Finally! African American Save The Dates With Customizable Hair Textures

January 28, 2016  |  

save 3Personalization is the name of the game when it comes to weddings these days and one new line of African American Save the Dates is making the details count right from the minute couples set a date.

Bibi invitations just launched a newly minted line of printable African American save the date cards which can be customized to match any skin tone and hair texture from kinky, curly, coily, and wavy to locs and straight styles. And what’s best of all is the customization is available for both the bride and the groom so your man won’t feel left out.

save save 2

Over 20 different customizable designs are available in digital format on to be downloaded as PDF or JPG files to be printed right from home or a local print shop.

save the dates 3

save the dates 2

save the dates 1

Bibi also has a wide assortment of traditional African designs for save the dates and official invitations reflecting the style and personality of east, west, and south Africa. Use the coupon code %10off to get a discount on your own order of unique invites!

save 5

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  • NoNigs

    Why does it have multiple hair styles? All NlGGERS have the same nappy, stinky, ugly hair.

    • Unkel Ruckus

      Some are worse than others. Some niqqers smell worse than others too. Just ask Jack, my dog.

  • Stick&Stones

    I still feel left out..I’m a woman that has locks and I have no choice but to look like a man according to the invitation. Not sure why they keep leaving out ALL of us natural sista’s. Anyway, overall this is great and progressive for black couples keeping their love alive.

  • Meemo

    Those are absolutely beautiful! Hope they have bald men as well! Heck maybe even bald women because some rock it well. Love it!

  • bits

    Exactly! LMAO! Girl just leave it alone. Emily has deep issues.

  • blindie

    Just in time!!!!



  • bits

    Great for “African-Americans”! Wonder if other Black people of other cultural backgrounds will be included?

    • A818

      I’m white and from South Africa. So, as an African-American, I can now sleep at night due to these choices.

      • bits

        Good for you. Hopefully you can also sleep well due to the choices that your ancestors/family members made in killing, raping and oppressing the native people of your “home country”, so that you could sit on your clueless, privileged, flat behind and have the audacity to call yourself “African”. GTFOH!

        • A818

          I am African American whether you like it or not.

          • bits

            Keep dreaming.

            • A818

              Find your country.

              • bits

                Go back to yours…the real one.

    • Emily

      Stupid. You’re on an American website. (This must be the nonsense brashness that the idiotic “Black struggle” article created). Get over it. An American site is writing for American readers…deal with it Some nerve…and I’m not even African-American. Good gosh.

      • bits

        You don’t know the difference between ethnicity and race and I’m the stupid one? Hey Emily, do us all a favor and stfu. Gosh gee! Golly darn! And thanks a bunch, you pathetic pill poppin’ wench.

        • Emily

          Fool! You know the lexicon and jargon of this country. THIS IS NOTHING NEW. Stop acting like a victim to EVERY DAMN THING while pretending that you DON’T UNDERSTAND, like your “pill-popping” masters. Give AAs some damned peace and have some damned humility. Geez!

          If you want to effect a change of dialogue, try NOT going the “bitchy” route. Like DAMN. Why be so disrespectful to these people whose backs you are standing upon…whose battles enable the freedoms afforded EVERY OTHER GROUP in this country. GTFOHWTBS

          Yes…AFRICAN-AMERICAN…and they deserve your damned respect. Want to change the lexicon. Do the work… Being sassy only sets the conversation back.

          • bits

            Oh snap! Lexicon? Jargon? Those student loans were worth it after all huh? Emily, take it from a Black woman, never come on a site geared towards Black women, and try your darndest to sound educated regarding Black issues. You are a moron and nothing more. Take a deep breath, have several seats, and know that you are an idiot to your core. Now get back to actively waiting for Bob, Jeff, or Tom to get home from shagging his mistress, so you can continue pretending like your life matters.

            • Emily

              …but … but see… apparently, you equate “not African-American”… with NOT being B-L-A-C-K. I mean…. the irony. Goodness, mercy. “Lexicon” and “jargon” are big words?!? O_o. “Being a petulant prick regarding the use of ‘African-American’ does nothing for the conversation” is what this B-L-A-C-K woman is saying. Trolling the term (and THE PEOPLE – ON THEIR SITE) is such an entitled, bratty way of being that is disrespectful to their ancestors and their history. THERE ARE LESS, BIATCHY WAYS, to dialogue re: the topic of “inclusion”.

              Seriously, get over yourself if you can’t respect the culture. There are actual reasons why the term “Black” is often not used as we’d expect it to be used for in the U.S. outside of Black communities when speaking (better?), it is often spat out like a curse word. Allow them their PEACE as they figure it out, like damn.

              Why snark at an article that is showcasing a lovely, positive product! So narcissistic.

              That other article is turning into a cancer encouraging bad behaviors. Disgusting.

              • bits

                You are so hilariously confused. Swallowing Black dik does not make you an expert on Black issues. You and your Whitesplaining are a joke. You don’t have the authority to speak on anything pertaining to this SITE, let alone this article. I’m done with you and your white guilt. Have fun typing to yourself Miss Millie.

                • Emily

                  O_O. I see reading comp is an issue or you’re just lying through the “white” identification thing with a straw man argument (very white chick of you, if the case). Good luck with that. Black folks are better than that. Class is a mofo.

    • bvictorian

      “Bibi also has a wide assortment of traditional African designs for save the dates and official invitations reflecting the style and personality of east, west, and south Africa.” That’s right in the post.

      • bits

        You really don’t get that the problem is in how you chose to title the piece? Using the term “African-American” as a blanket reference to identify the Black race as a whole is not only disrespectful but, it’s also incorrect and ostracizing to other cultural groups within the Black race. ALL Black people are not “African-American” and the term “African-American” identifies a specific cultural group within the Black race. Do people use the term incorrectly all of the time? Yes, but it still doesn’t make it the correct way to identify an ENTIRE race of multi-cultural people. If we just have to label people, it is probably best to at least try to do so in the most respectful and correct way as possible.

        • bvictorian

          Actually it’s the correct name of the invitations created by bibi which is what is being reported on. There was no editorializing. Check the site. PRINTABLE AFRICAN AMERICAN SAVE THE DATE CARDS.

          If you want to see the other cards for Black people across the diaspora, view the site. Those are not new. The African American ones, as they named then, are.

          • bits

            AAAAND you’re right! I didn’t even look at the website initially. I will graciously take this “L” and have several of my own seats.

  • Ericka Jasmine Norris

    I wish I knew about these sooner. Super cute!

  • Ce1999

    Wow. I kinda love this!