think it’s Hot. I’m all for this sexual liberation business but I need you to have some tact and some discretion with your sex life.


This one is from the brothers on Twitter and I think I agree. No one wants a woman all slouched over looking sloppy. You can do it put your back into it.

Peace and love ladies, I think you’re beautiful. I hope you enjoy your weekend and in no way was I trying to offend but a dose of keeping it real is always healthy.

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  • Jake Carson

    that “Captain Kutchie Pelaez” of “Kutcharitaville” over

    in Asheville, NC sure enough is “One Wild and Crazy Guy!” All the women

    are so wild about him and his Famous Cheese Burgers and Key Lime Pies,

    Hellaciously Fantastic Tender and Delicious Prime Ribs and Prime Steaks.

    Drop Off the Bone Bar-B-Q Ribs, Pulled Pork and Beef Brisket.

    His Drop Dead Gorgeous Wife “Anita” together in they’re Historic Key

    Lime Pie Factory and Grill, where the Smiles and Ovens are always Warm

    and Friendly, Inviting You to Spend A Little Time Resting and Enjoying

    Your Time in They’re Little “Key West Island” near the Biltmore Estate

    Close By.

    You’ll Soon Learn Why People Call “Captain Kutchie

    Pelaez “The Most Interesting Man In The World!”…But don’t take our word

    for it, follow the Long Lines to “Anita and Captain Kutchie Pelaez’s Key

    West-Kutcharitaville Key Lime Pie Factory and Grill’. “The Place To Be”

    since 1976!

    Don’t be fooled into thinking that Jimmy Buffett

    designed or had anything to do with this place. That would be an insult.

    Kutchie’s was here long before anyone ever heard of JB……Sheesh!

    Donald Trump loves KUTCHARITAVILLE so much that he often has take-out

    flown to him in NEW YORK CITY! WOW! He must really love those original

    cheese burgers in paradise, we sure do, they have our vote for sure.

    My best friend said she heard last week that Donald Trump and Stephen

    Colbert together are planing on a Welcome to the USA Party for “Pope Francis”

    to be held soon over in Asheville, NC at “Kutcharitaville”.

    Some party that will be for sure!

    Think, I’ll just get all the girls together and we can all Nude-Up and

    go too “Captain Kutchie’s” and Get Drunk and Screw! Let’s Go Y’all!

    Captain Kutchie’s Key Lime Pies Are World Famous For Giving Everyone

    That Eats Them They’re Very First “PIEGASAM”….That’s Probably why one

    must be over 18 years of age to purchase or have an adult present.

    …Oh and all that Great Fall Off The Bone Bar-B-Q Slow Smoking, “Carly
    Fiorino” say’s that she Can Smell They’re Butts Miles Away!

  • A_Women

    Awww, you men need a Victorian perfect lady?
    How cute.
    You know what us girls find unattractive in men?

    A man who wants all this.

    We HAVE leg hair.
    We DO CURSE!

    Get over it!

    We aren’t silk pillows.

    You nag more then we do!
    Ever hear o perfect imperfections?
    That’s the attitude a girls LOVES in
    a man. A girl doesn’t want a guy who controls
    her and keeps her to high standers.

    But your just a boy.
    You wouldn’t know.

  • Gerry

    When woman head out with the cleavage almost ready to pop out OR some broad belt’s that’s longer than that skirt, THEN WHEY A MAN looks either down OR up stairs at any of these woman,

    U N L E S S their God’s give to TO woman/the Brad Pitt then their dirty aul Bs Pedophiles dirty aul men and lots of other names.

    NOW that really sickens me DOES the girls/woman who dress like that think that the only eyes they’ll catch are the Brad Pitt eyes???

    If they dress to kill then killing is on the menu end of story.

  • SpeakingTheRealTruth

    Many of us men are completely turned off by independent career women since they think their all that, but their Not.

  • Guest


  • Weeping Mary

    I definitely agree that women shouldn’t feel entitled to a man’s wallet. In return though, SOME men need to stop feeling entitled to our, umm, “ladies parts” just because you did pull out your wallets. And I hate when SOME men want to make comparisons of their money and our vajayjays. Money will come and go and come again. But we women only get one vagina, so yes it is more valuable than money. There is not enough money in the world that can equate to the value of a vagina (whether a woman wants to sell it or not), so please men, stop feeling like just because you bought us dinner, took us to a movie or bought us a drink that our vaginas have been paid for. Not…..

  • Zoe Rae

    Posture? Hair? Belly pouch?

    This article is mean and shallow. Most men can overlook these unimportant things.

  • >You’ve

    Do hair geled up to get the messy look count as bad hair?
    Because if yes then I don’t know how to further please you, my hair normally look flat, dead and plain out bad.

  • I think this was a fair and honest post. How about women that want to be “cougars?” Embrace your age.

  • honeybee31

    I know most men can be superficial ……but posture? Really dude?
    Also…dont expect us to fit a mold you yourself cant fit. Make sure to have good hygiene, straight posture, manicured nails, great sense of style, no sense of entitlement and lack of promiscurity (no one wants a community pee pee) before you look for women to have the same..
    Im just saying….

  • Taylor

    This list is an insult…..get over yourself….women should be should able to fully be themselves hair clothes and all and if you don’t like it move the hell on….there’s someone out there for everyone…..nobody’s perfect!!!

  • idkwattocallmyself

    i dnt care about posture..at all.

  • StarrRosee

    um some of these statements can be applied to men as well.. I don’t think it’s attractive for men to be promiscuous, have unkept finger/toe nails, and a hunchback posture either. Men always want women to be/look/act like a goddess but yet they can just sit back and be chillin, and put in no effort! Nah, the male species needs to be impressive as well.

  • Jules

    Pretty sure that a guy didn’t write this because no guys know who or what Oscar de la Renta is.

  • John

    This article is unattractive.

  • cynik

    This is one of the most clueless lists. Most of the real deal breakers already addressed in others comments are not even included here. Some of the items on the list will also only apply to fickle men

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  • Ayisha Carnival Queen

    Let me tell you something!!! Women can have all those negativity qualities but that will not stop a man from sleeping with her..so please, this list is a joke

    • cynik

      Of course..but that’s all it will ever be. Says a lot about your vaues btw..

      • Ayisha

        Excuse me you do not know me!! So please do not respond with your small minded ignorance, you can’t even spell. That says a lot about how your mother raised you BTW!

        • cynik

          Keep it up..be angry..that was also expected. Btw..I saw my error but assumed that you’re educated enough to decipher a typo. Seems like I gave u too much credit..so go back to consoling yourself that he’ll sleep with u regardless..I’ll let u have the last word.

  • Vel

    All I’m saying is I’ll start acting like a lady, When you start acting like a gentleman. 🙂

  • A Thomas

    Lovin the comments, “well whud about the men???” Women love to deflect and spin around issues.

  • Trish Chasity

    Seems to me the message here is before you decide to get married date or even have kids, your single days as an uncouth non lady like person who wants to party and live and play by her won rules will truly end.

    I like to swear if it is necessary or not smile to protect myself sometimes I dress like a homeless person just to make sure no one tries to rob me! I do not need a man that badly but come on , if I can’t be myself and I have to sacrifice my womanhood and sigle status for the sake of a man, than I would be one unhappy woman.

  • ohsnaponu

    Tacky using Whitney Houston’s picture.

  • Danielle LakersCrabbe-Bethune

    I am weak as f*ck!!!!! True!!! lol

  • juicifruit89

    Lmao @ the angry friend. One of my friends has actually tried to physically fight some guys in lounges b/c they were checking for others in the group. Wtf

  • Lola

    Sexist just like most of the articles on here.


    now like I said some men like women with stinky and crusty feet, a bad hair weave, a stinky vjayjay,funky and hairy. some men search only for women that want to be taken cared of cause he says some women to independent. Some men what a woman unsure of themselves that are slobs cause his ego needs to feel bigger than his mates AND YOU KNOW HOW I KNOW….cause their are women with all these donts that are happily married and with kids

  • Ella

    Most of these things that men find “unattractive” mentioned in this article are very shallow and mostly physical. What about a woman’s personality? Just because a woman doesn’t dress well or have not so perfect hair doesn’t mean she is a horrible person. On the contrary, a really pretty and well dressed woman with great posture could be a woman with a horrible personality or what we would call “ugly” on the inside.

    • cynik

      Agreed..those are the last things most men would truly consider when looking for a partner.

  • G33k N4sty

    Who’d they poll for this list? Posture??? Yeah, I’m so tired of all the slouching hussies running around at the club You females need to stand up straight!

  • Anesha Johnson

    Each man is different, everyone has their own likes/dislikes…I do think this list is mostly accurate, but it needed a few more like women who “dumb it down”, have no table etiquette, can’t communicate properly

  • KAYA


  • Amanda

    She probably isn’t mad for no damn reason. Probably for a reason HE doesn’t consider important enough to be upset over.

  • Yung Wun

    Hi can you be fascist in private please. Your not qualified to speak for all men and your list of cliche ideals is offensive to both genders. Tnx!

  • Hello

    Posture, I didn’t see that one coming. LOL, excellent post. Very, truthful.

  • Tony Williams

    women who have 9 month old kid, but wants a new guy to affect her and the baby. yes true story i met a black lady very very beautiful dark skin, she had a set of twins. and she wanted to be play daddy. i told her PASS!

  • Tony Williams

    Women dont are too fat.

  • Tony Williams

    Smelly Pu$$y.

  • Tony Williams

    bitter azz black women who dont know how to shut up.

  • Kath

    No wonder women totally give themselves up when they meet men. Certainly a good hygiene is an absolute essential, but am not changing my entire character (as purported above) to accommodate any Mr. Who.

  • A Mother

    WOW, I have been these things on purpose !!! which i know sounds silly because none of these are lady like or becoming for her. when i say on purpose is because a young man seemed to have used all my right things to be used against me which i know it sounds silly again and i guess he just knewe he wasnt my type and i went the opposite so i guess so he could gain some strength and the bad thing about this is i dont want him and he doesnt want me either so hell what was the point!!!!! So silly and Dumb as Lauryn Hill would say how come? Thank You!!!!! you’re one of those REAL MEN!!!!!

  • Strike Blue Dagger

    why are every single one of these women being shown as an example black?

  • I think that your perspective is deep, its just well thought
    out and really fantastic to see someone who knows how to put these thoughts
    down so well.

  • CC

    Sounds like to me the author is trying to say if these situations are in excess then they are a turn-off.

  • Like for a woman to keep her feet nice and sexy,hair,although it doesn’t have to be whipped every day. And please use your inside voice! Don’t like a loud person. I’m a man that that takes care of myself, hygiene on point,manscape all that. I dress well,an all but I work hard and have big calloused hands LOL. Clean fingernails though. Thats my problem.

  • Taylor

    Good article, but I very much disagree with point number 4. I am a straight man and I very strongly prefer the natural look. I prefer hair under a lady’s arms, although if she prefers shaving it, that does not bother me. As far as the private area, I absolutely don’t want her to trim her bush. The thicker and hairier it looks, all the better! However, with regard to below the knees it looks much better that she shave off whatever hair might be lurking, just like a man looks much better shaving the hair off of his face.

  • CKB

    I just hope these men go through the same process. Especially the landscaping.

  • This article brought out all the women it was speaking of. Yes, it is clear you women needed this article.

  • SirMr.

    Well…a lot of this is common sense. At the end of the day all men wants a woman to complement us. To any woman that finds any of this enlightening should take a check up from the neck up. This should be common sense…Tighten Up!!!!

  • Jenoveh

    So we have to look and act on point yet have no sense of entitlement …OKAY.

  • Yah

    I’m sure the guy who wrote this article is ugly as hell with a the tineist peen on the planet and couldn’t get a woman if he paid her, thus the reason for him writing this condescending and angry article…

  • Veratta Pegram-Floyd

    I really appreciate what you wrote. Yes, we are supposed to be attracted aesthetically but when aesthetics fade, what do you have? Education IS liberation and I believe it is one of the core issues within our community…lack of education. Our people aren’t even aware of the basic services within their communities that can help them to reach larger goals and get them to a better life rather than settling for the life they think they should have.

  • Veratta Pegram-Floyd

    We spend so much time trying to separate out the sexes but quite frankly, this list is applicable to men as well as women with a few exceptions in taste preferences (for example genital hair).

    I will agree on the women’s side that I see WAY TO MANY women with nails hooked up from the salon but their feet look like they belong in the stone age. Corns, bunions, chipped nail polish, ash, crust, dead skin, funk…all not acceptable if you are going to wear open toed shoes. If you can invest in your nails, please also invest in your toes.

    This goes for women as well as men, but I don’t understand this whole “snuggie” phenomenon when it comes to clothes. You can be fit or fat and still wear something that is not right for your body…be comfortable in your skin, but please, don’t make others uncomfortable for YOU around you.

  • gdub520

    maybe the biggest one on this list…trim the hedges lol…just like underarm hair, punany hair brings the funk. as a man, i keep myself trimmed up for just the same reason

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  • A man

    An aggressive female is always attractive, men want desperate women, men want to be wanted

  • Two of Us Dating Service Texas

    Agreed, a dose of keeping it real is always appreciated! Men and women both need to aware of their appearance and how they communicate so that people will have a positive perception of them. You never get a second chance to make a first impression!
    Keep on keeping it real 🙂

  • thebravestheart

    My response to this bulls**t


  • this was pure jokes, yo.

    wolf punani??

    i never even heard that before!

    yeah and it ain’t a good look, effin’ with them sistas that sound like they sailors.
    damn they be making me blush, and wantin’ to put an “X” over them lips!!

  • Mariatanahara

    Omg….u gana say u want a woman to keep herself shaved …lol….then dnt complain about paying when u w her…..Dammmm u can’t hv d best of both worlds…..now that’s unattractive….

  • Ask men what they find attractive in a woman.  That article has been written 1,000,000 times over.

  • Memememe@meme.com

    But then you must not have a beard as it makes you look scruffy, also you should shave your feet because that’s weird. Also I will expect you to have your nails acute and filed by an expensive manicurist, oh and you should wear only expensive cloth that I like because clearly a person who chooses their own clothes are sooooo unattractive.

  • Ann

    Age ain’t nothing but a number for these loved-up A-Listers. My BF and I both think so! He is almost 10 years older than I. We met via ~~Agelessmeet . COM~~ a nice place for younger women and older men, or older women and younger men, to interact with each other! Maybe you wanna check it out or tell your friends: )

  • Women don’t need any more advice about men.  They need the advice, but guess what, they won’t take it!  Miss me with this.

  • T mac

    I agree with this post entirely and this is not just for women …MEN take heed.  I want a man who unkeeps his appearances as well…we are suppose to represent each other I cant look like Halle Berry and you look like Fred Flinstone….I hate when men swear, just as much has women……and a man who tries to hit everything walking is a poster child for everything wrong…..what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

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  • ch

    No man wants a vulgar woman so I’ll co-sign on the swearing and h# behavior.
    Otherwise this is pretty immature and outdated like issues with pubic hair. It’s natural,healthy and damn sexy.Seriously,women,wear your hair. 

  • Angibottom

    Typical of a black single male to write an article that is so superficial… and i bet its no wonder that the author of this article is single… “look deep before you leap” goes for superficial assholes a woman can have her toes and nails done, good job, and be quiet and trife!!! so you keep looking at those superficial traits and you will keep being single or getting in nowhere relationships…. Sincerely someone that is not superficial and is very happily married.

  • quench001

    LMBO…unkept private areas….the entire comment is hilarioius!!!!

  • South TX

    Brilliant post. I think it crosses all lines of Men.

  • Cchigbu23

    Ummmmm….. did my gay best friend write this article?  It’s obvious that the guy that wrote this cares alot about appearances. The mani/pedi one made me laugh! I have to reference Katt Williams who so rightly said that a real man doesn’t give a f*** whether or not your mani matches your pedi or whether or not your legs are shaved. I love to groom, hair’s done and nails are done; but if my man starts to make comments if I decide to take time off then I have to tell him that he doesn’t get blow jobs because his b***s stink.

  • LMAO @ #4 & #8..lol… So true tho..lol *smh*

  • Brebnnr205

    lol i remember telling a guy i liked that i smoked and he put me off….he smokes….lol

  • Great article. Some key points, however, most of this should be common sense to a woman that is trying to get or keep a man.

  • Why MEN Lie To WOMEN They Love? What other women have come to know to keep their man happy and at home!
    For the men who are interested in knowing what other men have shared,
    you too will be enlightened. If you truly want to understand why men lie and do what they do, check out this video… http://www.lies-men-tell.com. You will be AMAZED! We were kind of shocked but not really, if that makes any sense.

  • Guest 3.27

    I have to disagree with number 10. A woman’s sex life is her business…if she chooses to share, so be it.  If not, then not.  Most times I’ve ever heard about a woman’s sex life, it was from another woman who wanted to make her look bad.  Rumors and innuendo are just that.  Unless you’ve got video or REALLY solid evidence, words are wind. 

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  • mixedsingle_com

    Love sees no color.my name .Where love out of wall.Dating with hot single out of your race.

  • Madeyyare

    This guy seems to hate black women since most of this characters are found in them.

  • Cari

    And we ladies can find at least 10 things we find unattractive with guys, lolz.

  • Juliette

    Hi there! I though this article was quite funny, even if the most that was said was just basic common sense (like “wait a minute, hairy “secret garden” is unattractive? Women who dress like an hippy hobo aren’t the top of sexiness?…”)… but i didn’t understand the one about promiscuity… The guy is telling us “I have nothing against man-eaters but I won’t never sleep with those b…” or “lady sleep with whom u want but don’t say it loud!”? And i just wanted to add, that i do like this website but i don’t understand the “black people about black people for black people”… Can u just imagine a website called “Madame blanche” about white ladies for white ladies ?? No racism in my comment, i don’t mean to offend anyone !! I’m just asking…   

  • Maryw805

    I really get offended when a man make’s a comment about  jacked up feet. Have you taken a look at what’s hanging from you ankle? Women also like a man with well kept feet.

    As far as making fun of a deformed foot—people use what God gave them. Isn’t is strange that when you meet us and we have on tge 3 inch pumps and you can’t see the hammer toe, you just can’t grin enough.

  • ilikevideo

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  • Hollywood 256

    That was hilarious!!!

  • SweetPea

    Id like to know when trimming, shaving, waxing one`s private area became a mandatory, deal-breaking, relationship-wrecking issue! For heaven`s sake, if a man can`t a handle some hair, that has every right to be there, then you got issues.

    • ZMasd

      2003, about.

  • Chinkyizz

    this picture should be removed because of Whitney’s untimely death!!!

  • Fdgeryed4353

    -where you can meet cool people online..who are searching for their special someone. 
            .welcome  join our club.–r_i_c_h—m_a_n—a_n_d– b_e_a_u_t_i_f_u_l—g_i_r_l—S_i_n_g_l_e— m i x e d single. c ‘o ‘M ‘—-GOOD-c_l_u_b
         Happy every Day Honey!.Are you still single??

  • Roxy

    A word of advice: If you don’t do it, don’t preach it.

