Black Woman Confronts White Boy With Dreadlocks & Why I’m Unbothered By Claims Of Reverse Racism

March 30, 2016  |  

Why I'm Unbothered By Claims Of Reverse Racism

It is tough being Black.

Half the time, you want to act like you don’t know these people…

But because of racism and White supremacy, it is all for one and one for all.

What am I talking about?

I’m talking about this YouTube video making the rounds allegedly showing a Black employee of San Francisco State University harassing a White student over his dreadlocks.

Here is the video if you haven’t seen it yet:

Both Bonita Tindle, an aspiring filmmaker and Cory Soulr Goldstein, an aspiring DJ, have both been identified as the people in altercation. And as it turns out, neither of them are actually employed by the University. However SFSU officials have confirmed on its website that the university has launched its own internal investigation into the matter.

More specifically:

We are aware of the video made of an incident which occurred on campus yesterday afternoon. University police were called to the scene of the incident when it occurred. The two individuals involved in the incident are not San Francisco State University employees. Further, no criminal charges have been pressed at this time to the University’s knowledge.

San Francisco State University promotes the rights of the campus community to engage in free speech, but does not condone behavior that impedes the safety or well-being of others. We are taking the matter seriously and will promptly and thoroughly investigate this incident through applicable University channels, including our campus student conduct procedures.”

And on his own Facebook page, Goldstein has added:

Hey all so i wanted to mention that I am not filing any criminal charges against the girl who harassed me yesterday. I did file a formal campus police report and I decided to let the education system deal with her.”

Well that’s good. And there is no doubt in my mind that he will receive swift justice.

Yet, this has not stopped our folks from working overtime to explain things or even take sides.

There are folks going in on the Black woman for hurting “our cause” with this silly confrontation over a White boy with dreadlocks.

Then there are others who are going hard in the paint in defense of her, citing the need to confront the cultural violence that is committed every time someone appropriates another’s culture.

And while both sides may have a point, I don’t know why we Black folks, in particular, feel the most compelled to speak about any of it.

Like, why can’t we be ambivalent too?

I mean, clearly the conservative right will use this incident to try and prove the existence of reverse racism – better known as “…but Black people are just as racist…” But, nope. As if a Black girl tugging the sleeves of a White dude in dreadlocks is remotely comparable to all the discrimination, aggression and micro-aggression Black people face daily in this country. Proportions do matter.

And honestly, girlfriend might be as wrong as two-left mittens in the Spring and I will still refuse to get myself worked up over this incident – not to the point that I am dragging her like I am watching some us do online.

And that is because on too many occasions, I have also watched White folks online, act dormant and unbothered as Black folks go through all sorts of emotional changes trying to make sense of racists acts directed at us.

It doesn’t matter if they are friend, foe or ally to the cause. When we get into these large debates on our timelines guess whose voices are noticeably absent? Guess who ain’t denouncing the act publicly? And when they do speak, guess who is trying to make us see all angles and not be in a rush to jump to conclusions?

Yet, it is the collective “us” who feels guilty, responsible and the need to make things right when one of us allegedly does something bone-headed.

Let’s call it, Black guilt.

This is not to say that there aren’t White folks who feel guilty when it comes to matters of race. And this isn’t even to say that there are some White folks who are generally concerned about race-relations and the oppression of Black people in this country.

But generally speaking, I just don’t see White people making a habit out of debating what effect an individual act of racism means for the reputation of the entire White community – not quite like how we do it.

They don’t hold their entire community responsible when grown adults riot and act a fool at Pumpkin festivals and Easter Egg hunts meant for children. Whereas, we kinda do hold ourselves wholly responsible when riots and foolery happen involving us.

And they don’t hold their entire community responsible when an individual White man goes on a shooting spree in a movie theater killing and maiming dozens in the process. Whereas, we kinda do.

But let something race-related happen in this country, guess who always feels compelled to speak out on it? They don’t. But we kinda do.

Somehow racism has become a Black person issue – and our issue alone. If something race related happens and the alleged perpetrator is Black – we speak out on it. But even when we are the victims, we feel compelled to speak out on that too.

Heck, the incident or issue doesn’t even have to be specifically race-related. Even the most universal things like street crime and our crumbling schools compel most Black folks to have a race-specific opinion on it as well.

It’s how our conversations are set up. It’s how our timelines are set up. It’s how most mainstream media punditry and journalism is set up too.

I’m willing to bet that in all of the accounts you will read about on SFSU incident today, very few will ask the “White victim” what part White-on-White crime played in this. Nor will you see a panel of mostly White men – both pro and con – debating the legitimacy of White boys wearing dreadlocks.

Generally speaking, I just don’t see White people feeling compelled to be accountable for those things.

In fact, Goldstein doesn’t seem to be all that bothered. In fact, he is using the limelight to promote his new mixtape:


Hey all I just wanted to post my newest mix! No cultures where hurt in the making of this mix ♡♡

Posted by Cory Soulr Goldstein on Tuesday, March 29, 2016

See. He isn’t bothered. So why should I be?


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  • Joe George

    I wish more black people would appropriate my culture. I mean, the really white privilege things we do, like work ethic, family values, personal responsibility and accountability.

  • ETB4U

    Of course you’re “unbothered” with “reverse racism.” You’re a hypocrite. Also, there is no such thing as reverse racism. It’s just racism as the racism isn’t defined by one race doing it. Which, further shows your hypocrisy. Also, plenty of more violent examples of racism by blacks. Like when they kill people for being white.

  • Equality Forall

    Women want to be treated equally in today’s world and I’m all for it. If a woman approached me and initiated physical contact like this woman did, I would treat her just like I would a strange man doing the same thing. She’d be breathing through a hole in her neck for the rest of her life.

  • Maxwell

    Whites not standing up to these crazy, racist, shifltess blacks is simply making them more emboldened in their racist, criminal actions. Proesecute and publicize – our people need to see what we’re up against. They are not us, don’t have our standards and simply cannot be civilized. The sooner whites realize this, the sooner we can find a solution to them – 13% of the population but over 50% of all violent crime. And, as for the hair, are you effing joking? Last time I checked a person’s hair was his own and can do whatever they feel like with it! The fact that this crazy, racist, anti-white psycho was ALLOWED to get away with her racist, criminal behavior is quite telling. Whites, you need to stand up to this behavior before it gets worse! They add NOTHING to any civilized society and NEVER will!

  • Ellen

    I did not see race at all. I saw an aggressive, angry young woman attack a young man because in her mind he had “appropriated” a hairstyle that she believes belongs to only her culture. That’s some seriously twisted, messed up thinking. I pity her.

  • Samsaw25

    no bias in this “article” whatsoever right lol.

  • Jack Aubry

    It’s no more difficult being black than any other race. It is, however, difficult being stupid. That is the primary problem, along with generalized corruption within the black race. The little twit needs a good spanking every day for a month or two.

  • Suteki73

    So should we start the LONG list of European cultural items the women in the video has “stolen” like wearing western style clothing???.

  • Belushi Jimbo

    I lost it at black guilt. It’s just a cute girl who lost it at crazy over stupid ideas about identity. She has a Spanish first name and Anglo-Saxon last name, and needs to be less grabby and respect other bone heads.

  • LHathaway

    I like how she uses racial slurs in her op-ed supposedly condemning racism. it’s ok, i guess, even proof of how enlightened you, using racial slurs against whites.

  • cp

    Should white people get upset with those black people who dye their hair blond and say they are stealing from their culture? Ridiculous.

  • NotSarcasticAtAll

    I know you’re exaggerating to make a point, but people have reacted to the white male pedo stereotype as well. People are quite wary of leaving their children in the company of unfamiliar white men. If the white man has a mustache, forget it altogether. Stereotypes come from somewhere, and everyone uses them every day because we don’t have time to sit down and get to know everyone we pass in the street. They work because people stereotype themselves.

  • Robert Harris

    “White Boy” and if it was reversed and someone called someone black boy you’d be screaming racism all day long.

  • k cc

    Imus almost lost his job jimmy the greek was all done, Hulk Hogan all done, Crammer all done No different get the point You can not pick and choose discrimination

  • Sandra Mathis

    Grabbing him is assault! I’ll beat you dollars to doughnuts, that she doesn’t know the history of dreadlocks. If he has put his hands on her, she’d be screaming for the police. This is WRONG!!!

    • Blasted

      If he did she’d be crying rape.

  • Dave Westin

    You’re appropriating French culture with the name of your site.

  • home1

    im always fascinated when i here blacks try to excuse black racism. we all know if the roll were reversed this young man would have been sued thrown out of school called of course a racist the fact is there are black racists and yes this woman had the roll been reversed committed a hate crime.the only difference it will be excused under the white’s don’t understand claim

  • AntonioO

    its fake

  • jimi jammz

    I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. Martin Luther King, Jr.
    Guess That dream is still along way away as long as Blacks continue to use their skin color as a Social Issue.

  • Pink Face

    On the other hand, she might have a crush on this guy. The problem is that she has an awkward way of expressing her feelings. In the video, she is doing just about everything…even assaulting the guy to get his attention. Don’t be surprise they might start dating

    • Blasted

      I don’t date touchy, feely, crazy people that I don’t know

  • NotSarcasticAtAll

    This has nothing to do with the assault and battery. It has to do with the astounding hypocrisy of the black woman, which hints at a larger undercurrent of racist attitudes. If this had been a white man berating a black woman for having straight hair because she’s trying to look white, Michelle Obama would have ordered a drone strike on the SOB. His remains would have been sent to Gitmo for waterboarding.

    Here’s a white dude who is FULLY embracing black culture. I mean, he’s basically the male version of Rachel Dolezal. Instead of swelling with pride at the very public affirmation of blackness this kid is bringing, she decides to condemn him for it. It’s like condemning Jimi Hendrix for playing rock and roll. Don’t cry about the crossed line — celebrate the step towards acceptance and unity.

    • Pink Face

      LOL, Obama is the one in charge of the drones, not Michelle. Michelle does have muscles, though

      • NotSarcasticAtAll

        The only thing you’re going to hear out of Barack on that one is, “Yes, dear.”


    Ambivalent, that seems even like too much though, more like get a fricken life all the way around…The same folks who coined the term “whigger” are the same folks who get involved in this stuff, and if any of these folks had a kid talk like that or wear his hair like that (as I used to) would probably disown him. Welcome to 21st America, where huge acts of human stupidity are met with a bunch of bored, uninvolved losers making comments about stuff they know nothing about. Everyone wants to take offense to something. I mean really, a bunch of older white folks defending a kid wearing dreadlocks, will wonders never cease? So when is the next Kardashians episode

  • Michael

    Written like a true racist. It was hard getting through this whole article as the author just tried toooo hard, his style of writing is just so exhausting.

  • john miles

    This was a load of crap, “Black guilt” !!!!! you’ve got to be kidding me.

  • Bruce Forrest

    Blacks upset that “white boy” is wearing dreads. Insult to Black Culture. Okay, fine. Hey, what about all these black women wearing wigs, trying to be white? Everything is ok if blacks do it, racist if whites do it. Um, okaaaaaaay……

  • hyphenatedamerican

    Because of white people, university admissions give preference to blacks and hispanics. Think about it. Would you discriminate against people of your own race to give advantage to people of another race? And speaking of which – how many black people condemned Obama for his association with racist group of Wright?

  • Stuart Scott

    Dreadlocks date back to the ancient Greeks, um white people, so the boy is not appropriating any culture but his own. She should really spend so time in history classes before she makes a fool of herself.

  • Klaus Gerlach

    Only in America…
    Here, people of all races seem to have a sorry substitute for confidence in themselves, and a rather large need to replace ‘identity’ with racial or ethnic stereotypes, to the point that they want to limit others freedoms. Did you ever see a Scotsman throwing fits over a non- Scot wearing a kilt? Or a Mandarin Chinese about someone not from their culture wearing a kimono or a ponytail? In western Europe, you see all kinds of crosses and mixes, and the only ones possibly offended are the ‘guests’ from Muslim countries (apparently, they suffer from similar deficiencies).
    That said, I would write this episode off under ‘hormonal disturbance’.
    There are a hell of a lot of more important issues than how someone wears their hair or dresses-
    how about the water in Flint
    how about police overstepping (and not only on blacks
    how about the ridiculous tuition students get charged
    how about pay disparity and jobs
    Again, a whole lot more important than hairstyles or outfits.

  • OilBeef Hooked

    The problem becomes when you physically confront someone over an issue that is clearly something people could easily talk about. THATS why the woman is wrong. Becoming physical is a sign you want to start trouble

  • acoolone

    Black people are the most racist people on earth. No matter what you say or try to take up for them, the truth is the truth. They can’t get over the fact that their skin is black, and there is nothing true about the saying” black is beautiful’. Most ( not all) black men don’t even want a black woman. Blacks will never stop using the race word, why, because they are racist, it is as simple as that people.

  • “Both Bonita Tindle . . . and Cory Soulr Goldstein . . . have both been identified as the people in altercation.”

    Your argument, such as it is, might be more compelling if you you wrote using a little proper English.

  • Jon Maz

    Benita Tindle

    Her E-mail:

    Her phone number: 415-240-1500

    Her website: colorparadigm (do t) com

    Her address: 616 Font Bvld San Fransisco, CA

  • Daniel Shawn

    she’s an idiot.. . . and she thinks it’s cute

  • XPh]i[les – Fix Me A Sandwich

    foolish, it’s ok for one side to claim racism, but the other side has a green light to do whatever. Racism doesn’t see color, nor does stupidity, if the guy wants to stink, and look foolish with dreadlocks like any black person would, let him. This is coming from a halfbreed Palestinean. live with it. but if anyone harasses anyone else based on how they look, their skin color, or how they dress, that is racism. black lies matter.

  • thedano

    The only thing about this article that pisses me off is that a white “BOY” is confronted by a black “WOMAN”.If that was the other way around then we would have a racist article.

  • Pepperkeet

    “Black Woman”
    “White BOY”
    I don’t have to read the rest of this, I know where the writer stands and he/she is wrong.
    BTW they’re both the same age… 😉

  • vovik

    I read a few paragraphs of this garbage but the lack of any logic, evidence, or coherence made me not give a crap what this idiot author thinks. Drudge can be such a troll sometimes for linking this nonsense.

  • Joe Mihalich

    Let me first say that she is very wrong in claiming dreadlocks as being strictly an afro-american cultural hair. It was first used by the ancient egyptians and was then prolifered by the island of Jamaica and from there”borrowed” by afro-americans. Get your points right. Then she goes on to say that we as a “whiite” community don’t go online as a whole and decrie the the incidents she brought up. Let me start here by telling you of a couple of incidents in my experiences with what is described as reverse discrimination, Up til eigth grade, I had attended an almost all-white catholic school. I had four black students in my class. They were all treated with the same respect as all of the other kids. I was taken out of that school for eigth grade because my parents could not afford the costs. The city I grew up in had four junior high schools and I went to the closest one. This school was 50-50 if separated by ethnicity. My first week there, I had shop class which was a separate building from the rest of the school. It had two rooms, one for shop and the other a bathroom. During this class i left shop to relieve myself. While standing and finishing up, I turned around to see twelve afro-american guys standing in a group with menacing faces just staring at me. They were not going to budge to let me out. This, by the way, was in the late sixties. There was a lot of animosity between races. I was a tall white kid, considered handsome by all the girls , and always got along with other kids. I didn’t believe in violence. These guys had almost brought me to tears. What they were actually doing was feeling me out, you know…as a white racist guy or some one they didn’t have to worry about as far as causing problems.. I became friends with all but two. I wonder why one, two or three even didn’t try to engage me in conversation to find out what kind of person I was, instead of using group intimidation? I have dealt with instances in kind over the years since. It seems like she is basing her opinions on what she reads online. Ibelieve that most of the crap she reads is coming from the mouths of inbred rednecks and other white trash. I think she should get out and engage a few “white folk” in conversations.

    • Pink Face

      She might have a crush on him.

  • Timothy Lincoln

    there is no such thing as “reverse-racism,” it is all just racism. . .

    Oh and I love this author’s claim that the black community holds each other responsible for their actions. . .not in this America.

  • scott

    So sorry my hair curls up into dreads if I don’t wash or brush it. I’m soooo racist……

    So is it racist for black women to straighten their hair?

  • NotSarcasticAtAll

    “They don’t hold their entire community responsible when grown adults
    riot and act a fool at Pumpkin festivals and Easter Egg hunts meant for

    Oh yes — yes we do. Absolutely we do. When junk like that happens we cancel those events or put them under the equivalent of martial law. Don’t underestimate white people’s ability to over-police themselves in the face of individual crimes. We are completely nuts in that regard.

  • Corey Amber

    “…cultural violence that is committed every time someone appropriates another’s culture.”
    I think this is the single most self-destructive quality a person can have – sub-cultural identification. It is an artificial method of separating oneself from the dominant culture and an excuse for failure in that dominant culture. Like it or not, success in the American capitalist democratic system is gained mostly by people who get a good education in something useful – physics, accounting, law, medicine, etc. – and who conform to dominant cultural norms for appearance, speech, and social interaction. People can choose to express their personalities through sub-cultural identification badges – personal grooming choices, music, speech patterns, etc. but don’t expect the dominant culture to recognize these traits as having any useful socio/economic value. In other words, join the club. Some may call it “dancing.” OK – then dance the best you can, just like the rest of us. Or not. Out.

  • Bill Bentley

    It’s really kind of an Ethiopian thing with Haile Selassie I “Ras Tafari” So, like everyone needs to chill:

    You see men sailing on their ego trip,
    Blast off on their spaceship,
    Million miles from reality:
    No care for you, no care for me.
    So much trouble in the world;
    So much trouble in the world.

