So, What’s Up With Adrienne Bailon And Israel Houghton?

March 22, 2016  |  

Yesterday afternoon, some interesting pictures of Adrienne Bailon and a mystery man surfaced on Fameolous Ent.

Adrienne and this visibly older man were in Mexico, cuddled up in the pool. Not really wanting to believe what I was seeing, I assumed that the man, with a Santa Claus belly and a large bald spot, could have been her father. But it was my coworker who pointed out that no woman hugs up her father in the water, when they’re both half naked unless somebody’s drowning. It’s just inappropriate.

Plus, in the images it appears as if the two are wearing wedding rings.

Still, his identity was unknown so I went on about my night.

Then, earlier this morning, Fameolous confirmed that the man was none other than Grammy-award-winning gospel artist Israel Houghton. They matched tattoos, smiles and everything.

And in case you haven’t heard of Fameolous and don’t trust their receipts, TMZ, reported on it this morning as well.

This is exceptionally interesting. Particularly when, just last month, Houghton took to his Facebook page to announce that because of his infidelity he and his wife of 20 years, Meleasa Houghton, were getting a divorce.

Naturally, many are wondering if Bailon played a part in the ending of that marriage.

While I hate to call Chris Brown up as a witness, you will remember that when the women of “The Real,” discussed his relationship with Karrueche, he posted a long Instagram post in which he said Bailon was sleeping with a married man.

Again, Chris Brown is not the most reliable source but it’s certainly interesting, considering this Mexican vacation is not the first time Adrienne and Israel’s paths might have crossed. In 2013, he produced the movie I’m in Love With a Church Girl, starring Bailon and Ja-Rule.

And ironically, Houghton was one of the first people to congratulate Lenny and Adrienne on their engagement.

You know what they say about your replacement always being close by.

Since Lenny and Adrienne called off their engagement, many of us were surprised to hear Adrienne making references to her sex life and new boyfriend on “The Real.” I guess now we know who that man is.

Naturally, people have been all up in Adrienne’s comments and mentions trying to figure out what’s going on.

And in the comment section of her Instagram page, she issued this response.

Someone, in the comment section said, “Girl, don’t you know we can multitask?”

I have to agree. If my character were called into question in such a way, I would be very clear about my lack of involvement with a married man. Something to the tune of “I am not sleeping with a married man; I wasn’t messing with him when he was married; This is not my boyfriend, or This is my husband.” Anything else is just not enough in the face of all these receipts.

I’m sure the true story will come to light, one way or another.

As open and honest as Adrienne has been about her love life, I’d be surprised if she didn’t address this on “The Real.”

In the meantime, this whole story got us like

Major h/t to Fameolous Ent. 

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  • VVV

    None of my business but is Jesus at the centre of this?

    • Lex

      Lmaoooooo #savage

  • MocaPretty

    I guess Tamar taught her to check for the big body boys and get a vacay out of it *sips tea*

  • Sharon

    She must be following in Tamars path with liking fat gross looking men, although it’s a ways to go to catch up with that goon Tamar has. But if she’s happy with him, that’s all that matters.

  • Cristina

    Damn. She should’ve just gotten back with Rob.

    • VVV

      You just evil and coldhearted and all manner of bad…I like your style.

  • livylovely

    Omg time for me to stop reading, I thought this was a mature website but I could have went to shaderoom for this mess.

  • TreForce

    We all need God’s grace and forgiveness.

  • Rosemary Davis

    NEWS FLASH as long as his divorce is not finalize he’s still married, and committing adultery,but why on earth would she be involved with humpty dumpty, and if all is innocent on her part than why confront the lies that the public is feeding into?? I think that Adrienne is still very much in love with Lenny after all she was engaged to him,this maybe a quick rebound on her part and nothing else, in helping her over the hump from her relationship with Lenny,I can’t imagine a wild Latina like Adrienne, being with a so call Christian man, who is now divorcing his wife because of his infidelity,ummmmm but she is a little thick compared to what she use to look like..

  • Ce1999

    I didn’t know Israel was this size. And I had to take a closer look because I thought the man had a ponytail, but it was just the way the photo was taken. This isn’t adding to the conversation, just my observations. lol

  • Guestest1

    Well she’s fund of older men so this doesn’t surprise me. I was wondering where all the non photoshopped pics of them were so thanks Madame Noire! Lol

  • Soffy

    I am pretty surprised and I’m not even sure if I should be. Anyway, it looks really messy, especially since Israel announced a month ago that he and his now ex-wife had been trying to work it out prior to calling it quits for good. Now I’m wondering how they could’ve been working it out if he was “working on” someone else.

  • Auturo Montez

    Today is March 22, Emancipation Day when the Latin people finally freed Puerto Rican Blacks from slavery. It is a national holiday with much celebrations and feasting!!!

  • Janinthebx

    Adrienne is one of my favorites on The Real. She seems to be very happy about this man. Good for her because that is something hard to find.

  • Paula

    Nowadays these gospel artist are so full of themselves and worldly that they don’t even follow God word anymore. They do whatever they want and then want to play the victim. They full of ish!