  • Bpearson71

    “If you notice he’s telling you what he likes in a woman because everyone is different”. “Some men love a woman with alot of hair down there,if it’s not suppose to be there why did “GOD” put it there”? “Hair absorb sweat,you need to keep it clean though,that hair serve a purpose”. “Being a confident woman is more attractive then any of those suggestions the author gave,if every man liked the same thing, why is there a variety”? “There’s not no two people who are the same some might look like one another but they two totally different people”.”What you might like,I might not like it,this is where individuality comes in”. “Just be yourself with alot of confidence and some swagger,trust me a man will notice you”. “The author: “Stay from under women skirts,that’s what you do”!  “Some men don’t even know how to keep their own azzez clean and going to tell somebody what he find attractive in a woman”. “9 time out of 10 a woman have to tell the man or men how to keep their hygiene up”. “Remember the woman or women are the “NURTURES” who take care of their azzez”!! “Don’t get it “TWISTED” author of this bullsh*t”!  “Peace Out”!!!!

  • Purrfectcat100

    I really hope this isn’t the beginning of a serious of obvious one type of person blog.  This is very apparent the ethnic background of the writer, and it should definitely not be, this should be a very general passage to everyone, and post upfront if it is not.  Speak in a professional tone, #1, and 2 the points are not specific to more then one nationality.  Not a helpful article.

  • Horsegrl970

    this article is BS, what are we? in the 1950’s?  take me as i am or not at all. and i am most of these things and i am happily married. and men do most of these things. especially the unkempt private area and getting mad for no reason. is the person who wrote this conservative and 900 years old?  

  • Horsegrl970

    this article is BS, what are we? in the 1950’s?  take me as i am or not at all. and i am most of these things and i am happily married. and men do most of these things. especially the unkempt private area and getting mad for no reason. is the person who wrote this conservative and 900 years old?  

  • Yennie

    some of the things are not international. nr2 is not completely applicable in Holland. Black women who overdo their hair (the american style, very very groomed and long process of making the hair sleek) is considered unattractive by most Dutch men. Because they assume these women are high maintenance.

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  • cassandra

    You are definitely one fussy man.

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  • Spanishqueen28

    Pha~ha~ha lol. I really enjoyed reading this. I had the laugh of the month, but I LOVE it. I don’t know who post this, but is hillarious. I hope it helps a lot of women out there. I agree on EVERYTHING. They don’t take care of them self & then wonder why your husband don’t want to take you any where with him. YES, your husband. Just because you are married doesn’t mean that you have to look trashy. Under contrary you need to look hot, but elegant so that he keep his eye on YOU.

  • Pothead

    I don’t think it’s unattractive if a girl smoke. Guys suck it up and get the f*** over it.

  • Lihgg42

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    serving our nation. Support our troops that safeguard our safety. A good place
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  • Suppabazza

    Blackmen think black women are unattractive. If you think your own race is ugly WTF

  • guest

    this is quite sexist. i dont mind people following these rules if they want, but i don’t really like that this is posted like it’s unacceptable to not do this.

  • Kitty90

    Wow… whoever wrote this article is seriously shallow. You expect women to shave every part of their body, get a mani-pedi, have nice clothes (by your standards), be a perfect angel with no flaws, put out, not be promiscuous, AND pay for part of the date? How the hell are they gonna’ have money if they spend and spend to look perfect for YOU?

    Also, I’m sure that knowing a girl has slept with lots of guys is a turn-off, but you obviously sleep around as well, so you SERIOUSLY can’t talk.

  • Kitty90

    Wow… whoever wrote this article is seriously shallow. You expect women to shave every part of their body, get a mani-pedi, have nice clothes (by your standards), be a perfect angel with no flaws, put out, not be promiscuous, AND pay for part of the date? How the hell are they gonna’ have money if they spend and spend to look perfect for YOU?

    Also, I’m sure that knowing a girl has slept with lots of guys is a turn-off, but you obviously sleep around as well, so you SERIOUSLY can’t talk.

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  • 1987

    lol. . . .right on!

  • Bilqis Fassassi

    Well said and well done. As a single girl, I definitely appreciate the advise:)

  • kit

    does this mean the dude should also be trimming his fuzz, keeping his nails/toes neat, not cursing, have nice hair & clothes, etc as well?  it’s only fair….

  • Pshadley123

    your a dumbass

  • DumbArticle

    What a stupid article!  Sorry I read it.

  • FGH


  • Barbaralee1146

    Women are sometimes fragile, want a real-man to protect you? Come –uniformedkiss.c0m–,
    here you will meet lots of servicemen and find friendship, love, romance,
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    military personnel. Just sign up and nothing will lose if you don’t like it. Thanks.

  • Lisa

    Not an unreasonable list. Actually sort of my exact list on what I’m looking for in a man, haha! You could just change the name to 10 Things That Are Unattractive.
    Okay, I don’t mind a guy who doesn’t shave his armpits, but I still want grooming and good hygiene. 😉

  • Kyouch

    yeah, i realy disagree with that, don’t mind about a kangaroo pouch n stuff, as long as the girls clothes doesn’t stink, look dirty or if she’s dressing like a guy, that’s out too.

  • Heather Heaven911

    Wow! Very superficial and hypocritical. You get knocked for going to the bar and looking too good for the occasion. But also get knocked for not dressing cute enough on a daily basis. Talking about hair, chipped nail polish, and coochie hair…are you kidding me? All those things cost money to maintain! And if Ido that then I expect my date to pay for my drinks @ the bar. Yes! You need to drink a glass of real life!!!

  • Sybil Augustine

    Unless we’re talkin’ James Brown here, underarm hair does not “bring funk.” The fact is that if you don’t keep yourself CLEAN then longer hair will hold onto more of your sweat, so having that area clean is #1, including washing up after a workout.  This goes for BOTH men and women!  Guys, before you say ewww to a small amount of soft, downy, clean underarm hair on a woman, YOU try shaving that tender area & then putting deodorant on. That stings way more than aftershave, and once it starts growing back, look out…!  Imagine beard stubble, only in your armpit and poking the tender skin inside your upper arm, which I know is a soft area even on guys.  I definitely think trimming is in order, but demanding a shave there is like demanding shaved vaginas as well.  Painful, unnecessary & not a real solution if the problem is actually cleanliness.  Again–try it yourself before demanding women do it–why is it any different for a man than a woman?  Men can certainly grow some huge forests of hair & work up a wicked powerful sweat, so how come it’s not EVEN MORE important for men to shave their underarms if that’s what is necessary to keep yourself smelling good?  It’s just not logical, people.

  • Ana

    I am a girl whatever about the paying for things you are expecting me to pay for drinks and dinner and later on in the relationship we get to live together I am the one cleaning the house or cleaning your stinky underwear HELL NO! YOU PAY FOR DRINKS! In my culture if a man can not afford to pay for his girls entertainment he should not even dare get near to a woman. You want a nice lookin’ smellin’ dressin’  woman oh with a nice weave to I forgot that one well honey that takes a lot of money so shut up and man up.Cheapness (yeah its my own word) in a man is so unattractive I rather go out with a minimum wage man that is not cheap than with a rich one that is. If a girl likes you for real (and she is not a gold digger) she will go out on the dates you can afford.If a girl pays for a date consider it a BONUS that is it but do not judge her if she does not ok!!!!!!!! Men and Woman have diferent roles in relationships I am getting tired of men taking out” the woman and men are the same card” to justify their cheapness!!!!!!!!!! We are not the same!!
    Men and Women have unique and beautiful qualities of their own! RESPECT THAT IS ALL!!

    • Revelveteen

      If you have to do all the cleaning when you live together then that’s a problem–cleaning duties should be divided equally as well.  If you start out so old-fashioned [or with your ‘different culture’ whatever that may be] that you want them to pay for everything, then of course later on they expect you to do all that crap work. But remember, YOU started the relationship down that path by saying it’s the man’s role to pay.

      I don’t worry about some guy’s standards for the way I look — I dress well, work out, I use makeup but I’m not over the top with fake hair, nails, perfumes, etc. I’m a natural woman and they can take me or leave me the way I am.  But if you want to date a guy who demands you have weaves & other expensive ‘beauty treatments’, then it does make sense for you to demand he spend more money taking you out. If being treated that really does make you happy, that is.

  • Lala

    This seems like a very racist article and I don’t care for it. F@*$ you, loser. 

  • Twistedsis

    This article is lame.

  • Ronpaulus

    men find blacks unattractive in general

    • Sybil Augustine

      Whoa admins I think that’s a deleteable comment…..HOW RACIST CAN YA GET?!!

  • As

    groom the nappy dugout sistah

  • Whitemalethatsherebyaccident

    Whoah, this whole thing is like it’s from 40 years ago. According to this, women need to be chaste, quiet, not argue, not ask for or expect much and spend all their time shaving and plucking.

    Women, never date a guy that lives by these values.

  • Ouel_ouikid

    on the topic of angry women, if I don’t know what you’re angry about and I ask you, if you reply with a cold shoulder and a turse ‘nothing’ I’ll assume it’s just that, at that point you also don’t get to say ‘men just don’t understand me’ cause I asked and went with your answer

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  • AOTW

    this is one of the worst blogs I’ve ever seen

  • Patricia, UK

    Is the language here English. I can’t understand a word of it. The journalist that wrote this piece should go back to school – not journalism school, but primary school – to learn how to write!

  • Guest

    Hmmm, well first of all. I’m guessing you never got attention from chicks in highschool. The way you talk about the “unattractivness” of women, makes you look like you don’t like women at all. Have you ever been in love? Or in a relationship even? I’m quite baffled by your article. I know improving all this stuff helps, but there are stuff men do, that MAKES them unattractive to us sometimes. I just think you should try to be more of a gentleman and accept flaws like other men do, because if you don’t, you’ll wind up alone. I’m not trying to be rude, but as equals I think we should accept each other.

  • lady1982

    they should also have a 10 things women find unattractive …… like seriously it seems to be ok for men to pick on all these little things woment do and yet they do the same things ….. maybe men should start shaving their armpits like hello beo …just cause your a male doesn;t give you the right to stink . and why don;t you shave or trim your trouser snake area …. no one wants to gobble on a hairy sausage.  

  • Beth

    Good job on the article.  All suggestions are good and have been observed all over by men and women.  Truth is, good grooming for a woman takes motivation, dedication, time and money.  It is a decision and a commitment well worth doing for the self.  The benefits to others are less important but in the workplace consistantly good grooming can translate to promotions and more money.  People just naturally have more trust and respect for you if you take the time to put your best foot forward especially on those days when you feel least motivated to do so.  One observation with men…many seem threatened by a woman’s efforts to look her best and start to forbid the use of fragrance and fashion and makeup for fear another man will take her away.  We women need to find men who are mature enough to relax with a well-groomed, good smelling woman and treat her with respect and trust.  This is the real challenge.

    • Sybil Augustine

      I guess then you think all women have to offer are our looks?  I think you should have been born 100 years ago and you’d be happier.

  • Haitianquen89

    What if she just dont have the money. Men needs to take care of themselves especially the ones complaing. Women don’t need to make them self beautiful for a man. They need to do it for them. True Beaty comes from within. If she got the money to pamper herself go head. If she got money to go shopping go head. Dudes not giving us money but sex only. My money is my money and I do wut Eva wit it.

  • Ha on #4
    You cant find the little man in the boat if hes surrounded by an oily patch of seaweed(C-weed?)(you know what C-word I mean)

  • Dannymagi

    wtf is all i can say…too particular. Good luck.

  • The only one of these that is true in my case is being angry all the time. Otherwise everything else is endearing. Women are generally too dainty and catty and nitpicky and self-conscious. Wear a ratty t-shirt and no makeup and let your pubes grow out and smell like a woman…female bodies are hot! It’s just being belligerent that is not.

  • Tyrabanx

    i wanna sign a record deal with Tim and Bob cuz i got sum madd rap skillz-rapqueen

  • Konjamyosi

    Actually this is one of the first that I’ve read that doesn’t offend me and that I find to be true and agree upon. I’m a woman and I think you tackled the unattractive list with style.
    I especially loved the way you said that women should dress properly-and didn’t just say something like if you’re fat dress like this or something equally irritating.
    Loved it. 🙂

  • Ridleysean

    I have to disagree about the shaved (vajayjay), there’s nothing better than making love to a woman not a 5 year girl….it’s God intended and natural, maybe shaving for panty lines but searching for the buried  treasure in intriguing and grown up.

  • Oops

    The ten things are for a gay , not a real men.

    • Guest

      That’s exactly what I thought, most men wont even notice or be bothered by those things. Manicured feet, bad hair, cursing… wth…

  • Spittinittrue

    You’re putting women back in the dark ages with this article. Its really sad that as a woman I’m expected to be paranoid about the way that I look and use time & money to groom myself in unnatural ways just to attract a man. A real man knows what a real woman is & a real woman isn’t a princess, shes a person. Women shouldn’t be pressured to get our nails done & be perfectly hairless. Ridiculous. You know what women find unattractive? This article and the ideologies it encourages.

  • Underarm hair “brings funk”??! How about your own, gentlemen? Please.

  • Thirsty is a definate No-No…

  • vladdrakul

    As a white man with a love of Afro American culture. Yes I lived on Southshore Drive in Chicago for a while; a very positively enlightening experience for me and my very white swedish wife (sh’e a big lovely girl with plenty of booty; I like it that way) I hope no one will mind if I make a little comment.
       Last week there was an article on the 10 most annoying things about men. This time it is about women: I generally find these articles appalling; so much shallow judgements and gender whining from both sides. People are just TOO uptight; especially when they have the ‘middle class’ snobbery thing going.
       I say simply avoid extremes; be yourself and spend less time judging others and more yourselves.
       Oh and one more thing. More love and appreciation for the way we are. Oh and lastly I like natural women. Shrubs and all. Cleanliness, politeness, respect and the ability to laugh together!
        Peace love and Bootsy Collins!

  • Izikio

    The feet thing is number one thing for me. nothing pisses me off than a pretty face and ugly chipped nails. it is literally disgusting.

  • Rjones

    You all forgot one thihng men do not like. That is white women

  • NoTrout

    C’mon ladies–the #1 worst is a stanky crotch.  Don’t expect a 2nd date if you have one, so fix it fast.  Worst part is, no way a guy is going to tell you your problem–that is too confrontational for us.  So you’ll have to find out yourself.  Or with a girlfriend.  NOW we’re talk’n…

  • Peter

    Just read the first two and gave it a pass. Women who really want a man are unattractive? BAD HAIR? Was this written by a woman? Who the eff cares for the hair? Is this the new metrosexuality, where guys chat about hair conditioner and stuff?

  • Biggest turnoff: Lousy personality.
    You can not make up for your bad character with good looks any longer than half a night.

  • anna h

    Why is it that when people want to be down right offensive they claim to be ‘keepin’ it real”? After  reading this guy’s article, I want to turn the hair on my privates into the Amazon, let my nails grow into sharp points and  learn the entire Dictionary of Obscenities in four languages if it would keep jackasses like him away.

  • Rev Kanyama

    Very good reading

  • Cdkat13

    The majority of couples I see, I wonder what SHE’s doing with him. Women tend to be, in general, more self critical, and therefore more apt to take care of themselves where men have an over inflated sense of self and think they are “in the game” when there is no starting line to begin with.

    These comments, taken casually, are fine, but at the end of the day, they hunt us, so I can’t take this too seriously.

  • Fem1

    This article is pushing society back 20 years. Ladies, embrace your natural self. Mr. nativenotes, good luck find a real woman. No intelligent woman with a drop of self-esteem would think she needs to live up to these standards for some pathetic schlum. This article demonstrates how sexist the society we live in really is and why too many women are caught up trying to live up to superficial and damaging societal norms. Maybe we should focus on more important things like education and not let men keep intelligent women down with this bull—-

  • Good article but he missed a few biggies.  My biggest turnoff is seeing a woman with gaped teeth.  Damn get that fixed please.  Some sistas also don’t know that latch hoots are way out of style.  But seriously, the author also missed that many women aren’t appreciative of men who treat them. Get rid of that chip on your shoulder that you are better than the person you’re with.

    • Sybil Augustine

      Big turnoff — men who can’t spell.  Don’t you mean “gapped” teeth?  In grade school they teach you that a single final consonant is doubled when adding “ed” to the word. 

      I wouldn’t be talking about who’s better than who if I couldn’t spell at a grade school level.

  • Queendivatoya

    This is lame.  There are some men out here who are not independent and don’t have their own place.  Come with something better than this.  Like Men these days needs to be a boss not an employee. 

  • Misty-Day

    I understand his point, but does he have to be so insulting? He could just say what he means without the crude, insulting overtone that hangs over every word like a bad smell. I mean really, putting it in there that he’d “Rather call it something that begins with a P but he can’t seeing as how this is a family site”… Um. What?  What that showed ME is that you are way too obsessed with the “overly swearing” that you claim to hate in women. You don’t need to refer to a vagina as “something that begins with a P”.

    • Sybil Augustine

      Being obnoxious sells, that’s why.  They just want to provoke responses, they don’t care if they’re negative or positive.  Imma stop wasting my times.

  • Kells

    I am a woman and agree with alot of what the author has to say. It is true, a lot of women have bad habits, but these habits really should be taken care of not for a man’s sake, but because she is a human being and should take pride in herself. With that being said, here is a list of 10 things i personally find unattractive in men…
    1. Clinginess
    2. Lack of motivation
    3. Lack of goals
    4. falling in love too quickly
    5. Having no social life/ Isolating yourself
    6. Basing your schedule around mine 
    7. Expecting the woman in your life to “hold you down”
    8. Bad clothing (especially boxers and undershirts that are dingy and have holes in them)
    9. Excessive video game playing
    10.Smoking (cigarrettes or marijuana)

  • who cares what you find attractive in a woman?  you’re petty, judgmental and have a big fat ugly mouth.

  • Dlongstreet

    As a traditional male, I find this article more than just a bit ridiculous. If the author  really thinks “bad Hair” merits a mention he is relegated to long life of meaningless relationships

  • Myrtalb

    Wow how much more free time do you think women get than men in a day?? Uhh none asking alot from us are you not? Shave,manage hair nicely, dress to impress always, make up & nails(mani/pedi) this would all be simple if women got paid more than men & also had at least 3 extra hours in their day everyday to prepare. A woman with a career, children & other reaponsiblities(college, etc.) dont really have all this needed extra time or money for mani/pedis. Arent you asking a bit much for males only have to shower & dress and maybe i were lucky put on long lasting anti perspriant &/or spray of some sort let alone shave you junk as often as youd like wOmen to….? Think about it

  • Betterwithapen85

    Incorrect grammar is a massive turn-off (y-o-u-‘r-e is you are…y-o-u-r is your!) Also, not knowing how to spell is just lame (a lot…not “allot”) Go back to kindergarten…and please run. For the sake of mankind.

  • mrrandom666

    1 thing I find unattractive: pointless multi-page ‘articles’ simply for page-views.

  • Lotusbudblooms

    I know, I really don’t understand why black women don’t want to maintain or improve their looks. It’s so strange that they are this way.

  • Lotusbudblooms

    Not true at all. I think you’re just a debbie downer and they find that highly unattractive.