  • maouse

    You don’t have to feel bad about it, you didn’t do it. All “we” civilized folks are asking is that you not repeat the violence. Isn’t that what any of “us” civilized people want? An end to violence. Not “micro-aggression” – actual, real violence.

  • It’s not reverse racism, just bad behavior by one more precious snowflake social justice warrior who feels she’s entitled to accost others because of white privilege, black power, smurfs are blue, whatever…

  • Pink Face

    This is as ignorant as it gets. Notice how this militant “blacklivesmatter” beasty type wears her hair straight like a white girl, and yet nobody harasses her. If I were her, I would use all that energy on other black women who wear weaves, staight hair, Indian hair, and bleaching their skins so they could look like white women. As a black person, It is shameful for me watching this ignorant, violent black woman with her uncivilized behavior

  • “white boy” is an offensive and racist slur.

    • Pink Face

      Yes, it is

  • Barry Harden

    Appropriation of “black culture”?

    I wonder what Black women feel when they see many Black men chase after white women. Isn’t that appropriation of another culture? lol

  • Greg

    maybe the dumbest opinion I’ve ever read. Liberals made you stupid.

  • Jay Smith

    Regardless of the race angle, I believe she staged this confrontation. She is an ‘aspiring filmmaker’ after all. He may have been in on it as well, although if he reported it to the administration and police, I suppose not.

  • Camaro Craig

    Well well, There should be charges filed and she should be arrested. If it’s good enough for Trump’s people, it’s good enough for her……………

  • daveycip

    Of course this is not reverse racism…. of course this is not a double standard….. of course ignorant/empowered young black girls parading around as if they are part of academia are allowed to rag-doll young, impressionable white boys with dreadlocks because they are misappropriating Nubian culture…. everyone knows that??!!

  • mike

    This is racism by this black woman….plain and simple. Don’t give me your bleeding heart black lives bull@#$%. So black people would be racist by having straight hair or blond hair?? She should be kicked out of the university………as always happens to a “white” alleged racist. Flagrant racism by this black b@#$%!!

  • Joseph

    There is no such thing as “reverse racism.” It’s simply RACISM!!

  • Spiker Mike

    Weren’t Dreadlocks crazy popular in Scotland way before there was a Jamaica?? It turns out blacks copied the Scots. Go figure.

    Funny way to fight for your pride when you are going to college via Affirmative Action…

  • Michael Anderson

    He probably did the right thing, although kicking her in the teeth would have seemed right as well.

  • Bob G

    He should have punched that black bish in the face. Why does she even care if a white guy is wearing dreads

    • PaulE

      that would have only made everything worse.

  • Blasted

    She must hate dreadlocks and found it embarrassing to have another pigment of skin use it too. Who knows, who cares. I guess she’d rather have him wear a white hood and robes.

  • Michael Johnson

    OK, I stopped at the statement that asserted that it is ‘cultural violence’ when someone ‘appropriates’ another groups ‘culture’ by, for example, wearing their hair in a way similar to many (not all) in another culture. Will these accusations of ‘appropriation’ be limited to the way people wear their hair, their styles of clothes, or will it extent to the music they listen to and the literature they read. Will they also be barred from frequenting establishments and organizations that most frequently cater to a certain cultural group? Just curious. Are people calling for laws against this form of ‘appropriating other peoples culture,’ or will they just settle for publicly shaming the person or people who have dared to show appreciation for that aspect of a culture? Or, will it be something in between where the offending individual(s) are threatened with violence, vilified, and demands are made for them to be fired, banned, and barred from whatever job or group they may belong to or establishment they wish to frequent, and all via social media? Will this be the new and improved version of ‘social justice?’

  • Just an average guy

    Okay to all the people in the comments saying black people as a whole because of one person from that ethnicity please stop, you’re judging a group of people based on one person’s stupidity. This woman does not speak or act for the entire black community, she is acting and speaking on her own.

    Also those claiming that white people are smarter, nicer, better and that’s why the kid didn’t press charges or get too upset please just stop posting period because you make it seem like white people believe themselves to be better and we aren’t.

    There are stupid people, angry people, nice people, smart people in every ethnicity to say that anyone is better or worse simply because of their color is ridiculously stupid. We all feel the same emotions, we all bleed the same color, we all live, we all die, color of skin is meaningless or at least it should be to everyone.

    • Jay Smith

      Yes, but crime rates are highly disproportionate by race. For example, per the FBI crime statistics, blacks commit about 1/2 of all murders and 2/3 of robberies, despite comprising 12% of the population.

      • Just an average guy

        I’m not arguing statistics, I’m simply stating that skin color doesn’t make you better or worse than anyone else, simply because someone is black does not make them a criminal or a threat. I’ve known plenty of people from all races and none of them were better or worse because they were a different color than me.

    • Blasted

      “Okay to all the people in the comments saying black people as a whole because of one person from that ethnicity please stop” Why? Blacks do too.

  • Max Tweeter

    Did anyone ask about who is the creeper guy in the trench coat with the early 1990’s Gumby hair cut?

    “What’s the word? a – Word – Up”!

  • TruthHurts

    If you feel as though blacks are “oppressed” and victimized by “aggression” and “microaggression” and somehow need to defend our “culture” against appropriation, I would happily suggest that you separate yourselves from “white society” and stop appropriating white culture in any form. Stand up for your heritage and go back to our roots. Cast aside the trappings of the white oppressors and shun such elements of white history and culture as:
    – The English language (stop writing your drivel in English and learn Swahili!)
    – Higher education (why is this woman inside that invention of white western elitist society?)
    – Cars (invented by a white boy)
    – Paved roads (Italians!)
    – Computers, and electronics in general (white people and Asians!)
    – Electricity (white people again)
    – Pants (yup)
    – Houses built out of anything other than mud and thatch
    – Plumbing and basic sanitation (this depressing enough yet?)
    – Pretty much everything the girl in the video was wearing, using, standing in, handing out, and used to print what she was handing out.

    Look in the mirror and get real. “cultural appropriation” is BS, and anyone peddling it is blind and stupid.

    • Foster Matthews

      Let’s also not forget straight hair, makeup, basketball and the White House.

  • Bob DeMaria

    Move on folks, nothing to see here………..just a negro acting like a negro.

  • Jon Holden

    He should’ve hit that ape in the mouth…

  • Erwin Tipton

    the lady should been removed from the building , Violence wont solve this situation . Only talking thing out will . Calmly

  • loony1975

    I don’t care who you are, blocking my path and grabbing me, would get you knocked to the ground, and it would just depend how aggravated I was, if anything else happened to you…PERIOD…SOME PEOPLES IGNORANT KIDS…SMH…

  • miscast

    Defend her, or don’t. Defend him or not. It makes no difference to me but answer this one question please, who in the hell is she to tell him how he can wear his own damn hair? Does that mean no black woman can wear their hair straight. What kind of luncacy is this crap?

    • Just_Saying

      Think about it, the video happened in S.F. I just don’t see this as being credible. It worked and theys gots lots people talking.

  • Ted Stanwood

    It’s HAIR. No one cares, the black broad is just a nut.

  • justin

    and the last horse has finished the race

  • pjt2352

    “But generally speaking, I just don’t see White people making a habit out of debating what effect an individual act of racism means for the reputation of the entire White community – not quite like how we do it.”

    And I would add that if a White person commits any crime, murderer or thief, most White people other then the persons family wants them in jail (and often the family does too). White people want those who commit crimes to be individually responsible for those crimes and cheer when the criminals (especially if they are white and live in their neighborhood) are arrested and put away. They don’t like bad people around messing with their communities. The criminals are bad and should be put away, no debate is needed.

  • Jason Roamer


  • Billy

    Young Negro just doing what young negroes do. Being a damn fool.

  • Wayne Sims

    Its tough being black???????? imagine what it is like having to put up with blacks blaming the world everyday – that is tough

  • Jeff Chapman

    “citing the need to confront the cultural violence that is committed every time someone appropriates another’s culture.”
    So does that include black women who straighten their hair?

    • pjt2352

      Or wear clothes designed in Paris. Or dance the ballet. Or sing Opera.

  • Just_Saying

    There is a section at the top of the page “Hair”, and this article was just about that. Now that we just gots edgmacated on the subject, please move on…

  • Tech

    I wonder if I lived in a dirty trailer park, drank beer, sat on my butt and watched Nascar all day, and had 10 kids by my cousin would any white people attack me for stealing their culture.. Hmmm…

    • SouthernCharm

      I can tell you’re being sarcastic but I couldn’t help myself. Coming from the South, where people say that stuff and say the women walk around barefoot and pregnant doesn’t really offend me anymore. I just take it in stride and show my worth in my actions and with my intelligence. I don’t see people by their skin tone but rather by their actions and how they treat others. What she did was inappropriate and I feel that if it bothered the man he would have pressed charges. Now we have another excuse for people to get all uppity about race when it shouldn’t matter, well shouldn’t be used to judge her. But back to your comment, doing all that’s not really something to be proud of, even down here in the South where I’m surrounded by that crap. But if you wanna go ahead, I think it’d be nice not to have a care in the world.

  • Reaper

    He should have done what i did to the last black that got in my face. I punched her in the face and she got charged for assault.

    • Bored&Opinionated

      You hit women? LOL!

      • Max Tweeter

        Hitting women should not be a default, or general rule, but assault must always be answered in kind, regardless of the perpetrator’s gender. I said elsewhere in this section that Tindle accosted Goldstein because there was a perception of weakness on HIS part. From many of my personal observations (I live near Seattle), white guys with dreads are not exactly physical behemoths. Goldstein was an easy target, and coupled with the current (read: PC) trend of addressing so-called “micro-aggressions” is to be violent, which the left has the corner on that market, ironically, since most leftists I’ve seen are small and puny. IOW, you never see a gym rat at a Bernie Sanders rally or carrying a “Hands up, don’t shoot” sign at some protest-du-jour.

    • Just_Saying

      He most likely would have broke his hand.

  • Martininsocal

    “But generally speaking, I just don’t see White people making a habit out of debating what effect an individual act of racism means for the reputation of the entire White community – not quite like how we do it.”

    Perhaps that is because ‘white’ people (your terms) believe more in individual responsibility, and feel punishment should be doled out the same way. If a white person displays an act of racism, burn them down for it, but don’t hold me responsible for something I didn’t do. I think once the conversation turns to individual actions rather than trying to paint with a broad brush, things will actually get ‘fixed’ as best they can be. Right now, you have some people trying to make this a war between all people. Not productive.

  • Just_Saying

    I heard it differently, I distinctly heard her tell him to take a bath.

  • Ryjaxius

    Wikipedia has a very nice page about “dreadlocks” that you can read up on. Big surprise, it’s not just a black thing. It goes way farther back and is shared by many cultures, thousands of years ago.

  • PointingOutYourDoubleStandards

    How do we know MadameNoire is a racist pig? By reading her article of course. To start, who the f are you calling “White boy”? Show some respect you pig. He is in college and obviously not a boy. I bet you would be real pissed if I start calling black men “boys”. You need to get to that point in your life where you’re no longer JEALOUS of white people because that’s obviously what your problem is. These things will help in your quest. Stop shooting each other, start valuing education and quit acting like you’ve been victimized. In other words, tear up your race card and grow the hell up. Racist.

  • Chad C

    So in other words it’s ok to be racist because she’s black.

  • Istvan Cregui

    And by the way, is this girl so insecure in her Blackness that she can be so easily unraveled by some random dude wearing locks, to the point of physically obstructing him on the stair? Moron! We can push to claim ourselves and our contributions, but to come undone at the sight of that just screams insecurity. Know yourself, and let him worry about himself.

  • Sam

    I’m not the “conservative right” nor the “liberal left” I’m an American stop with the labeling. I know people who align themselves with both sides and are nice people. Being “conservative” does not mean racist. Ridiculous.

  • Bored&Opinionated

    She needs to be fired immediately! She has no right to accost this young man over his choice of hair style. Not only that European hair dreads! They’ve worn dreads for centuries and that is where the term dreadlocks came from, blacks called them something else. She needs to be educated…but after being fired. Her ignorant self.

    • Medusa

      She doesn’t work there.

  • Dave

    As of last year, there are no longer any majority groups. We are a pluralistic country now. Maybe certain segments of our society, such as White Protestants, once had a type of privilege from having the largest group and biggest social network, but that is no longer the case. We have come to that era, unfortunately. Anybody can be racist to anybody else. We are all minorities. Everyone needs advocacy. And the country is left without a guiding force.

  • Vlad

    This article was posted on Yahoo, here come the racist conservatives to blame Obama and tell us how BLM is a terrorist organization.

    • Benjamin Bugsy

      And I guess you think her actions were justified? smh

      • Vlad

        Jumping to conclusions are we?

        • Benjamin Bugsy

          It was a question not a statement you tell me?

          • Just_Saying

            Do you like writing to yourself?

          • Vlad

            Questions usually have question marks.

            • Benjamin Bugsy

              happy now? Edited just for you

    • Just_Saying

      I ain’ts white, and I am a Conservative. I retired from the military as did my father. If you want to talk about obama, go for it.

  • obama lied alot

    wow you are stupid and you put it on the internet

  • Mathew Espinoza

    Do blacks get to claim chittlins as their culture? How about collard greens? How about crack? What do they really own? Maybe Ebonics and the right to call each other the N-word….. Nah…. not the N-word…. nobody should use that one….
    I really think we should give them spears, loincloths and lion bites though…

  • What a crock of sheeeit article. This is all about BLAK LIVES MATTER! And WHITE LIVES DON’T MATTER! Black lives matter to the point that a blck Peron, ANY black person, can tell a white person, ANY white person, how they can comb their f***king hair. Now THAT’S justice! THAT’S social justice. And good grooming tips too! Thank you, Black Lives Matter, for showing us once gain how important this movement is for ALL Americans. Ok, well…SOME Americans.

  • Levon McCutcheon

    “Why I’m Unbothered By Claims Of Reverse Racism”

    Because you are a racist.

  • Just_Saying

    Ain’ts nothing to see here, please move on…

  • Lu Lu Lu, I’ve got some apples

    I can not wait to see how it plays out when white women start harassing black women for appropriating their hair.

  • Reaper

    blacks attack other blacks for being TOO DARK

  • Reaper

    So if a black dresses liKe a normal person, not wearing baggy clothes, we are free to attack? what if they bathe and go to school? can we attack? what if they have a father? we can DEFINITELY ATTACK

    • Just_Saying

      My guess is that you called the police when you mommy grabbed yo shirt.

      • Reaper

        At least i know my parents. you were raised by grandma. your moms in prison with you pregnant and no one knows who your father is

        • Just_Saying

          Did I hurts you feelings…?

          • Reaper

            wwww.maury-povich dot com

    • Bored&Opinionated

      Shut up racist. We need less of your kind (and hers) in this civilized society.

  • Toriano Walker

    why is anyone surprised? black people are the biggest racists in cant deny it, many have no problem going racial on a white person….imagine a white girl walking up to a black girl with that straight horse hair they put in and screaming “what do you think you are white??”” RIOTS PROTESTS AND BLACK RAGE! thats what you would get

  • Just_Saying

    My guess is that this writer would not have done a story about blacks doing the knockout game. Why is that?

  • Jerome Handy

    So….hair is now the new battleground for racism? Can’t something just be dumb? No racial overtones, no subtle digs at an entire people, just one person overreacting to something they shouldn’t have reacted to at all?

    Let’s be clear: cultural appropriation, is meaningless. I can walk around my house dressed in a big kimono. That does NOTHING against Japanese culture or it’s aficionados. I can wear that same kimono out in public, and I’m not stealing anything, save for the funniest look I could ever come up with(for the record, I’m a 6′ black man, who should have played pro football 🙂 ) Wearing something, having something, or DOING something, doesn’t take away from the people who did it first. The only question is, do you do more to innovate on what came before, or do you just IMITATE it. The former is cool, the latter is just dumb. see my above statement on someone overreacting to a frickin haircut.

  • Billybobstrailerpark

    You know how it is with white people.. you take away their precious privileges and they think they’re being oppressed 🙂

    • Reaper

      what privilege is that? the one we earned by working hard and not killing each other?

      • Billybobstrailerpark

        Nah mate, the one you got from killing other races 🙂

        • Jeremy Haimes

          take a look at Africa…Take a look at just about every inner city in the USA…Billy you are not very bright.

        • Reaper

          Blacks kill eachother everyday by the humdreds. Your anger should be at your own pathetic race. All over the globe, your at the bottom of society.

  • NiteGoat

    “Cultural violence”? Give me a break.

  • Just_Saying

    Yahoo linked to this site and I was thoroughly entertained.

    • Reaper

      tamir rice video was FAR BETTER

      • Just_Saying

        You sick.

  • Pi Demps

    This article was such a disappointment. In order to make any progress into the division that’s rampant in the States there needs to be relatability and accountability regardless of colour. Just as rural white america needs to be educated as to how black america has been zoned, legislated and policed into it’s current state minorities also need to recognise that their own prejudices and bigotry should not and will not be tolerated.

    I’ll refrain from focusing on the author’s reckless comments advocating ambivalence here and instead shine a light on the asinine proclamation in the article that “proportions do matter”. That statement is merely a way to enable this type of disgusting behaviour since it encourages the individual that engages in this deplorable manner to now hide behind past injustices to explain away and justify their egregious actions. That’s a horribly slippery slope and one that every group of people can use to avoid accountability. For the author to condone such a thing is quite frankly reckless and a disservice to working towards the unity that is needed to heal the scarring that the racial divide has created.

