7 Types of Difficult People You Will Meet at Work

July 20, 2011  |  

In the workplace, you hope to step foot into a cooperative, easy-going setting, with personable yet professional co-workers. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t happen like that a lot of times and you end up having to keep your cool with ridiculous people just to keep your check coming in every two weeks.  Here are the different types of difficult characters you may encounter at the job and how to deal with them:

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  • Marilynl577

    I work in warehouse containment. I refer to my difficult coworker as “a partial bin with a full quantity label”. He is a partially informed, lazy, wannabe know-it-all, lead person. He provides incorrect instruction during training, then tries to back track when it comes to light. Personal opinion: he intentionally tries to run people off the job by frustrating them to no end so he has a steady stream of incoming trainees so he can spend most of his time training people instead of actually having to do the work.

  • ED.

    this work enviroment syndrome is a deadly deceases amonge unsafe workers.just watchout for them. " you choose your friend, dont let your friend choose you."

  • Marianne

    They need to visit: http://www.deevafeeva.com

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  • Candice

    great article DeeDee! And thecoments have me over here rolling

  • ChunkyMunky

    Please don't leave out the OFFICE SNITCH! They go to Human Resources every other day…"What is it now Jimmy ugh."

  • Vicki

    @ Mello that is sooo true. They brown nose to recieve advantages and when they do recieve those advantages there is no respect behind them because we all know how they got it. Same with the backstabber who, more often then not, uses their information to get ahead in some kind of way. Both are really damaging to a businesses employee-management relations. Especially if they’re put in high positions and the employees actually have to answer to them.

  • 37 size 6

    Lol, JustAshley. Thunder and Lighting: the quiet person that'll open up a can if you cross that line.

    • JustAshley


  • JustAshley

    Oh and don't forget:

    The Cubicle Minister. This guy will tell you all about your heathen ways, but he himself, isn't above punching out a coworker in the office parking lot- all in the name of Jebus. He knows the bible inside and out, but forgets the most important law, "Love thy neighbor as thyself."

  • chrissy

    well i got a name scarecrow for people who don't have they own mind……

  • HeadSmackeroni

    Don't forget the delusional twit that is sitting here reading this thinking none of them applies to them. =)

  • what about the one who always comes in late and doesnt want to work. smh

  • ALM

    # 2 the gossiper is a garbage dump for other people's information.

    Another one to add to your list: the provocatively dressed person who lies on coworkers and sees who went home at what time so that she can snitch on other people.

  • Mello

    The backstabber and brwon noser are the most dangerous because they often get recognition and promotions that that are not based on merit. The brown noser is also more likely to sleep with the boss as well. Steer clear of tehse types and don't take lessons from them. Eventually it catches up to them.