  • Lotusbudblooms

    This is a shame…I mean basic grooming practices have to be demanded for black women these days. Unbelievable.

  • Lotusbudblooms

    Great advice!

  • 234

    The most shallow article I’ve ever read. Hey guys, take a look at your own promiscuity, need for manscaping, cheapness, mooching, hygiene, lying, and then judge.

  • Lotusbudblooms

    Sorry Jen,  but looks are critical in mating. You may have a great personality but you need to be attractive to men as best as you can with your own attributes – if you want to maximize your chances of finding someone  nice. If you look busted due to poor health, lifestyle, style and grooming practices, you’ll stay single forever or an extremely long time. Personality is the sealer of the deal, looks keep him interested.
    A woman with a pretty face, clean well groomed touchable hair, and a fit and healthy body with a nice personality will have her pick of the litter.

  • Lotusbudblooms

    Well, black women are not in the same position in society as whites. It’s not the same comparison…and we always have to be on point and then some. Sorry that’s reality.

  • LotusBudBlooms

    I totally agree with you. My thing is black women seem not to know what being attractive is. They do a lot of unnecessary stuff that looks completely awful and it really is unattractive to the opposite sex.

  • ImNoDhimmi

    Shallow or what?

    As a woman, I’m turned off by men who, like the writer, don’t use proper grammar.

  • Please make note of # 7 and 8 ladies. There underlies the real truth!

  • Evolution

     Your thinking is one dimensional and very judgmental. But wait…I am sure you have a perfect six pack to impress your ladies and a PhD in rcket science to entertain them with sparkling conversations!

  • Pony65

    You say you require a woman to be educated, but your grammar and spelling are atrocious.

  • Stormedplane

    God, I’m glad i’m a lesbian!

    • ysl21

      what does being a lesbian have to do with it? You think women find other women attractive as a hot mess? Guys may be more critical, but most rules apply gay or not, you want your partner to take care of themselves & be presentable & somewhat proper.

  • Imakitty76

    I can’t believe you took the time to write this…the women who don’t fit into your “listed” notions of perfection just might not want to attract some tight wad, Martha Stewart wannabe, controlling, boring, chauvinist, narcissistic BOY like you…so if you don’t like how someone looks, dresses, smells, behaves, talks etc…move on, don’t post degrading opinions about it…GROW UP

  • Imakitty76


  • Azuaralamb

     you have the perfect name for yourself and wow  bet  your all vin diesel seriously  women are all different and all men have different tastes. sounds like you may be into men since apparently  no woman is “good enough” for you

  • tricksmom

    Tattoos are not always impulsive – I waited 20+ years to be sure I really wanted one before I did it as my 40th birthday present to myself.

  • Sayrasmile

    Wow guy – you have some serious issues yourself – yes you are a god and a gift to women, but not all of us would agree with your 10. seriously, FAT chicks?  What is your “ideal” height and weight – and short hair – have you seen Halle Berry?  How long have you been single?  I would say FOREVER

    • Mike

      🙂 Halle Berry – shivers and goosebumps – perhaps one of the most beautiful women I can think of…

  • Jennifer Nightingale

    Wow Dome, I had no idea there were still men that thought like this. You reek of the smell of a steadfast neanderthal. I wonder what it is like in your perfect world.

  • Jennifer Nightingale

    Wow Dome, I had no idea there were still men that thought like this. You reek of the smell of a steadfast neanderthal. I wonder what it is like in your perfect world.

  • EbonyLove

    Okay raise your hand if you are blessed enough to be happily married!! *raises hand* I am!!!!! THANK YOU GOD I am one of the lucky ones. Yup just wanted to say that. Go ahead, ask a happily married black woman anything for 1 hour! Known him for 8 years, married for 5.

  • David

    I am a bit offended but I am not a female. I am one of the new minorities; white, male. If we want to "represent" then we also need to share the space. In your barrage of dislikes with matching pictures you might want to consider the Latina women, the Asian women, the Indian women and maybe even throw a white girl some love. Also, please do not offend the civil service brethren by alluding to their fowl mouths. That was in very poor taste. My guess is that there is a follower of your "judgement" who happens to service your "-hood" that expresses him/herself without cursing.

    Please be respectful of all Earth dwellers, that is more attractive.

  • Leroy

    By the way…the term is "unkempt"…not "unkept"….

  • some one who cares

    stop using profanity you are a christian

  • Dave

    You don't need to look perfect but ladies….please SHAVE. Shave your pits, cooch, and especially your butthole and your face. Don't wanna look at no angry spider when I'm hittin it doggy and don't wanna kiss no mustache.

  • guest

    Well guys, the same things you don't like in women, women don't like in men. Very simple. Oh and by the way, a real man…you know the classy gentlemen type (or do you?) always pays for the lady. A lady should never dip in her wallet when with a real man, since a real man knows how to treat a real lady. You are talking about ladies in this article, right? I was just wondering because you wouldn't have to worry about promiscuity if you're dating a real lady. Real ladies don't date dogs either who aren't groomed, are in bad moods, and slouch. So therefore guys, remember all the things you like in a lady and apply it to yourselves. The world would be a better place with more chivalrous gentlemen in it.

    • Crey

      You sound very entitled and sexist, what a catch!

  • GumbyandPokie

    I've found that when a woman is angry it's almost never "for no reason at all." There is a reason, or perhaps multiple reasons, but she shouldn't allow her past relationships to make her bitter now. For me, the most unattractive behavior is constant nagging or whining. That is extremely unattractive. It becomes a habit with some women. They get started, and then they can't stop. As they run out of things to nag about, it gets pettier and pettier until it finally becomes intolerable. The worst thing is that if a woman gets into this habit it becomes impossible for the man to change his behavior if he wants to in order to avoid the nagging. I've seen this happen: a woman nags a guy for not taking out the trash and then he starts taking out the trash. As soon as he starts taking out the trash, she starts nagging him for taking out the trash because she wanted to throw out some other things and he should have waited. When it gets to that point, the man should really consider getting out of the relationship.

  • Proud 2 B A Woman

    This article is just common sense, and you know what single ladies….it doesn't stop just because you get married. There is nothing wrong with keeping our appearance neat. You'll not only look better, but you'll feel better too. I think the women who have a problem with this article either don't know how to put/keep themselves together or are just bitter towards men.

    When we maintain ourselves through proper grooming, we place value on ourselves. I don't know of anyone who obtains something they hold in high regard, yet treats it poorly. The same can be applied to us. If you are doing all this (maintaining your hair, nails, feet, private parts, wardrobe, attitude, and reputation) to get a man or to keep a man, then not only do you need to check your motives, but you also really need to look into how you REALLY feel about who you are. Some of these men have no idea of their own worth, but you keep looking for them to validate you when they can't even validate themselves. A lot of them are a disaster looking for a place to go, but you're looking for peace of mind from them? That's crazy.

    No one said you had to be glammed up all the time (although glamour has it's place), but make sure you're beautiful from the INSIDE to the OUTSIDE. There are good men out there, and you don't have to go on a hunt to find them. THEY are looking for YOU.

  • Nora

    Who do you think you are telling women to groom their private parts? How rude!

  • Guest

    You have got to be kidding! This is what's wrong with any woman–black, white, or purple. She listens to nonsense like this from immature guys who feel they have the right to tell her how to live. Find a real man, ladies, one who isn't put off by the natural hair that grows on your body or your real feelings. You don't have to change for anyone. This guy and his friends are jerks.

  • Pourpaix

    Gee, this fellow sounds like a woman. I'm happy if you haven't been eating for two without being pregnant and act your age, well, at least most of the time.

  • Jeff

    Definitely falls under the angry category.

  • Alicia

    what if us women just forget about men completely and focused on something more worthwhile, like say a career, good friends and family? then reread how dumb this article sounds with this entitled man going on and on about how we have to jump through hoop after hoop to please a man – do this do that, trim this, trim that, wear this, not that, act liek this not that, sit up straight, etc., talk about entitlement, this man clearly feels like he is entitled to have women bending over backwards wasting their time and money doing frivolous crap to please him… spend your time making money instead ladies!

    • Guest

      You can’t possibly be serious.  I’m a woman and had NO problem with the statements in the article.  It’s really just common sense, proper posture, decent appearance, keep you legs closed, etc… MOST women should have been taught these things growing up.  Don’t do these things FOR a man or to GET a man or because the article/author told you too – do it for yourself because it’s basic grooming habits.  Ugh…some people are so disgusting. 

  • SammieJo

    I see a lot of problems. I do this on a regular basis and no one approaches me. I am not promiscuous but rumors say I am. Maybe a guy should shut your eyes off for a moment and talk to someone instead of base an opinion solely on physical appearance. BTW, men, what are you doing at a bar often enough to pick out who is thirsty?

  • i could have added a few more but he did rather well with this list

  • Shappa Doi

    Yeah, deez peeps be all up in diz heyah thang wordin’ it up wit no ideals on how two spell and whatnont.

    • Gia

      What moronic language … if it is even language.  I guess you think you’re cool.

      • Gia

        This was in response to the writer of the article … this language sounds like him.

  • Love all 10 of these points.

  • mantalk

    Some woman posted that if a man wants a woman to have nice hair and nails, he should pay for them.
    That makes as much sense as a woman that wants a man to have a nice house and car, she should pay for them.
    Where are you baby, I need a new car, and I like the LS460 in black. LOL

  • AMEN!!!!

  • I think this article was hillarious and pretty accurate. I can't hate on anything you said. These are things I already know (maybe that's why I'm married). I feel like I need to write one for the men now.

  • RG the king

    11 sould be stop trying to pimp your men, have some respect for him

  • Good article. Most of these are the basics but you'll be amazed at how many people both men/women who don't have a clue!

  • Lassie

    I'm out of it. I really am. But I don't understand WHO decided a "2 sizes too small bandage dress" and "5" stilettoes" are necessary for bar-hopping. Is it some kind of costume to indicate status? And who decreed this is a good look, anyway? Women are fools for spending tons of money on clothes and makeup and manicures, like sheep.

  • MamaM

    While your piece may or may not hold truth, the entire argument is negated by the grammatical errors. You’re writing, not texting, and not blathering after two drinks. Bad writing is unattractive.

  • Jos1029

    I enjoyed the article and found parts of it humorous due to how the author managed to put a twist on it. I am, however, a bit surprised by a lot of the comments by some of the sisters. You don't have to pay a lot of money to look good, maintain your appearance, stay in shape, it's free to walk properly & stand up straight and you don't have to spend a lot of money on clothes to dress appropriately. Every other word out of your mouth shouldn't be a curse word, you shouldn't be sleeping around with various dudes and don't think you're too good to get something from a guy when you don't have any respect for yourself. I would never say that I'm perfect, but all of the things mentioned I do for me, not for someone else. I love me and portray this daily and instill it in any young girls that I coach, work with and how I raised my daughter. Get it together ladies, seriously….

  • Ricky

    I'm not clicking on nothin' but here's my list. Tattoos (You may see them as a form of expression but to us they make you look used up); women who gossip about people who aren't bothering them, women who gossip about their own friends; women who love drama, nosey women; women who dress hoochie in public (it looks good and I'll hit it if you let me but don't ever expect me to seriously date or wife you); bare ashy feet and sandals (I prefer women who wear the ballet shoes or closed classy pumps; women who live on the cell phone out in public; women who can't spell or who can't enunciate words properly; wigs, and weaves (please ladies, learn how to grow your own hair and wear it long if that's what you want); women who walk out of their house for the day looking like they just woke up (even if you're not on the make, every woman should always go out looking good even if it's just to the 7-11. You can still be casual and look attractive); women who challenge their men to confrontations (disrespect is the quickest way to get cheated on);

  • OaklandHonesty

    It's really sad that so many people take issue with this message. While a bit harsh (yet funny), this brotha is only stating a simple preference for good hygiene and self respect. As a WOMAN, I enjoy going to my local black owned and operated nail shop and dropping a few bucks for some good company and grooming a few times a month. I shop sales, and buy timeless quality pieces to ensure that they last. I share hair secrets with my girlfriend's and we do our own hair. I do all of these things for myself. I enjoy having a professional, well-groomed appearance and contrary to whether this is right or wrong, appearance does get you farther in life – not just beauty. On top of all that I LOVE looking great for my husband. I will do my damnedest to make sure that things don't slip just because we are married. And he does the same. And I pay my own way. With no problems. Because it's my job to keep me up. He can take care of the bills and our dates. Women have it so backwards now a days. When did someone else become responsible for our person? That's just lazy and triflin'.

  • Ant

    I was with you up until the 6th sentence, no one should have to pay you to take care of you. No one is saying you have to get your nails done all we ask is that you go to the drugstore and buy a nail file that will cost you about $1.35 and use it. And FYI ladies promiscuity is unattractive in either gender, ladies don't like a player anymore than REAL men like a tramp. Now your done.

  • Guest

    Nice article, but can I just mention that the word is unkempt, not "unkept"? A dose of keeping it real is always healthy–as is a dose of keeping it literate.

  • Onya

    If women had these rules, there would be hardly any hetero men left to date — only a few metros and gay men. So you can see how your entire article is a double standard. I don't think these rules are entirely realistic for men and I don't want to be held to similarly unrealistic rules for women. I get cranky, I have bad days at work, I make mistakes, I sometimes have chipped nail polish, and I curse. So what? I still have more than a cup full of class, and am a lady. Guess you didn't know a dame could be a lady AND a tramp.

  • Onya

    5. Your reputation as a player is a major turn-off. Be a gentleman. You need to keep your rep clean. Your STDs are not attractive.
    6. Get a "cup of class" and act like a gentleman. I don't want to hear you say the N word, even to your brothers, no cursing, and don't let me see you get into any "moods" or go in your man cave to play video games or watch Skinemax. Seriously, spending $200 a month on Xbox games is loser material. No wonder you don't have money to pay for a date.
    7. Your cologne is too strong, stinks like Old Spice and has got to go. When you look like the new Old Spice man, then you can wear a stinky aftershave like Old Spice. Until then, get a clue.

  • mantalk

    Poster child for birth control!

  • Holding The Mirror

    Where is the point that a woman should read a book/magazine/newspaper once in a while?

    Why are you telling women to work on the outside but mention nothing about the inside?
    The brain?
    It may be true that black don't crack BUT looks do fade.

    Being unaware of your world is JUST as unattractive as an undone hairstyle, ill fitting clothes, or a "bad" attitude. Even more so.

    But… This may be an example that men want bimbos.

  • Jackie

    I think he better call Tyrone….

  • Anna

    I hate this article….

  • Rachel

    A woman should do these things for herself, not for a man. It's a question of self-esteem and if a woman can't keep herself up for her own sake, then she has none.

  • Shane

    um. So when you heard sayings like "it's what's on the inside that counts", you just didn't think that was real thing? All of your inner characteristics are just irrelevant if you aren't good-looking? wha?

    • Scratchy Baccy

      Good Point~!

  • Ladys if your game is right. that makes your man get righ. he know he cant go anywhere with you and all eyes on you. and look like he dont belong with you

    • bbb

      why would a woman whose "game is right" get with a man whose isn't right in the first place though..? would what your saying ever work the other way around? nobody wants a fixer upper, it works both ways.



    • Just Shut Up

      I guess your husband didn't care that you don't have a grasp of literacy or writing in normal standard English, huh?

  • Calm Down

    People who commented angrily and offended need to chill. He's not saying women have to be perfectly groomed 24/7. This article is saying you should dress nicely (like he said, not a yellowing tank top), keep yourself well-groomed (which goes for everyone, as much of this article does), and don't think the guy HAS to pay for your date. Sure, he might, but don't treat him like he had better pay or else he's a scumbag. Really, in a long term relationship, should he pay every time? If you agree, then you'd better follow the rest of the steps and land a doctor.

  • beetybee

    Why would you go on a date wiith a guy who is dressed as if he is going to shoot hoops?

  • ReVeLaTeD

    "Angry for no damn reason"

    'zactly. This should have been #1 on the list.

  • itgirlrules

    (nativenotes is the truth!) love it!! but i draw the line at waiting in line to get into a venue… it's not happening kid. yes, i'm a snob in that area and i embrace my bourgeoisie-ness.

  • Chrrisy

    Im loving it….thanx brother very informative….Wow luv it!!..TRUTH

  • Richard

    Are you for real? Who listens to such a low level article????? And so poorly written…..What is this Madame Noire site? I won't visit it again, that's for sure.

  • Darkesthourglass

    LOL @ Just Saying
    Hate to say it but it’s true about leading the guy around the store like a child. I’ve seen it too many times and don’t know who to feel sorry for, the White woman or her manchild. Still agree with this list though. Wash your ass, people and wipe the crust off your mouth. Not that hard to do.

  • JustSayin

    This article was disappointing. Looks like men are more interested in “appearances” than actual character or intelligence. Is it ok for men to chase after women, be foul-mouthed, un-kept, and/or aggressive but it is unattractive when women do the same? F… that. Sounds like the same old double standard, different day. And you wonder why women get angry. Maybe it’s not just for no damn reason as this article assumes.

    • mantalk

      Why would you be disappointed that men want someone that looks nice?
      Are you not nice looking? If not can't you step you game up?

      You can still get "hit" as i sure you look better than some on the women working the street for money.

  • Mike

    You forgot the main or major one.., "Women that are fat.., doesn't matter if they are single, divorced or married." The major fact, that I hear all of the time from men and women, is one word.., "Fat !" I can't tell you, how many men that I known, that have left their wife or girlfriend because of complete loss of shape, meaning.., down right, 'fat'.

  • hester prynne

    A million dollars says this was written by a gay man — and a jealous one at that.

  • internetmustbetrue

    No way do I believe this was written by a straight man. Most likely a woman…or in-the-closet man, maybe.

  • Flagrante Delicto

    One word – Bearded Clam

  • lisa

    all this is very good advice and very true

  • Nicole

    I like the person who asked, "Is the man who wrote these conditions Jamaican?" I work with a Jamaican…unrelentingly demanding and exacting. Narcissistic and perfectionist. I call him a Jamaican Jabberwocky (isn't there a character out of Alice in Wonderland….jabberwocky). Loves to talk, talk, talk, talk….

  • Kara

    I guarrrranteeeee you he is mostly likely single. Who has that kind of money and time to meet all those tips. Good Luck

  • Anocean Pearl

    You can't criticize this writer for being shallow. Women want to know what's on a man's mind; well, now we know. He/They are entitled to their opinions, and personally, I criticize the very same things about women, men and myself. I say it's a fair and honest discussion on reasonable points. I also say it's not rude to criticize ladies for it – it's rude to be the one not aware of how they look, act, smell and come across to others. Money is always an issue, but it's not the issue being discussed here. A lot of these points come down to self-awareness, considerate behavior and personal care. Reasonable, acceptable, appropriate criticisms when looking for a relationship. This article was on point. I'm glad I read it.

  • So, I guess it's okay to be a complete idiot as long as your nails and toes are done. Hmmmm….

    • mantalk

      No, just like it’s not okay to have a masters degree and look like a homeless clown.
      Let's say your appearance gets you an interview, you personality and knowledge get you the job.
      If a lady can't take care of her own appearance, do I really want here managing my home?