    P.S. If you read my entire rant I do apologise for my serious tone and you totally deserve a hug. Cheers

    • Reaper

      welcome to the democrat party

  • Mandrake42

    I came here for a look because it was one of the few articles I could find that was actually written by a black person without white media bias. Pretty much every other article I could find was pretty predictably framed. I should be clear, I’m white and I think this girl was in the wrong. Partly because dreadlocks aren’t exclusive to African culture, if you are going to pick a hill to stand on, make it one that’s worth it and make it one you can defend. Partly because she comes across as a bully, the dude she was accosting wasn’t looking for a fight and tried to get out of it multiple times. But I was kinda tired of just hearing the story framed one way, so it was good to hear a different point of view.
    I think your point on “Black guilt” kind of represents the feelings any minority get when they are struggling for recognition. When someone who can be perceived to represent you screws up, the instinctive reaction is to tend to go “Oh, sh*t!”. You’re right, most white people don’t do that when another white person acts like a d*ck.
    I think ambivalence may be the only logical reaction. At the end of the day her actions aren’t going to change anyone’s opinions, any white person who looks at this and has a racist reaction was ALREADY racist. This didn’t change their point of view, just entrenched it. Everyone else is just kind of shaking their heads and thinking “That was dumb”. I think everyone says some dumb stuff they don’t fully think out when they are at college, you’re full of passion and not necessarily a lot of common sense. I was lucky enough to be that age before video cameras could put my stupidity on the internet, fortunately none of that could be framed racially, though it sure would have embarrassed the crap out of my parents.

    • Benjamin Bugsy

      I’m not racist never thought I would be, most of my friends are black but people are making me homophobic, racist, and sexist because of the way they act I have come to the point were I despise everyone doesn’t matter who they are. I know I’m not the only one.

      • Mandrake42

        Eh, I can never get that negative. When you look at people as a whole, as in humans as a species, yeah, that can be pretty depressing, people as a whole are capable of evils no individual could accomplish. Its why you need to narrow your focus on the individuals, there are plenty of good ones around, surround yourself with them and you’ll be reminded it isn’t all bad. While you might not be able to change the world, you can make your sphere of influence a better place.

  • NewsRe

    NO EXPEL BONITA TINDLE. just as blacks demand people resign or be fired.

  • Just_Saying

    This had to be staged, ain’t no way a little white boy going to be embarrassed like that. His head looked terrible, I believe that is why she had a problem.

    • Mya View

      LOL! You’re Mr. Comedian tonight. Unfortunately, her hair didn’t look any better than his.

    • Reaper

      Blacks dont even wash their hair, this they all smell, have dandruff, and are greasy as a kentucky fried nut sack

      • Billybobstrailerpark

        Better than living in a trailer park and getting your sister pregnant 🙂

        • Reaper

          you would know. being a crack baby and all. still havent met your father?

    • Robert Reno

      His head looked terrible?Then what the hell was on her head?

  • James Rudy

    Please learn how to write English before spewing this stuff. That’s atrocious, and any point you wanted to make was pointless… the time I got half-way through. I apologize if it’s not cool to be grammatically correct these days, but when you’re opinion is voiced that way, you’ve lost me. Also, there is NOTHING “violent” in a white guy sporting dreadlocks. And unless you’re Hindu, dreadlocks aren’t originally from your culture either. So, basically, you don’t have a clue.

    • Just_Saying


    • Medusa

      I had no problems reading it. Maybe you’re just stupid or racist, or both.

      • Reaper

        Maybe because ypur either a typical, degenerate, parasitic, black or you are white and hate your father.

        • Medusa

          Well I guess you’ll never know huh? Btw, all the other white people who had no problems reading this article, do they ‘hate’ their fathers too?

  • David Ransom

    The guy in dreadlocks might not be filing charges, but the guy who’s phone she grabbed wants to.

  • Just_Saying

    Why is this article not about the guy in the back????

  • SilentPony

    Wait wait wait! A white guy having dreadlocks is cultural violence?! Seriously?!

    and then you wonder why people think this woman is crazy…

  • David Hendrickson

    Dreadlocks have existed before Africans “adopted them” she’s a complete nut case. Second off there is such a thing as racism from blacks. (Not reverse racism but literal racism.) This stereotype that Whites are “against the black man” and keep “the black man down” is literally a racist assumption in the first place. Are we going to assume Samuel L. Jackson is disadvantaged compared to Bob the white janitor down the block? Really? White people blacks, hispanis and more face problems in this country. It’s not an “Black problem.” at all as it is a people problem.

  • Freespirit

    If any one looks at his hair those are not dreadlocks, that is more of a mess and As Dr DeGruy says; Blacks can Not be racist! In this country Blacks never oppressed anyone, we can not take any thing away from whites. All of you wake up!

    • Reaper

      Oppression doesnt equal racism. Typical black puke, making up your own definition

    • Reaper

      Typical, you get your wisdom from an uneducated rapper. No wonder your ppl are fked

      • Jerome Handy

        Wow….nice way to slam racism, while using it at the same time. Classy!!!

        • Reaper

          wasnt trying to slam racism. just slamming this dipsht. it will always exist and goes both ways

          • Jerome Handy

            Good, least you made it clear that you’re a racist.

            • Reaper

              interpret it as you wish.

              • Jerome Handy

                Interpretation isn’t needed. You’re the one who said “your ppl are fked” and “Typical black puke.” if you insult an entire race of people, that makes you a racist.

  • Just_Saying

    Some folks wear them things good like Bo Derek. He evidently does not, and she called him out. Had he been appropriately groomed, she most likely would not have had a problem. And yes, he does look like a mop head.

    • Vincent Hammons

      you are really defending that?

      • Robert Reno

        He is a dumb piece of crap racist himself…you can bet if the white kid put his hand on her,this asshat commentor would be crying racism and assault.

    • Reaper

      Blacks are velcro heads, and they dont wash. Thus, they all stink

  • dennis blackman

    This can’t be for real… This writer acts as if this is the first instance of, yes, reverse racism. That’s exactly what this was. Isolated it may be, but it was. Reverse the roles. Put straight hair on the girl and put that dude in front of her. Questioning and putting hands on her. It would be titled racism no doubt. There is definitely racism, but it exists on all sides. Justify it how you want. It’s there. Step 1 is accepting it. Stop defending reverse racism with “its tough to be black.” Im sure it might be. But was that dudes hair making your life tough? Doubt it

  • NewsRe

    She is one of the many closet BLACK RACIST that the MEDIA usually hides from its stories. I am shocked this is still up for people to read. As far as the extremely far left liberal DA’s office ever charging her with two counts of battery, potential kidnapping (she tried to restrain him from leaving) don’t hold your breath. If it was a White person doing this to a Black, the DA, Mayor would be condemning this. The black pastors of the city would be calling for his arrest, Black Lies Matters would be protesting and looting the city, and Al the tax evader would be calling for a boycott of San Francisco. But fret not, it was just another black person doing as she pleases with no regard for the rights of others. Bonita Tindle is a RACIST and will get away with it.

  • Nick Loiacono

    Back in the day, we should have picked our own cotton

    • Reaper

      We would have been far better off without em’

      • Nick Loiacono

        amen, brother

      • Billybobstrailerpark

        The Native Americans should have scalped all of you 😉

        • Reaper

          are you familiar with the term “SUPREMACY?” Im sure ypu are. And thats why they lost and so did you

  • Medusa

    Good article! It mentioned some good points I hadn’t thought about!

  • Reaper

    If you vote democrat this BS, these LIES will never stop.

  • Don Whitebread

    I quit feeling “white guilt” the last time I had to explain to my kid why that carload of black kids was playing rap music where every word that offends black people (when said by white people) was part of the lyrics. Hey, if they can say it then what the hell. Now absolutely no white guilt here. If you think I am wrong for having none, well I don’t care! Get a job, get a life, and get away from me.

    • Reaper

      Never had guilt, but i sure had PRIDE

  • Reaper

    The Tamir Rice video was far more entertaining

  • Just_Saying

    You all making a big deal out of nothing. Mommy’s grab they’s little boys all the time. Like someone else pointed out, the main subject was the clown in the back.

  • David Savage

    Black female totally in the wrong for grabbing another person. End of story. She was wrong. Arrest her.

  • JBeauregard

    The author is a goof. Racism aside, the girl was wrong to put her hands on the dude. Do I think this is racism? Nah. I think it’s stupidity. And when people are stupid, you gotta let them know.

    • Reaper

      Not racism? Are you sane? She attacked him BECAUSE OF HIS RACE!!!

  • JustinM

    You say “Black woman” and yet say “White boy”. You don’t see a problem in the way you even describe these two people? Why is he a “White boy?” This whole thing really isn’t that big of a deal, but it is not excusable either. Cultural appropriation is ridiculous. You can take on any culture you want as far as I am concerned, unless you are doing it to poke fun or in a disrespectful way. A white man with dreadlocks is doing neither of those things so let it go. People act like cultures are sacred immutable things handed down from the gods or something.

  • Just_Saying

    Damn good video, I was entertained.

    • Reaper

      The Tamir Rice video was better

      • Just_Saying

        That not nice.

  • Ricardo

    Ugly hateful racist article defending an ugly hateful racist human being.

  • lobolebowski

    why can’t we just call this incident what it really is? Two kids being stupid. One kid took her misinformed opinion to far, another kid was that white kid wearing burlap and dreads. dumb kids doing dumb kid things.

    • Mya View

      That was my first thought too, but after living through the ridiculous Mizzou incidents recently, it’s clear that these kids need to be knocked down a notch before “dumb” converts into “crazy”.

      • Reaper


    • Reaper

      if it was a white male doing it to a black chock, would you feel the same? NO

  • DerpDerpDerp

    Nobody cares. Your race is decimated. Nobody is bothered that most African males will die in jail, and you’re not bothered by a teacher attacking a student.

    Which one matters?

  • David Savage

    I got as far as the “black guilt” comment in your article before I stopped reading. GET OVER YOURSELVES BLACKS…the time has come for the bull to stop!

  • tomtomtom

    Appropriate someone else’s culture? That’s the first time I’ve heard that one. If it means what I think it means, it’s the stupedest thing I’ve ever heard.

  • Danny Williams

    OMG Tell me I can still eat chicken from popeyes.

  • Charles Reed

    As a black person this chick was in the wrong as much weave is sold and put in black women’s heads.

  • Leigh

    to be honest, where did this Idea that dreadlocks is a black culture thing anyway. Dreadlocks have been seen as far back as into Ancient Greece, with sculptures from the archaic period depicting men wearing dreadlocks, while Spartan hoptiles wore formal locks as part of a battle dress. The style was also worn by ancient Christian ascetics and the dervishes of islam. some early Christians also wore the hairstyle, there is descriptions of James the Just who wore them to his ankles. Pre-Columbian Aztec priests wore them as well. In Senegal, the baye fall, followers of the mouride movement, a sufi movement of islam founded in 1887 are famous for growing locks and wearing multi-colored gowns. Locks have been worn for various reasons in each culture: as an expression of deep religious or spiritual convictions, ethnic pride, and as a political statement. An alternative name for the style is locks (sometimes spelled “locs”). Hinduism, Buddhism, and yes even Judaism. Among some Sadhus and Sadhvis, Hindu
    holy men and women, locks are sacred, considered to be a religious
    practice, an expression of disregard for profane vanity. The public
    symbol of matted hair, known as jata, is re-created each time an individual goes through these unique experiences. . For many practicing Buddhists, dreadlocks are a way to let go of material vanity and excessive attachments.
    Dreadlocks were required for many esoteric Buddhist rituals in medieval
    South Asia performed by Buddhist yogis (Buddhist counterparts to
    contemporary Hindu sadhus). Several figures important in the Abrahamic religions potentially wore dreadlocks. Takers of the Nazirite oath in the Book of Numbers display their devotion to their religion by not cutting their hair, and possibly letting it grow into dreadlocks. This vow required the man or woman to:
    Abstain from wine, wine vinegar, grapes, raisins, intoxicating liquors, vinegar distilled from such substances, and eating or drinking any substance that contains any trace of grapes.
    Refrain from cutting the hair on one’s head; but to allow the locks of the head’s hair to grow.
    Not to become ritually impure by contact with corpses or graves, even those of family members.
    The vows described in this part of the bible has a significant impact on the Rastafari movement of the 20th century, and is the source of the Rastafari affection for dreadlocks. Well, if you survived reading this and not falling asleep, you can see that dreadlocks are not just a part of “black” culture (reason for that is because black is so loosely used for describing many different races all clumped into on category). This is part of the problem, its like saying wearing pants down lower than half the butt is part of black culture but yet its more part of prison culture not black culture. anyway that’s my point in a nutshell.

  • GaryGuillermo

    Reminds me of when one of the secretaries at the hospital I work at came dressed like a “gang banger.” Dey is lucky I come to work at all she said . . . let alone tell me what to wear. UPMC, Pittsburgh . . . different rules for blacks than whites.

  • Danny Williams

    Had she grabbed me I’d have cleaned HER clock woman or not.

  • ill santos

    This girl is nuts, but on a side note, please, please, please stop judging whole groups, entire races of people because of the actions of a few. It is so ignorant, and so divisive to paint a whole group of people with one broad stroke. It’s 2016, and we need to stop seeing colors or it might as well be 1916.

    • James Bean

      It isn’t fair. I know from personal experience though that its easy to do. I lived in a town with no black people, none. One day a black person came into where I worked and I wasn’t able to help her, not because she was black but it just wasn’t a service we provided. She then accused me of not helping her with her problem because she was black, raised a huge fuss and tossed stuff around.
      I had no opinion about black people before that.

  • Bryan Mason

    The one thing that blacks have become very good at is making excuses for ANYTHING they do. It’s always someone else’s fault, because of slavery, because of this or that….never taking responsibility for anything. This author is a perfect example of defending the indefensible. Of course, what else would you expect from yet another black woman who thinks everyone owes her something.

  • crazycayote

    So no more disco music if you’re not black?

  • Shawn Durnell

    Except that isn’t even possible. You should look up the word some time.

  • Dom Deluge

    I just looked up “Charing Ball” . . . total failure lol! check out her record!

  • James Bean

    Just a general fyi, white guys don’t like being called boy anymore than black guys do.
    Just most of the time they wont punch you in the face…. just comes back to bite whatever black person might need something from them… like a job.

  • Gas Mann

    A lot of Black women wear Korean hair in their wigs — perhaps they should stop culturally appropriating Asian people’s characteristics and start showing more sensitivity to minorities.

  • A

    This is so stupid and she is a complete idiot. There are enough troubles in this world, then to worry or care about a hair style. I guess blacks shouldn’t straighten their hair or color it blond.

  • Reaper

    this black chick is the face of the democrat party. perfect representation of it and its ignorance/hypocrisy

  • Dom Deluge

    what a stupid moron who typed this. the assaulter MUST be arrested. she actually claims a hate motivated assault is not as bad as a “microagression” (which is a fake concept). perhaps she too needs to be arrested to inciting hate crimes.

  • Reaper

    these whites that blacks like to call “boys” are outperforming blacks in every single educational, economical, and professional category. these “white boys” will someday be your boss or be mailing you your welfare check because neither you nor your temporary mate can take care of yourselves or your children. white men pay for and take care of black children, because most black men and women either cant or refuse to.

    boo hoo the truth stings

  • j hgg

    if it was reversed; a white man doing that to a black women, next thing you would know it would be all over the news. Head racist Sharpton would be making his usually speech, to let everyone know he is still here. Christ you might even get a comment from the P.O.S.-OTUS!!!! And there no such thing as reverse racism; it’s racism pure and simple. and with her attacking him; wouldn’t this be a hate crime?


    Reverse racism exists, I experienced many times in the Army; I was in the field and suffered from extreme dehydration and was given light duty, a couple of members from my platoon got angry because they said I was given preferential treatment because I was white !

  • Omotolaaraujo

    I will never understand the term “Reverse Racism.” Racism moves in all directions. Discrimination lives in every part of the world. We all deserve to be protected from racism, no matter what our race happens to be.

    • Gas Mann

      Prejudice may move in all directions, but racism is specifically about those in power dominating others by virtue of their race. In this country, that is whites against everybody else.

  • hunt458

    Black people crazy. Stay away from them. Don’t speak to them. Don’t make eye contact. You be fine.

  • Just_Saying

    Could it be that she was only trying to tell him that he is looking and acting pathetically stupid.

    • Mya View

      KInd of hard to do while you’re looking and acting pathetically stupid yourself.

  • Rbt Evans

    Just wondering,if the genders were reversed would it be acceptable to write White Woman Confronts Black Boy?
    It’s no more offensive then the headline here.

  • mememe

    The writer is ‘bothered’ by it because they are a dumb person…’need to confront the cultural violence’ lol she sounds like she’s livin in her whacked out head too much. How about live in the real world and I dunno treat people like people and not have some idiotic black/brown/white/yellow dividing line that seems to have been set up for her limited self. No instead she will let the idiots and racists control how to respond to the world–so very foolish and ultimately self harming.

    • Mya View

      I can’t tell you how tired I am of reading people like this author using the word “violence” out of context in these types of conversations, but I see it all the time.

  • Kim Kirk

    There’s no thing as ‘reverse’ racism…. it’s just racism and this woman is. I’m guessing anyway, I only came to comment, not wasting time on the article. haha

  • Dom Deluge

    no one cares what the lady who typed this article thinks. she’s a nobody anyhow. defending racism is despicable.

  • Seano

    I like how the writer calls her a black woman and him a white boy. She’s not bothered by the video because she’s racist too.