    • Oh lawd

      So true, look what happen to James Fortune! In and out of jail Lawd!

  • Myllee

    They hide her weight well on tv because I would have never guessed she looked like that. And before anyone comes for me , I am not body shaming her lol.

    • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

      I was thinking that too/ It looks nothing like it does on the show

    • Eyup

      The power of spanx and a good stylist. That’s why I don’t trust these celebs. Lie about every damn thing!

  • DeepThinker

    This is so tacky and classless of her. At least wait until the ink is dry on the divorce decree before you go public frolicking your gallon milk shaped bodies all over each other OR don’t get offended when someone offers their opinion -Gabby oops I mean Adrienne.

    • Lex

      I just SCREAMED out loud @ gallon milk shaped bodies! Lmaoooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!

  • Myllee

    I see she went the Tamar route, Big man with money lol

  • Kim

    He pretty much confirmed it is him on his IG.One of his supporters said if he was Yolanda Adams or Tasha Cobb ,they wouldn’t be criticized like he is being criticized.Israel said he agrees.Personally I think it would be worse if recently separated Yolanda Adams was frolicking with Michael Strahan(a talk show host like Adrienne) on a beach in Mexico.

  • Pocahontas45

    Chil’ a shame if its true! But how you get em’ is how you loose em.’ But real talk girl needs to think b4 she acts if you remember how she lost her gig with the Cheetah Girls hope history don’t repeat itself on the Real ( even though I hope it does)

    • IntrovertedSE

      How’d she lost me her gig on the cheetah girls? I thought they all simply aged out of Disney.

      • Pocahontas45

        She allegedly leaked nude photos of herself back in 2008 And was released from her contract with Disney.

      • Pocahontas45

        back in 2008 She allegedly leaked nude photos of herself by she” accidentally” leaving her laptop somewhere and was released from her Disney contract.

        • IntrovertedSE

          Oh! I do remember that. I didn’t know that’s what led to her ending the contract with Disney. Why didn’t they do the same thing to Vanessa Hudgens?

          • Pocahontas45

            True That! But I guess what happened to Vanessa was truly an accident and HSM was much more popular. Adrienne went a leaked them at least thats what her form publicist said.

            I dont understand women like this many would fight to be in her place on The Real. Messing up her career going coo coo over a man

  • Almond E. Brown

    El oh el and whoever is on the internet playing Jessica Fletcher. I cackled at “I compared….” lololololol

  • Trisha_B

    Tamar going to lay it on her thick!!!

    • Ang

      Do they not get along?

      • Trisha_B

        They get along. Adrienne hangs out with her sisters sometime. All the women of the real seem to have a good relationship. But Tamar is that friend that doesn’t have time for the shenanigans lol. She speaks her mind , & gives the cold hard truth. During their girl chats, tamar usually have strong opinions. She’s just very blunt & honest…I think Tamera will have her issues with this too. B/c you know she’s all about the wholesome image & the sanctity of marriage.

        • Ang

          I could see that. Tamar does not hold back. I thought I read awhile back that Tamar did not get along with one of the women, but I think that was Jenni. Tamar is too over the top for me. I could see her rubbing people the wrong way with the way she speaks even when she has good intentions. Hopefully, Adrianne does not talk about this on the show. Once you start sharing details of your personal life there is no turning back.

          • Trisha_B

            Yea, there were rumors Jenni & Tamar don’t get along. They both got over the top personalities, they both so extea lol so they do clash on the show. But I think they are cool…but I agree, Adrienne shouldn’t talk about this on the show. It’s already embarrassing. Her relationship drama shouldn’t always be a topic on the show. B/c that is a private matter. But she likes to over share lol. So she’ll probably refer to it during one of the girl chats lol

            • Ang

              She better take a lesson from Sherri Shepard. Eventually, your co-host will get tired of hearing about your personal business on the show. Once you start sharing most of your business you look crazy asking for privacy when something worse happens later and you don’t want to talk about it. Sherri was looking real uncomfortable at the table when the news of her issues with the baby came out and she didn’t say a word.

  • Legacy

    Omg no way! That’s Israel? Last I checked he was young…….a little round, but young.

  • Angela Bryant

    Flashes back to Alicia Keys vs Mashonda…….Maaaaan, not this messy ish again.

  • Dania Coleras

    she has the worst taste in men

    • 1Val


  • Allie

    When I say love me some Israel and the New Breed…..he has gotten me through some things!!!! But dang dang dang smh

  • Paradise_Breeze

    Well alrighty then and I’ll leave it at that…….smh

  • xxdiscoxxheaven

    I have to keep my comments to myself on this one. I have so much to say to read the both of them. If this is true, please believe it will be a tearful segment on the Real soon

  • Tia C.

    “Girl, don’t you know we can multitask?”

  • kierah

    Well, BLOOP (in my NeNe voice)!!! And pass the popcorn. We’ll need something to go with this tea y’all are spilling.

    • Qui8tstorm1983 .

      HAHA! I just died and now have the sudden urge for some popcorn! LOL!