      Let’s say you pull up on the car lot and there is your favorite car, but this one has wrecked trunk, has a piece of wire holding it down, grey tape holding the lights in place and no grill in the front.
      Does it really matter how good it runs? The price is the same.

      Do you want a 30+ yo man, living with his mother and no job?
      He COULD be the most romantic and caring man on the planet.

      Remember …. Lady in the streets…freak in the sheets. Don’t get them twisted.

      • Just Shut Up

        ^Case in point… The shallow male.^

  • Kelly

    It's just the way it is, the way it's always been, and the way it always will be.

  • mana

    This is stupid

  • Nina

    Some of you are taking this way too seriously and getting offended…

  • jojo

    I think a man who is successful, educated and intelligent would completely knows all these are superficial expectations and would never go on record claiming such demands. I can understand a woman has to look good for herself but not for anyone else. Only a unsuccessful, jobless man who needs an attractive woman to feel good about himself would have such high expectations of a woman.

  • Shani

    The guy who wrote this article does not like women, or he is not familiar with classy women. I bet he is down low. Somebody go find this b a man.

  • idiots

    U no wut? Dis is da dummest post en dis hole thred.

  • jimmycrackcorn

    You're a stuffed shirt idiot, my friend.

    And you're about as deep as your shirt.

    • mantalk

      I'm far from an idiot. If having pride in myself and wanting an educated woman with enough pride to clean herself up, and present herself like a queen make me a stuffed shirt, I'm a proud stuffed shirt.

      You sir, sound like a bottom feeding THUG.
      There is no excuse for Ghetto fabulous and your pride in stupidity and wasted money does not make it right.

      I understand that not everyone should work in corporate America, but looking like a clown while taking orders at the burger bar should not be a goal. A dirty McDonald's uniform is not appealing.

      Hint: very few black women with yellow, red or green hair, public tattoos’, or gold teeth will make over $30K.

  • Hershy2sw

    This was an interesting read … and I pretty much agree with all but Slide #8 "Sense of Entitlement" … I personally feel in some cases … The Phrase … "Black Men" and "Chivalry" don't go together! I'm not saying all … However even some of the brothers in church seem self-centered!

    • Lotusbudblooms

      Black men can be very chivalrous…the problem is many black women like you are not quality enough for them to be that way toward them.

  • DJ1969

    Hmmm. I agree that personal upkeep is a must, but ladies should do it for THEMSELVES first and foremost. Yes, men are visual creatures, but most of the serious ones prefer their women in the natural. I've been in 2 serious relationships and I met both of these guys when I was BUSTED (one at the grocery store and another (whom I married) while I was moving) and they were the most meaningful and long-lasting relationships I have ever had. The bottom line is that if a man wants you, trust, he sees you BEYOND all of the glitz and glamour. And if he doesn't, no amount of pedicures, eyebrow and coochie waxes, freakum dresses, etc…will make him want you for anything other than sex.

  • Brenda

    I liked all 10 things. When I talk with young black women in their 20's, I tell them that I feel sorry for them. Truly! They have "head" smart, but not "love" smart. They do not value themselves. They give away all their power and ask for nothing back. Look at just 1 generation difference in us. Most of us Mother's of the 20 yr olds, look better than our daughters, we are better off fanicially, we have better relationships, we are in better shape. We made better choices. Personally, you had to be smart and going somewhere to talk to me. I had no use for a man that was not smarter than I. I didn't accept a cheating man. I have standards. So, I wish my younger Sisters well. Learn from us!

    • systa

      "smart" is apparently not synonymous with education in your view, because your lack of latter is obvious from this post.

  • I keep my nails done, even if it is just a clear coat. My nails are long (natural not fakes) and I do them myself since my manicurist left town, I can't find one I like. So. I am on my own. I have never been kept up by a man, and don't expect to be now, as a middle aged woman.__

  • Charles849

    if you're willing to settle for a pitiful man it don't matter what you do .

  • Kestrel

    You know…something that really confuses me is why the hell people care so much about looks? The guy I've dated for the past six years wore SWEATPANTS to a highly expensive Japanese restaurant for his birthday, wore jeans and a heavy metal band t-shirt to his piano recital the first three months of our relationship (well…he still does)…and I couldn't give a flying freak at all. I honestly don't get it….looks shouldn't matter all that much. I'm not going to say that they're not a bonus because they definitely are, I appreciate a guy that looks good and knows how to dress the part but I don't expect a guy to have perfect feet, for Christ's sake.

    Honestly…shouldn't the personality be more important?

  • JustMeAgain

    You don't know many White people, do you James? From experience, I can tell you that MOST White men hold White women to impossibly high standards – and Lord help the woman who can't tick off everything on her Significant Other's list! Married White women like me are expected to work 40+ hours a week, get home between 7:00 and 9:00 pm, cook dinner, clean the house, wash, iron, and put away the laundry, help their children with homework during the school year, listen to their husbands complain about being "the only one who does anything," then be like one of Tiger's mistresses in the bedroom every night. My grandmother was the principal breadwinner in her marriage, working from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK and, sometimes, on Saturday and/or Sunday – but my grandfather, who was unemployed more often than employed during their marriage, expected her to do ALL of the housework when she got home or before she went to work – while he didn't do anything that he didn't want to do all day long.

    What I'm trying to say, James, is that making this an issue that strictly affects one community and not any other is short-sighted.

  • Edward

    I dont care about how you feel about my comments. Scroll back thru them and see what names they call me and for what? Just because I say something they dont particually like? Whats good for the goose is good for the gander. And you can call it sex, making love, or doing the nasty it dont matter after a dude bust, cum, nut, or blow his load he is done, finished, over with, or kaput with black women.

  • Rob

    I am a man, and the most unattractive things I've seen in a long time is this article. Just bad writing (which is very unattractive).

  • JustAnotherGuest

    Grow up. The "The White People are our oppressors" routine is OLD – just another excuse some individuals use to explain why they've remained stuck where they are after all these years. Either get new material or get lost.

  • Well that was refreshing. Women being put down by Mr. Perfect. Makes for a nice day, doesn't it?

  • Jessica

    This list wasn't unreasonable. To sum it up its really all about self- perception, grooming and being aware of a women's presence in society. The author mentioned things that I have heard women mention in social circles and its purpose was not meant to be "catty", However I must agree that it can be pricey to become what the list requires but its also common to reserve the same comments and requests as to what we as women look for in a man as well.

  • Bell

    I think this guy is trying to say is he wants someone who is perfect and has all the time in the world to take care of themselves. A woman who isn't a mom and doesn't place others before herself. Good luck.

  • CattG

    This is a great article that serves as a reminder for us, women. It does not necessarily mean that you need to go to the salons frequently and spend big bucks to maintain your nails and hair. Just keep yourself clean-looking and clean-smelling everyday, be descent all the time, and just keep it real always… It all boils down to common sense, and common sense matters everyday. 🙂

  • Oler Sista

    I buy cute clothes at Wal Mart, J.C. Penny etc., get my hair cut at a local salon every now & then, ($30. not $300.) find some really kickin' jewelry at second-hand shops and do my own nails….this very reasonable man has not requested any of the things some of these replys are accusing him of and I can safely assume he does, indeed, expect to travel on a two-way street. It doesn't cost a lot to be clean & attractive, real women have done it for centuries…..we're most often known as wives and mothers. Shoot, I fit his bill and I'm just going to the grocery store!

  • Pam Johnson

    I'm glad I've reached the age where I could care less what a man thinks. When I was young, I spent a lot of money on maintenance. No more! What's the point? What will I get out of it since black men aren't marrying anymore anyway. I'll never meet a man like my mother did, so I might as well keep the money I could spend on maintenance in my pocket. Surprisingly, a few men still find me attractive. I could care less, really. I've found that there's a lot more to life than a man.

    • Therese

      Lol….you mean “couldn’t care less?”

  • Duh

    You're stupid if you can't understand why one wouldn't like a hairy crotch.

  • Bex

    Interesting tips, but do you know what I find unattractive? An author who can't use proper grammar or punctuation.

  • Barack

    that was the worst written article I have ever read.

  • RebeccaP828

    Well – these grooming tips apply in the workforce as well as with a guys – not needed polished nail, but just keeping it neat – if you can't keep yourself together, what is the rest of your life like??? And this is coming from a female with a professional career and no, I do not spend hundreds of dollars a month with up keep and do my own mani/pedi

  • ODB

    By the way, the correct term is "unkempt" not "unkept".
    Unkept: (a) (especially of promises or contracts) having been violated or disregarded
    Unkempt: not properly maintained or cared for

  • KJ

    Love the list!!

  • phil

    How about" Not trying to drink more than I" If we gpo out and you try to drink me under the table is a big turn off.

  • Dave

    Do you know what guys can't stand more than anything on this list? When women put lists together of cliche things that they think guys like.

  • Gail Drury

    The guy is REALLY funny and women love funny men. I’d “audition” if I wasn’t already married.

  • John

    I'm a man, and this guy NOT speak for me. I couldn't care less about your nails or your hair, and I'm not afraid to say "vagina"–which is not where the pubic hair is anyway, so why's he tiptoeing around it? If you gave up on his list of superficial crap half way through and went to find something better, come have a drink with me.

  • guest

    I disagree – underarm hair can be sensual and a good bush is far to rare. Sillyness.

    • George Bush

      amen. especially the vag. women nowadays try to look like girls.

  • allen

    Find the same unattractive in women…except the foreskin.

  • Evan

    I'm a guy…and you know…I can't stand the whole scruffy look on guys these days.
    I'm pretty sure that those whiskers are pretty rough on the soft skin of a ladies face, neck, and chest!

  • steve

    Uh oh…one of those ANGRY b@#$%es he was talking about

  • MTF

    Glad I'm not dating a black man.

  • mafpaf

    Don't feed the troll!

  • Pete Defooter

    I feel you……… Most of the women who express descent at the recommendation of keeping yourself up, are not even worth your time. You're explanation and breakdown was flawless. The comments on her are indicative of the "single black woman" epidemic in our community. Trying to teach a dog English is bad idea. They will never get.

    • Lotusbudblooms

      I agree…these women today are trifling and the laziest out of all our generations. It is a shame and they want something for nothing.

  • Jester99

    One big turnoff for me is, a woman with tattoos!
    IMO tattoos tell much more about a woman than most people realize. Doesn't matter if its a small single tatoo on their ankle or a couple, to a few wherever. The type of woman that gets a tattoo is most often the bad girl type that does what she wants to regardless of the consequences or who is hurt by her actions. Ive seen this all too many times before.
    I refuse to get involved with any woman that has tattoos!

  • Drew

    This "advice" is primarily targeted for Afro-American women. Weaves? 'N' word? Way to isolate the rest of your demographic, "Brotha".

  • Kara

    Shallow article! Can you bring it up a notch in terms of consciousness??

  • Bigg

    Congratulations – you've managed to make the average black man sound like a complete misogynist. Not that I expect you to know what that is….

  • happyhoodrat

    i,m unattractive and i,m feeling……..fine!

  • MBF

    Who ever you are making the 10 reasons/comments about unattractive black women, what turn you off, are these type of women all in your face looking for love/sex or are you looking? You are the company you keep. Who are you to deserve better? Tell us about yourself.

  • Miri Chandler www.rawminimum.com

    Bravo from a Montana Lady.

  • Tom

    Honestly, some good advice.
    However, I have never understood the concept of tipping hair and salon people, or a waiter or waitress for that matter. Why should I tip them for doing their job? They receive an hourly wage or a commission.
    Why the tipping?
    I used to sell cars for a while, but nobody tipped me for getting them a great deal.
    Haircuts used to be five bucks, now they are 15-20 dollars for men and up to a hundred or more sometimes for women.
    There is no need to give someone extra money for doing what they are paid to do.

    • tommy'sadummy

      What you show here is your ignorance and inability to reason. First, as a car salesman, if you were working for 99 percent of the ones in the country, you made a commission. Yes? Well, you don't get a commission when you do a 'do, drive a cab, or serve a fish sandwich. In fact, if you had any sense of how the world works, you'd know that your congressman and local politicians long ago made it standard for people in those industries to get a lower minimum wage than anywhere else, with the excuse that their tips make up the difference. So now the person who does your hair or fixes your steak is being paid crappily by her employer and her ability to eat depends on the damn tip. Should it be this way? No. But since it is, and it's too much trouble for most people to try and change it, the least you can do is tip the poor lady if you can afford it. Thank you.

  • Mark Drennen

    I think Smoking should be added to "unattractive" things, I am not a smoker and cannot stand for someone to smell like an ash tray, it is a total turnoff for me, I have tried to tell woman I have dated who smoke that the smell of cigarettes in their hair, on their clothes and their breath is awful, after a date with a smoker, people have said to me "I didn't know you smoked" and had to explain the whole thing about me not smoking, but that my date/gf does

  • Ms. Jones

    This article was entertaining, if nothing else. However, from personal experience you can do and be all of these things and many men find this intimidating. Either that or they assume that you are high maintenance, fancy, prissy-you name it I've heard it. Or when you are "not thirsty" which I've never been it's "I can't read you" (good). If nails are done (I go every 2 weeks and am blessed to grow my own; in between use lotion at night) and hair done ( I know how to use a comb and products for my naturally curly hair), dress well (I like to wear skirts and heels every day), and in shape (this is a given because I care about my life I hit the gym 5-6 mornings a week), it could be that you are a very resourceful person (I know I worked for everything I had/have). I do all of this for me and not a man which makes a huge difference. Maybe this is why I do have a husband (who told me once he thinks I care too much about my appearance but this is hypocritical to me when we know men are attracted to physical first) Ultimately, I think some men don't know what they want. (You don't want a promiscuous women but if one tells you that she's had little to no experience, you are exasperated). I take all of this with a grain of salt. Disclaimer: age 30, no children, multiple degrees

    • Lotusbudblooms

      You sound like me Ms Jones. I take excellent care of myself my eating healthy most of the time, working out 4-5 days a week, keeping a neat, feminine, classy appearance (nothing tight or revealing) and most men regardless of race make advances or smile at me whether I’m at work, out on the town or anywhere else and a lot women at work (all races) of are very kind to me. I think it’s because they admire that I have self respect and look like a value myself and they can tell I wake up putting my best foot forward every day. I really do this to be the best person that I can be but I am also a natural fighter. I find for my dignity, health, attractiveness, mental sharpness, and physical power.  I have not paired yet only by choice as there are many men who are interested but it is finding what makes me happy not just a man. I know there are lots of good men out there, but it’s the chemistry that needs to be there for me. That’s what I want…that flame and yin yang harmony. Anyway, most black women need some fire behind them…they’ve lost the will to fight for themselves, which tells me they are at the weakest state and you know how animals are with the weak. Extinction is inevitable.

  • sam

    The word is "unkempt" not "unkept"

  • Dumbass punk

    A-freakin'-men, sista.

  • Moretime

    Isn't this common sense? I mean, being clean, having well trimmed nails, combing your hair, keeping a white shirt white, aren't these obvious? But I do find a smidge of arrogance in the delivery. If you don't like a real African princess with an African jungle, then move on, . Being attractive, by your definitions, is not what motivates my actions.Keep chasing that dream, and you'll keep getting shallow, self involved women who won't let you touch their hair, or let you see them without makeup, as your woman.

  • Laina

    As a woman, I think there are valid points in the article. I have a problem with the Asian women comment. I would like a socially conscious man that would prefer I take my business to Laquesha.

  • Teresa

    Great article. Suggestion – proof your spelling. The word is unkempt. Nevertheless, a great article.

    • Rudyard

      What's great about it? Seriously. He's an illiterate, shallow wanker with a computer. It wouldn't even take 100 monkeys typing for 10 minutes to spew out something equally astute.

  • Derrick

    Great article. I hope someone was paying attention.

  • Val

    This article is poorly written, cliche, and shallow. We need to do better. It's time.

    • Vag


  • Lisa

    Don't act entitled to your pockets?! Lmao. I need the broke men to just be quiet. In that case….men please stop acting so entitled to the P*SSY just because you spent a buck or two….boooooo. Rating on that point: Two thumbs down.

  • holly

    is this just for black folks? seems so

  • abababab

    No – he does not have to pay for your upkeep, but he should be expected to have the same grooming habits. Personally I wish more men would wax/shave private areas and their backs. Of course, if he is asking you to completely change who you are – date someone else!!

  • Respect Dues

    GEEZ is this online magazine called MADAME ANGRY? There seems to be an underline agenda to keep us in attack mode. The INNER CORE is more important than the OUTER CORE. The focus should be investing in ones character. Proverbs 31 and be kind to another tender hearted and forgiving one another.

  • bigyummy

    this is a VERY good observation. This has something to do with the lowest man on the todompole syndrome.

    • notyummydummy

      the phrase is 'totem pole'. It refers to a native american object. look it up. damn.

  • I agree with this whole thing absolutely

  • ken

    I woulod like tlo add children who run touse and, ladies who want to run their man.

  • Baldheaded Baby

    Hey, wait just a cottin' pickin' moment ladies! Men are expected by women to spend just as much time grooming and primping these days too. What is the first thing a woman looks at on man? HIS SHOES! Also, thanks to metrosexuals like Diddy we have to wear more designer clothes and work out to look like He-Man too. And what about all the time I need to take in the mornings to keep my face cleanshaven and head squeaky clean so it can all be kissable and nice for the female touch!

  • Ciiku

    Read between the lines Anglo woman. Its written by a "brother" and the majority of the illustrations photos( 95%) are those of Black women.

  • myksmom

    I'm a Anglo woman and this article can apply to the white sisters too

  • Ciiku

    I am Blessed to have been born and raised in Africa, where beauty and standards of love commitments are not superficial and white-washed (pre & post-colonial Africa). Character is what counts. The rest is all individual preferences.
    Good luck to my Black American women. You might want to expand your Love horizons. Try dating outside your own… Do not limit yourselves. Character is what counts. Not how you do this the other or how straight your hair is. The Black men (Slave mentality bastards— Opps did I say that poopy mouth! Sorry!) forget they are also "nappy headed"…

    • Steve Biko

      I agree with almost everything you say, except your exalting of all things African. I have met and worked with many people from your continent, and believe me, shallowness and materialism exists there in spades (ahem) as it does almost everywhere. There's no Utopia; we have to think for ourselves and become individuals who are unafraid to ignore the dominant mentality — for it will always skew consumerist and shallow.

  • Ciiku

    This is written by a shallow man who obviously did not grow up with a father…because his father could not respect his Black American woman- as his ideal of beauty is white-washed. This also has master-slave mentality written all over it. The problem with the lack of African-American "Black Love". American Black men put down their Black American women because that's the only way they feel superior. as illustrated majorly via Black American artists (musician, filmakers & comics alike) who have made million on the backs & reputation of Black American women by making them the ugly sudject. It's no wonder "black love" is an endangered species in the Americas.

  • Michael

    There is one word, that men find unattractive about women.., "FAT !" I've heard it a thousand times or more, men dislike fat women. Sorry.., but, true.

  • Sarah

    I dont believe you have to spend a ll that money to look good, I think if you are clean,well manicured, Clean Hair decent fitting clothes, learn some manners GIRL ,,,,,whats the problem !!!!!!