    • Just_Saying

      She be looking like the mommy telling the little boy to knock it off.

  • Reaper

    a typical pathetic black female who cant hack it in life, so she blames others for her failures.

  • Just_Saying

    She clearly had control of the situation, I actually did not see anything inappropriate. He squirmed and wiggled away from her instead of having a decent logical conversation. Look how she dresses and how he dresses, I would hire her way before I would him. In any case, the liberals are trying to make something out of nothing, AGAIN!

    • Mya View

      If she had control of the situation, she wouldn’t feel the need to grab him. There was no “logical conversation” to be had since her actions were not logical or reasonable. He did the mature thing by trying to walk away. She acted unreasonably by not letting him.

      • Just_Saying

        Ain’ts you never seen a mommy grab a little boy’s shirt and tell him to knock it off. Did you look at his manner and behavior. My guess is that she thought he was mocking blacks.

        • Mya View

          Her problem was that she wasn’t THINKING….at all.

    • Dom Deluge

      he would have been within his rights to knock her out. violent MONSTER

  • Joe

    The most racist people I have ever met are black.

    If this woman is so concerned about cultural appropriation, then why is she at a university? That is a white person’s invention, originally for white people. Why does she have a top on? Doesn’t she know black women were topless before the white man came along? They didn’t wear pants either.

    If she wants it so only black people can do certain things, and white people have to do other certain things, then call forth a mob and get a rope.

  • joe mamma

    What is reverse racism? Only white people can be racist?

  • Total Badass

    The writer of this article sounds like a hypocrite to me.

    • Reaper

      and a dumb racist btch. a typical black female who cant hack it in life, so she blames others for her failures.

  • Richard M.

    White ‘boy’? Black ‘woman’? How’s about black idiot?

  • Steven Applewhite


    • I am T

      And unwise.

  • christine

    If you follow her thinking then races should not inter-marry, other races should never dye their hair blond, wear blue contact lenses or flat iron their hair, her world is very small, so sad that instead of living her own life she wants to make up rules to tell others to live by, very sad.

  • Jenna Ry A N

    black “woman” white “boy ” ??racist journalist .

  • Just_Saying

    People, look at the video again. The guy made a fool out of himself. He is lucky she didn’t get him to go down on his knees and apologize for looking stupid.

  • Elizabeth Wilcox

    What I do not understand is why the elephant in the room isn’t being discussed! Seriously, whether a person is Black, White, Mexican or any other variety of race/races….when any of these people intentionally attack verbally, physically or by means of oppression, THAT ACT needs to be deemed wrong. Why is it that our nation or people in our nation must categorize these actions based on race??? All of these actions are incorrect. There is no pure race people, get a freakin clue. Anyone here ever study the classics? Does anyone here know how mixed up the original civilizations were? And guess what we all derive from them. Freakin morons!!!!

  • Rodney Gordon

    He did file harassment charges. BTW, if no one has noticed, “Goldstein” is a Jewish name, and Jews have a several-century long tradition of dreadlocks.

    • pjt2352

      At one time in the distant past there is not a people who ever walked the earth who didn’t have dreadlocks. Washing and combing ones hair was discovered to be a really good idea in most cultures but, we all started out NOT washing or combing our hair and bodies.

  • Paul

    Ms Ball, can’t believe you seem to be proud of the fact that you are a hypocrite. Nice.

  • Benjamin Bugsy

    I’m not racist but people are making me rethink my stance, when you have people that claim they “own” a culture it’s pathetic especially in America where we are supposed to be the melting pot of the world. When did dread locks only become a black person thing many cultures have had them (Greece and Indian) to name a few. Then look at this title of the article “black women” “white boy” yea their is no underlying tones of racism there either, considering if you call any black male a “boy” you are automatically a racist.

  • bbcom

    I think these two would make a cute interracial couple. Hell they could even have their own reality show.

    • Just_Saying

      He could be her little boy.

  • Dennis Mullen

    I don’t know if this video is real or a set up…

    But, nope. As if a Black girl tugging the sleeves of a White dude in dreadlocks is remotely comparable to all the discrimination, aggression and micro-aggression Black people face daily in this country. Proportions do matter.

    If it’s real she crosses the line when she makes contact with him. That is assault. Maybe he should have asked to touch her hair. The white guy has the right to do what he wants and be left alone about it.

    As a white guy if I get myself arrested in that “cultural appropriation? “

    • MSB

      Blacks aren’t the only people facing discrimination, aggression and the concocted tripe known as micro-aggression. Whites have to deal with that just like everyone else to the same degree if not more. And they do, and they don’t let it deter them and make them whine about being a victim and how hard things are. It’s called perseverance.

      Everyone hollers racism at the top of their lungs and haven’t the first foggiest clue what it is. They think racism is blatantly displayed. It isn’t. Except in extremely rare cases it’s under the surface, and rare to boot. You can be racist toward someone while singing their praises, and you can throw racial slurs around at every turn and not once because of racism.

      Hard to believe? Like I said, it’s beneath the surface if it’s even there at all. What you might find but it’s almost as rare is bigotry. More often than not, though, what you will come across is someone just trying to insult you in a way that brings out your anger every time. It’s crude. It’s rude. It’s callous. It’s juvenile. But rarely is it racist. People do it because it works.

  • Mya View

    Bonita Tindle is on a “black power” trip, just like her roommate stated. I’m pretty sure everyone will just chalk this up as another worthless BLM activist who has no idea what she’s fighting for, so pick a fight over anything with anyone until you get attention. This kind of behavior should kill the “movement” in no time, as most of us expected.

  • Dennis Nickell

    The writer tries to claim there is no such thing as “reverse racism” and I agree. But unlike her reasoning that black people can’t be racist I say there is only racism period. No matter what race you are if you denigrate another race, show prejudice against another race or practice hate or discrimination against another race then you are racist. Reverse racism plays into the notion that racism is uniquely white on black and that is a completely false notion.

    • Steven Applewhite

      Well said..thank you

    • MSB

      Actually you described bigotry, not racism. Racism is the belief that a race is inferior (or superior) to another. It doesn’t have to come out in blatant form, either. It’s under the surface and hard to find let alone prove. The vast majority of people are not racist, but many are bigoted. That’s regardless of skin color. People are much more likely to support their regional affiliations than anything else. Anyone trespassing is open for “aggression” in many ways from simple looks, to crude comments to physical intimidation. Nothing to do with racism other than those regional groups may be racially homogeneous.

  • Arthur Jackson

    We all know why you aren’t bothered by reverse racism. It’s because you’re a flaming hypocrite.

  • Don L.

    “BLACK WOMAN CONFRONTS WHITE BOY…” You have to wonder how this headline would have been taken if the colors were reversed.

  • simon tills

    Blacks always have an excuse for being violent. The woman is a feral pig, but sly enough to pick on a scrawny little wimp. Think that she’d put her hands on someone bigger than her?
    If only he punched her lights out.

  • PowerupLink .

    Why can’t people like her just let it go, but nooooooooo they have to start something just to make them feel better. People like her are just bitter inside.

  • White Rhesus Monkey

    I see a lot of crackers commented on this article.

    • White Rhesus Monkey

      Screw the cracker who replies to me.

    • mkl

      Why is it ok for you to make racist comments? Be above that!

  • ron ronson

    Bonita Tindle is a racist …. this girl doesn’t belong on any Campus near civilized people….

  • Belmont12

    the black woman is flat out racist. Let the man do as he pleases- he is not harming or trying to offend anyone. Anyone defending her actions is probably just as much a lowlife as this lady. Racist and bigots come in all colors by the way.

  • Don K.

    If this was a white dude pulling on a black girl’s arm because she died her hair blonde, the author of this article would be losing his mind trying to crucify that white boy. Effing hypocrite.

  • White Rhesus Monkey

    White people have no culture. They have been trying to be like black people since the Ptolemaic Dynasty.

  • KodamaoO

    Literally “Dindu Nuffin”: The Article. If the black woman is going to claim the white dude is appropriating her culture (Which it isn’t, the Egyptians’ closest descendants are the Coptic Christians and Arabs), then she needs to stop appropriating white western culture.

  • Broadnax

    The black woman attacking the white kid is not reverse racism. It is just ordinary racism. We don’t blame the entire black community. Just the one crazy woman and anybody who thinks she was justified.

  • Don K.


  • Low IQ

    So is Saggy Pants also a Black thing? or a dozen other stupid things I see many do?…
    Talk about being of prejudice and bigotry.
    preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience:

    It is a reason by lacking in hygienics not that of a culture…
    as anyone with hair can claim ‘Dreadlocks’ in only needing to not comb hair or to only braid it.

    intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself:
    This Black woman has become the likely thing she despises… Pity.

  • Ron Roberts

    appropriates another’s culture – Huh? Africans don’t really have much of a culture to begin with so if you want dreadlocks back, so be it but give us back the language that you speak, ANY written language (there was none in Africa), virtually any religion (Including Christian or Moslem), and the list goes on. Oh – and you can keep cannibalism too.

  • Allen

    My issue isn’t so much about racial discrimination which I do believe is a true problem in this country. It is the fact she chooses out of every damn problem, issue or serious injustice that go on in a daily basis, she choose ….hair?

  • Sotiredofthis

    This is “F” ing amazing. Blacks can NEVER do wrong This moron that wrote this would defend this racist even if she stabbed this guy. Thats so typical, lie, lie and make up stories. Defend your fellow black no matter how wrong they are or even if you know them. And proportion??? Are you serious ? Do you know how many more blacks kill and beat white people? They are not racist?? What color is the sky in your world? Many blacks are taught from the time they are born, don’t trust the white man, he is evil. They are also taught to hate the police as THEY are the reason the blacks get arrested. Nothing to do with the crimes they commit. So lets get real and compare Charing Ball. Let me drop you off in a affluent neighborhood in the North suburbs of Chicago. Will they kill, beat or rob you?? NO, yes they may call the police and say you seem suspicious. But drop a white person off in Englewood area of Chicago which is prominently black and lets see what happens. Will someone call the police??? NO, but they will beat, rob or kill that white person. Trust me I know. Don’t believe me well lets review some crime stats. Sad that there are so many blacks writing articles twisting facts to their advantage and using the media to cry. But a white person can’t write an article or defend their race as its SOOOOO racist. Time for change is right and it better start being more balanced.

  • pele

    tell black women to stop using hair straiteners and stop dying blond… problem with the sistas..

  • Ian Brown

    “Black woman confronts white boy” this in itself clearly shows your agenda. You’re already degrading the man in the video by calling him boy. If he was a black man would he be referred to as “black boy”? Or should I have just expected this on a site called madamenoire….why yahoo, why is garbage like this on my home page

  • Greg Modde

    WHAT the heck is “reverse” racism???? Wouldn’t that be being bigoted against one’s OWN race? Idiots that use the term “reverse racism”, I guess, think that RACISM means whites against blacks. Talk about low-educated ignoramuses. They don’t even know what the word ‘racism’ means yet throw it around every chance they get. SHEESH

    • White Rhesus Monkey

      White racist crackers like yourself, made up the term reverse racism. Why are you on this site anyway? Shouldn’t you be on Stormfront?

      • Greg Modde

        WOW! I’m BLACK…but YOU’RE a racist I see. I guess my dislike for people like you IS ‘reverse racism’. Thank you. I get it now. Have a good life, RACIST.

  • RockNRollinHoneyBadger

    Whatever you need to tell yourself to get through the night. Never seen spin like this. Guess what, racists come in every skin tone.

  • Greg A

    She certainly doesn’t have any authority to tell anyone what hair style to have. The implication that black people have the exclusive right to dread locks is just plain absolutely stupid. If Black people are the only people allowed to have dread locks, then black people can stop coloring there hair. You don’t have the right to color your hair. Only white people can have blond, red, and, brown hair. Also you can not straighten your hair. Straightening and coloring, is disrespectful to your black heritage.

  • Jonathan Trivette

    This writer is clearly insane. She said, “They (whites) don’t hold their entire community responsible when grown adults
    riot and act a fool at Pumpkin festivals and Easter Egg hunts meant for
    children. Whereas, we kinda do hold ourselves wholly responsible when
    riots and foolery happen involving us.”

    Oh really? The black community basically destroyed their entire city in Ferguson by rioting and looting all because a black criminal with no respect for the law because he thought he was above the law was shot and killed by the police. This was after the thug robbed a convenience store, and attacked the officer in his car and tried to take his gun.
    Back to the original content of this article. The black woman has absolutely no right to touch another person because of the way they wear their hair. The guy should have filed charges and had her arrested for assault but he was a better person than she was. Blacks think they are entitled to everything simply because of the color of their skin. Racism or prejudice… goes both ways. If you want it to end, then stop bringing it up every time you get in trouble. Better yet, teach your kids to behave and take responsibility for their actions and to respect others.

  • Steve Jacobs

    the women in the video is a racist and the writer is racist, quite simple.

  • Marc

    Since when are deadlocks a “black” thing? I would have knocked this girls teeth out, because brushing your teeth is from white culture.

    • White Rhesus Monkey

      No it isn’t. Brits don’t even brush their teeth right. Africans taught you funky neanderthals how to bathe. What the hell is a deadlock?

      • Marc

        Gees grammar nazi…I forgot the ‘r’. And who gives a sht about brits

  • turd ferguson

    How about this, everything the white people have done, nobody else can use, and everything the african americans have done they could keep to themselves. Let us segregate ourselves, africans can go back to Africa since they love Africa so much. White people can go back to Europe and everyone will be happy, yay!!! One world, please, we don’t need that! Let’s become ignorant.

  • dave mandel

    I am white. And I see this writer’s point – the point of her entire article, to be almost the most ridiculous thing I ever read, from the very first line to the very last. I bet if you are black and you are reading my post, your blood temperature is probably over-boiling at this point. Mine would, too – initially. However… I think all blacks and whites in this country need to do two things: first, get rid of the haters – ship ’em all off to a planet far, far away – let them all kill each other; second, get all the like-minded people (black and white) together to flush all this racial nonsense into the sewer, so we can move forward as one. Anything less is a bunch of buls-chlitt.

  • Billy boink

    First the author of this article is ignorant. Had this been reversed where the white guy was grabbing her and attacking her, the white guy would have been expelled. Dreadlocks have been used as long ago as ancient Greece. They were not created by black people. The blacks of Jamaica brought back the practice into our modern society but the not only did not create dreadlocks, they don’t own them. Maybe people of all races except blacks should start confronting blacks because their hair is straightened.

  • Jack Frost

    I suppose this “White Boy” as the author calls him made his statement about dropping charges out of fear of being attacked and or harassed by Blacks, and or the Pathetic White Guilt Liberals who support the likes of the Racist BLM.

  • Zach

    “It’s tough being black (in America).” And yet blacks won’t leave, even when the white man offers to pay their ticket out.

  • Spiderman81

    There is a backlash coming over this obnoxious Black behavior we see everywhere. Take a look at the rates of violence committed by the Black community instead of worrying about someone’s hair. If a White person did this to a Black person there would be trouble at the local CVS and big screens everywhere would be liberated.

  • James

    whomever wrote this article appears to be a racist. White Supremacy??? Its only ok when it is a non white that is causing the offense. So much BS. Maybe she should go to Jamaica or Trinidad and see what happened to the blacks in Africa that were shipped and sold to others and ended up in these islands. Do a little study on Africa and how the people in the Islands ended up there. Oh their homeland considered them Lazy and sent them there to perform menial labor jobs. Home of the true Dreadlocks

  • Bobbo

    Fine, but when whites do it then, stop acting mad or surprised when we do not care. It is what it is, dumb people acting dumb.

  • Jim Simpson

    White “boy”? So, in the future Ms. Ball, I can refer to black males as “boys”?

  • Jack Frost

    This young man looks to be at least 18, yet he is being called a Boy..White Boy. Supposedly it is RACIST to call a Black Man a Boy? This is using Racist undertones but as always there is a double standard…The author of this piece of garbage needs to at least apologize and then under go sensitivity training…

  • paulmary

    Does she confront white losers that walk around with their pants down?

  • rezistnzisfutl

    You’re right, there is no “reverse racism”, just plain old racism that black people are every bit as capable of. And the reason why you don’t have a problem with it is because you’re a racist.

  • Alex

    Why don’t they call him a white man? What makes he more mature

  • Jared Timothy Mullen

    let me quote a Disturbed song:
    There’s too many men, too many people

    Making too many problems

    And there’s not much love to go around

    Can’t you see this is a land of confusion?

    This is the world we live in

    And these are the hands we’re given

    Use them and let’s start trying

    To make it a place worth living in

    • Dssquared

      That’s actually a Genesis (Phil Collins) song-Disturbed covered it.

  • FoodPolice

    I don’t have anything against black people… everyone should own at least two…

  • Nia Provenzano

    This really highlights a culture of making excuses
    for bad behavior.It is OK this guy minding his
    own business was accosted.Because he
    isn’t that bummed about it And he got
    free publicity for his project.Yet if he had
    accosted the girl and told her that she had
    bushy hair?Then he would be crucified.
    Get the dynamic?Black behavior is OK,
    excusable justifiable.And whatever has
    happened equals someone else to blame.
    In this case it was the fault of the White
    guy for wearing dreads He forced the chick
    to accost him.

  • papabear101

    If it had been a white boy who attacked this thing , he would have been arrested and thrown out of school.
    Why can blacks get away with doing this and nothing happens to them?