  • Lex

    What a mess…giggling and shaking my head at the same damn time..I noticed she was reaallll quiet when the ladies on The Real were discussing cheating with married men…how embarrassing…

    • Georgia Devinshire

      yes she was!

  • cryssi

    I’m just loving the full bodies in these pics and not those “normal” perfect celeb bodies.

    I’m going to leave my Christian judgment at the door, since it’s not Christ like….still shaking my head.

    • LogicalLeopard

      I noticed that too! As for whats going on, who knows. I don’t even know who the woman is.

      • cryssi

        Lol, in my mind I was like this person is either a man or over 35. 3LW, Cheetah Girls, and The Real lol

        She’s not Rihanna famous, but she is known well through the millennial generation.

        • LogicalLeopard

          *LOL* Both! Man and slightly over 35. I’ve heard of the Cheetah Girls thing, but that happened after my nephews were too old and before my kids were born, I think, so I know nothing about it *L*

    • IntrovertedSE

      Wow. It’s pretty big of you to not judge her since she’s vulnerable to that right now. I’m not saying I’m surprised or anything that she’s being so heavily judged but still. Pretty awesome of you. And yes, I like her figure too! I don’t see why people are trying to make her feel bad about it.

    • 1Val

      Israel’s money must be long for Adrienne to frolic with an old walrus. Geez his boobs are bigger than hers. This girl has major daddy issues.

      • cryssi

        Stop it! I’m trying not to judge!!! Trying so hard.

        • 1Val

          I’m not judging, I’m just saying….

          • cryssi

            Naw, you got me mentally judging lol

            • 1Val


      • Mrs.J

        She just came out of a hard break up so maybe that’s why.I hope it isn’t true though because I know she can at least get an older man in shape.

        • 1Val

          Israel’s money must be bigger than his weight. A fat old man!!!! I just can’t imagine that….. Shudders at thought of man boobs, protruding stomach, inch worm schlong with chicken legs……Brrrrrrrrrr………..

          • Mrs.J

            Oh my.Inch worm schlong lol.

            • 1Val

              Adrienne has daddy issues.
              Why is is she wasting her time with a fat old man?

              • Mrs.J

                She was engaged and that ended.She was always on the show talking about her good her fiancé was and I believe she was lying.I think she just wants love because all of her co workers except for Loni is married.

                • 1Val

                  Wasn’t her ex an older guy also?

              • Guestest1

                Why would it be better if he was a skinny young man?

                • 1Val


              • Trisha_B

                She doesn’t have daddy issues. Her dad has always been in her life…if she likes heavier set men, that’s her preference. She has said she prefers older man. Just b/c he’s not appealing in your eyes doesn’t mean others need to feel that way. Women are always crying over fat shaming, but will make jokes about a man’s size.

                • 1Val

                  Any young woman sleeping with men old enough to be her father have daddy issues. No, he isn’t appealing to me. And I’m not joking he looks like a walking heart attack about to happen soon.

                  • Trisha_B

                    He’s 44, she’s 32. Unless her father had her at 12, I don’t see how he has anything to do with this…& neither does his or her physical look, as if a better looking fit man will be more faithful. Your rant on his physical look is shallow. Doesn’t even have anything to do with this web of a situation they are in. It’s just ignorance. You are constantly trying to down someone’s look.

                    • 1Val

                      Thanks for providing his age. For Israel to just be 44 years old his obesity has considerably aged him. My comments on his physical appearance are my opinions. What you think of my opinions are immaterial to my point of view.

                    • Rosemary Davis

                      If an older man has the green some younger women will over look the physical features, and go for the green they called themselves Sugar Mama’s. Lol!!!

                    • Trisha_B

                      Lol yea some women. But Adrienne is a hopeless romantic. Idk if you watch The Real, but she constantly talks about love, marriage, & children. She wants all that desperately. So I think at this point she’s not getting hung up on the looks of a guy. She just wants to have a man lol…I don’t know much about this guy or how much money he has. Is he really big in the gospel world?

                    • Khloe Lynn McClain-Hill

                      Yes, he is huge in the gospel world. I would consider him a cross over gospel artist, if there’s such a thing. He is or was the worship leader at Joel Olsteen’s church in Houston. And he has toured with Joyce Meyers.

                    • Ang

                      And no one ever says anything about a man dating a woman young enough to be his daughter. It’s all the woman’s issues. But, you’re right. I don’t think Adrianne has daddy issues at all. As if that’s the only reason a woman might date an older man.

                • anonymouse

                  Unless he has medical issues, there’s no reason for a man to be that fat. Just plain laziness.

                  • Trisha_B

                    Is there a reason for a woman to be that fat?

                    • anonymouse

                      Hormone problems like pcos, childbirth, …etc……..

                    • Trisha_B

                      Lmao really? So just medical problems is the reason for obesity in women? But men have to stay fit & trim.

                    • anonymouse

                      lmao, yes really. I have no sympathy for fat a$$ men who have let themselves go because they are lazy. There’s simply no excuse.

                      Birth control is also know to cause women to gain weight..again…….no excuse for a man without medical issues to look like that

    • Mrs.J

      That’s actually what lots of celebs look like.She looks really good though.