  • PlainJane

    OMG! ROTFLMAO!! LOVE LOVE LOVE this list…especially 6 & 7!

  • clvoight

    when men do all those same things –even shave their genitals —then they can start putting out the demands for the same…

    • DMV

      Ha ha…:)
      Well, some men do. They think it makes their junk look bigger.
      This guy could probably use the help.

  • Liz

    I agree!!!!!! Some women dress trashy, act trashy and talk trashy and complain they don't have a man….

  • EMC

    Looks, looks, looks. How about what's inside a woman??? A woman can look like a million dollars and still not be worth a crap.

    • DMV

      Word. This guy's got no depth, and no woman should want his attention.

  • Jim

    Here's another thing men find unattractive: black women.

    • jimmycrackcorn

      STFU. You're not "all men." In fact, you're a lousy excuse for even one.

      • Edward

        Black women r unattractive but worthy of a good fuc none the less. They do have good pucci but thats the only thing good abt them. If u can get past the looks i would suggest u fuc one and u'll c what im speaking of. Give her backshots so u wont have 2 look at her. It will b the best nut u ever bust, son.

  • Curious

    Very well said!

  • Julian

    Well put. If anything, I'd say the list is a good indicator of what to avoid. Not that good grooming and personal hygiene are not important, but too much of a good thing can be as foreboding as its absence. When I see a woman that has spent significant time / money on her personal appearance, I have a pretty good idea of the depth of her values are. What better way to conceal flaws than to distract with spit & shine? Or, as the old saying goes, "All that glitters is not gold."

  • DANA


    • busted

      Know what else is a do-it-yourself project? Basic literacy. Learn to punctuate, you posing punk, and find the damn capslock key.

    • Coriander

      I went to college but I'll use colloquialism here:

      Chick WHY IS YOU YELLIN'?

      You could have the desired effect with using lowercase and capital letters. You just seem bitter, hyper and angry.

      • Guest

        Love it, Coriander!

    • Jaded

      Now where is the point where a woman should pick up a book/magazine/newspaper?

      Wait…. if you're not doing it….

  • chris


  • christina

    strange….I am a white women…and WOW, that is quite a list. I think it would take an hour or two daily just to comply. lol. But it does explain one thing..when I was in the army, I had this very attractive african american man who was constantly hitting on me…and one day he picks up my hand (full of chipped nail polish) and says "I will give you some money to get your nails done, my girl can't be seen with chipped nails."
    I said "Good thing I ain't your girl, then."
    He still chased. I still fled. He was too smooth for me.

    • christian soldier?

      Good on ya.

      But you still went in the army, so you have issues…

  • Raja

    How about some tips for men ladies?

  • Tried of nonsense

    I think that all of this talk is absolutely ridiculous. I am not angry. If fact I am very nice, too nice. I don't drink, don't go to bars, totally celibate now, raise my family, work two jobs, go to school, make very good money. The only problem is that I am typical black. I don't have any hair to style due to an autoimmune deficiency (not HIV) thank you very much. I have went to the dermatologist with no help. I have a big nose, big feet and not attractive at all. So this cements what I thought and knew all along that white America has so distorted what is important that we can't see anything else but superficial nonesense. The flip side of it is that the men that get with these perfect women will always be behind financially, never know what their woman is doing or with whom. Serves you right. Have a great life!

  • Curious

    Does he realize the same standards apply to what women dislike about men…?


    For centuries women have tortured themselves to look acceptable to men who are usually 'less' than themselves.

    Whats the point of all the evolution if we stay in the dark ages?

    When men live to the standards they impose on us, then and only then can they make demands.

    When men marry the women they make babies with, curtailing the inevitable poverty awaiting the child born to the unwed mom.

    When men become mature enough to be faithful to ONE woman.

    When men take their rightful places in our communities as law abiding protectors of women and children.

    When men learn that a relationship with God isnt a sign of weakness but ultimate strength.

    When Black men get and keep jobs (jobs with advancement potential- not " paper or plastic maam?" jobs.

    When men become men, showing kindness, gentleness, vulnerability, love, respect, responsibility, and character.


    • Curious

      Very well said!

    • JustMeAgain

      And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, applies to men of ALL races, nationalities, and cultures, not just one or another.



    it all wreaks of prostitution. women dolling themselves all up and torturing their bodies for the benefit of a may eventually paying for something (time, punanny, etc)


    • notyummydummy

      The word is "reeks". look it up.

  • chris

    LOL and ON POINT!

  • Guest

    It's not about what a person looks like, but who and what that person is on below the skin line. It takes time to find out about compatibility and long-term prospects, and first impressions are only a look at superficial characteristics, which can be changed (given today's miracle medical procedures. The real person resides inside -sense of humor, IQ, likes/dislikes, literature preferences, religious/non-religious beliefs—that's more of the real person than the one you meet at a bar or party, and scope out. We guys are so clueless when it comes to thinking about women, that I suspect that our brains are located below our belts!

  • Bright Mapwala


  • Ellessette

    so basically be Paula Patton, Beyonce, and/or Halle Berry… except without the power. And be sure not to ask anything of your man. Hmmm. And I guess, don't mind when you're so boring and factory-produced he leaves you for the next. Fantasies are fun, people are better.

  • smith

    back to the 50's!

  • Doo

    Wow, I can dig it. In addition it is pretty easy to tell , just among the comments, who needs to re-read the 10.
    They don't seem to teach these things in school anymore. And if you didn't attend you didn't even get a chance
    to see how others handle life. Spending a lot of money to look nice is not necessary. Some pointers on what
    to include in your wardrobe may be in order. I like nothing better than to observe the beauty that God hath created.

  • NiceGuysFinishLast

    I'm laughing because your honesty was refreshingly refreshing. I've never heard someone admit that they weren't worth looking at. I thought it was in human nature to be delusional and clueless, and i'm speaking scientifically.

  • Mimi

    There is a new book out for men called Happy Wife, Happy Life (Tips to keep the woman in your life frisky) It's really good. It's written by Isley Nicole Melton I bought it for my dude.

  • DeeDee

    I agree with the promiscuity thing…THAT SHOULD apply to guys just as much.

    • slapnut

      These are not laws. You can apply the rule to your life at anytime

  • DeeDee

    I really liked this article, and I agree with everything…from experience, it doesn't cost an arm in a leg to keep yourself up and looking good, if you're a real woman.

  • guest

    thats fine. Black women dont want you. you are dismissed.

  • Tiara

    Why should a man have to pay for your upkeep – nails, hair, dressing and looking nice? If you value how you look, taking care of the total package is not something you look for a man to do for you. You, intrinsically, would want to be the best you can be inside and outside. Yes men are visual creatures, true, so if you want to be a good catch on the whole, fix yourself. Heck, do you for you. Not for a man! It is not about being superwoman. It is about looking at yourself and loving who you are regardless of who is in your life.

    • MissP


  • Edward

    The men you describe isnt stopping u or your desperate ass friends from fuking black men isnt it? Why should black men change? Black women are so desperate to have a man that they will accept anything. I can run thru all the women n ur family and ull still let me hit and do all the things a wife should b doing. Y? Because black women need a man to complete them and make them feel like a woman. Sad that you cant find this within yourself. Oh well, as long as i get the ass you can keep the low self esteem.

    • btowne

      Go read a book sweetie. Pick one that will help your need for anger management. I'll hook you up with a psychiatrist if you want me to. What happened did your momma take it out on you and your siblings because your daddy left y'all the reason you are so bitter towards black women? Better yet, why don't you go to the nearest Church in neighborhood because you need Jesus. FOOL!

  • Milton

    My dream is Beyonce, now that sister got it together.

    • btowne

      My dream is Laz Lonzo, now there's a fine man.

  • Larz Blackman

    Stop trying to deflect the issues and read the title of the article. Something must have hit home!

  • brilliantone7777

    This is Very good and true

  • Kool Kell

    One more thing… in nature, the male species are always the ones who are vibrantly colored, look attractive or will do a little gig to get the female's attention in order to attract a mate. Maybe the human male species should take a hint from mother nature.

    • theromaniticathest

      sooooo all i have to do is dress in flamboyant colors, wear antlers on my head, and preform some mating dance in order to sleep with women like you? Clearly I've been approaching women the wrong way for years treating them with respect and stuff. Look I'm an anthropologist and I can tell you can't compare the mating strategies of Humans to other animals. The animals that you mention and wish men to take cues from sacrifice their individual survival in order to mate. Those who are vibrantly colored gain more attention from predators than their female counterparts. As for Humans culturally in our past and in our present do similar things from tribal dances, self-decoration, and physical competition.

  • Good Dude

    If these comments are a representation of the average thoughts of black women, it's not a shocker that sooooo many black women are single and in some cases not desired. Everyone can stand to improve. Everyone. Black women are not perfect nor infallible so stop acting like it.

    The one thing missing from the list is "Humility" which is what the majority of all of these women commenting on here lack. If women can have standards for the men they date, then so can men……. The lack of humility on here by you females disgust me. Loosen up ladies (if you are indeed one)..

    • btowne

      The men were not complaining when the previous article attacked black women. Now the shoe is on the other foot and there's a problem.

  • Kool Kell

    hmmm…. is this site just for black men & women? I feel like I shouldn't be here, even though the topic interested me. Gosh, what discrimination!

  • C.X

    Since when does being Asian have anything to do with being a manicurist? Every Asian I know is about as diverse as every white person I know.

  • That grammar guy

    It's "unkempt" dude, not "unkept."

  • Maude

    Shorter nativenotes: "Women, I don't like it when you behave like human beings. Cut that s%&t out."

    What was that you said? All the women in your life lash out at you in anger all the time? I can't IMAGINE why.

  • texasgirl

    This is ridiculous.. Ladies' this is on how to get a superficial man.. not a REAL man.. cause ladies' does this guy have a 6 pack at age 80?? NOPE!! Most likely he doesn't want a women that doesn't look like rock star!! Wake-up!! Love your body and yourself.. and if you are happy with yourself a man out there is into what you like and how you look and isn't a complete jerk who is trying to make you feel bad about yourself!! This is totally a BAD article with BAD choices of wording!! What a shame!!!

  • kathleen

    I think he’s right on…C’mon ladies….let’s have some self respect.

  • Woman

    The word is "unkempt", not unkept. Also, I wonder if the promiscuity factor relates to him, also.

  • elizabeth washington

    things women find unattractive: failure to pay child support. Being on the down low and bringing home AIDS. unemployed and living off her AFDC money. the status white girlfriend or wife. refusing to use a condom.

    the guy that wrote this is such a pig

    • btowne

      Yeah thats our black men alright.

  • laundry diva

    No Brain.
    I like to be able to have a conversation and about something other than your car, favorite sport, action movie……..

    OH! And we do NOT want to hear about your exes.

    • laundry diva

      That should be listed as No.12- No Brain

      or at least 11 -B.

  • Kaif

    continuation from comment above:
    For example: My siblings and I were all taught to comb, cut, press, and braid our own hair. We were all taught to wash, sew and iron our own clothing. We were also taught to speak properly when speaking to others and know when to cut the rug as it was call before our time. We were taught to respect ourselves, for we are our own best friends and worst enemies. I love my Mom. She didn't discriminate between sexes. What I mean by that is that she felt both sister and brothers should learn how to take care of themselves so that no one can use that against us and we can survive on our own. Fixing the trains and furniture, light fixtures, clothing etc. was something we all learned. Changing cloth diapers and cleaning them was no joke, but we all had to do it. It made my brothers, better fathers and me and my sisters better mothers while making us all self-sufficient. We do all have our own personalities which we have learned and built on throughout our lives. That is why I can relate to these statements made in this segment and understand the point of views in them. That is old school training.

  • Kafi

    Thank you for enlightening us with these tips. It takes one of good listening and communicational skills to partake and fully understand the jest of it all. This is a package that should be taken into consideration by all (Women and Men). What goes around, comes around. Good manners, a well speaking voice and vocabulary, well kept persona (does not have to be hair parlor, nail salon and Ralph Lauren clothing). Self care is usually first learned at home and inexpensive. Self worth, respect and confidence starts with you, at home and with family then extends to the outside world. When the package is well put together and presented than the outcome is better received.

  • Jan Barker

    When did cutting your hair down there become mandatory? This list reads like the one put out by the preppy girls in the 1980s. If I had some guy going down a list like this, I would be cursing like a sailor too.

  • j.o.p.

    men have respect others men………….wemen…………………………………..

    men have respect for ……………….men…………………………………..women………………………………………..children……………
    so mr. boogie must have a problem with respect.for the rest of the world…………..the messenger j.o.p..thank you.

    men have respect

  • Nancy

    Are you serious? Who is this person anyway. Can I write 10 things women don't like about men? I would really have to cut the list down to make it only ten. And wow, this guy is really picky. He is going to get a woman that he deserves 🙂

  • Paige

    I agree with what you said but in addition men need to shave their underarms too, like you said that hair harbors oders and the same for the male genital area, you can't ask someone to take a trip downtown when you have closed for construction signs up!

  • everyone should have pride in their appearance. period. you don't have to go to the gym to maintain – (wii fit, just dance and playing w/ the kids/dog works just fine for me) clear nail polish is a god send. just clip and file your nails. it's not that hard to look like you tried to look presentable. Men need to do this also. Jacked up feet aren't cute on anybody. Neither is ill-fitting clothing.

  • Guest

    It is not expensive to be well-mannered, clean, wash and comb your hair, trim your nails and hooves, and wear clothing that fits (and covers) your body. This goes for you boys too! I am surprised at how many folks think these things are inconvenient and pricey.

  • Rare Vos

    So, in other words, nativetoes, you're a whiny,prissy, microcontrolling misogynist who thinks women are disgusting inside and out from head to toe, but no matter what we do – or don't do – you won't leave us alone?

    Could you at least where you're "Imma Judgemental Douchebag" sign in public so women know to steer very clear of you? thanks!

  • Phoebe

    What about the dudes is right! We don't want a guy who is so stupid that these petty things matter. Why do uneducated, skankey brothers think women's place on earth is to groom and mind their "manners" all day? No way!

  • Will

    Ladies, You can do it, (Breathe) The man just gave you options not directives.

  • Jimbo

    Definitely the "Sense of Entitlement" leads to a LOT of divorces these days.

  • wegot2dobetter

    Awful. What a waste of space. This is only the millionth time someone has written this article.

  • Dee

    A little chauvinistic but whatever. Just have good hygiene ladies. Thats more then I can say about most of the MEN out there.

    • btowne


  • Just found you today through the Daily Beast. Love this article. First read your "Hair" article and found it very amusing and informative. I especially love page 4 of this post! Funny and very good information to share. I like mixing humor with serious and semi-serious stuff. We do it to on our site….deep in the heart of the Mississippi Delta.

    Be Bohemian!

  • casual voyeur

    this is funny yet true. the author sounds cheap and effeminate. i guess women want the same qualities. mutual respect and affection gives each their share 🙂

  • Jogs4201

    Maybe we should be happy just to be "us" and forget the impressing and pleasing. Jeez, I look forward to feeling good inside and sometimes that takes a bit. If I spent all my time trying to please everyone else, I would feel pretty low. But treating your fellow man is important also, just not more important than myself.

  • total

    I stopped reading after Wolf punani. Call it what it is…pubic hair. This is a stupid list and a waste of time. The author should be banned from writing.

  • stormoya


  • TrashHeapHedonist

    The author of this article is a total douche. Katt Williams offers better advice. Oh wait, I'm white. What am I doing on this site?

    • btowne

      Yeah why are you on this site?

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  • cprrrrr

    Hair naturally grows for a reason, hair is hygienic, that is science. Hair also transports hormones into the air from sweat glands and if the hair isn't their, the hormones die on the skin and leave body odor. FACTS.

    • rrrrpc

      Those aren't facts. In fact, that's not even true. Hormones don't cause body odor, bacteria does. The bacteria that cause unpleasant scents on our bodies love dark, warm, moist places, and body hair just gives this bacteria more surface area to hang out and grow… all this equates to more funk.

  • John Luma

    For everyone: Eat with your mouth closed. And don’t talk while you’re chewing. I’ve faced beautiful women who do this and it is a shocker. What – they never learned the obvious? No one ever told them? It tells me they have no self awareness and must not get out much.

  • Carrie M. Boyer

    I have rarely seen such good spelling and good grammer consistently in a comments section. I am not being facetious. Good job everyone.

    • Why even bother


    • Ms Turner

      You dumbass, it's spelled "grammar."

  • Pudding

    Interesting. I thought the part about being mean was interesting. Sadly, many Black woman have to wear this external because anytime you say hello or smile at a Brother (or any man for that matter), it is perceived as a signal/sign that you want them to…. "come here…and do this". Imagine being a relatively attractive woman and having fend off advances all day because you smiled or said hello. The majority of man (especially Black men) are already in relationships and are looking for quick outside/side action.

    As far as the liberation is concerned. I have no problem buying my own drink or food, but I will not do that for a man that I am not involved with. I have nothing to prove. I will also go dutch, once or twice, but if you are pursuing me then you pay.

    Lastly on the hair thing: I thing Black women are held under the knife for this hair situation. We go out of our way to get these looks that only Beyonce and others with cash can afford to keep up and all we get is (Chris Rock) flack. I agree that there are bad weaves and that weaves need to washed regularly, but c'mon.

    That;s my three cents for whatever its worth

  • bored with the news

    Stupid article of no brainers. The one thing left out is MEN take notice! It ALSO applies to you! Especially the "private" areas thing…I'll say no more lest I vomit.

  • Jordan

    My articals they don't want you to read. They like it when you write simple respones. They know you are still asleep.

  • Jordan

    The first teacher I every had was my mother. She taught me how to put on my shoes, eat, taught, walk, and respect. Any nation, or people that puts down their women will never grow. If you sisters understood how to teach the boy babies, you can make a new black man. The black man has gone mad, in most cases, from lack of knowledge of self. Have you every wonder why black people look so much different than all other races. That's a gift from God, if you only understood. God gave you the richest continent on the planet, Africa, and the origin of mankind, but you are in last place. Wake-up to the knowlegde of self, or you will be in a museum soon.

  • Tricia

    Something women find unattractive about men– well – "intolerable", but unfortunately "common", would better describe it:____* DOUBLE STANDARDS- so guys- don't ask for anything you aren't willing to give/do yourself, and I mean EVERYTHING. Memorize the ten things that drive men crazy about women list cuz it goes both ways! Women could actually come up with a better list for men if given some time- trust me…. ____I hate that this article seems very one sided. So 1950's!____Please print a similar article on what drives women crazy about men- the Top Ten. Would be interesting….______ __

  • Lara

    *This* guy is complaining about *women* acting entitled? He's the definition of entitlement.

  • Tricia

    I completely agree- what about the dudes? This applies to them as well, ESPECIALLY the weed whacking part. If I want to see George of the Jungle I'll rent the movie thank you very much! So take care of your business down there dudes, and in fact, manscape all over- it's hot and usually necessary!

  • ladyamm

    u people ate GAY.

  • dandiLyon

    I gave up on page 3. The pagination is irritating. just let me scroll down.

  • cindy

    When a guy knows your a lady, he will most likely clean him self up so he can be with you,
    it works.