  • vaderslith

    she puts the “N” in nagger

  • Jared Timothy Mullen

    i’ll leave this here——->Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

  • Jeff Mason

    Have the last several years brought us to this? Really? My first reaction was why is someone not allowed to wear their hair the way they want to in a free country. I decided it was just as dumb as it would be if white people told black women they have to stop wearing white people’s hair in weaves and wigs. There are more important things to argue about. And why all of the hate? I have never understood hating someone I don’t even know.
    To quote Rodney King, “Can’t we all just get along?” Really. Why don’t we look for ways to make things better instead of looking for ways to hate? It seems to me that someone somewhere is getting mileage out of all of this hate. It seems like they are using us as tools. Whoever it is I wish they would stop stoking this fire. And we don’t have to fall for it ether. Just because someone’s skin is a different color than ours doesn’t mean we have to hate them. There are good and bad people in every race. Will you join me and start see people of other races as equals?
    OK I’m off of my soapbox now.

  • David

    You do realize that braiding hair into dreadlocks in not somehow owned by black people right? The ancient Celts often did a very similar thing with their hair for example. Has this black woman from the video ever listened to Mozart, or ever even listened to music played on a piano? If so, she is clearly intruding on white culture, using her own “logic.” Anyone who defends this woman is a fool and probably a racist.

  • Jurassic Park

    The fact that you call him a White “Boy,” Kind of shows the hypocrisy. I mean come on, can a white person write a title calling a black person a “black boy?” We are writing articles about racism, using racist titles or at the very least speaking in ways that only an entitled few are allowed to get away with.

  • AreUKiddingMe

    On one hand its stupidity at its finest, but then again I don’t really take her seriously since she was smiling or laughing will harassing him.

    • Jurassic Park

      Why would you not? Do all people frown while insulting people? Many dumb people smile when they talk as if they think they are sounding smart. True story…

  • Steve Jacobs

    its quite simple: the girl in the video is a complete racist and this moronic writer is racist.

  • charlesriley

    Cory may say she is not bothered but she wrote a fairly long piece discussing it.
    As to a couple of her points, I am white and I do not feel any guilt at all at being white nor do I feel any shame being white. Why should anyone be ashamed of their color? People simply need to be ashamed or proud of their actions. As to making statements about the entire White race well that has the potential to be as bigoted as making statements about the entire Black race, Indian or Asian race. The world is what it is and complaining about “micro aggressions” seems pointless.
    As to her point about Whites chiming in on various race issues, there is very little point as many people do not want to have a discussion, as much as they lay in wait for an opportunity to be insulted and start finger pointing. Overall it is a waste of time as most people simply want to push a single side of an issue with the view that if the other does not agree then they are raciest or too slow to comprehend.
    Lastly it is fairly arrogant to think a culture owns anything including dreadlocks.

  • James Kiser

    Please eat some #$#@ and die. I am sick and tired of the whining. I don’t care what you feel or what you think So please off your self.

  • Dominic Scalantti

    I like how they said Black WOMAN but White BOY… le sigh

  • Mark

    The fact that the author refers to the male as a “Boy” and the female as a “Woman” is pretty telling.

  • Greg Dove

    she is the worst person ever to have lived

  • Jethro

    Black “WOMAN” confronts white “BOY”? I just know this article was written by a black with an axe to grind. The blacks use the term “boy” as a derisive noun to disparage and demean others. So he is a “boy” will she is a “woman”? Not in my book. She is a b1tch bent on hurting and intimidating someone else. The next time you see her in the restroom tell her to go outside and do her business in the bushes – that’s her African culture.

  • Trey Richardson

    LOL! He’s a Trump supporter in the making!

  • Truthbetold

    I wonder if white people realize that 43 million black DID NOT touch this student. Based on the comments they’ve built a doctrine on this episode, so disappointing.

    • FoodPolice

      Actually most whites did not build a doctrine on this episode… But they have built a doctrine based on most of the black people (and their behavior) that they have encountered and experienced… It’s just that this incident reinforces the majority of their experiences…

      • TrainingBra

        What a life to live, nothing beats a lifelong struggle with cognitive dissonance.

  • Smokey

    Shes a joke and so is anyone trying to spin this incident to make her look less stupid. Im waiting to see mexicans smacking the burritos out of your mouth.

  • Brian Hildebran

    How is dreadlocks her culture? Almost every culture and race at one time in history had dreads in one way or another. Noone owns a culture because culture was always meant to spread and unite. This woman doesn’t have a clue about culture but is rather acting racially biased. That’s fine with me if she wants to, but she needs to educate herself because it shows her ignorance.

  • dave mandel

    “Because of racism… it’s all for one and one for all???” Is this writer saying it’s okay for blacks to be racist? And “reverse racism???” – implying all black racism against others is only done because of the racism done on blacks? I got a great idea: take all the black haters and all the white haters and throw them into the coliseum – and then open the lions’ gate on the victor.

  • Yam Yaryan

    And the damn biscuits were the best I’ve ever had, too.

  • THX 1138

    You have to appreciate when someone takes the time to write up a rant, in the guise of an article, proclaiming neutrality but actually defending and justifying the actions of their own race. And it was done without subtly, and without needing to read between the lines.

    And the logic of “He isn’t bothered. So why should I be?” speaks volumes to the writer and their anger towards the video and what takes place. Sorry, but you have to be really naive to think this “writer” is trying to make a point other than: White people are more racist than any other race; black people “can” be racist, but they have more reasons to be; white people are more violent towards black people; black people only tug on white people’s sleeves.

    Congratulations, you just helped perpetuate the stupidity of your race.

  • me1952

    Why is it anyone’s business how someone wears their hair? Do I have the right to confront a black woman who dyes her hair red? Does anyone have a claim on any hair color or style?
    Grow up.

  • spikefivefivefive .

    So, according to the writer’s “logic”, it would be ok for a white guy to go on a weave patrol as long as the black girl is ok with it?

  • James Bowles

    Time to end Black Privilege and Entitlement….no one has a right to tell me how to dress….or how to talk….and that Knee Gro needs to STFU

  • wally

    when a white person can walk in the North end of Flint mi and not be mugged or killed because of the color of our skin by black racist’s then you can talk your crap that blacks are not racist!

  • yohan krein

    Just more angry black people attacking whites for no reason.” need to confront the cultural violence that is committed every time someone appropriates another’s culture.” Another weak excuse.

  • FoodPolice

    Why would anyone want dreadlocks…? All it does is advertise to other people that
    you don’t wash your hair…!

  • Truthbetold

    This is great now let’s just sit back and watch 80% of the comments from white people segue drastically into some non sequitur about BLM 🙂

    • Deon Charles

      Do you mean the BLM movement that seeks racial privilege and entitlement for blacks only, or the BLM that manages public lands?

  • John Amith

    White boy? Is that a Black Beaotch then?

  • rayhead2

    So why is it a black “Woman” and white “Boy”??????

  • Doug Davis

    It’s true, many black Americans feel that they have to speak for the actions of other lack Americans and that is crap, you have nothing to do with them just as no white person has any accountability for the actions of white racists.

    If you have had enough, if you are ready to be an individual and only answer for your own words and actions let me be the first to welcome you to the Republican party and the world of Conservative individualism.

    We all must join the good fight against Democrat liberal Great Society divide and conquer, it is the biggest evil in our nation today.

  • David Swanner

    Yep. She can just be wrong without it reflecting on black people or the black cause.

  • Removed By Moderator

    White guy from the Bay Area? He should be one of the most liberal Democrats on the planet.

    Well, he was until recently.

  • mememeee

    EXtremely racist attack. She should be expelled and charged with a hate crime.

  • Truthbetold

    I’m black and she is absolutely wrong, hopefully an adult will pull her aside and school her.

  • The Franchise Ronny Blaze

    Headline shows all the disrespect you need to know. Why is she a black woman and he is a white boy? They appear to be close in age to me. He’s in college, so clearly over 18. It seems acceptable to some to call all white guys “boys”. Appears condescending and intentional to me.

    • Deon Charles

      Is that the same condescending and intentional that applied to Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown?

  • Michael Davidson

    I’m unbothered by claims of racism.

    • Deon Charles

      And BLM is clearly unbothered by their own acts of racism.

  • mike kiggins

    this is another one of those justification pieces. Blacks have been violated so long that they’re entitled to manhandle white folks. Can white folks shove a black person for having yellow hair?: Absolutely ridiculous to attempt to justify her hatred. For all the demands to respect personal space, attacking appears more commonplace than ever. It’s as if people are intent on creating a race war. IN MY OPINION, this woman should be punished harshly, as the video clearly demonstrates that at no time did the male act inappropriately. To take it upon yourself to attack (it was an attack-she intentionally violated his personal space without any provocation) and then hide behind “misappropriating my culture.” makes you, and only you, accountable for your transgressions

  • dave mandel

    “It’s tough being black.” Try living in some parts of Asia or South America, where there’s no medicine, food or water. People complain and blame too much, which is why they will forever be stuck in a stagnant life without ever taking full-responsibility for their successes and learning from their failures.

  • Terry

    I find it funny that the writer of the article did not show a shred of remorse for the reverse racism suffered by the white person. Had it been the other way around, there would have been a huge deal made out of it with a big, fat lawsuit.

  • Marshall Wright

    Hispanic American, Caucasian American, Negro American, Asian American, etc., etc.. It is by the definition of ethnicity. Heritage and country is not a defining term as your sovereignty, such as Mexican American, Portuguese American, German American, etc., etc., which tell me nothing. It is your ethnicity and country you were born in. Black man, white man, brown man, yellow man are street and slang terms which are usually used by people who have a limited vocabulary. In this order; country, ethnicity, and then ancestry. I am American Caucasian with European ancestry. Can we all please get educated. Thank You. Marshall Wright

  • leggin

    Forget the phrase, “Reverse Racism.” She’s a “Racist.” If the goal is really to eliminate “Racism,” then apply the same standard to everyone!! To me, “Racism” is an opinion based solely on the color of someone’s skin, either in the absence of fact, or despite facts to the contrary.
    Cancer does not discriminate. It will kill young, old, black, white, rich, poor, male, female, gay or straight. Racism is similar. Don’t think that the color of your skin makes you exempt from being a “Racist.” Don’t think that the color of your skin makes you an Expert on “Racism.”
    The First Amendment to our Constitution guarantees that, at some point, you are going to be offended. This whole struggle seems to be about Respect. Fine!! I am all for respecting others. I expect the same respect in return. More and more, this struggle seems to be about “Special Treatment” as opposed to “Equal Treatment.” I am against that!! I judge everyone by the same standard. It is ssooo simple. Your Character and your Integrity are the only two things that cannot be taken from you. You have to give them away.

  • Webe Weldin

    F.O. She has no right to put hands on anyone. Prosecute her to the fullest extent of the law.

  • Proof all blacks are racists. When you deny your racism, you just prove your racism.

    • Truthbetold

      Proof you failed to take a logic class.

      • Ekul1021

        Agreed, just shows the human race is just incapable of getting along together.

  • gregory

    White boy is a racist term. If Jesse Jackson gets to be African-American we get to define ourselves too. We are Caucasian and proud. I have been off the beaten path in Africa, Middle East and Asia. I got along with everyone. you can be proud of who you are sans racism. Dreadlocks aka jata are not only African but have been worn for thousands of years by Hindu sadus and also Nazrites

  • Jillian walker

    Kcuf that Therapy BS article. Blahcks will always be N166ers. End of story.

    • Truthbetold

      By your comment I know you’re an atheist, so how long have you been one?

  • NormalAmerican

    Charing Ball is insane.

  • badengineer

    Somebody break out the violins so this welfare queen and sing a sad tune! No one cares about blacks in reality… unless they move into your neighborhood. Then you can kiss ur property values good bye!

    • Ekul1021

      From the looks of it, the women’s academic future may be put on hold especially the school is investigating and the video is all over youtube.

  • Chris

    You don’t have a right to put your hands on another person, regardless of your views.

  • Attaboy

    I dont know why any one keeps ragging on this dude … he said he didn’t want to press charges , and if she wanted to apologize for getting physical , that would be good enough for him, he doesnt even think she is wrong for confronting him about it. He is way more chill than I would be, but i would have never really got defensive in the first place. I would have just laughed it off.

    • Ekul1021

      The problem is, the video went on youtube, the media got wind of it, millions of people downloaded it, and the school’s official aren’t too happy that it took place on campus. Of course had that women just S T F U, bit her tongue and went about her business, all of this wouldn’t have happen. The guy can forgive the women and he already did, but the fallout thanks to the internet will be unforgiving. She should just lay low, learn her lesson and hopefully this will blow through.

  • Kevin Smith

    Ok, so basically, if we grab and pull on somebody cause we don’t like their hair style, it’s ok.? Can somebody please write down what we are allowed and not allowed to do, it’s getting confusing.

  • jen

    I thought only whites could have guilt. You know, “White Guilt”? Good to know blacks feel it too. Maybe it’s a start of finding something in common with each other.

  • thedarkangel1975

    I am not sure how you can defend her.

  • art vanya

    This event maybe what is wrong with BLM movement because it is certainly in the wrong direction like the BLM movement. Fix things at home before confronting violently and with threats with society. Go look in the mirror to see who is at fault before you go out and accuse anyone of cultural bias.

    • Ekul1021

      Those BLM people don’t have the guts to look at their own community. Zarriel Trotter was a young black kid that was just shot in the back by gangsters, same people of his color and is now in the hospital and no protest was given for him. But when it came to the criminal who the police had to shoot in self defense, the BLM will protest and defend a criminal, not some kid who was going home from school and got shot by “black” gang members.

      • Truthbetold

        Yeah because all blm people live in the hood…lol.

    • Truthbetold

      Nice try and women of MADD must make sure there marriages and kids and anything else is straight before they talk about drunk driving. Art your comment is stupid and a horrible segue.

  • Clark Kent

    If that’s the case then she should be getting mad at Black women for straightening their hair.

  • Doubting Thomas

    Race doesn’t really exist, except in the minds of some people.

    But, it is what people use to define the world.

    Black culture in the US is so deficient that it skews many things to a negative. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome vs other developed nations is higher because of an overrepresented by blacks. Homicide rates vs other nations is due to blacks. etc etc.

    Either we assimilate or destroy or remove. My own morals say we force assimilate first, back up is removal and third is destruction.

  • Jeff

    Oh black people, so accepting of other cultures. As long as they only agree with their own misguided notion of their own culture. Here’s a little information for you by the way, dreadlocks originated in ASIA. The only thing black people have invented culture wise is an alarming single mother birth rate, extremely high crime rate, and disgustingly high drug abuse rate.

    • Truthbetold

      Fail, you sir I see have not bothered to look at the drunk driving stat here in the states.

  • rockymiko

    I bet the writer has no problem either when a black person murders another black, but low and behold if someone from another race especially white killed a black, all the unemployed living off the state so called professional activists come out of the woodwork.

    • Kory Green

      You’re a racist. That’s why I can’t take your complaint seriously.

  • Harold Block

    I find it best to avoid black people whenever possible. You never know what’s going to offend them and set them off. Just smile, be polite and go on with your life. I would never let it be known but as an HR professional for a Fortune 500 company I make sure not to hire black people because they tend to be more trouble than anyone else I hire. No joke. I repeat…smile, be polite, but limit all interactions with black people.

    • Kory Green

      You don’t fight bigotry with more bigotry.

      • Harold Block

        It’s more convenience than bigotry. They can’t accuse you of anything if you just politely smile and avoid them.

        • Kory Green

          They can look at your hiring record. You just admitted that you refuse to hire blacks based on your prejudice. That’s wrong.

    • Truthbetold

      Harold, you wish, probably some assistant to an assistant to the lead clerk, but keep dreaming.

      • Harold Block

        I never claimed to be a CEO…but I can guarantee that I’ve thrown many resumes in the trash rather than move them to the next level. You can never tell which black applicant will be a militant and I just don’t need that aggravation in my life.

  • FrowniFace ʕ ಡ ﹏ ಡ ʔ

    “Reverse” Racism, no this is just Racism. Whether black or white you can be racist. Remember inclusivity, you shouldn’t treat anyone special or make excuses on a person’s behavior because of the color of his skin.

  • Marshall Wright

    A culture can not be owned by any one particular ethnicity. A culture is something that evolves over time which consists of attributes and art. American culture is a little bit of everything. Many Negro women have their hair straightened. Straightening of the hair is not a natural cause and effect. Dreadlocks on a Caucasian occur as a result of not grooming and washing the hair and, as a result the natural effects are dreadlocks and matted hair. Natural changes to the human body are impossible to steal. Oprah Winfrey straightens her hair through an unnatural process which changes the molecular structure of her hair and, allows her to look more diverse in her ethnicity resembling less the appearance of Negro. Michelle Obama has her hair straightened. Let us be sensible and intelligent. I myself wear African bead necklaces occasionally. Why do African Negros sell their art work to Caucasian tourists? Negro Americans are not Negro Africans. Negros born in the United States are Americans and not Africans. There is no such thing as African American. There is, however, such a thing as Negro ( ethnicity ) American. Ancestral Lineages are not the definition of where you are born and grow up. Some people don’t know how to live in the present and transcend into the future because, they can’t let go of the past. My advice to this Negro woman who was harassing the young Caucasian man is to shut her mouth and allow Americans to exercise their right for freedom of self expression. This young man was minding his own business and not bothering anyone and, displaying no concern for the business of racism. His intents and purposes are innocent and he should not have to undergo scrutiny by someone who has nothing better to do than harass other people. This young man should forget the whole situation and let his dreads keep growing. Marshall Wright

  • She absolutely had no rights to do that. Dumb, really dumb.

  • Tom

    Funny thing about what is described by the made up term “reverse racism”….It’s racism.

  • chris

    It isn’t reverse racism, it’s just racism. This magazine is racist.

  • John Gregory

    Sorry, but the fact remains that black Americans are some of the most racist people in the country!!!

  • chris

    This is a racist magazine. It’s garbage run by a bunch of fkg nygrs. “white boy”… fk you btch. And that wasn’t a black woman, that was a nygr btch.

    • Truthbetold

      Well you certainly don’t seem like a racist…lol. Look go to church and ask the Lord to save you before you end up in hell.

  • JuggyBohab .

    so it’s only racist unless it’s against white people then it’s fair game?


  • Rwall

    The White Boy ask her Do you know where Dreadlocks come from She did not know
    Turns out it is Not A Black Thing Try Egypt A long time Ago I lean to a Hate Crime myself (Her)

  • Rodney Bernard Hubbard

    As an African American Male….if she touched me, I would slap the spit our of her mouth.

  • Dan

    Nothing the black girl was wearing was invented by blacks–certainly not by Africans–so, by her logic, she should be walking around with nothing on.

    • Truthbetold

      Good point, now isn’t it nice to be born white and take credit from those way better than you?

      • Dan

        If they were way better than I am, I wouldn’t be in a position to take credit away from them. Duh.

        • Istvan Cregui

          Not helping. The “wearing nothing at all” comment is tantamount to the spirit of her behavior, Dan. Why is everyone so “low” nowadays?

          • Dan

            I’m demonstrating the absurdity of that black woman’s point when she confronted the guy. Why are you so incapable of following a logical argument?

            • Istvan Cregui

              Because your comment was in no way a clear demonstration of HER absurdity. Be honest: What you REALLY meant was Africans ran around wearing nothing at all, like in a Hanna Barbera cartoon, or in some other simplistic generalization of an entire continent. Believe me, I’m not the overly-sensitive, political correctness police, but your “joke” was intellectually lazy.

  • Attaboy

    ” Reverse racism ” was a term that was coined to describe a person the was overtly nice to a race they think is disadvantaged. Basically a person that is only nice to a minority because they are a minority. Its a white guilter. Reverse Racism is what the entire Democrat party morphed into.

    • Kory Green

      Then why do white people use it to describe black people who are rude to them?

      • Attaboy

        because they are dumb I guess , I remember this term being talked about in the 90s. Whoopi Goldberg talked about it. I guess language does evolve though.

  • joz molody

    Simply, there either is racism or there is not. The idea of some reverse racism somehow being ok is just one of many excuses to try to justify your racism.
    If you are offended by a white man wearing what has been a hairstyle worn by both blacks and other races at times in history, you should be equally offended by black people trying to appropriate white culture with straightening and coloring their hair. Anything less is plain simple racism…over a hairstyle no less.

  • SupportMcCarthyism

    This is just one of many reasons why so many whites don’t take blacks so seriously. One can only wonder how many of the Black Lives Matter group are actually members of the Black Panthers, who have been quoted on YouTube saying: “Kill all whites people, especially white girls and the ‘n’ that date them.”

    • Ekul1021

      The “new” Black Panther are nothing more then another groups like the Nazi S.A. back in 1930s.

      • Kory Green

        Prove it.

        • SupportMcCarthyism

          You should listen to some of the comments the BP has posted online over the past few years.

        • Ekul1021

          http://www.theblaze .com/stories/2012/05/21/new-black-panther-field-marshal-whites-should-be-thankful-were-not-hanging-crackers-by-nooses-yet-yet-yet/

        • Ekul1021

          Also when they salute with raising their right arm, it is also the nazi salute too. And if you look at their uniforms with the SA, it almost matches. Otherwise, history is repeating itself again.

        • Ekul1021

          Also the “leader” calling himself the “Field Marshall”, is the same rank as the highest honor in the German Third Reich Arm forces.

        • Ekul1021

          Also note I’m refering to the “New” Black Panther, not the old guard where they actually did strive for diversity.

    • Kory Green

      Why are you even thinking about BLM or the New Black Panther Party? That makes you the racist.

      • SupportMcCarthyism

        So you claim.

        • Kory Green

          I meant to give you a thumbs down. I don’t like you, so in case you’re confused.

    • Truthbetold

      I can’t take you serious based upon your fallacious reasoning. So when Parker raped that baby, why should I take white people serious? Look take a logic class you seem desperate to tie-in every racist perspective based upon this event then segue into other fallacious reasoning.

  • Super Rob

    Beyonce can have long straight blond hair but white guys can’t have dreads?

  • Ekul1021

    Rule of the day for that women should have been was to “shut her mouth, bite her tongue, and go to class.” Now with this incident on youtube, even the victim who already said he’ll forgive her in exchange for an apology won’t be able to stop the flood of trolls that women is going to get there.

  • gawlone

    next time you see a black women with a white wig on rip it off her nappy head

  • PK68

    Reverse racism? Doesn’t that mean you aren’t racist? Racism can occur against any color.

  • @kace29

    I just don’t get you people, making a big mountain out of a molehill. Y’all act as through she killed the guy or something!

    • Attaboy

      its only because if the tables were turned the leftist media would be crying “Jim Crow”

    • Dan

      Assault to start. No big deal just like the 3 black girls that accused whites of harassing them and call them racial names I guess that was no big deal either. Blacks are out of control

      • @kace29

        Don’t you know, your people are reaping what they’ve sown? If you take a wild cat into your home and inspect it to be domesticated, just because you think it should. Don’t be surprised if that wild cat continues to go out doors, despite your dis

  • tonybot3

    Its funny how in her mind, she thought she was being righteous, only to realize that this will follow her for the remainder of her life. (in a negative way).

  • Steven Balcaitis

    Gee a black person “unbothered” by racism from blacks directed toward whites? Shocking…. not only that, “it’s tough being black” Really, care to share your experience as a white person? or an Asian person or Middle Eastern? Oh wait, you weren’t any of those so you have no idea how it is to be them. Yet being black must be hard because you, a black, says so. GTFO. If your unhappy with white people, then please stay away from us. It should be a win-win, but no, you don’t want to stay away from us, you want to be everywhere we are, then complain about us every chance you get.

  • Dan

    What a ridiculous article. First, if “proportions matter,” as she says, then she can’t complain that black people are all reflected poorly when a riot takes place, because they are the ONLY race that does riot…and they do it frequently. Rampage shooters have been white, Asian, including Native American, and black.
    Secondly, if it’s not such a bad thing what this lunatic woman did, what if whites attacked every black woman with straight hair?? I doubt this joke of a reporter would be okay with that. This clown’s reasoning is a perfect example of why the black community can’t get its act together.

  • doug gano

    Your whole article is RACIST! Reverse racism doesn’t exist! Only racism which is targeting someone because of their race. Your article is filled with “micro” aggressions against whites and conservatives. But I guess you feel that is justified. People are people so just treat everyone with respect.
    If you believe in appropriation of one’s culture… most people would have to give up half of their identities. Americans are a mix of multiculturalism which is why America is so great!

  • Guest

    Nah nothing wrong with the term “White Boy” when speaking about a young man in his 20’s… nothing demeaning about that term at all.

  • BadAss

    WHITE BOY? Really, someone needs to lose their Job for that title (He is a MAN)
    And she doesn’t see anything wrong with it because she is a over Entitled piece of crap.

  • Dan

    Calling him a white boy is racist right off the bat,. He is a man who is this hack writer? The girl had a p roblem with his hair would she have a problem if his pants w ere sagging since she is so worried about her black culture.

  • Steve

    Oh good grief. A black person goes mental and gets defended. If the situation had been reversed, cries of racism would be echoing off the walls.

  • boboadobo

    racism is racism …stop the reverse racism that term is so 1980’s!

  • Joseph Brewer

    Your logic is porous and offensive at best. Just because the victim is sanguine from said discrimination does not make it acceptable. Gaining wealth or exposure from being victimized does not magically erase the victimization. Glossing over it makes you a hypocrite. Also, while we are at it, can we stop spreading this idea that dreadlocks are exclusive to black culture? Many traditional Central Americans wear their hair in dreadlocks; Indian ascetics often wear their hair in dreadlocks; Asian Pacific Islanders sometimes wear their hair in dreads; in Central Asia, dreadlocks used to be very common. It’s very strange that some younger kids think it’s exclusive to blacks when other cultures traditionally have worn dreadlocks.

  • There is no such thing as “reverse racism”. This is just plain racism.

  • Han Solo

    It’s getting pretty tough being white now. Most blacks are just as guilty of racism as most whites.

  • Michael Smith

    It appears that Ms. Bonita Tindle needs a lesson in multi-culturalism and tolerance. I shudder to think what she might do if she saw a black Santa Claus in the mall… lol

  • jojo

    “Let’s call it, Black guilt.”
    No, let’s just call it what it really is: More Black Racist Bullshit

  • Vietnam Combat Veteran

    Why is the black woman SO insecure? Anyone can wear dreadlocks; including, but limited to — the woman in question. What an idiot; what a moronic example of behavior on her part. She set back race relations fifty years — and I BET she’s on every type of welfare assistance there is — and THEN some. The next thing we’ll hear is that she was elected as vice-president of black LIES matter.

    • Kory Green

      In an effort to combat bigotry, you just displayed more bigotry. NICE! Your parents should be proud.

  • greg

    Im not even sure why the lady had a problem, how did she know the fella wasn’t celebrating his own heritage through hair style? The celtic people and nordic people both have used dread locks in their hairstyles and I’m sure others have too. Hairstyle is not skin colour related. In any case the lady should not have laid her hands on the man. Live and let live.

    • Joe Martin

      Nordic people just plain didnt brush their hair. 😀
      Dreadlocks are used in many cultures in HOT areas. It mimics curly african hair and keeps the head cool.

  • Pee Bee

    Charing Ball, you got issues. The girl was out of line and you’re blabbering on about blacks being victims, etc., and how whites stand by silently when blacks suffer? ARE YOU F***ING KIDDING ME!? So should whites and asians be offended when blacks straighten their hair? Grow up.

    • Attaboy

      They dont like studying the post civil war era… Democrats dont like talking about those 100 years.

  • BA

    hmmmm, hope she has never relaxed or straightened her hair.

  • MisanthropeMilitant .

    Let that man rock his dreads…damn… f#$% do you want from these people?

  • Why do they have to call him white boy? Why does she have to put her hands on him? Do you think they care if white people have dreadlocks in Africa?

  • Los Angeles

    Blacks are constantly defending their idiots.

  • Carl Jensen

    Welcome to the US of A, the melting pot of the world, with more nationalities, races and creeds living together than anywhere else in the world. Here, unlike some places, we take great pride in sharing in each other’s cultures and heritages, share each other’s joys and pains. Where once we were as barbaric as anyone, we’ve matured as a nation and have developed successful societal imperatives such as freeing the slaves, woman suffragette and expanding civil rights in all kinds of directions, heralding ourselves as an example to the world that yes, all peoples can live in harmony.
    That was… idealistic of me. The mere thought that a white person wearing dreads should be found as cultural appropriation, or even just offensive, runs counter to everything I believe in. The author is good not to be concerned, despite her clear prejudices. As she feels oppressed in her perception of a “white” America, the only answer is anger or derision towards those who would disagree. I suppose I may now deride black women with hair extensions made from below-poverty level women in India. That seems a more personal sort of appropriation, but it doesn’t bother me either.

  • Attaboy

    Last dude that called me a “white boy” to my face was put on sleep mode. You black a holes are such hypocrites in everything you do.

  • MisanthropeMilitant .

    you dont see asians snatching the weaves off your heads. “cultural appropriation” #$%&^ your reinventing myself

    • Joe Martin

      Dreadlocks arent even an African thing. Africans braid, have a styled fro or just plain shave it off. They dont NEED dreads. They are for people with straight hair. Indians had the dreads,


    What drivel.

    Notice you call her a “woman” and the guy “boy”.

    I think we know who the real racist is

  • Lizzy Lawson

    And here is why I am not bothered by you or your gene pool.

    You have the intellect of a Dixie Cup.

  • Roger Enright

    Blah blah blah. The usual reprehensible “excuses” for black racism. “We’re actually the victims, so any victimizing of whites WE do is OK”, and so on and so on. This is exactly why race relations between whites and blacks continue to worsen. Whites are fed up with the double standard from blacks on everything from racism to the “N” word, and blacks have a terminal case of tone deafness when it comes to listening to criticism from whites. Oh, well, I guess it’ll eventually come down to a race war of some kind and blacks, with their heavy concentration in urban areas which are not self sustaining in terms of food and water, will inevitably lose the war.

  • Mark Rollins

    I like her, and i’m a conservative white dude. I can’t stand all the white dudes acting all rhasta. On the flip side i don’t like when black women relax and blond their hair. The prettiest black women wear their hair naturally.

  • John Scott

    Face it people the race card will be played if needed and the women will just say she heard the young man say something racist. The school will do nothing. After all the black privilege play that the article implies will work believe it.

  • Kory Green

    There’s no such thing as “reverse racism,” but this woman was wrong. She needs to be fired and arrested for assault and battery.

  • travisMB

    It seems in some cases; especially with a white dude wearing dreads, that cultural appropriation is an homage to the appropriated culture as opposed to anything negative. What exactly are you mad about? That he is doing it wrong? And why does one race/culture whatever have a monopoly on something as trivial as a hairstyle? Maybe reverse racism is actually a thing and it is when a minority race is hostile to the majority race for the smallest perceived infractions because of the cumulative effect of all the other larger infractions.

  • Bryan Manning

    Of course you are not bothered…..of course.

  • Pants_Up__Dont_Loot

    Ninja please. Blacks are just as racist, if not more.

  • Dash Riprock

    Just love how they start the story with a racist headline. Why is the white male referred to as a ‘boy’, yet the black female is referred to as a’ woman’? Now just imagine if the roles were reversed and it was a white woman antagonizing a black man and they referred to the white female as ‘white woman’ and the black male as ‘black boy’…..all hell would break loose.

    • Kory Green

      True… the bias was immediate, right there in the title.

  • Steve

    Then black women should not appropriate my culture by straightening and bleaching their hair blond. If your not of European decent then don’t try to look like it. And dreadlocks were not invented by blacks.
    p.s. Blacks did not invent the dreadlock hairstyle. Sorry!

  • Realitystrikes96778

    She is a black “woman” and he is a white “boy”. That’s a clue to the bigotry of the author right there.

    The woman is a bully who accosted a frail looking young man because of his race. There is no justification for that. Twist this all you like and it is still a racist bully picking on a smaller person because of his appearance. And all the while she doing it, she has a little muscle standing off to the side. It is despicable behavior, racially motivated, and inexcusable.

    This incident is not excused because of all of the other social problems the world has known since the beginning of time. The incident is in and of itself a single act that is actionable by law and school policies. It doesn’t matter if the young man is taking a public posture of forgiveness. The young woman should not be allowed back on campus after harassing a fellow student because of his race.

  • Johna Poster

    I am offended by the racist “White Boy” in the title. I demand justice!

  • Errol Penfield

    Constant reference to a/the “white boy”…an inane, unwelcome, unnecessary assault….an agressive reaction to the person video recording it… if the woman involved cared about her “race” she would have jumped on the bystander for dressing like a clown.

  • john anderson 42069

    It is not reverse racism. It’s just plain ol standard racism. I guess that black chick forgot that many many many other black females wear other people’s hair like a hat. Hair from a totally different race of people, unlike this white kid with dreads, he is still wearing his own hair.

  • Dana Jameson

    I think most of the individuals commenting on this site must have missed the intent/purpose of this fine, wonderfully written article. In my mind, those who publicly condemn this girls actions or otherwise, may just be unknowingly playing into a greater scheme. Don’t bite the
    ‘Snickers’ kandy bar, no matter how delicious it may look like it taste

  • Mus Attac

    “White boy” and “Black woman” – Nice. Both the social justice nazi and the author of this “article” are both racist. But that is OK since they are not “white men”.

  • David

    The subtle racist term “white boy” should get the writer fired. Also, racism is racism, it can come from people of any colour, including black.

  • InterestingFact

    Due to her microaggression that marginalized this young man, there should be an organized effort to create a safe space in this school where he, and others with dreadlocks, can reflect and express himself away from those who are dread-less. A class focusing on the diversity of hair needs to be implemented for all underclassman. As retribution for guilt, a statue of Bob Marley and Whoopi Goldberg, two iconic dread-havers, shall be erected on opposite ends of campus. Oh, since the president of the University has not reacted appropriately yet, I demand for his immediate resignation.

  • Daniel Martin

    all 3 of them make me want to vomit

  • InterestingFact

    Why is she a black WOMAN but he is a white BOY? Seems from the video the age assignments should be reversed…

  • jp sartre

    She needs to be reprimanded, if not fired, for her behavior. There is no excuse for behaving that way.

  • Jeff Morse

    She committed misdemeanor assault twice and needs to be charged and/or expelled from the university.

  • Dan Hagerty

    one of Oblowzo’s Army of idiots…..

  • Painted

    Ahhh the hypocrisy if the rolls had been reversed the white guy would be charged with a hate crime. Black lives matter to who I ask who ?

  • Rick Morton

    “As if a Black girl tugging the sleeves of a White dude in dreadlocks is remotely comparable to all the discrimination, aggression and micro-aggression Black people face daily in this country. Proportions do matter.”

    That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever read. This author is completely delusional!

  • Grendle Jones

    Blacks commit over 52% of all homicides in the US. Whites and latinos are lumped together. Fact. Look it up.

  • Grendle Jones

    Blacks are a cancer on the planet, lets talk about appropriating races, blacks would be naked if that was the case. This can only happen in california, whites, defend yourselves against blacks.