  • Alice

    I am glad all these 10 items were said, and needed to be.
    If you want a man to enjoy being around you, then be a lady, which makes for a great women in the long run and it will also clean up his act as well. try it ! It works.

  • Smurf

    So women have to keep their underarms shaved because of odor, but men's underarm hair doesn't trap odor. Please.

  • Hey Alpha. Thanks for responding, I haven't written that post yet. I'm sure given the popularity of this post someone else will in the very near future. I did write "why i love black women" http://madamenoire.com/53953/why-i-love-black-wom

    Just a little bit more of that open admiration. Peace and love.

  • Rogerthat

    The list is true. Remember its a mans perspective and that is what a good majority of men talk about when women are not present. So women who want to fire back with their "men"s list" save it we've been hearing about these lists for years and a lot of the things apply to both. But so what! A lot of these women act like they are invincible to criticism. Just like men who are creeping around with bad behaviors get exposed a lot of women who do it are snuffed out too! A decent man is never going for a foul women no matter what she thinks she looks like, thinks she is doing or little possessions she has. Everybody has opinions.

  • Sammie

    Wow. I agree with some of it, but not all of it. I don't think that appearance is everything though. How a woman grooms herself is her choice. My opinion is similar to this… Cleanliness and Hygiene are very important. But its not everything.

  • Some of these no nos make sense; others are being picky. Figure it out for yourselves!

  • danny gee

    That's what I was just saying. This is what they used to call jive!

  • Jazzrack

    my guess is this dude is going to be single for a long, long time

  • Dominique

    I agree with these things on here. I think maybe they should do one for us ladies. 10 things women find unattractive. More like 10 things I find unattractive.
    1. Momma's Boy. One that can not hold his own. I like someone INDEPENDENT!!
    2. Sagging Pants. No one wants to see your boxers.
    3. The B word. It's degrading.
    4. Liars.
    5. Laziness
    6. Immaturity
    7. Rudeness. Don't cut me off to talk about football.
    8. Flashy. No one cares about how much money you have.
    9. Disrespectful
    10. Cheating.

    • btowne

      Yeah and walking around with "Doo-Rags' on all day everyday. Very unattractive to me.

      • Dominique

        I know right!!!

  • G.M.K.

    I'm a guy and while I agree with various personality related points, I found that this list was kind of superficial when it comes to the hair and toes thing. Lotta money goes into that. I also feel that the desperation thing is a hard thing to talk trash about since most guys at the bar and club tend to holla at every girl who comes in there. The evil eye should at all times be abandoned, as well as the angry girl for no reason. But if you're a good looking girl with a good head on your shoulders, letting a guy know that you want to be found, shouldnt be too hard. So if you're thirsty, thats fine…try not to tie us down off jump street and wonder when I'ma put a ring on it… As far as being promiscuity, yeah thats a big one. I know alot of people wonder why its cool for a man to sleep around and not women…its simply just depends on who you're trying to attract, cuz most women dont care for a man who sleeps around. But men celebrate when their homeboy scores another one night stand, and girls gossip about it to their girlfriends…they just dont like it on the opposite sex.

  • Guestastic

    Wow… glad I'm not dating this dude. In my experience, if a man requires a woman to maintain such an exacting standard of artificial upkeep, perhaps he's not really into women after all. I remember reading a post from a dude who complained about women shaving their legs but not their toes. Seriously, TOE hair? If a guy's bothered by a woman's TOE HAIR, he's gay. Period. Men who are truly into women don't trip off the little petty stuff, and every single thing this author mentions falls into the category of little and petty. Dude: you SURE you ain't gay?

    • It's sad that the number 1 way women attack a black man they don't agree with is to assault his sexual orientation. Artificial upkeep — haha because applying lotion on your feet is so difficult. lol

      • Guestastic

        Awww, what'd I do, nativenotes – touch a nerve? Got a great guy for you: Terrence Howard. Saw an interview with him years ago where he said that if a woman didn't use baby wipes on her booty crack after taking a sh*t, he couldn't date her b/c she wasn't "completely clean." You sound perfect for each other! BTW, ain't nothing wrong with being gay, man – to say I'm "attacking" you and "assaulting" your sexual orientation suggests you're, well… a bit on the homophobic side, like most closet cases. Maybe you should see a counselor…

  • Guest2

    Whatever…If a woman has a cute face, a nice body, and he and his friends think she is a great catch, then a woman can get away with at least 5 of these things….LoL at promiscuity! Please, like I said.



  • bigyummy

    Ladies take it easy. Why do so many black women get bent out of shape at the mere suggestion that you improve on your inner and outer self…….. Are you perfect?????? Keep yourself clean and groomed, don't curse so much, stay in shape and be a lady. Where is the crime in that? Black women are quick to tell the world what she's looking for in a man and rarely will you find any male backlash. But black women take it as if it's an insult if we suggest that you are anything less than perfect. Sister's you don't have that type of time to. By the time you hit your 30's your stock is dropping and men start to look at the 27 and 28 year olds instead of you. It's sad, but it is what it is and that's the way men think. So fix your bad attitude now, get in shape now, learn how not to be tacky now, and get some humility NOW. And to all of you married ladies or females in a relationship, this applies to you too. Your husband or boyfriend is looking at your younger, more attractive, more educated, more lady like competition and he will step out if you stop caring about yourself.

    • Jungle kitty hater

      They just wan to be alone… Don't save em

  • MochaDreams

    For the record, some men like jungle kitty. I've been told that my au naturale kitty wasn't "furry" enough… more than once. IMO, I think it's just best to ask what he likes and then groom accordingly, while of course, always being swimsuit ready.

    • Jungle kitty hater


      • MochaDreams

        @Jungle kitty hater

        I'm currently spoken for, but if I wasn't, I'd know to get a nice trim for ya **wink** LOL!

  • Why even bother

    How come the author didn't mention "Read a book or magazine or newspaper"?

    Oh wait… he must like bimbos, never mind.

    • Jungle kitty hater

      Your gay!

      • Persephone

        And seriously….

        If the men today are ANYTHING like you… I would rather be gay. Who wants to be around your ignorance and stupidity.

        Do us a favor: Don't breed.

      • Smarty Shorts

        That was classic……… nothing like correct a moron. But good point. Nothing like a good looking well kept woman who is intellectual and deep. I can't stand intellectually shallow people. Have something to talk about please.

        • Smarty Shorts

          That was classic……… nothing like correcting a moron. But good point. Nothing like a good looking well kept woman who is intellectual and deep. I can't stand intellectually shallow people. Have something to talk about please……….

  • Nita

    This is funny. In the animal kingdom, the male's natural role is to attract the female. The lions mane, the peacock's tail feathers, the deer's rack, the bull's horn & the male's will display, dance, fight and bring gift to the females. But not the human male, the female does it. Most of the time, all the male has to do is "show up"! I know we are not animals but why do we assume the women should do the majority of the attracting of these men.

    • Lotusbudblooms

      That’s just the human culture. If the female’s unattractive, she won’t be able to secure a mate.

  • thabza

    i think u've missed some points in here ladies like the 1 of wearing certain clothes, it does not neccessary mean u have 2 buy "new" or the curent fashion but wear what u have and u also now that u look good at it even superwomen can be less attractive for some reasons that it.

    • unbelievable

      go back to school

  • Reason's inner voice

    Only an ignorant individual would say some Sh*t like this! To lump all black women into this category of not knowing how to maintain themselves is insulting.

    • Ms Turner

      Just shut up

    • btowne

      Just reading your comments says your are so very immature. Grow up little boy!

    • btowne

      Go take off your "Doo-Rag" and read a book. You sound un-educated.

      • btowne

        Yo' momma.

  • Mikkalotious

    I think the article was on point… but the expectations of men need to be addressed as well… just sayin' ; )

  • nothanxkbye

    Right? Can we talk about the balding? Because that is not cute

    • Ain't right

      Balding can't be helped. Better hope it never happens to you ladies. I say focus on the things that can be helped.

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  • lol

    Was that suppose to say "can't hold an intellectual conversation"?

    • hbcuombudsman

      take it both ways if you'd like. if you deduce the statement, you'd get the gist. even reputable online news sources have typos. go figure

  • Freebee33

    This is a reasonable list, and I would like to believe the advice on this list is what men really want and I would…if it wasn't for the 8 seasons of Bridezillas featuring women who seem not to follow any of the above suggestions and still manage to find men to marry them.

    That coupled with real life examples of women who look a mess and are just not pleasant to be around but still have decent men…leads me to believe that some men (will not generalize all) don't know what they want. Or maybe they know what they really want but just sprout out these lists so that women who already have these traits start second guessing and arguing amongst themselves, all the while the men with the list run off and swoop up a Porsha (not the car) lol.

  • *sighs*

    Hmmm….for once I'd actually like to read an article by a black man, about black women, and be proud to be one. Not necessarily negating this list but damn. This getting slightly annoying. I already have a man who loves me the way I am. I'm tired of all these tips on how black women can get themselves together to get someone. It definitely says something about our people…

    Sorry to be a downer but I'm just saying….DAMN

  • jones

    "3. Premature balding"? The only women that can complain about a man with little or no hair is a women doesn't need a wig or weave herself…

  • jones

    I don't buy that one about men just wanting the hair to look good. Oh no, what man would prefer a weave as opposed to the real thing. And I am not talking about long hair…short hair can be just as pretty or prettier.

  • K.T.

    This article is spot on. I usually don't agree w/ everything in these types of articles, but this one, I do agree w/ everything.

  • Becky

    Really? And, why would you be "investing" in a woman anyway? And, for the record, at the gym today, nothing but overweight BLACK men…you know what I'm talking about, right?

    • btowne

      You have issues. All that hate and anger you just expressed means you are probably abusive too.

      • Edward

        Your right about that! I hit black women! I hit it then bounce when Im done. You all r of no use for me after that.

        • btowne

          You need help. What a descent man yo' momma raised.

  • Ilyahsah

    I didn't bother reading this BS. I just stopped by to say, WHO GIVES A FLUCK???

  • Deaya Charles

    Nobody should take dating/love/life advice from a MAN commenting on a website called “MADAME NOIRE”… SMH

  • YMM

    the website is called MADAME noire dude…

    • Deborahm

      I agree that cursing sounds horrible. Does the author also realize that women find men who curse, unattractive? Hr should submit the no-cursing policy to the “10 things PEOPLE find unattractive” article 🙂

  • This list was too obvious. I think most ladies know that a gentleman prefers a woman who is well polished and classy. I'm wondering if there are things beyond the obvious that women do and don't realize that it turns guys off?


    Hmm what's interesting and very telling is this is the same website and author who brought you "why I love black women". http://madamenoire.com/53953/why-i-love-black-wom… however that article only has 49 comments and never made it to a top article on this site. It's not that Madame Niore doesn't provide us with thought provoking commentary, it seems some of us just choose to ignore it. This article didn't seem negative to me but we live in a sensational world where drama gets noticed more than the positive angle in a post. Check out the why I love black women post, compare views/comments & likes and tell me you don't see a problem.

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  • Bam

    Thumbs up! This stuff is what women should do any way matters not if they are “looking” for a man. Why wouldn’t you want clean nails and a manicured lawn sobriety speak. And why would you want to wear sloppy clothes with an untamed mane. O_o

  • Legs

    One word; "Shallow!!!!"

  • Vampire Bill

    I heard that her name is Liz. I will find out, but whoever she is, she has awaken something deep inside of me that I had long ago forgotten. It's nuts. Whatever the cause I am now 100% ready for my honey wherever she is. When I find her she is going to know LOVE. To think that a song performed back in 1977 could do such a thing to a man in 2011. Something has happened to me as a result of seeing this woman for the very first time. It's an enchantment of some sort. A spell. I feel as love sick as a 6th grader. WTH. I really hope to meet Liz one day and thank her for what she and the rest of her unit had done. That group, from what I had been reading, rocked Europe big time in their day. There has to be women like that somewhere on this planet. Liz-like woman, if you see a big smiling brotha with sincerity & wisdom in eyes walking through Philly, that will be me. Find your man.

    • Roy Roy

      Take it easy…. you're starting to sound like a stalker bruh. But I feel your passion. There is nothing like an attractive, bright and clean spirited woman. A woman who just has a zest for life and doesn't take herself too seriously. Sunny!!!! I love it too.

  • Roy Roy

    it's really sad to see the negative back lash on here by so many women. Ladies For a man to tell you what you can do to increase your ability to attract a man should be encouraged. Nothing that was said was unreasonable. Learn how to do your own hair and nails. Fix your angry attitude. Stop sleeping around so much. Don't curse so much. Learn to dress in a nice way that doesn't cost a fortune. Don't have the view that the world or men owe you something for just being born. What's so hard about that. If you are a woman and desire to find true love from a good man, find out what a good man requires and have the the humility to make the necessary changes.

    Being difficult and dismissive of a man's wishes is a sign that a woman will be a difficult and selfish partner and increases her chances of never finding a healthy relationship. I can see why so many of you ladies are single and alone. Most of you ladies don't have that type of time to be difficult. Once a woman hits 30 years old, her desirability begins to diminish for a number of reasons. Don't spend your youth turning off men by being inflexible and angry. You don't have that type of time. Use your assets wisely ladies and loosen up. One Love 🙂

  • TIA


  • TooJay

    DAM. that's some bad vagina….

  • Thinkaboutit

    Men are stupid and shallow

    • Really

      and women aren't?

  • L

    All tru! But like someone else posted guys don’t settle down or try to ask out (frequently don’t) fly ladies, they like wack chics, bums, and women who don’t expect or ask for anythg ,even respect ! Fckn Losers -_-

  • spectator

    I completely agree with what you are saying.
    Plus i am sure the author of this was speaking from the 'before we meet movement'. If you are unable to pay for your own keep, then what make you believe any man is going to have someone who can not look after oneself

  • These things are (much) more important than some of the things listed, and BTW, and REAL M-A-N likes to have some hair “down there” (it doesn’t have to be a Jackson Five afro), but manicured. No real cat wants feel like he is sexing a pre-adolescent child (if so you may want to call Dateline’s sexual predator line c/o Chris Hansen), but with a REAL woman and real women are expected to have hair, MMM… hair is good!.

    And allow me to mention that anything that I made mention here, can definitely reciprocated by myself. I would never ask for anything that I am unable to provide in return. Also, all that I date, mostly Black so-called “professional women” (VPs, MDs, PHDs, MBAs, Attorneys, etc.). The bottom line is there are more than there should be… One is too many!


    More @ http://whatsistahsthinkwhatbruthasknow.blogspot.c

  • uuu

    Didn't read through the list but weight is a HUGE issue. I'm sure most are in denial about their weight!

  • MsLady

    Most of these are common sense tips that should apply to men as well. I think you should research the cocept of feminism because it does not equal anti man just as pro black does not equal anti white.

  • uni

    Dear nativenote

    Have you thought about just dating men? It seems your standards would pretty much be met without all the nitpicking.
    personal hygiene is common sense, but no one is going to be "on point" 24/7 365 days of their life, you're gonna have to accept that humans are subject to natural body happenings.

  • Peink


  • Janay

    I meant I agree with all of these

  • Darkesthourglass

    This whole list is just good ole-fashioned commen sense. I guess we’re in a day in age where we have to rely on lists to tell us this, this young generation of women, SMH. Back in the day a list like this wouldn’t even exist. Women (esp. black women) just fixed themselves up whether it was to impress men or not. I guess this is what happens when you wear do rags to the mall or walk around public, stinking. And like some of the ladies mentioned, you don’t need hundreds of dollars to look good, that’s just stupid and lazy. If you already have beauty and hair products at home just put it to good use and everyone has to buy clothes and shoes at times anyway. If I didn’t know any better I swear a few of y’all must’ve never had mothers/female guardians.

    • Stanley

      I can't believe you spelled "common" wrong. Wow. Ypu spelled it "commen." Really?

      • Ms Turner

        You spelled "you" wrong lol

    • Sam

      You know. I hear young black women on the bus or subways talking all about how he "smelled like ass" and how he did this or that. Honestly I don't even hear guys in public talking like that. In private with each other yes…but yelling like they are in the privacy of their living room? Please.

    • Lotusbudblooms

      They didn’t have good ones (mothers/female guardians). The problem is that since black women stopped marrying…they are no longer socialized for it and don’t have skills to keep men for the long term. That’s what the issue is. These women are clueless because they are not groomed for marriage.

  • m006

    "I’m not the most fit guy (I check athletic build if you must know) "

    Oh, the hypocrisy. I stopped reading right there.


  • revel

    Thanks for giving us a shout out Clyde! You sound like a good dude.

  • Coriander


  • Anna

    11. Stupid of lack of conversation.

    • Anna

      *or lack

  • Mary


  • Ladies if there are any of you out there complaining about men not doing the things on this list, I think it's time you stepped up your dating game. If I invite a woman to a nice restaurant and she's shows up looking like she just came from playing handball, it's date over. It may sound harsh, but I'm not gonna lower my standards to spare anyone's feelings. When you step your game up, the people you date will have no choice but to either step up theirs, or get left behind.

    • Becky

      If you invited a woman to dinner, obviously you saw her, talked to her and was interested in her, right? If she was presentable then, what woman would show up to dinner looking like she just came from playing handball? Was she looking like that when you first met her?

    • holly

      perhaps you might miss out on the most intelligent, sweet, compassionate person in the world, who will love you through your shallowness, but alas since you've already judged her by her lack of "polish" you'll never know. alot of this in here saddens me.

    • Cam

      rofl @ foreskin

  • Sugar

    Amen. That is what real women do. These are simple things about taking care of one's self that have gotten overshadowed by the glamor.

  • Muffy

    Coming from a female, some of you chicks are dumb as sh*t. You dont always have to spend money to look nice or presentable. If you can’t do your own hair and nails every once in a while or shave and groom yourselves yall have other issues to deal with.

    • Desire'


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  • Silverfox

    I'm a NYC Dept of Sanitation worker, AKA "NY's STRONGEST" and I take offense to the "Garbage man" remark…. Lastly, Go F@#% yourself…. Have a good day.

    • laundry diva

      EXACTLY MY THOUGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      BTW Thank You, I appreciate what you do.

  • Sugar

    In addition, I like to work out. I got tired of paying $40 to get my hair washed, set , and styled and I am going to the gym 2 days later to sweat it out……that is not going to work.

  • Sugar

    Sad you are generalizing.. Not all women on this post are disagreeing with the article. I think the article is great. What I took away from the article is and what I have seen a lot of women complain about is the money involved in all the upkeep. Personally if you have to pay someone to do your hair every two weeks, to do your nails every two weeks, you have to buy designer clothes, really you are dependent on everyone but yourself. I like going to get my hair styled at a salon like the next woman, however I guarantee you I can at least do all these things for myself. If you are dependent on name brand clothes to make you, you don't have any style anyway.

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  • cam

    Wow! My wife follows all of these rules. I never knew how rare she was. Has it really gotten that bad out there, that a man has to state the obvious to you, smh.

    P.S. If you disagreed with any of these post..,then chances are your single

    • Anna

      Your wife must be insecure if she has to do all that just to keep you around…

      • Anna are you single?