  • MEL

    This is completely DUMB!!!!!! So I would guess every Black woman with Extra Straight Weave should be called OUT!!!!!! Hell he would be tired and retired calling out all these females!!!!

  • disqus_jJeCwaRyP2

    This “College girl” of nowadays is such lacking idiot. She is obviously too ignorant to even be in College. But nowadays I could also understand what is happening here as well with lowering the bar for idiots like her. This absolute idiot actually believes she has the right to dictate what somebody else should and shouldn’t do according to her lopsided delusional way of thinking. I could only wish this absolute idiot luck. She has already established a really piss-poor resume for her future and will need all the luck she can possibly get.

  • mosche

    The author is a racist pig…there is no white BOY just like there are no black BOYS.

  • Brash Turkleton

    Ummm, the title of the story mentions “Reverse racism”? Theres no such thing, its just plain old racism.

  • Brian Pratt

    The writer of this article is a racist and should be hung from the end of a rope.

  • D.B. Cooper

    If that white boy has half a clue, he would first get rid of the dreads. No one’s going to hire him looking like that. Second, white boy here reeks of being a liberal democrat who either supports Hillary or Bernie. Let this incident be a lesson of who the real racists are. You aren’t going to ever get rid of racism, but you would be better off being on the side that doesn’t hate you.

  • Trever Meenen

    White supremacy? the rich people with the power are called Jewish not white you idiot if you want to blame someone blame the Jewish people they are the ones making the calls in this country. Secondly, If your life is so bad as you claim it is why do you continue to live here? the government offers free trips to African Americans that want to return to Africa if you hate white people so much go live there what is stopping you? you’re nothing but a racist POS.

  • John

    Bet the writer of this article would have been screaming racism had this been the other way around……

  • jay lo

    Bad acting!

  • VVV

    Some black people misunderstand the struggle making it harder for the rest of us. He can wear the hairstyle, its not about wearing the hair. There is a difference between appropriation and appreciation and some black people themselves need to recognise that.

  • JJ

    Goldstein? This is a jew, he is clearly NOT white.

  • Freddy Fabulous

    Why should you be bothered by it? For the same reason everyone else is. Downplaying this isn’t going to change people’s strong reaction to this. It’s disgusting.

    I’d like to see you (and others) apply this “live and let live” strategy across the board and not just when a black girl is caught acting like a stupid entitled child.

    That is called integrity.

  • bwoop bwoop bwoop

    her employment prospects just went down faster than E.T the game.

  • Vanessa James

    In Ancient Greece, kouros sculptures from the Archaic period depict men wearing dreadlocks,[2] while Spartan hoplites (generally described as fair-haired)[3] wore formal locks as part of their battle dress.[4] The style was worn by Ancient Christian Ascetics, and the Dervishes of Islam, among others.[5] Some of the very earliest Christians also may have worn this hairstyle; there are descriptions of James the Just, first Bishop of Jerusalem, who is said to have worn them to his ankles.[6]

    Further, the Celts and Vikings were known to wear them. Dreadlocks popped up independently in Egypt, Greece, Ireland, the Nordic countries, the Maori of new Zealand, Buddhists and Jainists in India, and there’s evidence for them in Mayan warriors in the Americas.

  • Brianna Dickson

    As small as it is, she was still racist period. She obviously needs to pick up a hobby and do something to increase her self esteem. When we start arguing about symbols and blowing them out of proportion so we can feel super duper special, you know you have a problem and need to find what you’re looking for inside of yourself. Symbols cannot make up for your lack of pride in you. Fuckin’ dreadlocks, seriously. Bet you have a million page book on how high a damn dreadlocks importance is. In the end, it’s a damn hippy hairstyle. A bunch of naps!

  • disqus_OBJ1nn7cwY

    MadameNoire – clearly you are not bothered because you are racist yourself. “white boy” is a racist term and yet you embrace it and take possession of it as any good racist would. were the races reversed, would you call the male student a “black boy”? I think not…

  • doug gano

    How can I have sympathy for your plight when you prove to be racist. I saw a black girl commit a hate crime against a white boy simply because of his color and you justified that it is acceptable. She is a RACIST is the simple fact!

  • Guestgirl

    Hindus, Greeks, Celts, Vikings, different African cultures, Biblical characters, and the Aztecs all rocked dreadlocks before the Jamaican rastafaris ever ran off with it. Not seeing how this is “black cultural appropriation”. Maybe if he was wearing cornrows, which actually have African origins, than sure, whatever. But locks? Try again.

    Also, there is no such thing as black culture. African American culture? Yes. Jamaican culture? Yes. Ethiopian culture? Yes. Black culture? No.

  • Wajanique Porter

    After this article, I think I’m done with this website. How can you defend someone cutting another person hair just because of how they feel or don’t like it?

  • Sandra B

    Where does she get off telling this guy how he can / can’t wear his hair?!!! Especially since there are SO MANY Black women out there straightening their hair and wearing tracks?! And I’m one of them. He can wear his hair any way he pleases. She had no right to put his hands on him (even if he wasn’t hurt in anyway) and harrass him. As long as Blacks want to complain about discrimination and how we’re treated, they need to treat people the way they want to be treated! Like Rodney King said, “can’t we all just get along?”!!!

  • Gozira!


    the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.

    prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.

    “a program to combat racism”
    synonyms: racial discrimination, racialism, racial prejudice, xenophobia, chauvinism, bigotry, casteism

    Lol, right back at ya. The ludicrous claim that “blacks hold no power” is absurd to begin with. Having power, is NOT an either-or proposition. Nobody outside extreme liberal academia believes what you believe.

  • BNYC

    We as black people hate when others try to police us and here she is trying to police someone else. I don’t see the point in her, as a female, getting into a confrontation with a male about how he wears his hair. She clearly isn’t Rasta and she definitely isn’t God. I have yet to see or hear someone with naturally straight hair tell a black woman not to wear her hair straight because it’s not her culture. This lady has an opinion. I have seen quite a few white guys with locs that are very nice. She needs to sit down somewhere.

  • guest

    Some of us are so counterproductive to our cause.

  • guest


  • Gator2001

    Cultural appropriation is a myth, but also an oxymoron created by liberals. While the liberals want a multicultural society, but then say one culture can’t have what other cultures have. It doesn’t and can’t work that way.

    It has gotten quite ridiculous on university campuses. Most of the sjw stories I read about now show one thing to me: these particular kids don’t have a mentality that of a college aged student. Maybe they should return to kindergarten. I taught English to kindergarten classes and the mentality comparison is not actually very far off.

    Nobody owns rights to clothes, food, hairstyles, words, hats, styles, etc, unless they trademarked it. It is dumb to claim otherwise.

    Culture has been SHARED since the beginning of time and will continue until the end of time.

    On a funny note, I do find it humorous that most everyone claiming CA is using the English language and they are not from England nor Germany…haha. I am both. Stop using my ancestor’s language!

  • heyheyno

    I’m not sure if you can identify his hairstyle as dreads it look a little jacked lol. Anyway I see what the author is saying sometimes when someone black does something wrong we might feel the black guilt. However, I in no ways feel guilty about what this girl choose to do. It’s so many causes out here to fight for where I feel discrimination as both a black person and a woman. Getting mad at some white college student for wearing something that halfway looks like dreads is not one of them,

    • Kory Green

      EXACTLY, sister… she was wrong and she needs to be fired and or arrested. I can’t feel this “cultural appropriation” cause, either, especially when WE as black people have stolen from white culture…

  • Gozira!

    The only people who think blacks can’t be racist are self-serving racists themselves. Few people outside liberal academia believe this horse-business.

    Your post proves succinctly that anyone is capable of being a hateful bitter racist.

  • morenYAHdelsur

    This is dumb.

  • Sunnysideup

    You sound like a fool. There’s nothing about this guy that’s “trying to be black.” He has NOTHING to own up to either. He has also done NOTHING to suggest he views himself as being superior to ANYONE, let alone black people. You seem to love to make negative accusations against whites, but as this case shows, they have NO substance.

  • LogicOverEmotion

    I want everybody to google Kardashians eat fried chicken cultural appropriation. Yes this is real…it really happened. This is the culture crazy black women have created.

  • Homie91

    Maybe Asian women should start doing this to Black women.

    • Okay now

      Maybe you should hush cause not all black women wear weaves. And we are not the only race that uses it. I do agree, this lady was wrong for attacking the kid.

      • Homie91

        “Not all black women wear weaves” – No shyt Sherlock. *roll eyes*

      • LogicOverEmotion

        But the majority of you do so much so that you accused Kylie Jenner of cultural appropriation for wearing a ponytail.

  • Adrie

    ok, well i’m bothered by charing ball defending someone putting their hands on another person without provocation. i’m also bothered because near everything charing ball says is, or is based on, nonsense. and i’m also bothered by the apparent lack of an editor on the madamenoire staff roster. called me bothered betty :/

    • Kitty

      Thank you! I thought i was the only one and lord i still remember her from their videos “going in” on some rapper smhh

  • Annamuffin

    Oh shut up, how many accounts do you have…

  • get moving

    Who is she to tell him what he can’t wear as a style?? As annoying as it might be, confronting him is just inviting a problem. She was also wrong for putting her hands on him. Now if he had turned around and socked her a $$ I wouldn’t even be mad. She can say whatever she likes but the moment you place hands on someone else, game over.

  • hannah

    Why do people refer to him as a “boy”?

  • Carter

    Did this chick say, “Do not put your hands on me”? She was pissed that guy was taping because she wasn’t going to be able to rewrite the truth later.

  • Annamuffin

    That girl needs to be arrested, I have thick curly hair that’s really long when I flat iron it and the last thing I want is a fool coming up to me saying my hair cultural apportioning when I grew it out of my head…

  • Emily

    I don’t agree with this woman at all, but LOL at all the people selling that locs, apparently, have nothing to do with Black people. Given Blacks are the original man/woman… and the oldest Indian Haplogroups are straight out of Africa, why are we citing every culture but Africans as wearers of dreads. Brilliant.

    Is that where these kids found their inspiration to wear their hair or did they get the idea from … ohhhhhh…. the Caribbean and Bob Marley, etc… O_o?

    Look, she’s a fool – child, but the arguments on the page as to how blacks have no more a tie to modern locs than any other group, is classic nonsense.

    Young white kids are not wearing dreads because they just came from a visit to India or were just reading up on Vikings, so please stop with the weak arguments. She was wrong (needs to be suspended actually), but you all manipulating the reality, per usual.

  • Ty

    The problem I am have is, that WE KNOW how it feels like to be in that position. We fight every day to remove this soul crippling reality from our existence. So why inflict this to another?

  • Atjs

    Since when were dreadlocks solely African/African American? Even historically? Did black people try to pull an Apple (who tried to patent the rectangle smh) and file for a patent of ownership or something? Why are you already gearing up defensiveness against a “reverse racism” argument that clearly hasn’t even manifested yet? Goldstein–more than likely of Jewish/Mediterranean descent….which gives him historical right, in a way, to wear dreadlocks too….if it really must matter that much (super petty). Yes, Caucasians do look at the heinous actions of their few as a reflection of the whole, just like we do with ourselves and other cultures, and just like other cultures do with themselves and their projections on other cultures. That’s a part of human nature and the groupthink “cultural” groupings have provided us. If this isn’t a big deal to you, why post a whole diatribe about it? Why are you condemning the actions of the black culture by comparing them to the actions of the Caucasian culture? I mean, you aren’t praising Asians or Hawaiians at the expense of blacks. Culturally, we are different from whites for a reason but this article practically begs the question “why can’t black people be more white”. Anyway, I’m not going to keep picking this nonsense apart. Cultural appropriation is a whole other tangent for another day.

  • Emily

    I’m trying to say this all in a way that does not offend, but … African-Americans claim locs? Locs have been around since TIME IMMEMORIAL, but do AAs realize their most recent exposure and co-option of locs are likely from their Black Caribbean cousins? Black Caribbean cousins whose locs may have been religious in nature and not widely accepted intranationally? A loc’d people who, through philosophy, theoretically would accept people from anywhere on the globe to wear there hair in such a way at home, in the islands? Sidenote: Unfortunately, locs became misused by those engaging in the lower end drug trade between the Caribbean/Americas and are now associated with criminal behavior.

    Look, I’m just kind of offended by the fact that this young lady probably has no true understanding of what she is aggressively, yet ignorantly, fighting to protect. I need her to go on quest of self-discovery and get off of social media in favor of real exposure to the things she BELIEVES she holds dear. Go where locs were last a beacon of philosophy. Understand that all people would be welcome to wear their hair in such a way and to find a better way of discussing these issues.

    When I was growing up, I NEVER saw African-Americans wearing locs… EV-VA. Maybe just Robert Townsend and Denzel Washington wearing some terrible Michonne-styled wigs, but it was NEVER, as far as I knew, the domain of AA-culture… just an accent to it (Lauryn Hill, etc…), so PLEASE don’t be aggressive in the name of locs… is what I’m saying. That is not in the spirit of the hair. Believe me, in terms of their stealing, Locs are the LEAST of our worries.

    She is misusing something that her community only recently claimed, she needs to center herself and respect other peoples bodies.

  • Dania Coleras


  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    she had no right to put her hands on him period…much less say what she said…she’s lucky he didn’t slap her i would’ve

    • Annamuffin

      Me too

  • Raze

    I get her stance, but to attack someone because of what you think is wrong is…wrong.

  • nanci

    yes she was dead wrong to harrass the guy like that, what is wrong with some people, but then again she could be bipolar.

  • nanci

    thats none of her business how the boy did with his hair, that was totally out of place for her to do that. I think she is crazy.

  • Alinxz

    I hate to say it but I just think there is going to be a race war in the US at some point.

  • bedot

    dreadlocks are NOT culturally exclusive to black folks. we are known, predominantly, to be associated with those who lock but it is not exclusive to our culture. ascetic holymen and women (sahdus) from ANCIENT india did and still do grow free form dreadlocks. the locks are called jata. these are indian people… in asia… that have a documented history of carrying practices and traditions that date back just as far, if not farther than our own as black folks. i would like for us to try to think, research and consider possibilities that date back a bit farther than our beloved bob marley or dare i say, the bible.

  • LogicOverEmotion

    Did this writer say it’s “cultural violence ” when someone uses another’s culture? This is what the PC/libtards have done to America. I applaud many black women for criticizing that idiot of a woman for attacking the guy about his hair style but at the same time so many of you black women have perpetuated this ideology and behavior. Ever since Amandla Stenberg made a video about cultural appropriation you all have been complaining about a hair style worn by whites even though you all VOLUNTARILY (bc NODBODY IS MAKING YOU) participate in white, Asian, and Indian culture everyday. From the meals you cook to the fashion you wear…and don’t give me that cultural assimilation bullchit bc you don’t have to eat Chinese food or Italian food to survive in America. It seems to me a lot of you all are trying to save face bc once you see this type of attitude in action you realize how stupid it is and the backlash is going to severely impact how the world looks at you. Now white people are all over the Internet talking about how black women straighten their hair to look white ,how they wear white hair styles, how black people use white culture daily ,and they are telling people the TRUE HISTORY OF DREADS ( it did not originate from blacks ) .And this is not a black race thing but a BLACK WOMAN THING bc you are the biggest group of race baiters in this country. This is the second time this week a black woman has been called out on her bullchit race baiting and I am happy the light is being shed on this foolery. You all have allowed your insecurity to reach such lows that everybody is throwing you under the bus.

    • IanMC

      Ok. I agree with you, you just dont need to insult a whole class of people to get your point across. I’m liberal and I wouldn’t call all conservatives names like you using ”libtards”. Remember, not every liberal is the same. Peace.

      • LogicOverEmotion

        When I say libtards I mean extreme PC Liberals not all.

    • Guestest1

      Your problem is that you generalize based off of the actions of a few. No one will ever take you seriously when you do that.

      • LogicOverEmotion

        I am not. When it comes to black people creating fake race stories or complaint about racism the most 97% of the time it is spearheaded by a BLACK WOMAN. You totally destroying race relations in this country. Just like black lies matter was founded by black women.

        • Guestest1

          “When it comes to black people creating fake race stories or complaint about racism the most 97% of the time it is spearheaded by a BLACK WOMAN.” Where is your proof of this? Where are the stats to back up your claims? #blacklivesmatter!

    • Annamuffin

      Preach these people are nuts…

  • Gabie Aldrich

    She and her sidekick acted like bigoted bullies and for you to excuse this behavior is juvenile..& One of the reasons why when folks “show their a– in public” (like pushing a 3 year old during Easter egg hunts) They think their deplorable behavior is acceptable.. She was WRONG point blank & Hopefully she will have a Aha moment before the next person MollyWhops her…

  • Lisa

    Well, well, well Charing Ball, it’s very difficult for a black person to remain ambivalent, even someone as jaded as myself, when we see all this pervasive, vulgar cooning all over the internet, and in real life all day, every day, chiefly perpetuated by loud, ignorant, violent black people.

  • David

    I have locs and though they are often seen as an afrocentric hair style, the truth is black people don’t own dreads. All dreads are is hair in it’s natural state without being combed or brushed. Anyone of any ethnicity can have them. No one can dictate to somone else how to ear thier hair.

  • MC12

    It’s not “reverse racism”. It’s just racism. She’s racist.

  • High Five Ghost

    I think the incident was staged and therefore FAKE

    As for the author of this article, let me count the ways she is wrong:

    1. No, we can’t be ambivalent about a black woman harassing anyone. Where’s the positive component of that?

    2. There’s no such thing as “black guilt”. Clearly pointing out “wrong behavior” is called having and upholding a STANDARD. It doesn’t matter if THEY do it. WE have to do it.