        • Anna

          What concern is that of yours?

      • Mary


        • Peink

          Not single. But do you pay for this for your wife. Just wondering. if you do i commend you . i would do this on a WEEKLY basis. but being a single black mom prevents me from doing what i would love to do.

          • jkbsd

            I am happily married for 12 years now. I take pride in my appearance. I do my hair every day and when I need a color, I do it myself and it turns out very nicely. I do my own mani and pedi. I shave every day–everything! I wear second hand dresses to work and get compliments. It isn't that hard or expensive to look nice if you do it the common sense way. I don't do it for my husband only either. I do it for myself. It gives me confidence and makes me feel more independent. I don't know why it bothers women so much. Or why some women think it makes me insecure. Why would I want to let myself fall apart? I just don't get it?!?

            • Ms. Jones

              Exactly! Now I know why other women are so angry at those of us who do keep ourselves up. It doesn't cost a lot. You sound like what I'm describing-a resourceful women. I dress nice, yes, but it's not expensive and I've managed to stay the same size for the last 15 years. If you go for classy and functional as opposed to trendy and not-functional, your items can last forever it seems.

          • sara katz

            and why are you a "single black mom"? Why do blacks have children with all different fathers and expect us to feel sorry for them for not having time to look decent or act decent or even understand the concept of good grooming? Most of them I have run across fall into the angry category, sheesh wonder why, their life consists of going down to the welfare department and food stamp line and then making the rounds to the churches to shake them down for some grub. If I were a man I would find this most unattractive. Also, you can do these grooming and hygiene practices on your own without paying someone to do you. Oh that's right you don't have time because you have a passel of illegitimate brats hanging on you.

            • Embarrassedofmankind

              Ouch. Stereotype much? Lumping people into one big category is ignorant. Shame on you Sara Katz.

    • gen&mark

      sometimes we got 2 b told.im a stay at home mom& my husband makes good money 4 his family. he doesnt ask me 2 b looking likenikki,serena, or mis b. he want me 2 b looking nice & i agree with him. when u tell a women 2 fix her self up a little in a nice way i bet u would get back a smile & she does it.so if all u r looking 4 in a women dont get mad when she leaves u 4 someone that can pay 4 all these things u want her 2 look like.if u really love her u would work with her. not leave her over sumthing u could have fixed

      • ADDlove911


  • ceebow

    If you think feminism = angry or angry = feminism you really need a new dictionary!

    • Carl

      Fine is ~ better? Because they are certainly not mutually exclusive.

  • chanela

    how is it that dude is talking about thirsty desperate women being unattractive, when at the beginning of the article he says that men will STILL sleep with a woman even if she does everything in the book thats unattractive to him. isnt that being desperate? sleeping with any chick thats willing? isnt having no standards desperate and thirsty?? smh

    • Lyn

      Ooh, that's good. I didn't think about that way.

    • Anna


    • revel

      Difference is thirsty chicks are looking to find a relationship whereas a man who sleeps with an obviously thirsty chick is using her desperation against her to fulfill his desire to hit it and quit it. He can do that every night with a different thirsty chick. And he never said they looked unappealing. Men love freakum dresses and 5 inch heels. So no a man that sleeps with a thirsty chick is probaby not thirsty or desperate.

      • angry momma

        A man who fuks and chucks isn't thirsty at all. He's a dog humping beeches in the street and that is NOT ATTRACTIVE! Men like that need to be neutered. Men with that in their history won't get nice girls because that behavior is just disgusting. Men just don't get married any more and they all have 4-5 kids by different baby mammas by the time they're 35, none of whom they have financially or emotionally supported. Anger issues? Black women have a lot to be angry about. Best to watch out when asking a lady to go down on you. She just might be angry you're doing another fuk and chuck and take a big bite.

        • EbonyLove

          Not really you were ignorant enough to have his baby….kinda your fault for thinking having a child with a man warrants marriage. You are just as wrong for sleeping with him unprotected & being a hoe. Where exactly does this idea come from anyway? I wouldn't want a child with a man-dog but hey maybe that's just me. At some point you gotta stop blaming men for your problems…

    • Jim

      Two different issues based on the overall goal of the person. Women generally look for a more long term commitment where guys will settle for a meaningful overnight relationship. Simply put, well kept women get the commitments while the "Hot Mess" women get a fake phone number the next morning…

    • Steven

      Nope… not desperate. We can and will sleep with anyone…even a couple times a day. That's just hormones.
      But we won't marry that girl.

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  • Kayla

    and btw the pic for this article is kinda creepy… lol

    • revel

      I was a bit taken back by the mixed looking princess vs the foul mouthed dark skined sister. I had thought this site was beyond those type of messages in pictures, but I guess not.

  • JL

    Ii love this article because it not just what men find unattractive as a woman who dates women I find all these to be unattractive as well however unlike the man who said he would I would not sleep with a woman who poses any of these unbecoming qualities.

    • Kafi

      I don't do women however if I did I feel the same way. In retrospect, I do feel the same about the men. I feel they should be clean, groomed and a decent vocabulary. He also need to be careful about sleeping with multiple women.

    • a chick

      If I slept with women, I would not sleep with you because your stunningly poor grammar indicates a vacuous space between your ears. The way people speak and write are very important. Ghetto-ese is NEVER attractive.

      • Slapnut

        The only thing wrong is JL's post is her refusal to use commas. Labeling that as Ghetto-ese makes you come off as quite the bigot. I suspect you are a male that would sleep with anyone that would show interest, as long as they are white.

        • another chick

          Besides the multiple commas that are missing:
          1. "li love this article" v. "I love this article"
          2. "it not just what men find unattractive" v. "it is not…"
          3. "poses" v. "posses"

          Seriously, Slapnut, your grammar is also terrible. Do not comment on other people's grammar.

          • Guest

            Even though my grammar isn't perfect, poor grammar is a huge pet peeve of mine. I would just like to make a special request of the folks who didn't quite excel in that area. If you aren't interested in improving your English language skills, at least encourage your kids to know better. They can always opt to use whatever version of slang or broken English they feel like using, depending on the situation.

  • Yatta

    Women have to look "polished" all the time but the men come to the date looking like they are about to go shoot hoops. And they have the nerve to say "wow, you look nice". My point is…I do all of these things and men still show up looking like who done it. When are the men going to practice what they preach???

    • The Black Rascal

      I agree with Yatta 100%. Almost everytime I see a man and a woman walking or in public eating or whatever, the woman looks clean, neat, attractive from head to toe (mind you, i am not a fashion god either; the man looks like he slept in his clothes, hasn't comed his hair in weeks, and upon closer scrutiny, he looks to need a bath–hygiene is essential for all of us–not matter the gender or sexual orientatoin.

      • I agree with you. I don't date a man that looks unkempt. I'm like if your not taking care of your body, what are you going to do for me? You can't come near me. I work in a hospital I see all the bad infections that can be prevented from something as simple as. . .a bath.

    • J.O.P.


      • guest

        thank you for speaking up J.O.P. they got to be dealing with boys.

    • Ant

      Re-evaluate the men you are accepting dates from. I always look like I take pride in my appearance (ie..clean body and clothes, hair and teeth brushed, clothes with no wrinkles and when the occaision calls for it yeah I am suited and booted). You are seeing them cause they stand out and not in a good way.

  • Danielle

    This stuff is common sense and every single thing applies to a man as well. As far as I'm concerned busted chicks always get the ring and the man anyhow. So, what's the point? Dudes like ugly, busted women.

    • Silverfox

      Because, like u said an "Ugly lady" apprecitates a man and will treat him equally as to a Lady who thinks her shi@ is gold and thinks she's the bomb…That type of Woman turns men off.

    • Pink

      Out of all the good advice all yall women focused on was NAILS and HAIR????? Are you serious??? This is why its so dang hard to get along with most black women because the more important points of a conversation or issue you just refuse to hear. What about the "thirstiness" the "angry attitude" the "sense of entitlement" the "cursing"????
      P.S. Uglier Women get the man because even though she might have busted nails and messed up hair, she doesnt have all the other more important issues.
      Black Community=Dead!

      • Lily

        If busted nails and messed up hair are considered unattractive by men, but uglier women with busted nails and messed up hair still get a man, that totally negates everything you just said and this entire article.

      • Kafi

        I agree with you. However, putting down the Black community is what keeps the Black community down and yes helps them to be Dead! We need to start becoming more positive to ourselves and our community so that we can grow and prosper as a people and a community.

      • NiceGuysFinishLast

        You dropped us off at sunday school or bible study for real.Too real

    • WiseMocha

      Naw, Boo-Boo, not ugly, busted women, but REAL women get the ring. REAL women don't walk around trying to ALWAYS look perfect on the outside while they know they're a total train wreck on the inside. Work on perfecting thyself from within, and trust, a REAL man won't look the other way because of some chipped nail polish.

  • Davina

    I think the article was good….and I am a woman.

    • thabza

      so am i sista but people will alwayz find some foults in everything, take it easy ladies we are fiting here.

    • Della

      She stupid…harsh. You're displaying one of those traits he said men prefer to avoid LOL. From all of these posting I have discerned one thing. Reading Comprehension is at an all time low here. That man didn't suggest perfection for women or exception for men being responsible as well….why all the anger?

    • Kafi

      Calling one stupid because they agree with points being made is stupid. Most men do not want "trailer park trash" however, you are correct when you say that if they want sex, a lot of them will go tor anything. In retrospect, a decent man will look for the woman that shows a good up bringing. This does not mean she has to be put together by "professionals" hair, nail, palors and expensive clothing. Instead, one that keeps herself clean, groomed and speak with some cooth. Meaning not cussing like a sailor but a person that lives in todays society and a little education. If he dogs the "shyt" out of them then he is not all there himself. A man can only dog a woman as long and far as she will let him. That is called having self worth and confidence.

    • CW.

      Page 5 – "Angry for no damn reason"

      Case in point

    • mafpaf

      Whoa! Punctuation, PLEASE!

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  • da vinci

    I don't think they meant polished, but just well groomed.

  • Anna

    So in order to get and maintain the interest of a male we women have to drop:

    $30 at the nail shop
    $100 at the salon
    ~$300 at various retailers
    ~$200 at cosmetic counters and drugstores
    ~$100 at the podiatrist for those stilettos
    ~$150 at the chiropractor to correct what those stilettos are doing to her lower back
    $50 at the gym to squeeze into those bandage dresses

    And you do not believe she has the right to think you should treat her? The woman employed a damn team to look the way she does and frankly, the price of cute is pretty high.

    And about the "angry chick"? Check this out…. If she dropped all that money to get all those nicks and cuts and burns and blisters to only have the dude dump her because of whatever reason… She has to be angry. She suffered a lot to look that good and when a man doesn't appreciate it, who feels like the fool?

    • Anna


      ~50 to the waxer

    • ccl


    • JustMe

      Yes! I Feel as if they forgot that upkeep cost money. Hair and nails done every two weeks? Not including eye brows or waxing down under. If I am spending all this money every two weeks because I have to maintain some model type behavior then where is the idea of appreciating me for who I am? there is a large gap between busted and crusty to model type. That is reality… yes I know.. for every man there is 3 women in america. Got it.. but how many of those women don't want u, Literally? They want other women…. or men that don't require all of that excess upkeep.

    • jazzy

      i agree with the hair and the gym and the stilettos but the makeup thing is beyond me I dont wear makeup and don't need to at all and never had a problem getting dates because i dont falsify my looks. I highly doubt any of you women are going to chiropractors because of wearing heels, because you aren't wearing them for him youre wearing it for yourself because you think thats what you need to attract and keep him HA! I do agree with the woman shouldnt have to pay for a date all the time especially the first date. men should practice chilvalry if he is looking for a relationship period. i dont have the most perfect man in the world but we have been dating for over a year and as many times as i tried he wont let me pay even if its a frap from starbuck…..so you men reading this article should take heed that if you are courting a woman and expect her to do these things make sure you can keep up and handle your business too

    • WAH WAH WAH. Could we please quit the damn whining for a minute. You act as if women are the only ones who have to buy clothes, and grooming supplies. Men don't have to get hair cuts? Men don't have to buy shoes? Men don't have to go to the gym? And if you doing all the stuff on this list, and you're dating bumbs who aren't keeping up with the standards you've set for yourself, guess what…THAT'S YOUR FAULT!!!!

    • Janee'

      Y'all are spending way too much money!

      Nail file and clear nail polish ~ $5
      Hair products to make home into a salon/do-it-yourself project ~$35
      Cute outfits for dates ~$75 (I know where to find deals and still look fly)
      Makeup ~ free!!!! (Auntie hooks me up with the Mary Kay)
      Voice lessons that take care of my posture ~ $30/month
      Nice run outside to get into shape then come back home to do situps ~free!!!

      Church service/bible/relationship with God to pray that the man who asks for my hand in marriage is not as shallow as the writer of this article is…..PRICELESS!!!!

      • MarriedLady

        Right On!!
        I've been married going on 20 years – married when I was 21. I do not have a standing appointment at a hair salon – I do my own & I am constantly getting compliments on it. Keep the nail file & clear polish handy. Don't shop unless it's a sale — sending two boys to college. And I walk my dogs for exercise -free!
        I don't know what these women are being taught or by whom, but you can keep yourself looking very good without worrying if you are going to make it to next paycheck.

        • Janin

          I have been married 10 yrs and we struggle financialy but I do wht I can to beautify myself…and it dnt take alot to look good…I look for bargains when I go shopping and I have a freind who does my hair at half the price it costs in the salon..my nails may not look shaped but they are clean which is all i have time to do with 4 kids to take care of…plus my hubby dosnt complain, long as my hair is straight and i dont look sloppy he is cool.

      • Janin

        You kilt it girl…I agree with everything you said!

    • spectator

      Really, if you can not do most of these things yourself, then there is a problem.
      About the retails stores. No1 said you have to buy all these costly stuff. Just have to look nice.

    • Remmy700P

      So, what does that tell you?

    • guest

      Well thought and said, Anna!

      Oh, and even if we girls don't do all this, with the vjayjay as he puts it, we don't pay for drinks. That is some lazy a$$ man saying girls ought to pay after ponying up this wad of cash. No wonder most women will live their later years in poverty.

      That being said, all that money might be better spent on investments.

    • Jimbo

      sounds like you have an "entitlement" issue, I am a divorce lawyer, I've seen this before, you'll wind up with nothing, so you should keep it simple, sweet, short to start with.

    • Ash

      Ok ladies hold on a sec – why pay for all of the "crap" if it isn't who you really are inside? You want the guy to like you for how you look all the time or for what is between your ears? C'mon now. I'd rather have the dude's attention looking at my face, rather than constantly catching him staring at my boobs, butt or legs. And I call it "crap" because if I go blow $400 on hair I don't like, nails I don't wear, clothes I'll probably only wear two or three times, and make up that only makes me look fake, it's a waste of $400 because I'd be doin' it for a guy and not myself! A little common sense tells me that looking nice does not mean having to spend a fortune to do so. Although I appreciate this dude's perspective, it's only ONE perspective you know? Personally, if the guy can't appreciate the person you are versus the person he WANTS you to be, I would hope you wouldn't want that kind of guy to begin with. Just my opinion…

      • RezoTheRed

        Exactly. What you decide to do, is who you are [outwardly/to others]. The reasons behind what you do need to be for you, because then when you are observed people see you for who and what you are, not an image that is impossible to maintain in the long run. And I don't necessarily mean physical image (although that is part of it). I mean how others perceive you. If you're always wearing a 'mask' then, at best, a longterm relationship will result in your own unhappiness; you don't want someone to love you because you maintain a certain look/attitude, you want them to love you for who you are at your core.

        There are reasonable people in the world…..it just seems they've all run and hid away from 'those people', the ones we're all complaining about; both 'those men' and 'those women.' Personally, as long as you're showering and your clothes are clean, that's enough for me to get to know you. Beyond that, its up to just me and you : ) (or whatever hypothetical couple :P)

        • Guest

          Yessir! Being healthy and hygenic is most attractive.

    • Totally Hear Ya!

      Same here!!! When I roll out of bed to go to the minimart – or am sick – etc., they hit on me. My male friends say this is because women who look down-to-earth are more approachable. When I look like a "magazine cover," I am totally ignored! LOL I feel ya.

      • DevDiva

        Yea i was going to say the same thing " because women who look down-to-earth are more approachable"…so true

    • NiceGuysFinishLast

      Just Do IT! Nike

    • Xavier

      Oh boy….you ladies don't get it.
      Do you ever think about how disappointing it is to find what we're really getting once all that fake stuff comes off?
      Buy shoes that are easy. paint your own darn nails, buff you own heals and wear hair that is real. Not all weaved, sprayed, dyed etc. It feels so much nicer when I can feel your hair and not hear "don't touch the hair".

      • Anna

        Doubt. Serious. You're talking the game NOW but when the sitch, you'll say and do different.

        There is always that moment where a man will say "Why don't you do something with your hair?" "How about I take you to get those nails done?" "Is that the only pair of shoes you own."


        • guest

          My Hubby, when I was dating him used to always complain that I wear the same pair of shoes. Well, Now I made him buy me 10 pairs of shoes and he complains me having many shoes. That’s what he deserves! Men are never happy with anything. Be yourself and don’t bother what men demand. It is better to be unattractive than obey them.

      • bubba schmo

        So then DON"T make the effort to present yourself well and see where it gets you. I can agree all day that you make a good point, but at the end of the day I'm still not attracted to you. If you look like a slob I don't care if you're a nice person …. I'll never make the effort to find out because I don't want to be married to a slob.

    • Pam Johnson

      I'm glad I've reached the age where I could care less what a man thinks. When I was young, I spent a lot of money on maintenance. No more! What's the point? What will I get out of it since black men aren't marrying anymore anyway? I'll never meet a man like my mother did, so I might as well keep the money I could spend on maintenance in my pocket. Surprisingly, a few men still find me attractive. I could care less, really. I've found that there's a lot more to life than a man.

    • lisa

      anna sounds angry …silly chick you're doing it for yourself and it's not that expensive and well worth it…

      only if they're busted and desperate…on the other hand it does seem that the good ones, independent and educated and not gold diggin….come out last ..why is that?

    • Anna

      So what? Everyone is freaking smarter than me? Does it not get translate that YES YOU CAN LOOK GOOD on the cheap.

      But understand this… MEN ARE STILL SHALLOW! Whether you break the bank or "keep it simple" men are STILL SHALLOW. They are not interested in anything else. All they want is sex.

      EVERYTHING ELSE no matter how much is spend or not spent is STRICTLY ORNAMENTAL. STOP LIVING IN THE DELUSION THAT MEN ACTUALLY CARE HOW YOU LOOK. The "visual creature" excuse is a cop out to cover their shallowness.

      Get that straight people. Dislike this all you want, but you know it is the truth.

    • Jay

      look good for yourself, not for others…lol

      • Lotusbudblooms

        The problem sometimes with this statement is that many women don’t value themselves enough to bring themselves to their glory.

    • hello angry eyes

      If you want a "financially secure" man; pay for it! It lets us men know that the women are ALSO financially secure. How is that for "equality of the sexes"?
      BTW. You sound like that angry chick.

    • Relictus

      No. Please have basic hygiene and show some interest. It is NOT rocket science. I care about your appearance, but money won't buy you love. It does not work that way.

    • dome

      if you need all that then you can save big money at the vet they'll clean your ears too

  • da vinci

    Well, I can appreciate everything was said except, the part about paying on a date. If a man ask you to go out, he should be able to pay for the date. If he could'nt afford it, why did he ask? I mean if he's trying to romance you. That's the way it has always been. i don't see that as a sense of entitlement. Now, if you're just buddies and kicking it, don't expect him to.

    • did you actually read what it said. It was talking about WOMEN who insist on going, but want the man they insisted on going out with to pay for everything.

    • Darren

      Ooops…didn't read the article. It spoke of the woman who BRAGS about never paying…who always suggests going out. Didn't say a thing about the guy asking the girl out

  • Anna


    All of that sounds like a lot of work and expensive… Think about it… When you account the trips to the hair salon, the nail, salon, shopping for clothes, jacking up our feet in seven inch stilettos, squeezing into those bandage dresses, going into debt because we own everything Nars and Mac makes…

    It's freakin' expensive to be cute. And because we have to wear clothes that are two sizes too tight, shoes that are two inches too high and weaves too long to explain… she's going to be a perturbed. We have to put on all that camouflage, all that war paint, all for what? To attract someone that's going to drop us like a bad habit because we slip up once?

    One word: SHALLOW!

    • Pink

      Out of all the good advice all yall women focused on was NAILS and HAIR????? Are you serious??? This is why its so dang hard to get along with most black women because the more important points of a conversation or issue you just refuse to hear. What about the "thirstiness" the "angry attitude" the "sense of entitlement" the "cursing"????
      Black Community=Dead!

      • Ha ha ha

        Pink….. really….hmmm? SMH

    • raphael

      don't trip on this article anna because while it is cool to look presentable sometimes yall busy working and tackling bills like every one else. but at the same time, a strong dose of self confidence is a must for all of that other stuff to fall into place. never try to do all of the uncomfortable artificial stuff to please others, only yourself


      Brother C.

      • Anna


    • Notadummie

      Yes, Anna. Some advice for guys: Women are sick of being told how to act and how to look. Unless a man is of a monogamous spirit and one to share financially, he is worthless to woman. That's our advice to you!! Anger blah blah blah. Get real, we're not a bunch of stupid Fox News Network Stepford chicks.

    • Steve

      How about trying to be real? That doesn't cost that much.

      • Coriander

        Doubt. There will always come a point where you, the male will ask, "Are you going to get a new wardrobe soon?" or "When are you going get your hair done?" or my favorite, "I'm going to take you to get your nails done."

        You never hear a guy say "Hey! Let's go check out that new art gallery?" or "What did you think of that article in the New York Times about_____" or even "What is your view on theology and politics?"


    • Guest

      Why complain? 9 times out of 10,its gonna be us brothas paying for all that mess anyways. One way or another,we always do

  • Kayla

    there has to be some things on this list you let slide. no woman has her nails done all the time. they can be clean and cut. and those that do are usually ghetto.

    • Nan

      Sorry Kayla, I do keep my nails done "all the time." I receive pedi/mani's every two weeks and I'm not ghetto. I'm an educated, hard working sister who likes to treat herself to little things like this. As mothers, we are always putting ourselves last, so why not do a little something, something for ourselves. I was raised not to have chipped nail polish, ashy feet and legs, and rollers in my hair outside. Maybe that's why I've been married for 19 years. Cheers ladies!

      • TMB

        100% on Nan! Just putting forth the effort to have a healthy self image is important.

  • Show me a woman with 100% perfect nails all of the time and I'll show you a chick that does nothing all day. And since nobody is perfect, don't beat yourself up and find someone who will work with your issues as you work with his.

    • Kay

      I have perfect nails all the time and work everyday. I doesn't make to keep your nails up, unless your lazy or broke. Hell, either way 20 min and you can give yourself a manicure.

      • Sugar

        I agree. I think sometimes as women we need to learn to start doing our own up keep. You do not have to go spend $30 every two weeks on nails. You may not have the professional look you want however you can do your own nails good enough. Its just like wearing name brand clothing. I think all women should at least no how to do a manicure/ pedicure and at least no how to wash and flat iron your own hair. Its cool to go to the nail or hair salon but if you are the real independent woman some claim t, you should be self made enough that you can make yourself look good.

        • JGD

          Yes. Once a week or fortnight, whilst watching you’re favourite program, soak your feet, take the polish off your nails, file them, buff them, cuticles, moisturise…then do your feet….dry, polish…1 hour max and your putting your time to use. And once whilst in the shower once in a while, shave. Its no time at all….And I know women with children& jobs that manage to do this.

    • Pink

      Out of all the good advice all yall women focused on was NAILS and HAIR????? Are you serious??? This is why its so dang hard to get along with most black women because the more important points of a conversation or issue you just refuse to hear. What about the "thirstiness" the "angry attitude" the "sense of entitlement" the "cursing"????
      Black Community=Dead!

      • JustSaying

        @Pink, What about the- "thirstiness" "angry attitude" "sense of entitlement" and "cursing" ? Why didn't you make a comment about them to add to the discussion. Besides, ALL the women did not just focus on nails and hair and how do you know that these responses were from just black woman? Your attitude concerning black women just might be causing or contributing to the death of the black community.

    • I do not only do I work I have for the past 25 years and I am very active.

    • TruthbeTold

      Kim Kardashian

    • Anocean Pearl

      Hahaha! Fact!

    • Scratchy Baccy

      Good perspective. Perfection of the heart is much more desirable than perfection of the body, at least; it Should be. I just lost my darling wife of 24 years to cancer in September. She stood by me through some pretty tough times and vice-versa. Looks-wise she was far from perfect yet she was the most beautiful woman in the world to me and still is.

  • Hello..

    Is having a baby to keep a guy consider entrapment, check out this article http://shar.es/Hk95y

    • j.o.p.

      you should have kept the o boy in your pants if you do not know the differance ……….j.o.p……………….

      • laundry diva

        Entrapment makes for a bitter man. My man's ex-wife Knew he did not want a kid, but she made sure she got one out of him anyway. We are talking a LOT of step-mom repair work in the relationship on my part.

        • Sharon

          Entrapment, NOT If he didn't want a kid he should have taken precautionary measures, it's called Prevention/ Put a condom on it??? May not be 100% but the odds would have been better, I'm just saying???

          • Hello..

            @ sharon, did you read the article?????

  • Vincent2for2

    Well -written and the author was honest without being demeaning

    • nabi

      This was terrible poorly delivered advice. This terrible author honestly had nothing to say that hasn't been said a 1000 times better before. Its not necessary to talk to women like they are trashy, in order to get your point across. I will never read anything else from this website.

      • Katrina

        I agree with nabi. The same points can be made in a different tone. I don't understand why the author has to be insulting to get his/her point across.

        • Deborahm

          men who insult women are UNATTRACTIVE. so, maybe he should look in the mirror? Direct me to the men who need advice on how to find a good woman, rather than more and more advice to give men what they want all the time. I’ve given and I’ve given, and all it is is an endless demand! Men just never stop wanting this and wanting that…and yet if I give it, what do I GET from him?? Men these days are selfish, and unless they want to put out as a “man” in a relationship, they should keep their cakeholes shut.

          • Lala

            Agreed. I’ll never read another article on this dumb racist website. 

      • Lala

        I could not agree more. This is one of the most demeaning, racist, idiotic articles I’ve ever written. The racist rhetoric could be seen on all pages of the article and it saddens me to see so many racists agree with the authors rant…although it doesn’t suprise me.
        The whole article reeks of racism. What a shame that in 2012 I still am seeing current articles that are so idiotic. 

        • Lala

          oops …in the first line i meant read…not written. i didn’t write this. haha

    • Zeni

      Entire CONCEPT is demeaning. Who the hell is any man to tell you you have to spend hours of your time making sure you look good for him? Bet he's not changing diapers or sweeping, dusting, mopping or going to the grocery store or…

  • Elle

    Some of the things applied to men as well including cursing, loudness,toes and feet well groomed, ill fitting and unfashionable clothes, and yes even promiscuity!

    sidenote: I've never understand the concept of one-night stands or sleeping with someone you hardly know not because of moral issues but because some STDs you can get even with a condom like Herpes.

    • emi

      unfortunately it seems to be way more acceptable for a guy to be promiscuious than for us ladies. That standard should apply to both….then STDs might not be so rampant!

      • Marge

        I got herpes from a guys mouth!! with nothing showing!! so ya, keep being promiscuous and see what happens…

        • Antoo

          Ya mean he went down south? 😛

        • Veratta Pegram-Floyd

          This is part of the problem…I don’t mean to call you out in any way shape or form but it seems that you were not aware that you could contract the virus without there being symptoms or signs of an outbreak. It is called asymptomatic shedding which means that the virus is active with no signs or symptoms.

          We have got to be aware of not just the names of individual viruses but the intricacies of each one, how they can be transmitted, and what we can do to keep ourselves (and our partners) safe.

          Did anyone know that if you have a certain income level (low-income) that even if you go to the doctor and tell them you want to be tested for everything that you still have to specify that you want a herpes and HIV test? This has happened to people I know, we’ve got to be careful.

      • guest

        The same tired propaganda from the religion of man hate and perpetual victim hood (feminism).
        Here’s the deal. You are more than equal to strap a mattress on your back and give yourself away, (sl*t). Just know that it matters to the men you desire, not in a good way. Hoes do not housewives make.Pouting, stomping your foot and screaming that it’s unfair will not change the fact that it is so.
        Here’s one they missed. Men rightly reject feminists, because the religion is based on man hate and special rights and privileges. Spare me your denials and definitions because both are bull.

  • Northern Cali Honey

    All those points should be considered. Good thing to know that a man, DOES pay attention and still would still like a lady. Now, if we can find some gentlemen…

    • mark1107soal

      I can appreiciate a well rounded woman who know what she looking for, but a lot of women isn't looking for that "Gentleman". They either looking for someone who is less deserving of them or looking for a man who don't realisticly exist.

      • Dee

        Or perhaps said woman is looking for a man that can spell AND conjugate a grammatically correct sentence. I'm just saying….

        • Dick

          Mr. or Ms. Dee should also check capitalization and punctuation rules!

          • Therese

            There’s nothing wrong with the above sentence. Capitalization for emphasis on the internet is absolutely acceptable. Ellipses are also not subject to any rigid rules. I agree with Dee; it’s a sad fact that most AA men refuse to speak or type properly.

            • hunt

              Ellipses are compromised of 3 periods and do not precede another period. But whatever(fragment). Love the English professors here.

        • Campbell Dustin

          This doesn’t negate the argument he made, you’re choosing to focus on his spelling, when he’s still right about what he said. That’s immaturity on your part. And “i’m just saying” implies that you don’t even have confidence in what you just said. LOL

    • robinDee

      I know thats right girl!!

    • Guest

      Real men only look for real women and leave the little girls (such as yourself) at home or at the playground to play with later. I don't treat a "Honey" like a woman; I treat a woman as a woman. Got it? Good? Gone…….

      • Deborahm

        I’d agree with that. I think what this boils down to is that from this article, a number of women smell a rat. We are happy to take advice from men who have THE RIGHT INTENTIONS. and men know very well, what their aim is. If they are looking for a decent women, for example they aren’t putting emphasis on the sexual performance and how a woman’s body appears in bed. Even though that’s a factor, it’s not something you would list since it’s a thing you would not focus on until after the wedding commitment. Yes we need to be attracted to a person, I’ll agree that being unkept is a turnoff, but we have no right or business telling a person where to shave, or what expensive things a person should do to appear attractive. It’s uncouth. It’s like me insisting that a man wear an expensive watch, and tell him to buy a Bugatti to be attractive to women. It’s like me telling him when to cut his hair. It’s like, if I went to a hockey player during the playoff season and said he needs to shave his beard. I am sure he would treat me like I’m very stupid. And really it would be stupid. You don’t ask a person to shave. You just find a person out there that shaves, and keep your mouth shut about their personal hygene. That’s really not your business. and if you start telling people to do that, you are very stupid.

        • BloodyBigot

          This is why we don’t progress. Humble yourself a little bit and appreciate what this brother is saying or laugh, shake your head, and keep it moving.

          Your combativeness is NOT ATTRACTIVE.
          People have a right to have their preferences.

        • Indigo Mcleod

          You took the article somewhere else for no reason. How many of these turn offs are you guilty of, it must be all of them.

    • Relictus

      Due to the rules of engagement in California, a woman needs more initiative to find a gentleman. Really, the ladies are not bringing much to the table except their egos … no thanks, I'll pass.

    • Although, a real man isn’t jumping into bed with a woman just because he is dating her. If I were a man, I would think twice, also, about a woman who would allow me or any man to experience her sexually without a marriage commitment. Just saying.

      • Ann2323

        It’s 2012 and sex is a healthy part of an adult relationship, not one that necessitates marriage.

  • Linda

    Whether some women want to hear these tips or not, thanks for sharing! These tips are definitely note worthy 🙂

    • Linda

      I agree some of our Sisters need to get there act together and what the brother is saying is all good in my book. I have never in all my years seen such tacky and boisterous young and middle aged women.

  • Regina

    Lol! Thanks for the wack advice.

    • Z

      It isn’t whack advice. It’s the truth. Or have fun being alone.

  • LC_L

    Are u a Jamaican? Just wanna knw

    • Lee

      What the HELL does being Jamaican have anything to do with the article. You are so ignorant smh!! lol

      • hunt

        How does that make him ignorant? Other than not know whether or not he is Jamaican. You sir should seriously look up the word ignorant. It is not synonymous with stupid, under educated, retarded or any sort of derogatory lingo…. Just realized that this post is 3 years old. WTF?

        • Just Me!

          LMAOO @ your last sentence!!!

  • hmmm if I can't use the n word, then he can't either, period,

    • bib89

      No one should use it in the first place. Period.

    • J.O.P.


      • wtf are you trying to say?!? are you even typing english?!?

        • hunt

          I’m pretty sure all of the words he/she used are in the English language. I believe that he/she means that if you are low enough to use a derogatory slur then you are representing the very word that you are using. Kind of like a liar knows a liar.

    • btowne


    • TEXIZZ

      He OR she who uses the "N" word IS the "N" word! WORD!!!

    • ssofka

      n word you mean nappy

    • BloodyBigot

      Stop that “If I can’t, he can’t” b.s. No one is keeping score. No one should use that word but that attitude is dangerous.

  • ROTFL @ (No one likes wolf punani.)

    • sugar/spice


      • Can'tStopLaughing

        I can't stop laughing at Wolf punani. I'm @ work laughing at my desk can't stop. That is the best comment I've heard ever! LMAO!

        • Lisa

          Same here, makeup running and everything. LMAO……. Just when I think I can stop laughing……….here is comes again.

    • LOL LOL

    • cake211

      hey hey hey!!!
      respect my african roots!!

  • Amen

  • Hmmmm….no comment! Smh & lol

    • Eric

      What about women who smoke? Most guys agree that it's unattractive?

      • Lida

        I agree with you, I don't smoke or drink and I don't want a man that smokes anything and as far as the drinking "a once in while cocktail or glass of wine or a REAL beer(not Malt liquor) is ok but if you have to go out and have that DRANK all the time, then that wont be the guy for me.

      • Konjamyosi

        And most guys also smoke so they can’t really say something about that.

        • finch312

          I dont know many men who smoke. I don’t and it’s 99% a dealbreaker if a women does.

          • lady1982

            i disagree . i know more men who smoke then women who smoke . i think it has more to do with the person who is looking for the partner if they smoke or not .

            • Rumbledoll

              I think it goes both ways, and if one person smokes and the other does not, there may be a problem. Not allowing someone to smoke in the house is one thing, but not allowing them to smoke at all is just plain controlling and annoying. Screw them, find someone who will accept you and or smoke also.

              • Campbell Dustin

                Yes, that way you both can lose 15 minutes of your life a day together.

            • Campbell Dustin

              Well, maybe you hang around the small percentage of men that do. LOL

          • Chiarina

            Ya if a guy smokes and isn’t trying to quit it shows a lack of intelligence and that is definitely a turnoff.

        • Sybil Augustine

          Most guys smoke?  I don’t think so.  Studies show that in the U.S. a slightly larger percentage of smokers are men as opposed to women [53% vs. 47%] and they say about 22% of the American population over age 18 smokes. So that’s nowhere near “most guys.”

          • Summer

            Will you shut up about this? Jeez, it’s not even mentioned in the article, but neither is:
            a)Women who drink a lot
            b)women who eat a lot
            c) women who are slobs
            d) women who don’t bathe
            I could go on and on. You fools harping on smoking sound like fools because that wasn’t mentioned in the article. But frankly, most of you men are ugly and not worth “fighting for”.

            • GlaciersofIce

              All these could apply to guys.

              • hunt

                Wasn’t the topic of conversation femnazi.

              • Indigo Mcleod

                It can apply to babies too, but it’s addressing what men find unattractive about women. And replies like yours could be added to the list… Oh, it is. LOL

            • Whydid Youblockme

              …. and don’t you just HATE people – men AND women – who “know it all”?? OMG I can’t STAND people like that. The ones who, no matter WHAT you talk about, they ALWAYS have a “solution” or a “better way”, or they feel the need to tell you immediately what & how you should handle sh***t (ooops, i cursed!! that’s a turn off aint it??? **roll eyes** #SARCASM). AND the ones who always act in disgust towards others who do things or have habits that THEY FIND unattractive. So just because YOU said & find it a “turn off” that means it’s “Bible”. GTFOH.

              • CeCe Ugonlearntaday Johnson

                Love ur statement. Well said!

                • Whydid Youblockme

                  Why thank you!!! LOL *smiles*

        • neopanther

          You think most guys smoke? Are you on crack?

      • guest

        How about short hair ? Long hair easily adds 2 attraction points. Long hair makes women look feminine. Short hair makes females look masculine. No hetero man wants to f*ck his little brother.

        • Lucky

          To each their own. Some men like long hair on women & some like short hair. I would assume that most men like good smelling hair as it points towards good hygiene (my #1 make or brake rule).

        • hunt

          LMAO, best comment for sure.

        • penguinApricot

          What about a 1960’s bob-cut, like agent 99 on ‘Get Smart’ ?.
          Or the woman in the movie ‘Minority report’
          If you believe the main difference between masculine and feminine is hair length, you are a robot-droid, severely autistic, or your brain has been otherwise damaged and or modified.

    • Kelly

      What in the world are you talking about?

    • KirbyM

      Talk about JOBS
      Talk about how I can get a JOB.
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      Talk about whose making a JOB for me.
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      Talk about whose not trying to give me a JOB.
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      Talk about who could give me a JOB cause they got the money.
      Talk about JOBS.
      Talk about whose out to purposely keep me from JOB.
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      Talk about JOBS.

      • aqquippless

        So i`m guessing you don`t have a JOB!

        • Haitianquen89

          Keep it real. Amen to dat

    • Noh Whey

      And you don't think that inciting racial hatred by name-calling is part of the problem, sir?