    3. There is no such thing as “the white community”. Community in racial terms is a smaller subset of a larger civilization.

    4. And read this closely…The dominant society will never be held accountable to a smaller one. That’s not how it works. The smaller society MUST give the dominate society a vested interest for them to do so.

    This article is a, “but they do it too” example of child-like thinking. Standards…get them.

    • Kitty

      Please keep coming back everytime they write these non sensical, click bait, racial/gender/class divisive articles

  • Brad

    Wearing dreadlocks is now “cultural violence”?

    • LogicOverEmotion

      Lol I couldn’t believe she said that.

  • Brad

    Of course you’re unbothered. When a white person is attacked you like that. You believe it’s “justice”. You’re anti-white.

    • Neva

      Unfortunately white people’s hatred has transferred to some black people.

      • hyphenatedamerican

        Are you saying that 300 years ago people in Africa were angels?

  • lisa586


  • IanMC

    She’s a bully.
    I wonder if this was a white man pulling a black woman’s hair down. What would have happened.

    • Neva

      I absolutely can’t stand a bully.

    • haha

      a blow

  • cryssi

    I understand her irritation, I roll my eyes every time I see a white person with dreads. I never say anything though, I don’t believe anything I say will make a difference.

    I understand his frustration. That waste of my time would have annoyed me too.

    She really didn’t have a right to block his path when he’s trying to get where he is trying to go. She made herself look crazy.

    I feel nothing about the incident either way.

    • Brad

      Why would you roll your eyes every time you see a white person with dreads?? What’s wrong with that?

      • cryssi

        For one, where the term dreadlocs came from.

        • MC12

          Where does the term dreadlocks come from?

          • cryssi

            When the rastafari movement first started they wore dreads swearing to never cut nor comb their hair until their leader was given his seat of power back. The colonials who removed him from power started to call the people dread locks due to their resistant nature and incomes hair. They dreaded when these men came around and deemed them dreadful. The phrase was so popular it became how we refer to the style today.

            Due to this I only call the style loc’ed or loc’s.

      • maouse

        I must just know a lot of Rasta stoners… because white folks with dreads seems kind of common to me.

    • IanMC

      She blocked his way when he tried to leave and then complained when he touched her so he could get away. Oh well. She’s lucky he didn’t punch her in the face.

      • cryssi

        Yep, she was way out of line. You don’t invade or intrude on anyone’s personal space because of your own personal opinion.

        I do applaud his restraint.

      • Emily

        That’s what I thought at first but she was eluding to the first time she was touched. Still, she needs to get time off. She was OOC.

    • Neva

      This is where black folk got they priorities all wrong. How about mind your business, and worry about fixing our broken and dysfunctional community? Let white people do what they want with their hair. Mental illness is real in the streets.

      • cryssi

        Did I say that I say anything to them? I just wish they did research on the style first and knew where the term “dreads” even comes from.

        But, I know you like to argue on here….so I really don’t even know why I’m responding.

        Oh well, have a nice day.

      • Emily

        I am saying!

      • Guestest1

        Because whites never worry about what black people do, right? Lol. I’m not in agreement with the black lady but just sayin’

      • Red Alize Liddell

        White people have a history of racism and it hasn’t gone away. Racism still exist in this day in age. My question to white folks who loves to scream reverse racism, what have you done to make sure racism has ceased to exist?

        • hyphenatedamerican

          For one, I always vote for people who promise to get rid of discrimination based on race in college admissions – aka affirmative action.

    • LogicOverEmotion

      Here is a history lesson for you. All races have been wearing dreads since ancient times. Vikings, Indians, Greeks, google it. I has nothing to do with being black and more so to do with shaming vanity. You all get upset over things that have been here ages before you existed and make black women look foolish.

      • cryssi

        Hmmm, well if their hair is shaved all around their head with locs only as a bangs I’m not bothered. Especially since that’s how the Celts wore the style called a glibbe.

        I know a lot of random history. I’m annoyed because of where the term “dreads” came from.

      • Red Alize Liddell

        What race birthed every race on this earth….a black man and woman. Where is this “evidence” of Vikings or Greeks with dread locs?

    • Errol Penfield

      I roll my eyes when I see people with their pants sagging. I roll my eyes when I see males wearing earrings. I roll my eyes when I hear people speaking ebonics. I get annoyed when I watch Blacks act, tolerate, encourage unfortunate stereotyping behavior.

    • boboadobo

      white peoples hair was in dreads before stuff like soap and shampoo came around. dreads ain’t a black thing it is part of nature.
      do black people have some kind of patent or copyright on dreads?? smh! so pathetic!

    • Nia Provenzano

      I roll my eyes when I see Blacks in khakis and polo shirts#CulturalAppropriationMuch

  • Trisha_B

    Why do I feel like this is some social experiment, & she was filming it for a class or something. B/c I can’t believe someone really think they have the right to walk up to a stranger & tell them what to do w/ their head. She would’ve got slapped if she came at me w/ some bs over my head. People need to learn how to mind their own business

    • LogicOverEmotion

      Oh I believe it’s real. BLM and all this race baiting have a lot of people gassed up right now.

      • David Swanner

        Let’s see ‘Please don’t kill our kids’ = race baiting. What??

    • Emily

      She needs to get suspended for a semester. Seriously. I was a BSU president and NEVER would this behavior have been acceptable. They are so different today. The now bully which to me, is a sign of weakness. We used our minds and our abilities to mediate. Very sad, this gen.

      • Errol Penfield

        Interesting point and perspective. Watching this as a generic white man (although second generation) I am annoyed with the woman for picking a useless fight. If you feel compelled to fight the fight at least find one worth winning.

    • Joyce Gray

      I hope you are right – otherwise she is mentally off.

  • MrsRobot

    She is ludicrous!

  • It it 5:00 o’clock yet?

    She should be ashamed of herself.

  • A.P. Millz-CT

    But, if the white boy would have knocked her teeth out when she grabbed him would she have yelled racism?? Ugh!!!! This is embarrassing!

    • jazmine

      God bless him for not doing it because I would have.

      • A.P. Millz-CT

        I would have stomped the $h!t outta her.. Lmaoooo Boy I tell ya,.. I’m the right one tho..

        • Secret87

          You sound aggressive..

          • A.P. Millz-CT

            I sound like I don’t like when ppl touch me aggressively as this young lady did this boy. As I said, I’m the right one. 🙂

        • Concerned citizen

          I would have beat her silly. Than she would have been screaming how it’s wrong for a man to put his hands on a woman and how I’m twice her size. She knew that when you put your hands on me. LOL

        • LAWAT

          I hear ya CT…I don’t play those games!!!

        • Mr. 215

          I don’t if i would have done all that, i guess it depends on how aggressive she got with me. But, what bothers me is if it were a black female with straight blonde weave in her hair, and this or any white person called her out on appropriating white culture and then put hands on her, OMG there would have been outrage like crazy BLM would have lost their mind. It is a very bad double standard there, white folks apparently have nothing that can be appropriated upon, but black folks constantly whine about their culture being appropriated upon, it’s silly!! I am all for giving credit where credit is due, but when Kylie Jenner decides to sport cornrows and there are articles about appropriation it gets a bit stupid.

          • Daniel Martin

            the little jew “flag” isn’t doing anything

      • IanMC

        If a white man approaches you and starts teasing you and pulling your hair and blocking your way it would be totally different right ?

        • Carl Jensen

          That hit me as well. Remember the screaming when those girls on the bus said they were racially accosted, or some such. Liars, but no one cared, it was whites being oppressive yet again to their minds. “Their”, as in, the very vocal blacks that get the media attention, and the prejudiced blacks that seek only generational vengeance.

    • David

      I don’t agree with putting my hands on a woman unless she is threatening my safety, but I feel you. If that dude would have beat her azz, it would have been her fault.

  • jazmine

    IDK about “reverse racism” but she looks like a damn fool.

    • Joyce Gray

      Amen to that – what was her endgame? What did she hope to accomplish?

      • john anderson 42069

        That would require a brain with a thought process. Many clearly have neither.

      • maouse

        If he shaved his head then the Tibetans get pissed… cultural appropriation!!!!

    • Freddy Fabulous

      it’s just racism – nothing revers about it

    • John

      Ok genius, now let a white do that to a black..Oh the racism claims from your little typing fingers would be all over this page.

      • jazmine

        Have we met?

    • Carl Jensen

      Can’t it be simple prejudism? “An adverse judgment or opinion formed unfairly or without knowledge of the facts”. Blacks can have the term “racism”, if they want it, in the end a rose still smells like a rose.

      • spikefivefivefive .

        WTF is “prejudism”?

        • Carl Jensen

          Grammar Police or are you simply a deflecting idiot?

  • nairegar

    “Whereas, we kinda do hold ourselves wholly responsible when riots and foolery happen involving us” Ya okay there Charing…

    • Carl Jensen

      She was earnest and it showed where she was coming from. Entertaining, anyway.

  • Kitty

    You’re unbothered because he didn’t b*** slap that silly *** then you would I wrote “…. And why i am bothered by claims of self defense”. In this tense racial climates
    you wh*res throw rocks and hide your hands.I hope she meets a member of the kkk so she can direct her complaints to someone worth that rage. Shame on her and shame on you too for encouraging that sh*t

    • Daniel Martin

      your comment was bizarre the first time, why did you put it up again

      • Kitty

        Because i can and want to. Also for sh** and giggles

  • Kitty

    You’re unbothered because he didn’t b*** slap that silly bih, then you would I wrote “…. And why i am bothered by claims of self defense”. In this tense racial climates
    you wh*res throw rocks and hide your hands.I hope she meets a member of the kkk so she can direct her complaints to someone worth that rage. Shame on her and shame on you too for encouraging that sh*t

  • _a_

    Don’t see how people can defend her when she’s clearly insane.

    • IntrovertedSE

      I didn’t watch the video or anything but based on what I’ve read she shouldn’t have done what she did. Even if she disagrees. I do agree that I’ve seen some dreads that were total eyesores… Lol. But I would never put my hands on someone because I don’t like something about them unless it was some form of defense.

      • amrhodes00

        The video is 47 seconds. You couldn’t watch 47 seconds of a video to fully inform yourself? I agree with your points but still… it was only 47 seconds.

    • Emily

      Thankfully, I’m not seeing defenders. This was just too outrageous to defend.

    • falconsrise

      Right, had this been a white man doing this to a black student national media and blacks would be crying racist for years…. Black on white crime is through the roof, when 13% of the population commits 560,000 crimes against whites and when whites who make up 78% of the US “FBI throws hispanic crime committed under white” only commit 90,000 crimes against blacks, then clearly their needs to be conversation of why so many black people are racist violent monsters and how will it change…

      I sure see a lot of black women walking around with weave, long straight fake dead hair and now starting to see a bunch of black women with pink, blonde, etc hair color, according to this racist violent black girl in the video white people can go up to all these black women assault them, block them, harass them, etc…….. But white people will not do that, white people are nice and intelligent…. Sure there are plenty of wonderful black people, but i’m no fool, these younger blacks are truly just horrible people… They cry all day long, commit violence, cry racist but yet never feel they’re the offender, they cry victim all day long but yet the offender most often, and most of them need a “safe space”…. haha, pathetic

      She should be charged for assault and “learn” her lesson behind bars…… plain and simple, you cant grab somebody, block them and put your hands on someone……

      • David Swanner

        She was rude and grabbed someone. Yeah, she shouldn’t have done that, but she doesn’t need to be behind bars. Jeepers.

        • Pee Bee

          but she should be charged with battery. Just like Trump’s campaign manager was for grabbing a woman by the arm to protect Trump.

          • David Swanner

            No problem with that. Fine, probation, pre-trial intervention. No problem with a slap on the wrist as it were, but it’s not like she needs to be in jail.

          • Mmmm kay

            Trumps campaign manager shouldn’t be found guilty of battery just as this lady should be behind bars.

          • Sotiredofthis

            Yes she was wrong, but without a complainant you have no charges. A Battery charge wouldn’t stick. If he felt he was threaten and about to receive a battery an assault charge or DC would better fit. She would not have been “locked up” as its a class A misdemeanor and would get a possible fine or court supervision.

        • falconsrise

          Well she decided to put her hands on him, that is a crime…… I wonder david, IF this was a white man doing this to a black girl do you think he would be charged and prob do some time behind bars? I think so bud…. I’m not saying she deserves 6 months buddy, I’m saying SOME time behind bars…. Heck I had 1 DUI 4 years ago and did 27 days in jail and it should of been 30, cooked for 3 weeks to get out early….. I never put my hands on anyone and did 27 days, why should she not do 30 days?

      • Sotiredofthis

        1000% right

      • Nick Loiacono

        Excellent, spot on post.

      • maouse

        LOL. “White cultural appropriation.” Hey, you don’t like his dreads? Stop speaking ENGLISH and explain WHY.

    • Hannibal

      Clearly insane??? Hmmm… I see it as frustration. Frustration when EVERY thing blacks do is taken, imitated, regurgitated, repackaged, resold, etc. etc.. The latest? Hip Hop. Hip Hop was created by blacks (much like blues (of which the blues scale is in EVERY rock guitar solo)). Now you can’t find not ONE black person even so much as hired as a DJ for commercials. Almost ALL TV shows have some form of hip hop music, dress, talk, body language, or whatever, but none of them black. So much so it’s nauseating.

      So many have so much to say about blacks, but haven’t a clue as to what it’s like to be black. To be generalized, marginalized, constantly criticized, ostracized, and on and on. To be the scapegoat of every other race, but denigrate a people, while nobody has lived to comprehend the experience, is not only ignorant, but irrational, and unreasonable.

      It’s sad, the lack of empathy and compassion the state of the world is now. No humanity. All people see are the symptoms of a cause that has long since been manifested. How easy it is to point fingers and look down on a people that have endured the most inhuman conditions that others would have folded under a fraction of the pressure.

      While I believe she should be used to it, and should have just ignored it, cause hey, what else is new? However, for you (and others) to berate her, and say she’s “insane” is just….well…insane. One person’s insanity, is someone else’s frustration. What’s the ol’ saying? Judge not lest ye be judged. And, nobody should be so critical unless they’ve walked a mile in the other’s shoes.

      What a world it would be if people could recognize symptoms of causes that plague us all on a human level, instead of a racial, or genetic level.

      “Clearly insane?” Hardly. If she is, who could blame her? Certainly not YOU who have never experienced the Black experience. Educate yourself instead of being intolerant, inhumane, and ignorant.

      • David Swanner

        Okay. Maybe she was justified in getting upset at a hair style.
        That doesn’t give her the right to block his path and grab his arm.

        • Belmont12

          if you were Chinese would you be outraged at a white person using chopsticks to eat Chinese food?.. if anything it’s showing strength and support for the culture

      • pjt2352

        “It’s sad, the lack of empathy and compassion the state of the world is now. No humanity.” Yes it is sad that you have no empathy or compassion for a white student who did everything he could not to return the hatred he was receiving. But, in your world, and Charing Ball’s, this white student is fair game. You only want people to care about Blacks? Well, all people should be afforded respect. Every human is as desiring as the next regardless of their color. All people have trials they must go through to say that your’s are worse than a child who is abused everyday, or was born addicted to drug, or who is blind, etc. just because you are Black is a bit ridicules. You might want to try that walking in another’s shoes.

      • unreligious

        Pretty funny that you use the expression “Judge not lest you be judged” in defending someone who was obviously judging another person.

      • THX 1138

        So her “frustrations,” as you so delicately put it, justifies putting her hands on another person? Sorry, but you are just plain stupid if you think that. Insanity usually goes hand-in-hand with violence, but keep telling yourself that this woman is normal(just frustrated over someone’s hair).

        “Black experience” doesn’t need to be lived by others, that’s why empathy exists. That’s why books, interviews, video exists: People can clearly see and know what it is like.

        I can see a person being hurt and know what that is like. I can see somebody being on the end of a racist comment and know what that is like. I know what it is like to be discriminated against, whether it’s my skin color or my gender, and if you think “skin color” is the only characteristic that makes your plight/pain worse than anyone else, well then you really are a thick-minded person.

      • spikefivefivefive .

        So you would condone her anti-social behavior?

      • SenseandSensability

        The problem is “dreadlocks” are not uniquely a black thing. They were very common in the ancient world by many cultures, African and Mediterranean.

        • Max Tweeter

          Oh, yeah. The Nordics did so, too in their own kooky way. But Shhhhhhhh…Cannot let FACTS get in the way of someone trying to scream “Racism!” or “micro-aggression”.

          Facts are to SJWs what garlic is to vampires.

      • hyphenatedamerican

        Would you have written same thing if the white man got upset and pushed her back?

    • bensidran

      She is not insane. She is entitled, arrogant and bigoted.

    • John Terry

      She is not insane. She is a valuable contributor the this campus community.

      And no, the two are not mutually exclusive

      • scorpion

        She is insane and if you support her, you’re even more insane than she is.

      • hyphenatedamerican

        Her contribution is very negative though.

    • Donnie Jones

      She’s a clown a period and had no right to confront him him like that. She’s a joke at best and if I was there I would have told here to shut the f**k up. I’m embarrassed that she thought this behavior is acceptable

      • Max Tweeter

        I can only surmise that Tindle accosted, then laid hands on, Goldstein because he is small and perceptibly weak. If she did that to a larger white male, say, 6’6″, 300 pounds and on the football team, she would end up a skid-mark up and down that hall.

    • Istvan Cregui

      There is no defense for her behavior, so I agree. There’s nothing to defend. But you know what? Someone will invent one!